The Good Stuff

In my next life, I’m coming back as a dog.


I could totally keep up with Archie’s schedule of sleeping all day. Instead – I studied all day!

Was up a little late watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night. That’s my new fave show. “The Naked Chef” used to air after school when I was in middle school, and I will always credit it for teaching me how to be passionate about food. The man doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll be leaving his wife for me :P

Anyways, there’s no clock in my room, and I magically woke up 8 hours after drifting to sleep. Perfection!

Dug through my mom’s fridge and came up with this for breakfast:


I found sesame ezekiel bread in the freezer! Better than finding a $20 bill on the side of the road :P

Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Sesame Bread

This bread is seriously like gold – two pieces have 160 calories, 28g carbs, 6g fibre, 8g protein. However, it’s also priced like gold – $5 a pop. Too rich for my blood, hence the joy when I discovered it.


Butter was used on both the toast and frying pan for the eggs. Mmmm…

My mom went off to exercise class this morning while I stayed home. Boo! My body’s due for a rest day, and my cold is progressing. I’ve gone from a sore throat, to sore throat and runny nose. It’s all pretty mild though, hoping it gets through all the stages quickly.

Instead, I studied! I studied all freakin’ day. There is SO MUCH material I need to know for my personal training test next weekend. I’m starting to get nervous I won’t be able to cram it all in my brain.

My morning snack did not fall into the healthy category – but I wanted a treat.


President’s Choice Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Equalizer bar.

The ingredient list might take a while to read…


Overall it was okay.


I don’t eat these types of protein bars much anymore, so when I do I want something that’s really good and worth the splurge. This, while chocolatey and edible, wasn’t quite worth it. But ya never know till you try!

Dug around my mom’s fridge some more for lunch and came up with this:


Turkey salad pita with celery, carrots and cream cheese (better than Cheez Whiz!)

I found this bouquet sale in my mom’s fridge. I have no clue what it is, a rub or tapenade of sorts?

IMG_5624 IMG_5626

Mostly made up of veggie bits, and only 5 calories a tablespoon.


Plus, it smelled darn good so I scooped a bunch into my turkey salad, which already had some mustard, cucumber dressing, onions and celery.

Whoooa nelly, it was salty. I got so excited to see it was only 5 cals per tbsp, I somehow missed the 510 mg of salt!! Whoops. My “palette” is sensitive to salt to begin with, so it was overload. Didn’t stop me from polishing it off though ;)

Mark (mom’s boyfriend) found some honey lemon tea for me to help the cold along.


Drank out of one of my mother’s famed monarchy mugs.

Yes, we are Anglican monarchists. I could also probably identify the characters on Coronation Street for you. Wished this tea was Earl Grey because honey lemon sucks. Blech. Tastes like Neocitran, Soothed the throat though!

Mom and I teamed up for dinner. She made baked chicken breast with a crazy good mushroom gravy.

For the gravy, she simmered 1/2 a can of Campbell’s low-fat cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth, mushrooms and onions.

Mommy dearest also assembled the Greek salad.


She buys the good olive oil as well. The stuff that’s actually green. Really, at this rate, she’s lucky I haven’t moved back home yet.

My contribution?

Cheetahs! Sliced sweet potato sprinkled with salt and chili powder, baked in a 450 F oven for 20-30 minutes. My mom also mashed some taters. Deeeelish meal. Even the kids ate it up.

That’s all from me today! I’m super stiff from studying all day, so I’m going to go stretch out a bit before hitting the books again. Hoping to get lots more sleep tonight so I’m good enough to sneak in a workout and visit to my Nana tomorrow. Will play it by ear. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xoxo


Question of the Day: What is one grocery item you must splurge on? What is one you won’t? Protein powder is always my most expensive grocery item, but it’s one I refuse to give up. I cannot bring myself to buy expensive frozen dinners though ($6 Amy’s bowls, I’m looking at you).


