Cookie Monster

Okay. Before I even start things, I must tell you, Holly’s no-bake protein cookies were awesome.


I mixed up:

  • 2 tbsp unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 1/2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 stevia packet
  • 1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter
  • sprinkle mini chocolate chips
  • splash water

I thought the mix looked really small, but I got three cookies out of it! Balled them up, rolled in coconut, and flattened them a little bit. I popped them in the freezer for a couple minutes, but it really wasn’t necessary. The puuuurfect dessert!

Despite my bad spin class last Monday, I braved it again today. Didn’t feel sick, but didn’t push it as hard. I think I may be tiring of it a little – I can’t wait until I can bike outside!

Breakfast today was another cookie ;)


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • chocolate chips
  • dried cherries
  • splash soy milk

Mixed up and flattened on a plate to harden in the fridge overnight. I always scrape it off the plate, flip it over, and stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes before eating. Or today, while I took the puppy dog outside.

Not only did I have enough time to eat breakfast at home after spin class, but I also came home at lunch!

I’d pre-packed some salmon & quinoa w/ tomatoes on top of a spinach salad. 

I LOVE cold quinoa salads. Even more than as a heated grain seed.

Oh! And my coworkers inhaled the fruit pizza. They all enjoyed the cinnamon roll crust. I had a piece that had not been contaminated by pineapple. Cream cheese “sauce” still the best part. I could eat that stuff with a spoon.

Wait. I think I did while I was making it ;)

Hey look! I drink stuff too!

Out of tacky whale glasses apparently. I actually don’t care for carbonated drinks, but I drink club soda all the time to help my digestion. And by help my digestion, I mean make me burp, because people don’t like to pat the backs of 24-year-olds.

In other news, it’s been raining for three days straight and there’s a poodle in my apartment who is going stir crazy.


I bought him a treat to chew on to keep him entertained – and he cut his nose on it!! Poor pup. Tomorrow should hopefully be dry enough for a prance walk on the trail.

He also started doing this thing where he lays on the end of the couch, and rests his head on the coffee table.


There’s no food on there, he sleeps like that! Strange. So fun to watch all these quirks develop while he’s staying at my place. Definitely making my last couple weeks here a lot more entertaining :)

Speaking of my last couple weeks here…

I finally found a subtenant!! She signed a sublease today and gave me post-dated checks and bought my cheap-o furniture so I don’t have to worry about throwing it out. I like her much better than the first guy and have a good feeling about this. Funny how the pieces just fall into place eventually. Made me think of Sophia and her current housing debacle as well!


So, remember when I made a list of Goals for April 19 days ago?? Yeah, neither did. I totally forgot to check in every week! Better late than never I guess!

Goals for April 2010

Continue the spirit of the sleep challenge, aiming to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I’d say I’m on average getting an extra 15-30 minutes sleep a night. Not as much as I’d like, but it really has been hard. Especially when I was studying all last week.

Get rid of as many of my belongings as possible. Does selling my furniture count? Otherwise I am seriously lagging on this. Would like to clean out my closet ASAP.

Get my bike on the road. Pffft. It’s been like 8 C everyday and raining. As if.

Pass my personal training exam. Eeee… still checking my e-mail obsessively for the results. Hopefully I’ll get my mark in the next couple days!

Chill the eff out. I’m getting much better at this one. Stress is starting to turn into excitement. I have SO many exciting things on the horizon. Not only am I moving to Toronto and getting a new job there, but I also have plans to travel to Banff, Ottawa, Chicago and New York this summer!!


Well, that’s all she wrote! I was off dining with the ladies this evening and it’s time I hit the hay. Going to change things up tomorrow and go to a different gym before work. Little things like that make me excited to work out!


Question of the Day: Do you find yourself dreaming of summer travels yet? Got any planned? Mine are above!

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  1. Woohoo….you are moving close to me ;) Where in TO are you moving to?
    I am currently planning our big summer vacation. We are off to Florida for a month and staying in a few different cities. Very excited and can’t wait!

