Vlog – To Race or Not to Race?


Thought I’d change things up a little and post a vlog tonight! Okay, I had a super boring day, and babbling for a few minutes was easier ;)

I tried really hard not to say “aboot,” although I think you’re all still crazy. It’s totally “abowt.” But I do say “eh” and call hats “toques.”

The video skips a little bit because my computer was hurtin’ trying to film this. So don’t worry, it’s not yours. Oh, and You Tube is a cruel bitch. I swear there is someone over there purposely picking the worst screen shots :P


I believe my sentence finished “let you get back to your day” :) Now you see what I mean when I say I’m awkward in real life? People who know me – do I really look up that often during conversations? I look like a crazy person.


Question of the Day: How do you feel about races? Yay? Nay? Best time of your life or self-induced torture?

See ya for Waffle Wednesday!


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  1. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Your accent is wayyyy too cute! I love racing, but then again, I’ve been an athlete my whole life so I’m just a smidge competitive!

  2. You remind me SOOO MUCH of myself. Which is why I give you a lot of credit for actually posting a video on your site (many times now!!) I’m not there… yet. I don’t think I want to be, either :)


    You don’t talk like an “east coaster” more like… Canadian? If I spoke I think you’d hear my east coast accent.

    • But you’re from Newfoundland! Nfld, Cape Breton and PEI are whole other ballgames :P I find people in Ontario have different accents too!

  3. Love the vlog!! I hate how I sound on video. You are a natural.
    I do races for a few reasons: 1) charity – I like to run/walk for a cause to help raise money, 2) to keep myself motivated – I need to be challenged and achieve to reach goals.

  4. I like races because family comes to cheer on or I get to do them with John. Doing events with a bunch of people just adds some excitement that isn’t there when doing it alone.

    We enter most that have some benefit to an organization by entering, so we can feel good about it LOL. Swag can be nice, too (I’ll admit it – I like the swag).

    I can’t decide on the 1/2 marathon because I just don’t know if I want to run that long. Sometimes I feel pressure to do these things when I read blogs, but that is just pressure I put on myself.

    The important thing about races is to understand why you do them. Some people need to have a date set to push them to do it. Some people don’t. Some people love the group thing, some do it for charity. For some people, it’s a hobby!

  5. You’re adorable! (and quite gorgeous if I might add) =)

    It was so wierd seeing a video of you after reading your blog for almost two years now. Kind of surreal. In fact, I must confess your video post is the only video blog post I’ve ever watched. I’m never able to have sound or anything when I’m reading but I was finally able to today!

    I think you should only do the races if you think they’ll be fun. You were totally right that you can run that same amount without the formal structure if thats more enjoyable and having fun is what its all about.

    Nicole G

  6. Love the vlog! I definitely always have something I’m working towards because it motivates me. I really think you should do 5k’s and maybe some 10k’s. Just because the 5ks are something you can do even if you’ve only ran a few times and don’t really want to dedicate a bunch of time. So then you’ll still get to cross the line but it won’t be so long until you can!! :)

  7. You are so pretty. The video post was fun.
    I really like having a race goal, gives me lots of motivation to get my excercise done.

  8. Only “you” now if you should do races. I have never done one and I have registered for 2, the Mercedes 10K in Oakville this month and the Mississauga 5K next month. I am getting very nervous but I am soooo excited to actually participate in an organized run. Will I like it? I’m not sure but I will let you know ;) My goal is a full marathon one day!

  9. I’ve had good “events” and “events” that weren’t as much fun. I hesitate to call what *I* do racing because I’m just out there to complete the distance and meet my personal time goals.

    I personally need the motivation that signing up for an actual event brings. It means that I *have* to get off my butt every evening after working all day, prepping meals/lunches, doing homework with my child and family time… otherwise, it’s too easy to stay on the sofa.

    Having said that, excessive OT on my last project at work means that I could not keep up with my training and I don’t plan on entering any events this spring. I just couldn’t be ready. So, I plan to have a more relaxed approach to my fitness for the next few weeks to keep my cardio up (and my weight down) and I’ll allow myself to do other things besides running. It’s nice to give my feet a break once in a while.

    I’ll be back in the fall though… nothing beats that finisher’s medal :)

  10. Hahahaha – lovely video, Susan!
    Your accent is the cutest thing ever :)
    Have a great night!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  11. races..they always feel better when i sign up for them that when im doing them. Well, the starting gates stress me out, too loud, too crazy, too crowded, i practically hyperventilate abut about 2-3 miles in I hit my groove and remember why i did it. I also race for FUN. For fitness and health and dont care too much about time. I care, but it’s not my major reason. I know if I “try” I can place in my age group. However, Id rather not “try” and race with Scott and have fun together :)

    Thx for being such a champion of my newfound adventures and i totally thought of you today when i was rockin the iron :)


  12. I like races as they give me another reason besides losing weight to keep on the exercise bandwagon. However if I do races I’d almost always go for the longer races as if I’m going to travel to them and pay for them I want my money’s worth.

    Nice job on the video!

  13. I’ve never done any races (and don’t see any in my near future…still lots of work to be done!), but what I can say is that I am equally proud of you ladies and your accomplishments whether they are in a race setting or not. I absolutely loved your celebration about your personal 10-miler, and having a personal event seems a little bit more…..special, in a way. If you can accomplish something without the pressure of the race pushing you forward, could that be even better than crossing an “official” finish line?

    Either way, do what you want, lady! :)

    I like vlogs! Though I had to wait to get home for it because my office blocks youtube videos on work computers (for obvious reasons!). And if you’re wondering, I never really hear your accent, mine must be similar!

