Confessions of a Part-Time Blogger

  • I love it when other bloggers do confession posts. Lucky for you, I have a lot to confess.
  • I have four different kinds of hot cereal in my cupboard and I am desperately trying to eat them all before I move.



  • I measure and weigh everything, but I still take “heaping” scoops and always round down to the lowest gram.
  • I am a naturally lazy person. Being active is something I have to make myself do every. single. day.
  • Except today, because I laid in bed reading from 7am till noon.


  • I often use the same dishes over and over again, just rinsing and wiping them off each time.


  • I never eat at the kitchen table. Usually on the couch or in bed (they’re in the same room anyways – it’s called a bachelor people!!)
  • I chew a pack of gum a day.


  • I LOVE taking pictures of my food. Part of the reason why my blog has always been a food diary of sorts. Food makes the best subject.
  • I didn’t shower today. Sometimes I just need to give my skin a break.


  • Baking intimidates me.


  • I secretly want to perfect the art of the homemade protein bar. This stubborn desire is why I stopped buying packaged ones.


  • I’ve always told people that I want to adopt a kid when I’m older. But with each passing day, I know more and more that I want to have a family. And children that are my own.


  • The irony of life is not lost on me. Especially considering my left foot is hurting from walking and not running.
  • I often browse university and college websites, dreaming about different classes and degrees.
  • I stopped playing music because I feel musically inferior to real musicians.


  • I’m tired of waking up at 5:30 every day to work out, and am happy this is my last week having to do it.
  • I don’t usually talk unless spoken to.


  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like cooking for myself.


  • I would cook a lot more if I didn’t hate doing dishes (see above)
  • I don’t hang up my clothing. I have a clean clothes hamper and a dirty clothes hamper. Ironing is more fun.
  • When I have chocolate, I don’t just have chocolate.

IMG_6082 .

  • But sometimes when I have peanut butter, I just have peanut butter.
  • My mom has been in Florida for two weeks and I miss talking to her on the phone.
  • I want to be out of this city in two weeks, and I haven’t started packing.

Your turn! What do you want to get off your chest?

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  1. I love this post! So honest and great to read! Here we go with what I want to get off my chest (number 2 is the one that has really been bothering me lately):

    – I am currently living in my parent’s basement apartment so I can go back to school to get a diploma in something that will get me a job that is better than retail management.

    – I always pack nice healthy lunches and snacks when I am at school for a full day and it surprises me that people always make fun of me for bringing my food and being a generally healthy person.

    – I am not looking forward to my schooling that is happening in May-June because I will be getting up daily at 5:30am to exercise because school is from 8:30am-4pm every day and I just don’t want to leave it until after school.

    – When I worked as a manager at a bookstore I was so tired that I didn’t read a lot of the new books. Instead I read a lot of reviews and listened to other sales people talk about the book and use what they would say. I have more energy and can read now.

    • Ohyes, it still sometimes bugs me when people make fun of me for packing healthy lunches! It’s essentially been happening since elementary school :P And the 5:30 am thing has its pros and cons. Having evenings off is the biggest pro – you’ll get used to i!

  2. I love taking pictures of my food, too! The fun of it keeps me blogging :)

  3. I don’t like OIAJ but I love oatmeal mixed with peanut butter…>.>

  4. Okay I totally don’t always wash my dishes completely. The thing is I live in a suite with 8 other girls, with no dishwasher and I have one set of everything: plate, knife, fork, bowl, spoon etc. After washing dishes 3+ times a day every single day, you begin to not really care anymore if they’re sparkling clean. I’m the only one who eats off them anyways.. that’s my justification haha. WO that felt good to get off my chest : ) haha

    • Hahaha, seriously though, there are worse things than wiping some crumbs off a plate and using it again. We had a debate at work the other day about whether it was okay to fry ham in an unwashed pan after cooking an egg on it. I was on the unwashed side :)

  5. Loved your honesty! I chew A LOT of gum too. I dont shower daily either (my hair can’t handle it!) Usually I eat at my desk.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born a boy.

  7. You iron? I don’t even know where our iron is. I just wear wrinkly clothes because I probably picked something up off the floor LOL!

    I waste time playing computer games.

    I don’t always wash my fruit before eating.

    Baking doesn’t seem to intimidate you, as you are always doing it LOL!

  8. i eat a pack of gum a day too!

    i never wash my fruits or veggies and i don’t care about buying them organic haha

    i hate hate hate putting laundry away and have serious issues with hanging clothes up

  9. I think that’s smart to reuse your dishes etc. I don’t shower every day, ever. Not even after working out if I haven’t broken a sweat.

