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Run To The Hills

Hey! I got a kick out of those of you rating your sweet tooth off the scale :P Many of you said you had more of a salty tooth! I can’t relate, I will always choose sweet over salty. Unless the two are combined, then my mind explodes.

Good news, I didn’t pass out at the gym today! Sad days when this is a bonus, here’s what I did:

10 minutes elliptical, increasing resistance

Straight Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Target Area
Romanian deadlift to row  50 lbs 6-8 4 Back
Wide-grip lat pulldown  65 lbs 6-8 4 Back

10 minutes rowing machine

Straight Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Target Area
Dumbbell bench press  22.5 lb dumbbells 6-8 4 Chest
Dumbbell fly  17.5 dumbbells 6-8 4 Chest
Dumbbell shoulder press  17.5 dumbbells 6-8 4 Shoulders

10 minutes treadmill, increasing speed


Exercise Weight Reps Sets Target Area
Cable pushdown  25 lbs 8-12 3 Triceps
Barbell 21s 20 lbs 8-12 3 Biceps
Barbell upright row  30 lbs 8-12 3 Shoulders

10 minutes stairmill, increasing speed

Finis! I had a whole banana with PB today (usually I only have half) and lots of water, I felt pretty good the whole time. Not on my “A” game, but I was expecting much worse.

Got to the office and had the usual cottage cheese mess.

Have you heard? Cottage cheese is the new yogurt. Plus, it’s awesome with strawberries, banana extract, cinnamon, almond butter and Grape Nuts cereal. Yupyup!

Morning snack:

Homemade dark chocolate s’more protein bar. Holymoly, these are really good! So chocolately and protein-y. This is where I should make some awful “s’more” pun. Lucky for you, I hate puns.

Came home for lunch today! Wanted to take the dog out, and whipped up a quick lunch in the meantime.

My sweet veggies – carrots + sugar snap peas with the last of the salsa and hummus.

Look! Proof that baby carrots come from real carrots!

A very Janetha-esque photo with a begging pup in the background ;)

My new flavour obsession…

Maple smoked salmon + laughing cow cheese + blueberry jam in a grilled sandwich. This was even more heavenly grilled!!

I ate my snack late this afternoon, so I wasn’t gnawing my arm off like I usually am after work. Turned into a gorgeous day so I took Archie for a walk before dinner.

Confession: I live next to several hills that would be awesome for running hill repeats. Instead, I choose the very flat trail in the opposite direction. Hills scurr me!

But I took Archie up the hills today. His small poodle legs could use a little muscle definition :P

This is me attempting to look badass with my shades on, but I just look smug!

I also had a bit of a “moment” walking up the hill. I came up to these two college girls who were huffing and puffing up the incline, noticeably exerting themselves. I on the other hand was barely bothered walking up. Only two years ago, I would have been one of those girls, struggling to make it to the top. Instead, here I was taking my “fitness” for granted. I hardly notice these types of things anymore and need to thank my lucky stars that I can prance my way to the top if I want to! (although, I really wish I could help those girls get to the top easier as well…)

Came home and threw together my favourite salad combo as of late.

Spinach base, with highlights being pickles, pickled beets, chicken, feta, olives and tzatziki. I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately! I find if I just buy the fresh veggies, then I feel pressured to eat them before they go bad. Easy way to make sure I get my veggies in ;)

Archie tried to beg while I was eating, but I think our hill walk tuckered him out.

So many trees to pee on… so little time…

Also found this for two bucks at the store today…


The name “Susan” means “graceful white lily,” and they just happen to be my favourite flower! I never have fresh flowers in my place, but for $2 I don’t care if it dies in a few days – it’s worth it! Plus, I love the smell, even if it reminds people of funeral homes :P

I also want to mention that I’ve decided to take a bit of a mini-break from the gym. Hallie reminded me to take my own advice of taking extended breaks every once in a while, and it has been a while! Thanks Hallie! So I’m going to chill out for the next few days and let my body fully recuperate, because it’s obviously trying to tell me something. I love working out so much that I always have to be cognisant of the symptoms of overtraining. But with my impending PT exam, there’s no better time for a rest than now!

And with that, I’m off to study!

Question of the Day: Do you know what your name means?