Flashyback Friday!

I think Rudy and I are on the same page.

Made it to my mom’s safely!! I hightailed it outta there the second I got off work. I’ve gone from boring-town to a thriving household. My three step-siblings are here this weekend (ages16, 14, and 12) and we had some visitors in the form of toddlers. I like the quiet, but I get a kick out of the chaos too :)

However, two words adequately describe how I’m currently feeling – run down. Oof! It was a four-day work week for me, which sounds awesome, but not when you’re trying to cram five days worth of work into that. I went to spin class this morning and it was tough! My body is definitely tired, not to mention I’m nursing a sore throat. A good night’s SLEEP will hopefully help :)

I ate the usual desk-breakfast this morning, but I got to eat lunch at home! I showed my apartment over the noon-hour, so I threw something together while I was there.


  • rotisserie chicken
  • cottage cheese
  • red onion
  • tomato
  • hummus

Something was missing after this though, so I went back and added black olives and pickles.

Delicious!! Might seem on the odd side, but just think of it as a chicken salad :)

With extra veg on the side.


Supper was eaten during the 90-minute drive to my  mom’s.

Peanut butter + protein powder dissolved with water

Sandwiched together in perfect har-moh-nee. Don’t let the photos fool you though. I made a crumbly mess all over myself eating this in the car. Had an apple with it too!


Flashback Friday – Randoms!

Being at my mom’s means I have access to hundreds of old photos. I couldn’t decide which to focus on, so I just grabbed a stack and took photos of my favourite ones. Enjoy!


Sisters Jane and Sara circa 1984 (pre-me!) playing a harmonica duet. Fun fact: sister Jane is now a professional musician!

Blizzard of 1991. I remember opening that front door and seeing a giant wall of snow. It was nuts.

IMG_5601 IMG_5602

My fifth birthday. A pool party at the Howard Johnson. Ohman, pool parties were the coolest back then. We then celebrated in the restaurant and they made me cupcakes.

Unwrapping presents giddy with excitement.

Something that apparently carries into adulthood ;)


Baaaaahahaha. How stylish are we?? Sister Jane on the right has gold stars actually hanging off her purple shirt.

It should be noted that my dad was a pretty good photographer.


I think he had a Nikon SLR?? (pre “D”SLR days) And took courses as well.

Of course, I wasn’t always cute. I went through my awkward punk-rock phase..


Attractive? No. Hilarious? You bet! Me, sister Sara and sister mom in Mexico. Sara did a university exchange to Cuernavaca which was an excellent excuse for my mother and I to go visit.


Mom in front of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan outside of Mexico City. Amazing.

That wraps up this week’s random flashback! I’ll try to capture some more while I’m home. Maybe next time I’ll build a narrative or something ;)

Click Click!

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Question of the Day: Have you changed much since you were a kid? I’m told all the time that I’m completely different. I was an energetic child who loved to entertain a room, and now I much prefer being a member of the audience. And people who knew me as a kid say I don’t look the same either. Which is probably a good thing, because at one point I had a mullet…

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  1. Based on the pictures I think you look the same haha. I think I was a lot more outgoing as a kid than I am now, but I think part of that is I have to be outgoing all day now at work so when the day is over I’m like okay, alone time haha

  2. Loved the flashback pics – the punk rock one is especially awesome!!

  3. haha I think everyone had an embaressing phase…I wasn’t a punk rocker but I did have crazy fashion trends like metallic eye liner and blue lipstick (I can’t believe my mom let me leave the house like that).

    I think I’ve def. changed :)

  4. Aww I LOVE retro-y looking photos.. all of yours are great! You’re right, your dad really IS a good photographer. I didn’t quite have a punk rock phase persay, in that I didn’t go all crazy with my look/clothes but I DID want to pierce almost every part of my body at one points or another and considered dying my hair every colour of the rainbow. I’ve never been a big risk taker though… the furthest I went was a “wash out” plum… yeah those things don’t wash out of light hair very well. Overall I’ve definitely changed since my younger days, many times, in many ways. And I think I’m still changing even now. Crazy how life works eh?

