Keeping it Sweet

Aahhhhh, it was so hard to leave this face this morning!!!!!


I got up even earlier this morning (5am) to take him outside before going to spin class. He was so upset when I left, it tugged on my heart! Archie’s been following me everywhere, kinda like a poodle-shaped shadow ;)  But my mom says it’ll get better once he realizes that I actually come back.

Spin class today was probably my worst. I don’t know what happened! It definitely felt tough, but halfway through I started feeling sick. Thirsty, but the thought of drinking made me want to throw up. I felt okay on the bike, but knew I’d be in trouble once I got off. Sure enough, during the stretching, I got a ringing in my ears and started seeing black dots everywhere. I quickly wiped off my bike praying I wouldn’t topple over before getting out of there. I immediately went into the air-conditioned hallway and sat by a window until I felt like I could stand again, then took a cold shower.

So frightening! I didn’t do anything different from my usual routine, except perhaps ate my pre-workout snack (bread + PB + jam) 15 minutes earlier than I normally do. My gut tells me I was dehydrated/undernourished. Perhaps lacking in electrolytes, as I lose them quickly compared to most people. Just when I think I’ve got it down to a tee, my body throws me a curveball! Going to try weightlifting tomorrow with extra food/water. If it happens again, I will leave and take a few more days off.

Breakfast was nourishing to say the least.


Clementines, boiled eggs, Taste of Nature Persian Pomegranate Garden bar.

Nutritionals for the bar found here. It was better than I was expecting!! The first two ingredients are sesame seeds and fig pieces so it had a wonderful gooey, crispy texture. Thumbs up!

Morning/afternoon snacks were homemade dark chocolate s’mores protein bars.


Oooohhhhh yeeeaaahhh. Recipe at the end of the post!


Sundried tomato tuna, hummus, feta, black olives. And the usual plethora of baby carrots.

Carrots are high in sugar, I think that’s why I like ‘em so much ;)

After eating, I proceeded to drive to the grocery store, shop, drive home, put the groceries away, take the dog out and drive back to work all in a 60 minute lunch break! This is me tooting my own horn. Toot.

Getting groceries at lunch meant I could rush home after work and get started on this feast right away.

Two chicken thighs off a rotisserie chicken. Heated up in the oven.

The real star of the show was the veggies!

I sprinkled sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower with garam masala before roasting them. I used the Clubhouse kind which includes a mix of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, coriander, red pepper, onion, carrot, garlic, etc. SO good. It was such an amazing flavour, loved every delicious bite.

The chicken was good too – I love dark meat!

The skin was given to the pooch :)

Archie by the way has a really funny way of eating. He grabs one piece of food, brings it into the living room, then starts playing with it like a cat.


He throws it around, gets down and starts wagging his bum like he’s going to attack. One piece at a time… :P

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying decadent protein desserts.

IMG_5727 IMG_5729

I’ve been adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a stevia packet to my usual protein pudding (1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder mixed with water to thicken). I kid you not, it tastes just like brownie batter. I feel like I’m licking the brownie bowl eating this!! It’s almost too rich. Almost ;)

Ooooh, speaking of rich and decadent, my new protein bars!


Homemade Dark Chocolate S’more Protein Bars

  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 4 scoops chocolate protein powder (I use whey)
  • 4 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 packet stevia
  • 1/2 – 3/4 cup water
  • 2 tbsp marshmallow fluff
  • 1/2 tbsp mini chocolate chips

Mix everything but the fluff together, adding water until powder is just dissolved and sticky. (the more you mix, the more it dissolves, so add sparingly). Lightly stir in fluff. Flatten into a square pan and let harden in fridge.


Makes 8 rich, knock-your-sweet-tooth-out bars.


And with that, it’s someone’s bedtime!


I apologize if I’m MIA from blogland this week, I’m spending all spare minutes cramming my brain with personal training info before my test on Friday. Wait a tick, I don’t apologize. It’s important that I pass!! (and can pass all my knowledge on to you guys ;) )


Question of the Day: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade your sweet tooth? (10 being the sweetest) Umm, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, it should come as no surprise that mine comes in at a solid 9.2. Chocolate of course is my favourite, generic candy a close second.

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  1. your puppies are adorable! and i actually have a thing about cutting my sandwiches in squares too ha ha! makes them taste evvven better!

