Daily Archives: April 25, 2010

Confessions of a Part-Time Blogger

  • I love it when other bloggers do confession posts. Lucky for you, I have a lot to confess.
  • I have four different kinds of hot cereal in my cupboard and I am desperately trying to eat them all before I move.



  • I measure and weigh everything, but I still take “heaping” scoops and always round down to the lowest gram.
  • I am a naturally lazy person. Being active is something I have to make myself do every. single. day.
  • Except today, because I laid in bed reading from 7am till noon.


  • I often use the same dishes over and over again, just rinsing and wiping them off each time.


  • I never eat at the kitchen table. Usually on the couch or in bed (they’re in the same room anyways – it’s called a bachelor people!!)
  • I chew a pack of gum a day.


  • I LOVE taking pictures of my food. Part of the reason why my blog has always been a food diary of sorts. Food makes the best subject.
  • I didn’t shower today. Sometimes I just need to give my skin a break.


  • Baking intimidates me.


  • I secretly want to perfect the art of the homemade protein bar. This stubborn desire is why I stopped buying packaged ones.


  • I’ve always told people that I want to adopt a kid when I’m older. But with each passing day, I know more and more that I want to have a family. And children that are my own.


  • The irony of life is not lost on me. Especially considering my left foot is hurting from walking and not running.
  • I often browse university and college websites, dreaming about different classes and degrees.
  • I stopped playing music because I feel musically inferior to real musicians.


  • I’m tired of waking up at 5:30 every day to work out, and am happy this is my last week having to do it.
  • I don’t usually talk unless spoken to.


  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like cooking for myself.


  • I would cook a lot more if I didn’t hate doing dishes (see above)
  • I don’t hang up my clothing. I have a clean clothes hamper and a dirty clothes hamper. Ironing is more fun.
  • When I have chocolate, I don’t just have chocolate.

IMG_6082 .

  • But sometimes when I have peanut butter, I just have peanut butter.
  • My mom has been in Florida for two weeks and I miss talking to her on the phone.
  • I want to be out of this city in two weeks, and I haven’t started packing.

Your turn! What do you want to get off your chest?