My apartment has been thoroughly sniffed and I think it passes inspection…


I’ve got this little bugger staying at my place for three weeks while my mom is in Florida! I am so excited to have Archie here. First, it’s nice to have another body wandering around my place, but I also like having another creature besides myself to look after. He’s a 13-year-old apricot miniature poodle by the way, and his full name his Archibald Dylan. He’s pleased to meet you all :)

Was in bed early last night and slept a full 8.5 hours!! Wooo! That never happens. I felt like junk when I first got up, but my cold has progressed into a light cough. So it’s going through the motions at least!

Breakfast was so good Saturday I had the same thing today.

Eggs on ezekiel bread with an orange (need my Vitamin C to fight this cold!)

Except today I scrambled my eggs and switched out the butter for bacon. I never have fresh bacon like this and it was sooooo good. Must put on grocery list ;)

I didn’t work out again today. Figured I’d rather take another rest day than just aggravate my cold. I’m not in a spot where I worry about falling off the workout bandwagon, so a few days rest is refreshing once in a while.

So guess what I did today instead? I studied! Ahhh, so many muscle fibres, joint movements and program recommendations to memorize. There’s a reason I did Liberal Arts in university ;)

Lunch was a ginormous salad, using up all the ingredients in the house! Oops sorry mom.

I heated some chicken strips in Bull’s Eye steak sauce and topped it with feta cheese a la Lori.

Bbq and feta really is a combo that can’t be beat!

I’ve spent aaaalllll weekend studying, I hardly got to hang out with my mom while home! Only in between online course modules…

And I hid behind my laptop the whole time ;)


I looked kinda zoned out there. Eyes glazed over from trying to remember the difference between abductor and adductor.

We did get to see my Nana though!! I snacked on some baked Lays chips she randomly had out (Nana’s always have bowls of munchables out).

Not only that, but she packed me an egg salad sandwich for the road!!

Nana’s egg salad sandwiches are the best everever.

Cut in the little squares just like she always does – and the crust was even cut off!

<3 Similar to the little sandwiches you get at church functions, but better :) I had it for supper along with a macinstosh  she packed me that I cut up and sprinkled with cinnamon.

And the remnants of a bag of sugar snap peas I discovered in my empty veggie drawer.

Groceries are definitely on the schedule for tomorrow, along with 6am spin class, work, showing my apartment, and of course spending every spare moment with this pup.

But as for now, Archiekins and I have some golf to watch ;)

P.S. Why am I watching golf???


Question of the Day: Do you have pets? Tell me about them!

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  1. No pets here, but I desperately want pups!

  2. ahh love archie…and i love his full name even more!

    I have 2 dogs, Eddie and Milla.

    Eddie is a 5 year old Shepherd MIx, I adopted him when he was 1…he is just a big sweetheart.

    Milla is a 2 yr old mini dachshund! so cute!

  3. Tip for remembering the difference between adductors and abductors:
    Abduct = take away (like kidnapping)
    adduct = adding like bringing together

    You know I have my Pixie. We had one cat for 18 years, and she passed away a year ago. We have had Pixie for 3 years. All of our pets have been rescue animals. They just found their way into our hearts.

    Love that BBQ and feta!!

  4. I would love a dog when I get out of school and move into my own place! I worry about not being able to travel and such though..

  5. aww archie is a cutie. I have a cavalier king charles spaniel named sadie. she’s actually my parent’s dog, but since I live there currently, she’s mine too!

    Even though I’m sure you have this down pat, I remember abductor and abductor like this: when a child is ABDUCTED, it’s taken away from it’s home. so when a leg is abducted, it’s taken away from the body. easy peasy, right?

  6. It’s the Master’s who isn’t watching :-)

    2 cats….Scrappers a tuxedo and Cleo a grey tabby.

  7. I have two cats: Linden and Tosio (named after hockey players). They’re litter mates and very cuddly with each other and me which I love. Having said that, sometimes I wish they weren’t so cuddly at 2:00am!

    We had a couple of lab and shepard mixes growing up. I would love to get one (especially as I’m taking up running and I know Shepards are good for that!) but I live alone in a small apartment and no amount of outdoor time makes up for that cruelty so it will be a few years before I can get my big dog :)

  8. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! :D

    Archie is adorable and looks like such a love-bug. :D

    And that was so sweet of your Nana to pack you lunch. Love egg sandwiches!

  9. You are watching golf cuase the Master’s is the biggest tournament of the year, Tiger is back, and Phil is playing amazing! Yes, I love golf. I play and watch.

    Glad you’re feeling better and being productive! Archie is adorable. I don’t have any pets, never have. But…my grandparents Shih Tzu is Divot (more golf lingo) and he is 13. He is super cute!!

  10. I actually JUST started asking my parents again for a kitten. We had to put my cat (Tiger) to sleep last February (2009) because she was very sick. We had had her since I was about 6 years old (16ish years!) so its really wierd to not have a pet in the house. Since I’m graduating undergrad in May and living at home for law school I’ve been petitioning my parents for a kitty.

    I hope it works! Enjoy your time with Archie, he’s ADORABLE! (You should a video post with him)

    Nicole G

  11. Archie is cute. We have a Doberman and he is a sweetie! Also had a Husky (she was my fave) but she passed away this past summer (that was hard).

    YUP…I HAD to watch golf b/c DH wanted to watch and I am very happy Tiger DID NOT win ;)

  12. Two cats and a dog, Buckley, Southpaw, and Milhouse. All ridiculously cute and spoiled.

    If you want to take a stab at healthy doggie baking over the next few weeks, Milhouse LOVES these and you probably already have most of the ingredients!

