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Hi y’all!! (I’m a Canadian, can I get away with saying “y’all?”)

I’m a busy bee studying tonight so instead of rambling about the giant bowl of oatbran I ate for breakfast, I’m re-posting a guest post I did for Kristin’s awesome blog a little while back.

I feel kind of weird, guest posting on my own blog…

Anyways! Back to the books. My personal training test is tomorrow. Eep!! :\


Hiya! My name is Susan and I come from a land called The Great Balancing Act. When Kristin asked me to do a guest post, she left the post topic pretty open. Actually, to quote, she said “your lifestyle, a favorite exercise, recipe… whatever you want.” Dangerous words Kristin, I could ramble about anything! :P But I figured I would instead do something that falls more into the “lifestyle” category, as that’s what I try to focus mostly on my blog.

There are a lot of lifestyle choices I make on a daily basis. I work out every morning before work. I pack a healthy lunch every day. I sometimes have a cookie, I order my salad dressing on the side. I even take the stairs at work.

However, my most recent lifestyle choice has been a little more difficult. Yes. More difficult than getting my heart rate up at 6am. At the beginning of 2010, I vowed to LIVE life. I woke up one day, six months after graduating university, only to realize I’d let the last four years pass me by. I was simply “surviving” each day that passed, rather than being an active participant in my own life.

I am a creature driven by fear. And laziness. I do not like to step out of my comfort zone. I do not like to work harder than I have to. I don’t like to put myself in situations that could at any point turn into something horrifyingly embarrassing.

So I took a giant leap and quit my job. The job I went to school four years to get. The job most people in my situation would have killed for. I don’t think so many butterflies have infiltrated my stomach as when I sent in my letter of resignation. I was taking a ginormous leap into a pool of absolute unknown. I had no career plans, no financial stability, no idea where I wanted to live. But it got the ball rolling. My life has been a series of unexpected twists and turns ever since.

What kind of twists and turns you ask? I’m taking a 180 in career direction and getting certified as a personal training specialist. I live and breathe fitness, and thrive off helping others. Now I’ll get paid for it too!

I stumbled into an awesome job at my alma matter, where I get to brag about my university on a daily basis.

I’m leaving my small province and moving to the big city. Jumping from 60,000 people to 2 million. Holy crap – that’s 33 times the size!!

I am travelling! I’m going home to visit my parents more, travelling to see friends, and even flying cross-country to gallivant through the mountains with fellow bloggers!

If you’re wondering if all of this is scary – you betcha! But I find myself soaking up every single day now. I live every moment the best I can. I’m not just going through the motions any more, but looking for ways to enrich my time on this earth. Learning, listening, experimenting, failing and succeeding. I may be a health and fitness nut, but THIS lifestyle change is the biggest and best I’ve ever made.

Thanks for the ear! Err, eye. I had a blast filling in for Kristin while she’s off living life to the fullest too!

Question of the Day: What’s one fear you’ve recently overcome?