Doggone It

Happy Saturday friends!! This is my last weekend as a working woman. Or, at least until I become an employed Torontonian. <—that word looks silly

I was thisclose to calling it a rest day today, but I got my butt out of bed and managed to stay pretty active!

I passed out at the usual time last night and was up at the usual workweek time. My body likes to stick to a schedule, what can I say.

IMG_6004 IMG_6006

I’ve actually been going through nut butter faster than I can eat oats out of them! Not today though. I’ve been saving this baby ;)

IMG_6010 IMG_6011

I savoured this so slowly that it actually got cold by the end. Something that never happens in the insulated jar. Maranatha should just sell near-empty jars ;)

That held me over for a while because there was probably a quarter cup’s worth of almond butter in there (exaggeration, maybe). Grabbed a “treat” for a snack to power me through kickboxing.


I want to like this flavour, as in my head it should taste like a chocolate chip cookie (probably my favourite food on the whole planet).

But I think I rather just eat a buttery cookie. Still a decent bar though – Maple Nut is the best!

Body Combat was not as tough this week! It’s a new “release,” which means the songs and moves have all changed. A lot less jumping around, and a lot more punching. Meant my heart rate was lower, and my already sore biceps are now super angry at me. Incline curls kill them every single time.

The forecast called for rain today, but it hadn’t started yet by the time I got home. Archie was aalll over me to go for a walk, so I tempted fate and took him. Ten minutes in the sun came out and it was beautiful!! Ended up taking him along the river, for just over an hour. Archie was a total rockstar and made friends with everyone we met. People are never that friendly when it’s just me ;)

I also did a lot of observing of my fellow dog walkers – it’s true that people and their pets resemble each other.

It was almost 3pm by the time I sat down for lunch and I was starved.

Nothing fancy, just food in my belly as quickly as I could get it there.

Hummus, laughing cow, tuna and tomato sandwich.

Lemon yogurt mixed with plain (to cut back on the sweetness) and some All Bran Buds for crunch.

This was crazy delicious. It was probably part hunger, but definitely a satisfying meal :)

Archie had something to eat too, and then passed out from exhaustion.


Poor fella, he was really struggling to keep up towards the end of the walk! He definitely doesn’t have the same energy he did 13 years ago…

Dinner was a quick and simple stir-fry.

Shrimp and chicken breast with a plethora of frozen veggies (Europe’s Best Imperial Blend) sesame oil, Bragg’s and a drizzle of teriyaki.

And just so we’re clear, I had a piece of chocolate after every single meal today ;)

After dinner, I went out for another walk with a friend! 90 minutes in and all around downtown. T’was fun, but my feet are hurting after being on them all day. Going to spend the rest of the evening curled up, finishing Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: The Pioneer Woman’s true life Harlequin romance story . Love her.


Question of the Day: If you could get any (additional) pet, what would it be? This is something else I think about a lot, because I reallyreally want a dog someday. Probably the only thing that makes me desire settling down. Depending on where I live, I want either a basset hound or a cavalier king charles spaniel. Both of which probably resemble me in some way ;)


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  1. GIRL i love that OIAJ action! whooo!!!
    kickboxing sounds AWESOME!!
    and lemon yogurt!!!!!
    you were SUPER active today!
    & i love dogs :)

  2. You were definitely active today! Well done, no slacking. I am going on 4 days of rest, my body is thanking me. Believe it or not, I’ve never made oats in nut butter jar! I like it in certain bowls, easier to eat and no messy spoon handle, I’m anal, what can I say?!

  3. Archie is so adorable, even when passed out haha. This sounds bad but I don’t want any pets (my kindergarten class has millipedes if that counts- they can live in a box for like a week without food so they are pretty easy haha). I like dogs, but they are a lot of work and i just don’t have a lot of time right now and my fiance and I aren’t home a lot. Also, we like to travel etc and don’t want to be looking for a dog sitter. Basically- I don’t want kids or pets right now :)

  4. That sandwich is perfectly grilled – gotta love those lines =)

    I want a cat. I had one from the time I was about 6 until a year ago when we had to put her to sleep. I miss her terribly and I also miss having a pet in the house. Luckily, I’ve FINALLY convinced my parents that since I’m moving back home full time since I graduate undergrad in May and start law school in the fall that as a graduation gift I can get a kitten. I’m so excited. I think thats one of the biggest reasons I’m even looking forward to graduation and the summer!

