Muscle Monday

Awesome feedback on my Confessions post! Y’all made me feel a lot more normal for many of my confessions :) I am now offering free personal training services to someone who can hang up my clothes and do my dishes. Takers? No?

As I confessed yesterday, I’m growing weary of these early morning workouts. Today may have been the last one. Gonna try out the after-work-workout thing tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Here’s what my full-body workout looked like today:

Warm-up: 20 minutes on the elliptical

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Muscle
Front squat push press 40 lbs 8-12 3 Legs, shoulders
Wide-grip lat pulldown  50 lbs 8-12 3 Back
Bulgarian split squat  15 lbs 8-12 3 Quads, glutes, inner thighs, calves
Barbell bench press  50 lbs 8-12 3 Chest
Good morning  50 lbs 8-12 3 Hamstrings, glutes, lower back
Dumbbell shoulder press  15 lbs ea 8-12 3 Shoulder
Reverse lunge with forward reach  10 lbs ea 8-12 3 Quads, calves, back
Barbell bicep curl  25 lbs 8-12 3 Biceps
Skull crusher  25 lbs 8-12 3 Triceps
Plie squat  20 lbs 8-12 3 Quads, glutes, inner thighs

Finished off with a set each of roll-up, reverse crunch, side knee drops, bicycle crunches.

Good times :) I could have spent all morning playing around in the weight area if time allowed.

Today was my last Monday at my job. Boo :(


Been coming home at lunch to let the pup out. But also to secretly watch The View.

It also allows me to assemble salads of epic proportions.

Salad highlights include pickled beets, pickles, basil feta and chicken breast cooked and seasoned to perfection. The best part of course was the salad dressing: hummus + pickle juice. Seriously, pickle juice makes the best dressing.

I baked five chicken breasts last night in preparation for the week. SO easy. Threw them on a pan, watched TV for a while, then took them out, chopped them up, and tossed in the freezer. Badabing. No sketchy sodium in my chicken breasts thankyouverymuch.

Of course, it also equals an excess of chicken consumption when I’m cramped for time. Consider this lunch, pitafied.

Where I rushed off to after supper is top secret.

But it may have involved a cute girl with a camera ;)

IMG_6100Hi Melanie!!!!

After that business I went to the mall. This is bolded because I haven’t been shopping since I bought Lululemon pants in February. And before then, since Christmas. I actually went there to get tax stuff, but the sales lured me in. Picked up a new pair of pants, long-sleeved shirt and pretty necklace ALL for $20. Score. I’ll take a picture when I wear them all to work tomorrow :) I’m getting rid of all my “chubby” and raggedy clothing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much left behind.

Then I came back home and amped up.

With a Muscle Brownieeeeeee. 



IMG_6103 IMG_6108

I’ve been living alone for too long.

You can read the long ingredient list in further detail here


Waaaiit a second. The front of the package says 20g protein, and this says 10g protein. WAIT a second!! Gah!! Foiled. There is two servings in a package. This is a GIANT pet peeve of mine. I thought I was getting a huge beefcake brownie for 170 calories. Apparently, it has the caloric density of a beefcake too.

At least I don’t feel so gypped for paying $3 for this anymore, since I am getting two servings out of it.

I ate the piece on top, and… um… it was delicious. The texture was spot on. Kinda fudgy, not the least bit dry or tasteless.

And I think I feel my biceps tingling ;)

Well that’s all from me! Archie just rose from the dead and is looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. Unfortunately we can’t walk. I injured myself walking this weekend. Ugh. Don’t even get me started…

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

IMG_6092 Hugs and kisses ;)


Question of the Day: What are some of your biggest marketing pet peeves? I have many! Currently my biggest one is this commercial where a pretty woman is running in a little tank-top and no bra. Any woman out there knows running without support it impossible, and painful. Jeez. :P

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  1. Isn’t it a great feeling buying new clothes at a size you are happy with?! I need to make a trip to the mall too – I used to be obsessed, but have backed off. Great workout today, good luck after work. I can’t get myself to go after, just not me.

  2. Argh – those bars should be in 2 pieces in the package!

    So, the photo shoot – when are you going to share what you are modeling for?? :D

    My biggest peeve right now is all the cereals that say ‘made with 12 grams (or whatever) of whole grains.’ Too many people think that means 12 grams of fiber. Wrong!

    Sorry, but Lucky Charms just are never going to be on my list of healthy cereals (even though I will eat them if they are in the house).

  3. If Canada wasn’t so far away from Texas I would totally sign up for doing your laundry and dishes in exchange for free personal training! I love the workouts you post…and once I remember to print them out I plan to take them to the gym to help me stay out of a workout rut :)

  4. I totally feel you on the stupid misleading ads – two servings in a microwavable soup? Yea because I microwave it so I can eat half!