    Rudy is adorable!!

  5. aww, what great pics, Susan!

    thx for your comment re the egg white protein cake sitution. i’ll lyk if you make anything.

    And have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hehe, loved seeing all the older pics – the punk rock phase one is cute. I think we all went through stages like that. ;)

  7. I think it’s great you stil are just as excited opening presents. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. What a cute flashback! I have changed a LOT since I was a kid… I had an awkward punk rock stage too! Then it was the “i’m so grown-up” stage when I wore heels every day… now I am at the much older, loving life and not caring what anyone thinks because I am HAPPY stage =D


  9. What a great, nostalgic montage. Whenever I go to my Grandmother’s, I love looking at old photos. Not just photos of when I was younger, but when my dad was a tot as well. Time-travel!

    I’ve been told I was a very outgoing, loquacious, and artistic child. That still totally rings true. However, it’s become painfully evident that I’ve neglected my artistic tendencies due to adult stresses. Taking more pictures has helped to remedy that!

    Your “chicken salad’ looks spot-hitting and delish!

  10. I love seeing old pictures! I have a bunch scanned, maybe I’ll do a post soon with those, it’s fun :)
    Well, I have changed a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the same face! I do. I look a bit younger than I am and I don’t know, my face never changed much. As far as how I am as a person… for sure. I was a really happy carefree and social kid. Nowadays I’m more introverted and take a while to be comfortable with other people. Total opposite. Life will do that to ya!

  11. I don’t think I’ve changed much at all! :D

  12. cutest. pictures. ever. that one your dad took is just too dang adorable. and yay for a 4-day week – have fun with rudy :)

    are you around sunday (aka tomorrow)? i have some banff ideas!

  13. Loved those flashback pictures :D

    Sorry you are feeling run down. Make sure you get some rest, okay? Take lots of pictures of Rudy – did you dog proof your place?

    I am maybe not so different than I was as a child. I am very shy in public still, but once I get to know people, I talk my head off. I still love getting presents, too :D

    • yup! I’ve been showing my apartment all week, so it’s spotless for the puppy dog to sniff everything without choking on something. Hope you’re feeling okay Lori!! xoxo

  14. the addition of pickles and olives was totally clutch in that situation!

    get some rest this weekend girl! sounds like you could use a good r&r day!

  15. i love looking at childhood pics of everyone! something about the youthful innonence of childhood pics always makes me smile.

    and i like your punk phase—totally fun and something funny to look back on!

  16. Sweet pictures Susan, your dad was a wonderful photographer. I was sportier and more tomboyish when I was younger, I actually wear makeup now. I am more talkative and outgoing now then when I was a kid, most likely because I am more confident.

  17. Good luck with all that studying you’ve been doing. I love learning, but can’t stand studying!

    Love the flashback fridays. You are so open to your readers. I’m always thinking I reveal too much.

    Had to comment on Cuernavaca. I went there too. 1995, I did a “Study on Social Injustice in Latin America” I went with a group of STU students. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life! Really opened my eyes.

    Hope your feeling better. Your mom’s pooch is sweet.

  18. i LOVE this flashback! it is so fun to see you as a little kidlet and i, too, had a punk rock phase. thank god it was a phase, right? i should really bust out some photos..

    dont you dare get sick!

    i know i have more to read from you with ARCHIE in them, so i am trying to plow through my reader to get to the pooch. too bad i am up past 150.. i will get there soon!

  19. Oh my gosh, I totally remember the blizzard in 1991. I’m about to date myself….but I remember my Mom insisting that STU wasn’t closed. Like a dummy, I drove myself there, slipped and fell flat on my back in the parking lot – all for a psych class where the prof didn’t even show.

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