    Nicole G

  5. get a king charles!!! I have one ( i think you’ve seen her before) and she’s a total doll. I think of her more like a real person/baby than a dog. All she wants to do is sit on your lap and be held. gotta love that! she actually resembles me, too with the reddish hair!!

    archie is a sweetie, love him.

  6. I would LOVE a dog! One day, once I’m more settled that is! For now, kittens are pretty much amazing!

    I’ve weirdly been craving a tuna mayo sandwich recently and your photos did nothing to dull my desire! Yum.

  7. Love oats in a Maranatha AB jar :) I would love another dog, companion for Captain, but we can only have one in our condo.

  8. That pic is from 101 dalmations! Thanks for bringing back childhood memories :D

    Body Attack?? Sounds pretty tough to me lol

    This might sound crazy…but I’ve always wanted a pet Wallaby! My neighbor had one when I was a kid. It was adorable :)

  9. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I want a dog and a cat. I grew up with cats and we have an understanding, but I’ve always wanted a dog!

  10. YAY for simple, yet amazing recipes!
    (Like that DELICIOUS sandwich… haha!)
    Great post, Susan!
    Have a terrific Sunday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  11. torontonian is so fun to say. ooo ive got UBWO tomorrow and i am so doing some incline curls! they look stellar!

    haha.. i HAVE a basset and penelope is half king charles spaniel! (other half entlebucher mountain dog) so really.. i own you in dog form.

    our next pet is going to be a red doberman and we will keep his ears floppy :) name is already picked out, just gotta get the $$$

    LOVE the photo of tuckered out archie! and LOVE you!

  12. kickboxing is something ive always wanted to try! yaya for sunshine, i love long dog walks! :)

  13. As soon as Jeremy and I move back to the States permanently we are getting two pugs–a black one and a white one. We want SO BADLY to go ahead and get them now, but it wouldn’t be fair to them. :(

  14. I love the word “Torontonian!” haha it is funny :P

    I LOVE dogs! I want a bulldog so, so much- but N and I live in a tiny, studio apartment so right now we have a Beta fish, Sigmund, and we may get a cat, or another small animal… one day I’ll get my bulldoggie!!


  15. Why do you say a cliff bar is a treat?

    • I make my own snack bars at home now to cut back on costs and processed foods in my diet. Now I save the expensive packaged bars for treats :)

  16. haha… totally random, but I’m really into turtles right now. What a boring pet!!! But I see so many of them at the park when I walk and I just LOVE them! They are so cute and they slow moving thing makes them seem wise, not dumb, while I walk. Random.

  17. sounds like a perfect Saturday… YES to companies selling almost empty nut butter jars. I would put signs around my neighbourhood if I thought 1) any of my neighbours ate nut butters (not popular in the UK, and 2) I wasn’t warned about food from strangers when I was growing up :P The chocolate chip Clif is good warmed up. I like chunks dipped in PB for snacks too, but yes to maple nut. I just had to throw out about 15 when I realised they expired in January (apparently nuts are really poisonous when they have gone bad?!)

    Pet… I used to have a goat! No joke. Not really a pet, but I would love to live by the ocean and have a dolphin friend that would come see me!

  18. I want a dog as badly as most women want children.

  19. Awww – I love 101 Dalmations so much. Ah, memories. Glad you got some good workouts in there, but sorry bout your biceps:(
    I would get another dog!! I think Niko needs a brother or sister. My husband, on the other hand wants a miniature pig… hmm…

  20. thank you very much you just sealed the deal that i’m pretty sure i’m having a stirfry for dinner tonight. i wish i had some defrosted shrimp though! maybs i’ll have to get on that right now :)

  21. Hey Susan! Your stir fry looks delicious! Yum.

    I definitely want a dog too. You know how some women go crazy over babies? I’m like that when I see dogs. I think that it can be pretty embarrassing for the people I’m with. Just yesterday I was cuddling with an adorable dog while I was out on a walk. :) I really love French Bulldogs.

  22. My dog is a Ruby Cavalier King Charles! I found him when he was a puppy in a Seattle park. Kids saw Riley get thrown out of car and I took him in. I had never heard of Cavaliers before but he is a fantastic dog, love him to death. He might be a mix he seems to be longer legged and even cuter then other Cavs I have seen online and in person. Riley is very athletic though, he keeps up on 11 mile hikes without a problem.

  23. maple nut IS the best clif bar. hands down.

    don’t hate me, but i don’t like animals. they sense my fear.

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