  14. Haha…Susan, i adore ya girl!
    Your accent is too cute for words..You+Vowels= Lots of Chillel Laughter..

    You’re so so beautiful..I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you have AWESOME teeth..I don’t want to say you’re ‘teethy’ because most people think that’s an insult..But i think you have such a lovely healthy grin.. Keep smiling!

    Thanks for the coffee+cycling article! Have to admit that i totally could have done with coffee this morning before my run though..Def helps with waking up faster..
    But i guess that’s what warm ups are for right?..

    You should totally do more vlogs!


    p.s. LOOOOOOVE your top by the way! I wish i wasn’t too clumsy to wear white clothes..

  15. Curses! I can’t watch videos on the work computer. I’ll catch the vlog when I get home. I’m interested to hear your accent!

    A funny aside, we were watching tv the other day and I said this girl had the worst voice ever and my husband gave me a funny look…so under much pressure he finally says “but she sounds just like you”! So yeah, I don’t think I’ll be vlogging anytime soon! lol!

  16. Haha- I was just watching this when your comment came through to my email. Love that.

    Love the video too- you are the only Canadian accent I have ever heard and I think it’s crazy cool. I don’t race, and never have. I’ve competed in music competitions so I’ll come from that angle. I found it more stressful than fun- it became about something external rather than internal. I thrive under pressure in terms of rising to the challenge and brining my performance to a whole new level, but it becomes mechanic and isn’t coming from my heart anymore. I couldn’t see a way to bring back the joy into music while competing, and couldn’t figure out how to stop competing so I quit playing my harp altogether. Maybe it’s just my all/nothing way of thinking, but for me, regimented training/practice plans help me push myself, but it’s just not worth it because overall, I lose more than I gain.

  17. I give races a yay! But only because I don’t actually “race” in them. I go for the atmosphere, I get pepped up by the crowd and the volunteers and the serious runners and the back of the packers! I love the goodies and the shirts and pinning number on and I also love trying to beat my own personal record. I am never in a race with anyone else, only myself.

  18. love the vlog! Although, I don’t think Id EVER want to do one myself. no thank you haha. I’d cringe to know if I said um or like too many times :)

    and honestly, i wish I liked races…but I just don’t. Running over 3 miles just sounds phewy to me! I guess Id enjoy 5k race for sure!

  19. and I love the accent too by the way ;)

  20. You’re so cute, love the vlog!

    I like races, they are a good goal to reach for. At the same time, I get SO nervous about them- so I don’t do too many. This spring/summer my goal is to do a 5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon!


  21. Loved the video and you are so cute!
    I don’t think I would have the guts to do a video, I would stumble way to much with what I was talking about.
    I always hated public speaking!

  22. i LOVE your vlogs! you are the cutest and i wish i could come to canada and visit. my thoughts on races: they are expensive and they arent that great. just my two cents! i think a triathalon would be invigorating though. you are a rock star. selling your car??? isnt it still fairly new? is this news?

    • I’m waffling (pun intended) about what to do with my car. I probably won’t need it in Toronto, but if I get a place with free parking it would be nice to drive it there (14 hour drive!) and have it just in case. Although, if I don’t get a job right away, I could use the money I’ll get from selling it. It’s a 2006 – so I should get a good chunk of change for it!

  23. Races.. TORTURE!! But then again, this is coming from the girl who was traumatized and never passed the mile in school.. and to this day refuse to run! LOL!!

    P.S. Your adorable!

  24. You have such a cute accent! :)

    I like races – I like working toward a certain event. But I’m really not competitive, I’m so slow it’s not like there is any chance I’d ‘win’ an event. I do like to compete against myself though!

  25. your accent is totally adorable. i seriously loved this video!!

  26. OH MY GOSH I LOVE OU!! you have an ADORABLE accent!! LOVED THIS! feel like i know you so much better!

  27. Love your vlog. Your place looks really nice- love the pic on the wall. You look really pretty and your battenburg lace top is lovely.

    Races: I say Nay. You are motivated enough to stay in shape without the deadline and stress of a race. I’m not competitive either and I loved doing century bike rides while it was novel. There is no ‘race’ = you just start and finish on your own time- consume PB&Js (heaven!) on your way, pee, fill up your water, and don’t stress. Listen to a bunch of music (oh how I wish the ipod was invented when I did centuries!!) My opinion: take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy working out. :-)

  28. nancyrunswild

    You have a cute Canadian accent with lots of “aboots” and “oots” ;)
    I’m new on the whole fitness front which is why I think it’s a good idea to have signed up for a couple 5ks and one 10k. I can understand if you wouldn’t want to pursue one this year and just focus on other things. It sounds like you have a full plate right now with moving, studying for personal training exam, and starting anew in Toronto and probably wouldn’t need the extra stress right now.

  29. You are too cute! :D

    I don’t race. I don’t follow plans. I just really don’t workout any more anyway. BUT I did do better when I had a plan to follow, like NROL or a running plan. But I always seemed to get burnt out on it before the plan was done. So who knows.

  30. Awww, love this! Especially when you talk about how nervous you are ;) Hehe. You do so well in front of a camera or microphone, seriously!

    I’ve been contemplating a 5 or 10k this season, too, but it IS such a commitment. Sigh. I feel like I’m so out of shape that I just don’t know.

    I look back on my 10k with mixed feelings. Yes, it gave me confidence and got me in shape, but it was also the beginning of deeper struggles with food and exercise. I feel like I’m still trying to recover my balance.

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