    My main confession (surprise) is my fear of what the next few months will bring in my life. I think I know what, I just don’t know how, and that is scary.

  10. I didn’t put on deodorant this morning. My pits are a little ripe but I secretly like it.

  11. What a fun post, I want to do one like this too!
    I only wash my hair every other day, even when I’ve had a sweaty run, if its not a hair wash day, I just give the sweat parts a rinse.

  12. Interesting confessions. . I use to be the same on clothes folding till I got a couple cats. Had to start folding my clothes so they wouldn’t be covered in hair.

  13. This was lovely! Ok my confession…sometimes I really don’t feel like I belong in the “healthy blogging” world because I don’t feel all that healthy. But, I keep it up because of bloggie friends like you! Also…I don’t really like dogs. I LOVE mine…but that’s about it. Especially if they jump on me…which my dog does, so it totally embarrasses me. Actually I’m not a big animal person at all, I hate to admit.

  14. ahah LOVE THIS!!! your food looks amazing. i LOVE pita pit!!!
    confesssion- i HATE doing dishes too.. i re use spoons a lot.. yeah, its gross, i knw, but im still living!

  15. Sometimes I throw out perfectly good chocolate so I don’t eat it. This makes my husband crazy.

    Please let us know when you perfect the homemade protein bar! And share the recipe…

  16. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I hate folding laundry more than any chore. I also chew a pack of gum every day (I was actually thrilled to read that you do this too, because somehow, it makes it less crazy). I have a minor panic attack when I think about what my next career/life move is going to be. I don’t have a kitchen table, all of my meals are eaten on the couch or lying on my stomach on the floor…

  17. Have your own babies, if you can. Nothing wrong with adopting them BUT growing one inside of you, from 2 cells to an 8 lb miracle to a 40 lb toddler…it’s amazing to see what we, as women, can grow! And nurse your baby. Til she’s 3 and tells you she doesnt need milk anymore. The miracle of motherhood is amazing. And girl, I was a drinking, partying, chandelier swinging girl. All the way. And never “aspired to motherhood”. It gave me a piece of myself i never knew i had or could be.

    You’re lazy and not inherently an active go-getter? Really??!!!!! I am shocked, ok that’s cool..i thought you were a total ball buster no matter what. Like me :) LOL

  18. Great post! Are you moving?? Changing jobs? xx

  19. I can relate to a lot of these confessions. Especially the urge to eat everything in my pantry up before I move cross-country.

    I, too, hate doing dishes and scrubbing pots and pans, hence why there’s the magic of take-out in my life.

    I’m a chronic gum-chewer as well, it keeps me from mindlessly snacking.

  20. Confession: I love confession posts!!

    I can totally relate-

    I am so lazy sometimes, too- I LOVE laying in bed reading for hours!! Yesterday I talked to my mom on facebook chat for three :)

    I used to chew a pack of gum a day… took me SO long to quit!!

    I always like looking at new classes, degrees, etc- I love learning!!

    I HATE doing dishes as well!

    My confessions?

    I hit the alarm clock at least three times in the morning before waking up, and I am TRYING to wake up earlier… we shall see!

    I am terribly messy in the kitchen. At school and at home. I have to wash my uniform multiple times a week, and when I clean the kitchen there are splatters in places I didn’t know splatters could be!

    I am accident prone. I recently pulled my hip flexor, and I have NO idea how.

    I HATE doing laundry. I said I hate dishes? Well, I just let them pile up. Laundry I don’t even do (hides head in shame). My mom did it for me when I lived close to home, and now my boyfriend does it for me!!

    I kind of want a family myself now… even though for so long I was convinced I didn’t want kids. I guess we’ll see where life takes me!!

    I can’t stand to have a “real” job… and I would rather be a part time writer/blogger/trainer/personal chef than a full time anything!!


  21. the irony of life is not lost on me either. and i love these kind of posts – mostly because i end up realizing im not the only one who wants to adopt yet have their own kids, browse university websites looking for interesting classes and who is naturally lazy.

    my own confessions? i love listening to pandora while going to bed, even though i usually fall asleep within four minutes and wake up to a dead computer because its been on so long. i preach what i practice but i don’t always practice what i preach. i prefer baths to showers, even though bugs tend to fall in the bath when i am in them.