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  1. I won’t buy expensive items that I can get comparable ones to for cheaper. Like a lot of namebrand products. I do splurge on mostly fresh produce, greek yogurt, and almond milk though.

  2. I want to move in with your mum, her fridge is pretty much amazing from what you found in there.

    I barely ever buy big brand products. I spent a lot at the fruit & vegetable shop every few days.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun. I splurge on yogurt (Siggi’s $3 each) and nut butter or any sort, of course. Have a good night Susan!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone cook for you? Especially when you are under the weather, it’s just so nice.

    I splurge on yogurt. It’s gotta be greek, which = $$$

    I decided Ezekiel bread isn’t worth the money.

  5. I saw that bread at superstore today. Close to 6 dollars?!
    I freeze all my bread in small portions otherwise I end up throwing away 3/4 of a loaf a week. I just don’t eat it fast enough, but still that bread is a bit rich for me and I’m a weary of buying it when I ve never tried it.
    I buy fresh sliced bread from the bakery section of superstore.

    I splurge on organic vegetables, bars, organic meat and granola.

    I refuse to buy expensive or trendy beverages or 4 dollar yogurts.

  6. I splurge on cheese, and nuts. :-) I’m a nut and cheese whore.

    Okay, you might wanna come back as a dog..but not in Korea or China, you understand? Only in Canada and U.S, where dogs are treated like humans, but not expected to perform all the humanly tasks. Lucky bitches.

  7. Oh forgot to add why you shouldn’t come back as a dog in Korea and China: dog stew. Enough said.

  8. i feel the sameee way about protein powder! i need it haha it’s in my daily routine so without it i feel lost. i also feel that way about cottage cheese and greek yogurt. well pretty much all things dairy haha but i always try and look for the greek yogurt thats on sale that week!

  9. oh my your breakfast is so up my alley!! I loooove the eggs—and I just bought that kind of ezekial bread so Im super excited to try it!!

    I splurge on ezekial bread—thats prob my biggest one! and expensive nut butters!

  10. how FUN! love that breakfast!!! makes me really want eggs!!
    okay splurge-GREEK YOGURT!! and DEF pro powda! cause i eat it like EVERYDAY!
    and thank you for your honesty girl :)

  11. Protein powder is a must and like you $5 bread is not.
    Hope your cold goes away soon!

  12. I love your previous post lady.. :) Sorry i didn’t get round to posting on it..I took a leaf out of your book yesterday and decided to *have a life* beyond the internet…hehe..
    It’s AMAZING to see how much you’ve changed..not only physically but clearly mentally too..
    I made me feel hopeful..Like i have the potential to *change* too and for the better..
    Believe me is totally inspiring to see that someone as stunning as you as gone through that *awkward* stage too.. Makes me think that my future has the potential to be brighter and not so hideous..
    Im sure part of my joy is vanity too..Im hoping i’ll *blossom* like you clearly have too! Still being the ugly duckling at 23 doesn’t feel so grand..blah.. i thought YOU were cute…until i saw Archie..oh my gosh he’s GORGEOUS..What breed is he?..He’s so ridiculously handsome..

    Your ma’s mug is a HUGE indicator of where you get your awesomeness from..You know of coronation street!!?? HOW!!??..

    That stuff you found in your ma’s fridge to put on your pitta sounds like it was MADE for me..Im a salt fiend..I actually tried looking it up on google.. but no luck..
    Im crazy about those kinda condiments though..especially veg ones!!
    You should totally squeeze your ma for more info on what it is.. :p

    Essay ends here! oh one more thing..
    Stay positive with the studying..
    I know you can do it..Im having trouble believing that
    i can squeeze in all the info i have to know for exams too..Stress wont help it go in any faster or easier though dear!

