In A Fog

Hellooo friends!! Did many of you have to work today? I didn’t, I’m on a four-day weekend, and I’m honestly excited to go back to work! How weird is that? I don’t think I’ve ever had a job I liked that much before :P

Even after four days, my body clock is still set on early. It’s at least nice to be able to eat in bed and not at my office desk :)


Today’s breakfast was cream of oats cooked with soy protein powder, benefibre and cinnamon. It cooked up so quick on the stove! Five minutes flat.

Topped with blueberry jam and peanut butter. Cream of wheat isn’t quite the nutritional powerhouse of oats, but it is notably high in iron. I know some ladies need to keep on top of their iron levels ;)

I took the day off exercise after yesterday’s two-hour extravaganza. The only part of me that’s sore is my chest after doing 5 minutes of chest presses. I noticed I only had one serving of coffee grinds left, so I decided to skip it today since I wouldn’t be working out anyways. I’ve been in a fog all day! Not to mention, suffering from a dull headache. I drink one french press a day, and I hadn’t realized I’d become so dependent on it. Boo. I’m not giving it up though, blasphemy! :P

I spent the morning cleaning and watching the last of the Real World DC. Broke for an early lunch because my hunger is always out. of. control. on rest days.

Tuna + baba ganouj pita with yellow bell pepper and tomatoes. Carrots in the back. T’was colourful :)

After everything was clean, I got into the kitchen to mess it up again. Started with some treats for Treat Monday Tuesday at work!

I made a batch of homemade turtle pretzels that I first made over the holidays. This time I was able to find waffle pretzels, and I used mini Rolos instead of the giant caramel cups I used before. Oddly, I can’t find regular sized Rolos anywhere.

Anyways, stuck the Rolos on top of the pretzels and put them in a 250 F oven for about 5 minutes – just enough to soften up the chocolate. Then I pressed a pecan half on top of each one and let cool.


And by “let cool” I mean taste test ;)

These were a hit over Christmas, so I knew they deserved a re-make for the office.


Not to mention, they’re a little on the lower-calorie side compared to the cookies and squares I’ve been bringing in. A nice post-Easter indulgence ;)

Afterwards, I got adventurous and tried out a new homemade protein bar recipe. These aren’t perfected yet, but I’ll share anyways in case you want to build upon it to make it better. My goal was to have a dense and crumbly baked bar. 

Started with 2 cups oat flour, which I made by blending oatmeal in my food processor.

Then I mixed in 4 packets Benefibre, 2 scoops chocolate whey powder, 2 scoops vanilla whey powder, 6 tbsp crunchy peanut butter, 1/2 cup egg whites.

And flattened into a square baking pan…


Baked at 350 F for 15-20 minutes (however long it takes to do the dishes).


Et voila! Makes 8 bars.



Like I said, needs work. I don’t like the “squeaky” texture whey gets when it’s baked, even though I thought I was going to avoid it here. And oddly, they’re a little more bland than the unbaked variety, even though it’s the same exact ingredients. Still edible though, and will make for easier transportation :)

Supper was a four ingredient dinner. No ham today!!


  1. Turkey breast
  2. Broccoli
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Barbecue sauce


Tossed together and baked. I’m loving these minimal ingredient dinners! So simple and tasty :) I like being able to taste every ingredient…

Ohyes, and there was a lot more studying today…


I can name the main structures of the heart! Yayyy! Exam is April 17, and I still feel like I have a lot to get through. I also fell asleep while studying today. I never just randomly fall asleep like that! I conked out for a solid 30 minutes, only to wake up with my laptop still on my tummy and my glasses on. That’s what happens when I skip my coffee!!


Question of the Day: Are you a coffee person? Do you rely on caffeine? I drink two big cups, or a french press’ worth, of coffee a day. All before 10am, any later and it effects my sleep at night. I drink one of those cups before I work out in the morning and it makes a world of difference in my workout. I never thought I was dependent on it, but I guess I am. I better sleep well tonight!