  22. I don’t own an iron. If things are too wrinkled to be worn I throw them back in the dryer. If that doesn’t help, I rewash the item and start over. I usually just go slightly wrinkled.

    I’m a big slob. My house and car are ridiculously messy most of the time.

    I’m often tempted to skip out on real life fun stuff because I’m reading a good book.

  23. I have quite a few shared confessions with you. I never use my table to eat, and usually sit on the sofa. I also didn’t shower today- not because my skin needed to breathe, but because I was lazy. I spend hours on Craigslist imagining different jobs/houses in a faraway city.

    Hmm, what else.

    – I add sweetener to everything- and I am not talking about a tsp of splenda. I am talking 1-2 jars a week of aspartame. How anyone can eat unsweetened oats or Greek yogurt is beyond me.
    – I hate cooking. A lot. Didn’t use to, but I do now.
    – Animals and babies scare me.

  24. erintakescontrol

    I cook everyday, but I would cook twice as much if I had a dishwasher!

  25. Love the confessions posts! I especially love the one about not showering. I definitely have days where showering is the last thing I want to concern myself with. I also loved reading the heartfelt ones like about wanting your own kid. :)

    Hmmm…my confession. I hate cooking and I will stay in dirty workout clothes for hours after getting home from the gym. I am too lazy to change. Ick.

  26. Hope Has A Place

    I usually eat one type of cereal or bars at a time. I don’t like having more than one box open!
    I try not to measure everything, but I still measure cereal (hot and cold).
    I’m a morning person. Don’t ask me to stay up too late. I get sleepy by 10:30 and am usually in bed around 11.
    I use the same dishes too, and usually eat on the couch.
    I like baking and cooking, but am often too lazy to do it.
    I’m afraid to have my own children, but I do want children! Adoption?
    I’m pretty quiet and don’t speak unless spoken to… but I’m not shy per se.

    Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  27. this is so funny, because i was thinking the other day how i really want to do a confessions post sometime! because julie always does confessions friday.. and i do FBF.. so i was thinking i could do a confessions tuesday or something of the sort. love that you did this! so, those bars DO look great~ how were they?

    “I am a naturally lazy person. Being active is something I have to make myself do every. single. day.”

    ME TOO. to a T.

    confession for me? sometimes i don’t shower after the gym. it’s true. sometimes making dinner is a way bigger priority!

    love ya!

  28. haha so funny that you said baking intimidates you! it does for me too! I think I have made ONE thing from scratch (baking wise) and as you can see on my blog, I have taken the base to that recipe and made it a bit different, but kept the same base! I have tried to ‘wing it’ with baking btu I jsut cant! I much prefer cooking! a little of this n’ that and it will taste good no matter what!

    I love your pics and also taking pics of my food!

    confession: I love diet drinks like diet snapple, diet ice tea etc (not soda though!) I try not to over do but I do love them! OH and im a coffee addict :)

    also- I sometimes don’t shower after i workout…oh well!!

  29. Great post and I will follow and confess I also don’t wash my hair everyday….its curly, I hate curly so I straighten it and it takes too long to do that everyday.
    Please post when u do find the perfect protein bar, I have tried several recipes and they were good but not 100%. I love homemade protein bars!

  30. Lovely post, Susan!
    I do have a lot to confess, but I´m sure it would take all day long ;)
    But I´m with you in a couple of confessions… Haha!
    Have a great night, love!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  31. I miss Pita Pitt!! WE used to have one at Penn State….doo delicious!!

  32. I love confession posts :)

    I hate to be “that commenter” and I hope you know I’m not trying to be a hater, but do you really think adopted children wouldn’t qualify as “your own?” I have an adopted cousin and I really believe in adoption…I’m sure you didn’t mean it to the degree I am taking it. I just have to say something or I won’t be able to sleep tonight ;)

    Confession: I drank a glass of wine on a Tuesday evening :)

    • Don’t worry about it Lara :) I left half of the story out – I’ve always said I wanted to adopt older foster children (like, troubled teens). There’s nothing wrong with that, but the older I get the more I realize I want to go through the whole pregnancy/birth process. It’s like a tug on my uterus! :P

  33. I only shower IF I’ve worked out Otherwise I think its a waste of a shower. Haha :)

    As a child I always said I was either having no kids or adopting, because I didn’t want to go through the birthing process. I still am not sure how I feel. But I think it will depend on if I’m with the right person. And I’m not worried about that right now at alll.

    Hahaha I just read one of your comments above.. being made fun of for your packed lunches since elementary school. Same here!

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