Hi y’all!! (I’m a Canadian, can I get away with saying “y’all?”)

I’m a busy bee studying tonight so instead of rambling about the giant bowl of oatbran I ate for breakfast, I’m re-posting a guest post I did for Kristin’s awesome blog a little while back.

I feel kind of weird, guest posting on my own blog…

Anyways! Back to the books. My personal training test is tomorrow. Eep!! :\


Hiya! My name is Susan and I come from a land called The Great Balancing Act. When Kristin asked me to do a guest post, she left the post topic pretty open. Actually, to quote, she said “your lifestyle, a favorite exercise, recipe… whatever you want.” Dangerous words Kristin, I could ramble about anything! :P But I figured I would instead do something that falls more into the “lifestyle” category, as that’s what I try to focus mostly on my blog.

There are a lot of lifestyle choices I make on a daily basis. I work out every morning before work. I pack a healthy lunch every day. I sometimes have a cookie, I order my salad dressing on the side. I even take the stairs at work.

However, my most recent lifestyle choice has been a little more difficult. Yes. More difficult than getting my heart rate up at 6am. At the beginning of 2010, I vowed to LIVE life. I woke up one day, six months after graduating university, only to realize I’d let the last four years pass me by. I was simply “surviving” each day that passed, rather than being an active participant in my own life.

I am a creature driven by fear. And laziness. I do not like to step out of my comfort zone. I do not like to work harder than I have to. I don’t like to put myself in situations that could at any point turn into something horrifyingly embarrassing.

So I took a giant leap and quit my job. The job I went to school four years to get. The job most people in my situation would have killed for. I don’t think so many butterflies have infiltrated my stomach as when I sent in my letter of resignation. I was taking a ginormous leap into a pool of absolute unknown. I had no career plans, no financial stability, no idea where I wanted to live. But it got the ball rolling. My life has been a series of unexpected twists and turns ever since.

What kind of twists and turns you ask? I’m taking a 180 in career direction and getting certified as a personal training specialist. I live and breathe fitness, and thrive off helping others. Now I’ll get paid for it too!

I stumbled into an awesome job at my alma matter, where I get to brag about my university on a daily basis.

I’m leaving my small province and moving to the big city. Jumping from 60,000 people to 2 million. Holy crap – that’s 33 times the size!!

I am travelling! I’m going home to visit my parents more, travelling to see friends, and even flying cross-country to gallivant through the mountains with fellow bloggers!

If you’re wondering if all of this is scary – you betcha! But I find myself soaking up every single day now. I live every moment the best I can. I’m not just going through the motions any more, but looking for ways to enrich my time on this earth. Learning, listening, experimenting, failing and succeeding. I may be a health and fitness nut, but THIS lifestyle change is the biggest and best I’ve ever made.

Thanks for the ear! Err, eye. I had a blast filling in for Kristin while she’s off living life to the fullest too!

Question of the Day: What’s one fear you’ve recently overcome?


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  1. Great post. I completely understand what you mean about living life. What is the point of the exercise and eating healthy if we can’t indulge once in awhile? I’m a huge fan of indulging in case you can’t tell :)

  2. Great post – loved hearing a recap of your journey thus far. You guys should stop by Vancouver BC on your trip this summer!

  3. Hey look! There I am in Banff! lol :P

    Seriously looking forward to that trip – even if I can only be there for four days! :)

  4. Great post, even though I have read it before ;)

    Good luck studying!!


  5. Amazing Susan! I have nothing but support and love for those that go after their dreams. Stay strong and keep moving forward. You’re extraordinary!

  6. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Good luck with your exam Susan! Knowing you, you are going to rock its socks off!

  7. 6 years ago, I got back to school to become a nurse, at 30 years old and with 3 kids on my board! My littlest one was 2 then,We sold our big house for a little one, and change our new car for a used one.I had never regret it =) It is never too late to change. Even if i’m an anxious person and live big stress each night at my job, i recently ask to be transfer…to the intensive care!! And yesterday i was told i got the job. Talk about overcoming fear??? =) (excuse the many errors, i’m a frech speakers)… BTW, good luck with your exam, and if i might suggest you, STOP studying and take a big night sleep instead!Your brain learn better in sleep mode :)

    • Thank you Chantal!! I definitely tried to rest up ;) I love how you worked up the guts to ask for the job you wanted. Proof that sometimes all you need to do is ask to get the things you want in life :)

  8. Good luck on your test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Scary? Maybe.
    Freaking amazing and worthy? Hell, yeah.

    You, Susan, are one of the bravest and strongest woman I know. Awesome post!

  10. I love this post SO much (so much more than I can articulate at 6am…heh).

    I’ve conquered a few fears…moving into my own apartment, moving to NY (and back again). My life is a work in progress.

    Good luck with your test! You’ll be great!

  11. Hmmm a fear I’ve recently (some months ago but whatever) overcome was working out in public. Now I don’t really care. I still feel a little embarrassed at times because I still have a long way to go but whatever, that’s why I’m there! :)

    • Yess!! I used to be scared of working out at the gym and people underestimate how hard it can be for some others! But it really does get better with every single visit – and the embarrassing things always make for good stories once you get over the shock ;)

  12. You know what Susan..I think this may be my favourite post of yours yet..crazy huh? ..because there have been some AWESOME ones!..
    There are very few peope i look up to and admire..especially women..But i can honestly say that you’re up there with a handful of women that i find truly inspiring..
    I love that you’re human and not just a super lady who has ALWAYS been super..You’ve made big decisions and taken massive leaps of faith..and changed your life in a huge way and i salute ya!
    As i get to that *age* where i have to embark on ahem adulthood and make life-shaping decisions watching you seize the day inspires me to seize my life and make it all it can be too..
    Thank you..


    I overcame my fear of tomatoes yesterday..I had my first one in 23 years..I kid you not..I can’t say it was worth waiting for but im glad it’s over and done with!

  13. i absolutely love this post! its beautiful and VERy inspiring!

    Good luck on your test! keep studying hard!

  14. Rock your test Susan! You’ll do great :D

    I am currently learning to overcome the fear of injury right now. A very new experience for me.

  15. Good luck today, girl!!! *sending you pos vibes right now* Eek! You’re gonna do great.
    Loved reading your story. Definitely an inspiration:)

  16. just as good the second time around. i never get sick of your love for huge, oversized statues. GOOD LUCK ON THE TEST! you will ace it, i just know it.

    i cant think of an answer to your Q right now.. sigh

  17. Great post. I see teh CN Tower in that pic. Are you in TO? We are somewhat close than!

  18. What a nice post, it sums up what we all should do – LIVE. Life choices are hard, and you sound balanced. I have overcome the fear and doing what I want to and not what I should do. I’ve learned that being selfish is ok, and I need to do what makes me happy.

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