    I hate when CLOTHING companies have ads full of barely dressed women/men. I want to see your clothes, not beautiful people you paid to walk around naked. =)

    Good luck with your after-work-workout tomorrow!
    Nicole G

  5. Your weightlifting is inspiring! You kick ass in the gym!!
    I love your pictures with the protein bar! Too funny!
    My biggest pet peeve it how big companies market sugar laden cereals as healthy by throwing a “whole grain” stamp on the front. It drives me crazy because I know that mothers are feeding that crap to their kids and there is nothing nutritious about a cereal with 20grams of sugar per serving. Rant over. Haha I could go on for daysssss

  6. Companies should NOT be allowed to count things in small packages as more than one serving. Riiiiiidiculous.

    That salad is love. I’ll have to remember the pickle juice trick, that sounds like my kinda thang! Especially since then you don’t waste the pickle juice by just pouring it down the drain… I hate wasting foooood. Or in this case… juice?

    And I just have to give a special mention to your last confessions post. Just read it and I swear I could have written 90% of that about myself!

  7. love when there’s time for huge honkin salidas! your salad dressing sounds off the wall delicious :) and pickly haha

  8. ahahahahaha i LOVE those photos of you! you are ferosh!

    dang, this job of yours FLEW by. seriously. time goes by way too fast these days.

    i love your workout. and i need to try those squat push press things and good mornings!

    i wanna know what the shenanigans were!

  9. I’m guessing photo shoot for your job hunting efforts in TO? I can’t think of an example right now but do agree misleading advertising is extremely distasteful and aggravating.

  10. Umm I used to hate when plus size catalogs etc had skinny girls as models, but they are getting a little better about that. Now I’m really curious…what was the photo shoot? I don’t like surprises :-)

  11. photo shoot…how fun! I am thinking you’re geting biz cards made w/ your new credentials and need pics…or something like that. Hope the photo sesh was great.

    $20 …nice score!

    That protein bar being like 350 cals for what i consider a 3 bite bar…yikes! Feel that bicep tingle girl! I just dont feel full from bars…ever! So I just dont even bother! B/c they are expensive little buggers!

    Pet peeve…packaging children’s toys with industrial strength plastic as mother cuts fingers to unlodge toy while child throws tantrum waiting. fun.

  12. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    This isn’t a marketing pet peeve as much as it me being weirded out, but I HATE the Charmin toilet paper commercials. Those bears always look so self satisfied… Yuck.

  13. Love the massive salads! The photo shoot sounds fun – your protein bar photos cracked me up! I hate when single serving things are deceivingly split into two servings…grr!

  14. My current marketing gimmick pet peeve is for Reddi Whip. They have the fun-lovign family eating it, and then at the end they say “There’s nothing more real than ReddiWhip!”
    Ummm…yes, yes there is. lol

  15. Man, I hate all the food-guilt advertising. Like, “Eat our yogurt! Indulgence … without the guilt.” And it is like, dang, why should I feel guilty for eating any kind of food, sometimes an indulgence is better for you than yogurt/other healthy food/etc., and if you eat enough yogurt or any food, really, it could be just as bad for you as a pint of ice cream. That probably made no sense, but you get my drift, maybe.

  16. I have several main pet peeves. #1 when a company advertises it will do something that it’s mandated by law to do anyhow. #2 weight loss ads that show girls with a measuring tape. Always off center. Like she’s going to use subtraction to get her measurements. #3 ads that mention the recession and cutting back…but not on Ore Ida french fries. No way! #4 Lastly the phrase pennies on the dollar. Don’t know why but it drives me nuts!

  17. Oops. I had reverse crunches on my plan today and now realise I did the wrong thing at the gym. Haha, I can’t even find what I did online- don’t think it exists, but now I remember my trainer showing me reverse crunches. I wondered why I could do 15 easily with him yesterday and could barely manage 5 today.

    Serving size stuff annoys me SO much. I fell into that a bunch of times in the US (we don’t have serving sizes here on labels)- it was so random too. Like a cookie being 2.5 servings? I can kind of understand 2 (annoying, but at least makes sense on some level), but 2.5?!!!!!

  18. One of my biggest, and I have many, is when the front of the package says, “No TransFat,” but when you turn over the package and check out the nutrition, over half of the calories are from fat. Burns me up!

  19. Katie Holmes ran the NYC Marathon with no bra! crazy girl! WHY WOULD SHE WANNA DO THAT!? OUCH, her poor boobies :(..

    Im so behind on your blog—gonna catch up now!

  20. Hahahaha – 170 calories in a sweet brownie would be too good to be true!
    Have a great week, Susan!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  21. I hate most food marketing! They are such liar and trying to tick us. not cool dude

  22. Any delicious-looking, unhealthy food commercial is my pet peeve. It’s just too darn tempting! And why must they always be shown during my favorite shows?!

    As far as misleading ads go, I really hate that newish McD’s add that taunts their use of fresh ingredients in ridiculously unhealthy ways. You may put fresh lettuce on that Big Mac, but it’s still gonna clog your arteries!

  23. Oooh I am nosy and am dying to know what your camera project is! I hope it’s something fabulous!

    I had my first big salad of the season today, too :) For some reason I just can’t get into giant salads in the winter.

  24. it sounds like what you wanted from the muscle brownie was what a cliff builders bar offers, have you tried them?

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