A Sign From the Gods

I lovelovelove reading the comments when I ask food questions. So many tasty answers to what foods make you go OMG.

I have some really pretty food pictures to share today (yay for more natural sunlight!), however, I am going to start off with the ugliest one on my card.

IMG_5545 In a mug, that would be:

  • 1/4 cup soy protein powder
  • 1 stevia packet
  • 1 benefibre packet
  • cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 banana
  • 2 tbsp egg whites


The mix was still thick after that so I added about 2-3 tbsp of almond milk. Popped in the microwave for three minutes and voila, a protein cake!

Sliced in half and toasted a la Deb. Figured I might as well keep up with the theme and topped it with some of Deb’s OMG OMG OMG nut butter (spiced chocolate hazelnut).

First attempt at doing this with soy powder, liked it much better without that weird whey texture. But it was too egg-y! Experimentations will resume this evening ;)

Oh yes, and my jazz concert was lovely last night. The university I work at has a 21-piece jazz ensemble and they just released a cd I played a small part in promoting. I love hearing large ensembles like that perform live – and I’m a sucker for jazz/blues/swing!

I also used my spare time when I got home to prep my apartment to show, again. Here’s hoping the next subletter doesn’t back out! Anyways, it didn’t leave me much time to prepare my gym stuff, so instead I worked out at home this morning.

It was nice having Jillian Michaels as a workout buddy today, she makes sure I don’t “phone it in” ;) I did Levels 1 & 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Fifty minutes of butt-kicking! Each level is made up of three circuits of 3 minutes strength + 2 minutes cardio + 1 minute abs. The squat thrusts in the second level get me every time.

I treated myself to one of my fave breakfasts after – the breakfast cookie! This one is strawberry banana.


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • cinnamon
  • banana extract
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • chopped strawberries

Frosted with marshmallow fluff of course!

Oh breakfast cookie, how I missed you. It was so lovely to be reunited.

Work was kind of interesting this morning, I got to go to an event celebrating all the different faith communities in my city. I got to hear speeches from representatives of each faith explaining what they’re all about. So many different kinds of faith here I never even knew about! I would love to go visit all their places of worship until I find one that fits. It would be nice to be a member of a church some day…

Dinner this evening was a remake of yesterday’s salad, except this time I threw it all in a pan first.


  • spinach
  • red onions
  • mushrooms
  • bell pepper
  • garlic
  • black olives
  • rotisserie chicken
  • feta cheese
  • hummus

I debated putting hummus in this, as I didn’t know how it would hold up in a stir-fry…


Silly me, hummus is good in everything! Two very big thumbs up :D

And check out what arrived in the mail today!


As a member of Can-Fit-Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals), I get their magazine. This month’s is all about personal training in relation to running.

I note this because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what aspect of fitness training I want to specialize in. I think it’s a field where it’ important to find a focus and hone your skill in that one area. Well, I’m pretty sure I want to focus on weight training for endurance athletes. The idea of strength training to aid in long-distance running, cycling, swimming, etc, really interests me. I love how weight lifting can help improve endurance, and correct imbalances and injuries caused by it.

Anyways, I got all excited when I saw this, and it’s almost like it was a sign from the gods. Now if only I could go find a church to thank them/him/her/it! :P


Heyhey! It’s almost Friday! I’m going home after work tomorrow to hang with the fam. The highlight will be bringing my mom’s poodle back with me! I’m looking after the furball while she’s in Florida for a couple weeks. I’m pumped to have the little rascal come stay at my place. I could use a furry friend!


Question of the Day: Do you belong to a “faith community”? I was raised Anglican, and in some ways still feel very connected to the Anglican church. There’s an old-school ritual about it that I love – not to mention, the hyms are rockin ;)  (sarcasm!!)

Click click!

Alyson wrote a great post on sports and genetics

Caitlin/Operation Beautiful is on Oprah’s new web channel!!!

Be your own nutrition expert

The history of the waffle!!

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  1. YUUUM – delicious mixes, girl!
    Loved everything, specially the salad :D
    Have a great Thursday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  2. I was raised Lutheran but I’m an Atheist.

  3. Thanks for the shouts! Did you like it toasted? Yeah, too eggy- I had one of those. My goal in life right now is to perfect the protein cake- not too eggy, not too dry (hello cardboard in the mouth), fluffy. Um, like cake. Duh. I will persevere and if I have to make 39559 cakes in the process, then so be it. :-)

    No organized faith in the casa. Nor growing up. Belief in something ‘bigger’ but nothing official ;-)

  4. That fluff topped breakfast cookie looks yummers!

    I really only like the protein cakes when they have pumpkin in them (sorry LOL). That way they are moist enough.

    I grew up Catholic, with the guilt. Now I am pretty much agnostic.

  5. We’re general Christians–we go to a United Methodist church, though.

    I really enjoy going to church even though I have my doubts at times. The ritual is really soothing and gives me the same calming mental benefits of yoga.

  6. Wow protein cake looks and sounds (it does have the word cake in it right) yummy.

    I was raised Catholic but I don’t really identify with it…I do see the pros of being involved in a faith community though.

  7. That breakfast cookie looks delicious and I am going to have to try it this weekend.
    Raised Catholic and starting to get back into it since I want to put DD in a catholic school in a few years. Having “a” faith is good, regardless of which one it is!

  8. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Sometimes the ugliest things are the best tasting in my opinion! We were regulars at the Catholic church until I was about 10 when my parents decided we were just going to focus on being “good, kind people.” I think they did an okay job!

