Daily Archives: April 11, 2010


My apartment has been thoroughly sniffed and I think it passes inspection…


I’ve got this little bugger staying at my place for three weeks while my mom is in Florida! I am so excited to have Archie here. First, it’s nice to have another body wandering around my place, but I also like having another creature besides myself to look after. He’s a 13-year-old apricot miniature poodle by the way, and his full name his Archibald Dylan. He’s pleased to meet you all :)

Was in bed early last night and slept a full 8.5 hours!! Wooo! That never happens. I felt like junk when I first got up, but my cold has progressed into a light cough. So it’s going through the motions at least!

Breakfast was so good Saturday I had the same thing today.

Eggs on ezekiel bread with an orange (need my Vitamin C to fight this cold!)

Except today I scrambled my eggs and switched out the butter for bacon. I never have fresh bacon like this and it was sooooo good. Must put on grocery list ;)

I didn’t work out again today. Figured I’d rather take another rest day than just aggravate my cold. I’m not in a spot where I worry about falling off the workout bandwagon, so a few days rest is refreshing once in a while.

So guess what I did today instead? I studied! Ahhh, so many muscle fibres, joint movements and program recommendations to memorize. There’s a reason I did Liberal Arts in university ;)

Lunch was a ginormous salad, using up all the ingredients in the house! Oops sorry mom.

I heated some chicken strips in Bull’s Eye steak sauce and topped it with feta cheese a la Lori.

Bbq and feta really is a combo that can’t be beat!

I’ve spent aaaalllll weekend studying, I hardly got to hang out with my mom while home! Only in between online course modules…

And I hid behind my laptop the whole time ;)


I looked kinda zoned out there. Eyes glazed over from trying to remember the difference between abductor and adductor.

We did get to see my Nana though!! I snacked on some baked Lays chips she randomly had out (Nana’s always have bowls of munchables out).

Not only that, but she packed me an egg salad sandwich for the road!!

Nana’s egg salad sandwiches are the best everever.

Cut in the little squares just like she always does – and the crust was even cut off!

<3 Similar to the little sandwiches you get at church functions, but better :) I had it for supper along with a macinstosh  she packed me that I cut up and sprinkled with cinnamon.

And the remnants of a bag of sugar snap peas I discovered in my empty veggie drawer.

Groceries are definitely on the schedule for tomorrow, along with 6am spin class, work, showing my apartment, and of course spending every spare moment with this pup.

But as for now, Archiekins and I have some golf to watch ;)

P.S. Why am I watching golf???


Question of the Day: Do you have pets? Tell me about them!