    Peace and love..xox

    • Aww, Chillel, you are TOO sweet!! Fingers crossed I don’t “peak” till I’m much older. I like to think we still have a lot of blossoming ahead of us :) (including YOU!) Archie is a miniature poodle and just like a stuffed animal ;) Oh, and that Coronation Street comment… my mom and Nana love it! They play it everyday here in Canada. That theme song is burned into my brain :P

  13. Definitely protein powder and some organic nut bars. They are very convenient and sometimes I just don’t feel like snacking on fruit!

  14. Mmm, those eggs look good- I love buttah! ;)

    I splurge on *lots* of grocery items… hehe, because that’s all I really splurge on! Protein powders, special oils and vinegars top the list. I don’t splurge on bread often, but I LOVE Ezekiel!!


  15. I too splurge on so many items like I always buy tahini because I can never make it right but I never buy almond butter now I have a vita mix, it makes it perfectly! x x

  16. Oh, feel better!!!! Lots of rest and TLC… I love that you rummage around to find the good foods at your mom’s. I always do the same (hello fancy Pesto and random Kosher dips that she orders online!)

    I buy things like Amy’s meals when they are on special offer, but can’t justify the expense at full price. In fact, I stock up on most things when they are on special offer that I use a lot (my fancy muesli, coffee I love, etc). I would have said Fage, which I still buy, but for the most part I use Quark now which is so much cheaper. I think the most expensive food I buy are my wraps because I get them online…though now I am rationing how many I eat so instead of a pack a week, I try to rotate in different lunches. Win-win situation. I stock up big time paying no attention to cost when I visit NY…

  17. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    You should have known that tea wasn’t going to be a winner based on the weird lady on the packaging… I splurge on produce and organic meat products. I don’t often eat meat, but when I do, I want to make sure it is organic and/or grass fed!

  18. Gotta LOVE cheetahs ;)
    Amazing post, Susan!
    Have a great Sunday, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  19. Hmm I splurge on Greek yogurt and sometimes I splurge on going out to dinner or picking up food when I don’t feel like cooking, but that’s it. Oh also if I’m baking I’ll splurge on good chocolate and the like.

    I buy almond butter and pro powder like that but it lasts us a long time so I don’t consider it a splurge. I would NEVER spend $10 on a small jar of something like coconut butter or flax-infused peanut butter though….ok never say never but I doubt it.

  20. Greek yogurt! (Made my first purchase the other day…I’m so happy Liberte makes greek yogurt, AND in Canada! Whoopee!) I also splurge on Kashi/Nature’s Path cereal, and nut butters….yeah. Produce can get pricey too..

  21. let’s come back as dogs together! i would love that. haha. better than finding a twenty on the side of the road. said by a true foodie :) momma TGBA’s mushroom sauce looks HEAVENLY! can i come over? oh wait, i can’t. not allowed in canada.

    answers: splurgeon: greek yog, no splurge: some organic stuff. i know it is prob better for me but i can’t bring myself to purchasing a $5 bell pepper when i can get a regular one for $2.

  22. Totally with you on the expensive frozen dinners! I also won’t pay an arm and a leg for nut butters or coconut butter or really anything overpriced for that matter. I do buy Ezikiel bread though. But that’s because I just don’t eat too much bread. One loaf lasts me months!

  23. My expensive splurge is real maple syrup. I can’t stand the fake stuff and would rather go without than buy it.
    With all your protein powder recipes though, I think it might start being one of my expensive items :)

  24. omg – i love your blog…i cannot believe u r from NB…i am very familar with all the little provinces :)
    u r so brave…i did 2 university degrees – 7 years of education…and i hate my field of choice..i also now am struggling to find a job and financially in crisis!!
    i hate my field and want to pursue other stuff..but have so so so much debt, its impossible…ugh!
    where do u live now…can u get me a job :)
    seriously! maybe i live near ya :)
    u seem so so cool..adding u to my google reader…doubt u would enjoy my blog…its a bit of mess since its reflecting my life right now…BUT it will get better…i just have hit a really hard time in my life.
    have a good evening. do u ever splurge? i totally overindulge more than i ought to!

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