  2. I am gaga over that damn dog! So frickin’ adorbs!

  3. Hey Girl,

    No summer travels planned except for the move to Mom’s house in Ottawa to work for the summer and then move back to Toronto. I’m sooo with you on needed to get rid of my junk though. I inherited a pack-rat gene, and I’m trying soo hard to declutter. I need to be relentless!!

  4. Going to Hawaii this summer for my honeymoon- having anxiety about it for some reason- I know it’s supposed to be amazing but it’s so expensive I am going to have reallllly high expectations!

    Happy to hear about the sublet!

  5. Where in NY are you going to be?? And are you going to the Healthy Living Summit? I am thinking about that as a possibility!

    Congrats on the sublet!

    We are thinking about Montreal this summer for a long weekend. And possibly Vermont.

    • No idea about NY yet! But Toronto is so close to Buffalo and beyond, I really want to go!! And definitely Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit. I didn’t go last year and really regretted it. Hopefully I can snag a ticket!

  6. Oh wow! How great about the sublet…things worked out so well!!! YAY! I’m so happy for you! Looks like we both experienced some of God’s love this (last) week! >.<

    OMG I'll be in NYC this summer….for the BlogHer! Are you going?! It's Aug 7-9…

    • No, I want to go to the Healthy Living Summit that next weekend in August – only one expensive conference a month! :P New York maybe in September!

  7. New York? Um I would LOVE to get together! That would definitely be something I’d look forward to in the summer =)

    I can’t wait for the summer though. I have nothing planned but I’ll be a college grad and enjoying my last few months of freedom before law school and the workforce. I need to get in as much down time as possible lol

    Nicole G

  8. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    This summer I’m going to my cousin’s wedding and I have some NY plans in the works. I’m hoping for another short trip somewhere beachy, but I’m not pushing my luck!

  9. I never get to travel anymore really. Running a small business where you’re the only employee makes it hard to get away for more than a long weekend. I look forward to my golf days as it’s usually the most I get away for in the summer.

    Selling your furniture definitely counts.

  10. HEY SUGA!! those are GREAT goals! i need to do better w. the sleep thing! haha! those home made cookes are BALLER!

  11. Those cookies look awesome! Loving the Archie photos too. I have two weeks off at the end of Aug, hopefully travelling somewhere warm!

  12. I too need to chill the eff out! Summer is such a perfect time to do so! Good luck on the rest of your goals.

  13. Love that you found a sub-tenant…that’s awesome!!! I am going thru real estate hell. I dont post about it but suffice to say, full time job. Anyhoo…

    The Holly No Bakes and the Brekkie Cookie (I am a fan of just storing it in the freezer period)…both look awesome!


  14. Those cookies looks fab! I’m dreaming of summer holidays, Ireland next month to see my mama and Glastonbury festival in June yay! x x

  15. those cookies look awesome and i LOVE cold leftovers! just yesterday I had leftover roasted veggies (cold) atop my salad and they were even better!! so much flavor!

    I don’t like carbonated drinks either, but plain ole seltzer I do crave once in a while esp pelligrino! :)

    what certification are you doing for your cPT?

    • I did my certification through Can-Fit-Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals). Essentially the national standard here for it, although there are a few smaller programs in each province and community colleges. But I wanted something that would be recognized anywhere in the country :)

  16. Both your breakfast cookie and the protein cookies look divine. I’m anxiously awaiting moving back to California this summer and going to Lake Tahoe with my family. Not to mention reuniting with San Francisco, the Coast, and Southern California.

  17. YUM. I love cookies.

    Congrats on the subletter! I can’t wait for you to come to the T-dot :)

    I’m dreaming… but no sumer travels this year- I have school & work all throughout! Maybe a weekend trip home for my birthday, though :)


  18. haha, the fact you said as if in this post completely made my morning. oh clueless, how you robbed me of any real vocabulary for years.

    YAY for protein cookies! i feel kinda cheap for just taking april’s recipe, rolling them in balls and flattening them, but they are the perfect no-guilt treat when ya need something sweet.

    and i am so excited for all these awesome things in your future, and the scotland thing – AMAZING! perhaps i may move with you…

    happy tuesday susan :)

  19. Unfortunately, no fun summer plans for me. I think the best thing Ive got going for myself is that I wont be taking any classes this summeR! thats fun enough right? Lots of lake weekends and possibly a trip to NYC thrown in there!