  13. I have a 3 year old mutt. She is a mix of a pitbull and black lab. And she is the biggest wuss ever. Her bark is DEFINITELY bigger than her bite.

    And I agree it is nice to have a few extra days of rest here and there.

  14. We have our Jack Russel Terrier named Zero. She is 16 years old and my fiance has had her since she was a tiny puppy just ready to leave her mom.

    We adopted our cat Phionna together. She is 5 years old.

    We want to get a puppy but need to wait until we have our own place again. (We’d like to get the puppy while we still have Zero so she can help us house break the puppy :) Zero helped us house break our friends’ puppy that we were watching for a while. Gotta love the monkey see monkey do method of training)

  15. Aww…Archie is cute! My hubs and I have a year and a half old mutt we rescued…and I am unhealthily attached to that dog. haha
    Her name is Holly, and we THINK she’s a rat terrier/shepherd mix….based on the fact i found two of those mixes on petfinder recently that looked exactly like her :)
    I definitely dote over her…if I had more time and money, I think she’d be an AWESOME agility dog. She’s so fast and can turn on a dime!

  16. OH my goodness your nana’s egg sandwiches are JUST like the ones I ate growing up in Hong Kong!! Chinese people make the same sandwiches, white bread, crustless, mayo ‘n eggs, and ALL!!! YUM!!!

    I have a golden retriever in Hong Kong, but since i live in a teeny studio in Chicago for now, i don’t have a pet. Boo!!

  17. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    No pets but I grew up with a whole slew of them! I miss everything about them (and I want a dog and a cat DESPERATELY) except the pet hair! My parents still have the two cats we got when I was in high school and our three legged turtle that we rescued from the side of the road when I was in elementary school!

  18. no pets now but pre skylar had 4. they got insanely jealous, defecated all over the house about 98767987 times and were rehomed. Sad, but true. New motherhood and crapping dogs didnt mix :)

    that sounds so awful but hey i admit it :)

  19. No pets here. We had a kitty but he became very sick and died (this was years ago). We were left broken hearted and pretty much made the decision not to have any more pets. I don’t know if I’ll want one when I move out of my parents’ house.

  20. I’m not so good with dogs…have bad memories with them.
    I used to have a rabbit, but it ran away. I also had two chicks, but they ran away, too. Apparently, I’m not meant to have pets!

  21. Awww Susan…It’s so nice to see a picture of your ma..
    You have good genes girl! She honestly doesn’t look old enough to have a daughter as old as you..
    oh gosh not that im saying your old! seems i can’t compliment your ma without appearing to insult you.. :p
    You know it’s all love though, right?!

    Im really impressed with you taking the day off working out..I totally admire people more for doing sensible things like listening to their body rather than pounding it out working out every day and making themselves sick.. I hope you feel better for the rest lady!

    Peace and love to ya!


    p.s. I have one kitty..Tabatha..she’s a fat Tabby and SPOILT..The most stunning cat you’ll ever see though..and so warm and squidgy.. :) She’s my greatest love..

  22. Aww what a cute houseguest =D

    My parents have 5 cats (most of which I despise), a cute pekingese (which is pretty much a cat-dog, haha), and I have a bunny, Gizmo there.

    Here in Canada, Nick and I have a fish- his name is Sigmund, Siggy for short!


  23. Wowsers he is cute! No pets of my own but my Mum has two mini schnauzers – great company – they like golf too!

    I have been reading your blog for a while – go check out my fledgling efforts –

    Luck and love


  24. Oh yes indeed. Two kittens called Juan and Jamal. They are the loves of my life. We are obsessed with them even though they are the naughtiest creatures I have ever encountered!

    The massive salad looks SO GOOD Susan!

    Hope you’re over your cold now!!

  25. Archie sounds so distinguished! He’s a cutie too! :)

    I have a full figured cat named Buttercup. She’s a gray and black tabby. She’s the cutest! I also have two dogs. An outside dog named Storm, he’s half chow, half akita. An inside dog named Cocoa, he’s a heinz 57. I love animals!

  26. Archie is so cute!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what adventures you guys get up to while he is staying…hehe. Being out walking a dog is such a conversation starter too- I don’t have pets, but met so many people when I used to walk my uncle’s dog (<- rare occasion, those two are NEVER apart from each other!)

    Hope you are feeling better today!

  27. Archie is adorable!! :)
    The way I remember abductor and adductor is thinking of alien abduction (taking away)

  28. What a cute dog! Awww you won’t want to give up Archie!
    Food looks great as usual!

  29. I love the name Archibald. It may be because I also am a huge Gossip Girl fan…

  30. What a great pet name! My family has a tradition of naming our cats off the wall human names. Right now we have Beatrice and Irvin (fattest cats EVER!) and we used to have an Earl.

    Our first cat was name Thomasina…and it was male. We named ihimThomasina after The Three Lives of Thomasina. It’s an old Disney movie.

    • I LOVE those names!! Beatrice is an awesome fat cat name ;) My family sort of does the same thing… we had a basset hound named Basil Magnus, a beagle/shephard mix named Prudence and a fat cat named Fergus. All totally reflect their names in their personality too – strange!

  31. feta + BBQ…must try now!

  32. FINALLY! i am finally to this post! YAY! i saw that cute first photo on FB and died. he is SO cute!! i didnt realize you have him for THREE weeks! fun! i also didn’t realize he is 13!! wow! i love the full name. i believe all pups MUST have a full name, for when they are in trouble ;)

    i love bbq sauce and feta together, i used to make a mean bbq chicken and feta pita pizza, thanks for the reminder.

    cute egg sandwich, but i never did get it when people would cut off the crust! that is my fave part. but i dig the 4 mini squares.

    i am going to learn to golf this summer! yay.

    you know about my pets, obvi


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