  2. I would hate to leave that face too!

    Those bars look great!

    I would rate mine at a 4 right now. It really depends on how i’m eating at the moment. When i’m eating lots of carbs it’s an 8.

  3. you are the queen of homemade bars, i love it. all of them look so good!

    id give myself a 7.9!

  4. Yeah my sweet tooth is probably an 8 or 9. I do occasionally think things are “too sweet” but I enjoy sweetness.

    Sorry about the tough spin class- but at least you went, I would’ve stayed home to cuddle with the puppy :)

  5. My sweet tooth is outrageous. I’m talking 15. Yes. It’s insane :( I hateteetetete it. :(

  6. Loving the archie photos!!!

  7. Baaaa! I’ve been a sugar addict for so long. I can handle more sweets than anybody, anywhere. I’m for sure a 10. Funny, it wasn’t until I was probably 32, that I realized I was an addict, and made the connection with sugar and feeling like crap whenever I went overboard. I can’t handle it as much anymore, I’ve settled down (smartened up) alot.

  8. My sweet tooth is right with yours. I keep trying to tame it, but I fail every.single.time. ha!

    I hope you feel better — it sounds like you were just dehydrated and not QUITE up to spin class just yet. Hang in there and get better soon :)

  9. I would say mine is at least a 9! I love all things sweet. :D

    And scary about the spin class. I hate when that happens. I agree it was probably an electrolyte and water issue. Glad you felt better not too long after.

  10. starsinthecity

    I love those bars!

    Glad you perked up pretty quickly after spin, that’s definitely scary!

  11. OMG nom- and the stats on the bar are stellar. I really need to make these as soon as I run out of the ton of bars I have.

    Archie is making my heart melt like the marshmallow fluff.

    Right now I’m about a 5. usually a 7. Weird.

    Scary about the gym incident. Hope this doesn’t happen again- I don’t want to worry about you! :-)

  12. Susan – you probably need a little more rest from being under the weather! Don’t push too hard tomorrow.

    My sweet tooth can get up to a 9 some days. Sometimes the salty tooth gets up to 9 as well. I would say normally it is around a 5 or so.

    Keep studying! :D

    oh my gahhhh! yummayyy!! GREAT stats!!

  14. I definitely have a sweet tooth – especially for really ripe and in season fruit like peaches and strawberries =)

    But all in all I’m pretty sure I’m a savory girl. Even when I was younger, I wasn’t into candy all that much but preferred a grilled cheese or french fries at any time lol

    I hope you don’t feel sick during your workout tomorrow!
    Nicole G

  15. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I’m about to hop on a plane to fly up to Canada to steal Archie! I’m actually more of a salty girl, so I’d say about a 6 on the sweet toothometer.

  16. Yeah my sweet tooth is a little ridic. At least a 12. I really want to work on getting that down a little though…maybe to an 8… because sugar makes me crave more sugar, vicious cycle!

    Something like what happened to you happened to me once…scared me so much I got tested for diabetes and all that (which clearly, I don’t have). Maybe you need to, like you told me once, take a full week off from working out? Recharge and all that. Be careful!

  17. Awww your pup is adorable! I have a dog who is just about the sweetest thing in the world. It’s so hard to leave her every day, but she is so incredibly excited to see me when I get home. She definitely gets me out the door when she demands long walks!

    I always see your amazing oatmeal creations. I’m trying to learn some different creations. I’m hoping to bum some of your oatmeal recipes! Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. My sweet tooth was a full blown 10 but now it’s closer to a 1 as I’m in recovery :-) In case we don’t see you before Friday….GOOD LUCK on the test!

  19. I love your protein bar recipes. I think it’s time for me to make another batch!

  20. I didn’t use to have much of a sweet tooth at all–especially for chocolate, but that has really changed as I’ve grown up. I’d probably say mine is a 8 on normal days and a 10 certain times of the month. ;)

    And the stats are amazing!

    Ok so you sound like you have virus. All those symptoms happen to me when I am sick. Or about to get really sick and that’s the first tip off.

    Get some sleep girl!!!! And feel better!

  22. Just stumbled upon your blog and..
    Archie has the sweetest little face ever!
    love the bar recipe. YUM
    my sweet tooth is only about a 3 but my salty tooth (??) is a raging 12. I love me the salt and the crunch!