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  1. LOL. Love “as long as it takes to do the dishes”. That’s how I bake too ;-)

    Usually, I don’t rely on caffeine. I love drinking coffee more for the ritual of it :)

  2. Coffee??? Do I love coffee??? It runs through my veins! I have 2 cafe au lait every morning and the afternoon latte. Sometimes evening coffee, too. Caffeine actually doesn’t seem to bother me. I practically fell asleep after my latte this afternoon (but that is because I am a little sleep deprived right now).

    I am so ravenous on rest days. It is so hard not to overeat on those days, but I swear my body overtakes my mind.

    Wonder how soy or rice powder would do in your recipe? I find dough of any kind has more taste than the finished product. Guess that is why I am a batter/dough eater :D

  3. I love love coffee. But I drink decaf so I don’t ever have the negative side effects if I don’t have it. I just love the taste though and its so relaxing to enjoy a nice cup. :)

    I hope you get some good sleep tonight to feel more refreshed tomorrow!

  4. Mmm I had those turtle pretzel things over Christmas too and they were SOOOOO good!! I love caffeine. However I don’t really feel like I’m addicted to it in the mornings right when I wake up. But if i don’t get it in the morning, a shaky slump will hit me later on.

  5. I’m not reliant on coffee but I do enjoy a good cafe au lait!

  6. Homemade pretzel turtles??? OMFG. Rolo’s are one of my favorite things ever…..must try.

    Coffee….ummm yeah. I love it. I have three cups a day which I am trying to cut down on. Trying being the main word. I gave up smoking so I kinda replaced the coffee with my cigarette addiction but will eventually ween myself off of it.

  7. I’m a tea drinker, and I’m addicted. If I miss a cup in the morning, I’ll get a headache. Love the smell of coffee, but only really have a cup once in a while.

  8. wow, I didn’t realize you were taking your exam so soon! good luck! I’m taking mine 3 days after yours. I’m sure you will ace it!

  9. I don’t drink coffee! I actually try to stay away from caffeine for the most part because I’m very sensitive to it. I did realize that my daily vitamin has caffeine in it when I forgot to take it one day, felt that fog feeling, and looked more carefully at the packaging. Its only got the equivalent of like a cup of coffee so I still take it and get my little morning pick-me-up that way.

    Nicole G

  10. I tried coffee as a kid and didn’t like it so I’ve never had it again. I use to get the caffiene from pop but alas no more pop either.

  11. I FELT SOO LOVED READING THIS!! ahhh! thanks lovely! i need to get me some cream of weight!! aww i just love you!
    im a coffee girl-im addicted. NOT GONA LIE!
    those bars sound awesome!!

  12. I was wondering why my blog stats went up a bit today, hehe. Me and my two bags of spinach in my fridge thank you :-)

    I drink a cup of coffee every morning and then usually some black tea at work. I probably would drink more, as I think there’s nothing wrong with caffeine, but I’m a coffee snob and I can only drink one k-cup worth of coffee in the morning. So I def get a headache if I have no caffeine, but I don’t think I’d say I rely on it either.

  13. I dont rely on it but I just love the taste of coffee so I drink it a few times a week :)

    Your bowl of oats looks so creamy! I want to try cream of oats – never had it.

    Anatomy is so hard to me. Im taking a Kinesiology class and we had to know all the bones in the food, legs, hands, arms, shoulder, etc. It was sooo hard!

  14. Good luck on the upcoming exam! I drink 1 coffee in the morning, +/- one later on the afternoon!

  15. i think if the only thing you are reliant on is coffee (and marshmallow fluff, in your case) then you don’t have any big problems! those new bars have great stats. i am a coffee fiend. but i dont really know if the caffeine does anything to me.. oddly, i rambled about this tonight. i forgot about those pretzel things! gotta make some soon! XOXOXO

  16. oh lord once upon a time about 10-15yrs ago!! in school i could name the heart. yikes if i have to do that for my ACE (btw I am gonna go for it!) but not official yet on the blog.
    what is offish is all the deets that i provided today bout my fitness comps!
    hitting the gym at 7am baby!