  20. So many exciting things for you coming up, girl! I’m rooting for you all the way. Congrats on the sublease. Hooray!
    HOW adorable that Archie sleeps like that. I’m gonna miss him on your blog lol
    The husband and I are cutting back money-wise right now, so no summer travels for us. Well, take that back. I’m sure we’ll make it up to Starved Rock a couple times. Plus, I’m planning on attending the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago :) Are you I hope?!

  21. So great that you found a sub-tenant…weight off your mind? Hmm, do you have car boot sales in Canada? Kind of like a garage sale except in a huge parking lot and everyone just sets up tables and sells stuff. Great way to clean out! Keeping my fingers crossed for your exam but I am sure you did great :D

    I am still doing the sleep challenge but haven’t slept past 5am for days. It’s not awesome.

    SUMMER! WHEEEEEEEEEEE! Looks like it will be mid September before I go to NY (still not definite) and I am PUMPED! Though I am not going to lie… I am way too excited about the food part. And my best friend’s baby!!!!!!

    • Yes, I’ve looked into doing one of those! But there aren’t any this early in the year, and you have to pay to set up a table. I’d do a yard sale, but my house is lacking a driveway and yard and on a dead-end street :(

  22. I hope you pass!!! I’m sure you will though. I would be checking my email nonstop too. I also love how you want to not stress as much. I think having so many things to look forward to definitely helps that. :)

  23. I made the no-bake cookies based on your recipe last night. Really good! Thanks for the idea.

  24. Your bfast cookie looks so good, one of these days I’ve got so suck it up and try it! I’m going to Boston in less than a month (woohoo) but no travel plans other than that. I might try to swing a weekend camping trip with the boy, but we’ll see. And that barely counts as travel ;-)

  25. So funny you asked this–I am DYING to go on a summer vacation! I spent a good chunk of yesterday researching places we can’t afford and daydreaming that we were going :(

    Those protein cookies look so good. Could be the next big thing in blog world?! I’m making them!

  26. archie is the sweetest pup!!!!!!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement on my personal trainer exam, I passed!! I’m SURE you passed too! We’ll have to celebrate once we are both fitness professionals!!!

  27. I need to try cold Quinoa–I love everything else cold!

    Awww summer…I can’t wait! Going to NYC and Turks & Caicos…sooo excited!

  28. Those cookies look so delicious and easy to make. I’m going to miss seeing little Archie on your blog, he is so cute!
    As usual I have big travel plans for this year. A week in May to visit family in Illinois, 2 weeks hiking in southern Utah like Canyonlands, Arches, and Zion National Parks. Then back to Illinois for a family reunion in August and then 3 weeks hiking in September in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in Wyoming and possibly stopping in Oregon on the way home to Seattle.
    Next May I will be traveling in Ireland for 3 weeks which will be my first time visiting Europe and I am super excited for that.

  29. Nom on the protein cookies- what’s not to love about those. I just asked the blogger who you linked (alzheimers, can’t even remember now) if her secret is that she uses rice protein, but then I saw you used soy- hurrah! I’ll try with whey as that’s mostly what I’ve got.

    Yay on your tenant. Hugs and kisses to Archie- what a photogenic pooch.

    OMG the sleep thing has gone to hell completely. For about 2 or 3 weeks I’m lucky to get 4-5 hours total a night. And when I’m sleeping it’s sketchy. Nothing to do about it- it’s out of my control this time- not due to staying up late with blogs! Just life.

    Speaking of sleep, yes it’s 8.37 and I’m off to bed. Last night was 4 hrs. :-(

    • I used whey last night and the cookies were just as delicious!

      Hope you managed to get some well-needed (and deserved) Zzz’s last night xoxo

  30. I like the whale glass. I love tacky glasses and t-shirts. :)

    Archie is so pitiful looking in that picture! Glad he finally got some decent weather!

  31. i can never get away with reading a post of yours and not saying SOMETHING. i love all the cookie lovin and the chin resting archie!!!

  32. Could these be made with flavored protein powder?

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