  23. Gosh i hope your next work out goes smoother love..
    That experience sounds like it was hella-scary..
    I trust that you’ll listen to your body though so i don’t
    worry too much.. :)

    My sweet tooth is an 11..i kid you not..
    I still to this day hoard candy…however now that i’m
    eating more ‘natural’ sugars (i get through 6-8 MASSIVE carrots a day) i find that i don’t really need or crave the ‘naughty’ stuff..

    Im not a really big fan of chocolate..
    I just like dirty cheap sugary candy.. :)


  24. sometimes that happenes to me when i workout! i think its lack of water and food, you’re right! maybe you need a sports drink with electorlytes? xx

  25. Archie is the cutest! I hope you feel better, when I get like that only rest and concentrating on reducing stress helps.
    Currently I am a 7/8 on the sugar scale but I have definitely been a 10 previously.

  26. I mainly have a chocolate tooth. I have little interest in a sugary thing that isn’t featuring chocolate. Though when I was little I used to take sugar packets from restaurants and eat them all the time.

  27. Your poodle is just too cute!! I’ve been dying to get a puppy for the last 2 years :( Unfortunately, it’s just not in the cards for me at the moment.

    That’s scary about what happened during your spin class. I’ve had that happen to me before and I did pass out. Not cool! I am glad you got it under control before something worse happened.

    I must make those s’mores protein bars asap! They sound right up my alley with chocolate and marshmallows. And yeah, my sweet tooth could easily fall off the 1-10 scale.. Chocolate, gummy candy, cookies, brownies.. If it’s a sweet treat then more often than not I will love it.

    Hope you have a good day! xoxo

  28. My sweet tooth is a solid 10. There’s rarely a time when I won’t happily accept something with sugar. Usually, I’m doing my best to ward off cravings of sugar-saturated goodies.

    Thank you for sharing your delicious protein bar recipe, as well as the nutritional stats for them! Those roasted veggies with garam masala look spectacular as well.

    PS: So glad you were ok after “feeling spinny” during spinning. I hope that doesn’t happen to you again, that’s pretty terrifying!

  29. That sounds really scary about spin. I think we underestimate how much harder our bodies have to work when they are fighting off things like colds/viruses. Hope you feel better today.

    Those bars look insanely good!

    My sweet tooth is weird… I add insane amounts of sweeteners in my tea, coffee, yogurt, etc (we are talking 2+ jars a week here) but I find stuff like Larabars sickeningly sweet. So odd!

  30. OK Susan. I’ll be making that protein bar. THAK YOU for the recipe. I swear, every blog I read today has a recipe I want to try! :)
    Love the yawny picture of Archie. Too cute.
    I have a big sweet tooth. I try not to give in until the night time though (except stevia in my oats, of course). It seems like the earlier I eat sugar, the more I want it through out the day.

  31. I have a massively sweet tooth. I would say a 7 or 8 at least. I eat something sweet everyday, multiple times, without doubt! Sweet breakfasts (oats full of banana, nut butter, etc) are my downfall!

  32. 10. no joke.

    yay for those s’mores bars! they look so yummy. and s’mores happen to be one of my favorite summertime treats !

    i’ve been MIA from blogland too – no worries. i mean, i am 3 posts behind on your blog. not okay.

    archie is SOOOOOO cute!

    happy tuesday :)

  33. GIRL! Look at all your incredible eats! What a healthy balanced day! Your pup is adorable :)

  34. Aww, I would hate to leave that face, too!

    I LOVE my sweets, but my sweet tooth isn’t too crazy. I would say a 7-8. I prefer natural sweets like fruit over candy, BUT I eat chocolate every day =D


  35. My sweet tooth is out of control! I sometimes get that shaky black spot feeling not good x x

  36. THAT FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    weird about the spin class situation. i wonder what was up with that?

    good looking new recipe! i need a re-do on your bars. i have been eating them but i had to freeze them so they would set up and they are in big globs. how do you make them perfect bar shaped? maybe i used too much water…

    sweet tooth is probably a 6 or 7, which is up from what it used to be not to long ago, which was a 2 or 3! where did it come from?!

  37. Um besides the more than stellar protein bar recipe, fyi, your pictures in this post are out of this world. Idk what you’re doing, but its working! :) :)

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