  9. “Hummus is good in everything”.. I couldn’t agree more. And that protein cake looks amazing! Thank you so much for the link love :)

  10. Natural light IS the best for taking pictures..they always look SO much better. and im super impressed you did 50 minutes of the dvd–that dvd is tough! good job :)

    as far as religion or faith goes–I didnt go to church until middle school and then went to a baptist church from there. There is a lot about churches that I don’t like and there’s a lot that I love. I believe, and I pray and I think that’s all that matters.

  11. LOVE the flufff! And I just read alyson’s post and commented, great post indeed.

    The protein cake. Ok there was “only” 2 tbsp egg whites in there. Do you think that’s omittable at all? Do you think brown rice prot powd woudl work? I am trying to do more protein but all these protein goodies all have either eggs, yogurt, or gluten in them…
    I hate to be like one of my readers peppering you with questions you probably dont know the answer to! but you’re an amzing cook so i figured I’d try ya :)

  12. I really need to get around to making a protein cake soon and I will definitely be toasting it. That is so cool that you will be getting to take care of your mom’s dog. I love animals so much.
    For me I was raised Lutheran and I see the attraction of the church community but I am not even Christian anymore, more agnostic. I get the feelings that people talk about when they feel close to God when I am hiking alone or deep in nature. My cathedral is the wild outdoors.

  13. I don’t belong to a faith *community*…but my faith is very VERY important to me..I’d call myself a Christian..
    I don’t go to church because i still have anxiety issues and feel a little uncomfortable with some of the corruption and dodgy ritualas which go on in certain churches..But i know that as my faith develops it’ll soon become important for me to be around like-minded people if i want to become stronger in my beliefs..
    I hope i find the *right* church one day too.. :)

    Question! Is there a reason why you use soy rather than whey protein powder? I use whey because it’s the one my mum bought me…but i just wondered if there was a difference?..and is it noticeable?..

    Peace! xox

    • Soy powder doesn’t get that “spongey” texture that whey does when you cook it. I’ve just started experimenting with it – it also doesn’t fluff up as nicely as the whey though. Each have their pros and cons :)

  14. Mmm, that breakfast cookie looks delicious… I haven’t made one in so long! I need to get on that =D

    And what a great personal training focus!! Maybe I’ll go to you when you’re in Toronto and I’m training for races… that might make my bootcamp-focused boyfriend mad, but oh well ;)


  15. I want to try that breakfast cookie recipe! It looks delicious! I hope you have fun exploring the magazine! …by the way, how do you ever come up with those weird recipes for dinner sometimes? It looks so good everytime!

    I am LDS otherwise known as mormon. I was a convert and I love the church. Its wonderful and true! :)

  16. I love the looks of that breakfast cookie! And marshmallow fluff on top? Genius.

    I’m not reliigous…however, I do appreciate a sense of community and am trying to find an outlet for it. So far, volunteering has worked best for scratching that itch.

  17. I’m catholic. Struggling with it all lately in light of all the “activites” surfacing lately. I only reaquainted myself with christianity in my late 20’s. I work on it daily.

  18. I could have sworn I commented on yesterday’s post *scratches head* I am so dopey these days… Protein cakes made with soy powder are SO good. I am determined to make the same texture with whey so experimenting with extra pumpkin/milk. I have so much whey and really can’t justify buying a tub of soy just for cakes. Or can I?! Hehe.

    I am Jewish, technically, though Buddhism interests me a lot. The thing I don’t like about my synagogue is that services are in Hebrew so I don’t understand what is going on. I’d love to be a part of a faith-based community…just need to find the right one for me.

  19. First off, the breakfast cookie looks amazing…definitely going to have to make one this weekend. Second, its so true that you can injure yourself working out if some muscles are stronger/weaker than the others. I have that issue now as I’m training for a half marathon! Good Luck!
    I am catholic only because thats the way I was brought up and I feel like organized religion has gotten carried away and I’ve pushed myself away from religion overall. I assume I would bring up my children catholic since my husband is an athiest and I do find it important to have some sort of belief. I like the stories, I just hate all the media on the catholicism. Have a great weekend!

  20. Dinner salad/stir fry looks bomb!! And yay for a little fluff ball coming to stay. Can’t wait to see the little fella!

  21. Very pretty pictures indeed! Hooray for natty light! ;)
    That’s awesome you decided on what you’re specializing in. I still haven’t decided completely (even though I’ve been working for a while now) but I’m thinking weight management snd healthy lifestyle.

  22. i need to toast my protein cake next time! your bfast cookie photos look like they belong in cooking light magazine. so glorious. i cant WAIT for archie photos all week! SO stoked. i was raised mormon but am not active, although my whole family is very active! have a great weekend at the mom’s!

  23. hahaha i saw paige’s comment after i left mine.. and we call natural light (the beer) natty light. i was like huh? susan did NOT drink natty light in this post.

  24. Breakfast cookies rule! x x

  25. I’m Jewish, and that’s a big part of my identity even though I consider myself more “cultural” or secular than religious in the faith at this point. My boyfriend is not Jewish, and it’s a real struggle to me to think of not raising my kids Jewish, but he brings up the good point that I don’t really practice myself these days so how can I force those beliefs on my children? Luckily there are no kiddos here anytime soon, but I know if we do decide to get engaged we’ll have to figure that out. There are tons of interfaith couples so I know it can work…I’m just not totally sure how…

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