    Anyway those rolos. OMG divine. I have tooo much newman’s own and other swag pretzles (everyone sends them) and these are perfect, i was actually gonna make your pre xmas treats but these look even better.

    Ok girl love ya!

    • Eeee!!! That makes me excited!!! I don’t think you’ll regret getting your ACE, it will just be another tool in your toolbox, so to say :)

  17. Right…me and coffee are going through a rocky patch in our relationship at the moment..and i’m using your question like a form of couple’s here goes..
    I used to drink coffee by the gallon..Adored it sweet and milky..Then i realised that the crash i got after the caffeine wore off just wasn’t worth i decided to limit myself to just having a large cup of coffee in the morning just before the gym..I became CONVINCED that a cup of coffee before my run was what made me run faster and further and so drank it religiously before every work out.. day i thought i’d mix things up a bit because i dont feel too comfortable with being dependent on things like coffee or alcohol (im no saint..i just don’t like food/drink having a *hold* over me) …so i had a glass of juice before my work out and i managed to run an extra 4 miles and it felt EASIER..
    Ahem..this made me think that coffee was in fact holding me back!..
    I adore coffee though..Especially the smell..So i’ve traded my normal stuff in for decaf.. I have one cup a day..
    Orange juice is my new AM workout best friend though.. :)
    I so did NOT need to bore you with all that..
    but i did…so.. :op

    Really impressed with how much work you’re putting into your exams..I often don’t think people realise just how much personal trainers have to know to qualify..

    I love it when protein powder goes “squeaky”..Crazy i know..I often purposely put it in my oatmeal and don’t stir it in when im heating it up because i love getting big globs of squeaky tofu-like things in my mouth..YUM!

    much love!

    • Okay, so I’m totally convinced coffee before my a.m. workout is my magic potion too. But like you, I hate thinking I’m dependent on something! Perhaps I’ll give orange juice a try, I bet the sugar will perk me up just as much :) I LOVE the taste of protein powder too – most people try to mask it, but I love it when it gets clumpy!

  18. I love those treats you made over the holidays- I made SO many similar batches myself!

    I don’t rely on coffee… but I can’t start my morning without a big mug of tea!!


  19. That cream of oats looks soooo good. Hmmm, creamy! :D And those rolos, awesome and yummy. :)

    I very very rarely drink coffee! I do like it but I just try to avoid it, don’t wanna become an addict like everybody in my family! :P

  20. I love the taste of coffee, don’t really need the caffeine…I wish they had a larger variety of decafe! Pretzels & Chocolate = amazing!

  21. Loved the 4-ingredient dinner idea, Susan!
    Lovely pics, as always :)
    Have a wonderful week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  22. About once every two weeks I get up in time to use my french press. Typically I have a two morning cups of tea instead. Once or twice a week I get a soy misto at Starbucks during lunch. Coffee seems to have little effect on my ability to sleep so I can drink it anytime!

  23. I’ve never been a coffee girl. And honestly, I’m thankful for it because Ive never felt the need for caffeine to pick me up. Im almost scared to try it because I might see how wonderful it is and then “need” it ya know?

  24. Benefiber in oatmeal! Genius!!

  25. I am always STARVING on rest days too! The weirdest thing! It makes me wonder whether exercise brings out my *real* (ie. normal) appetite, or whether I am secretly a food BEAST and have unquenchable hunger which is only buffered by the exercise…haha.

    I love the turtle pretzles! What a wonderful idea! Mini rolos were my favourite chocolate treat growing up. Those and the frozen chocolate malt cups from the corner store……hmm….. :)

  26. I love sweet treat Tuesday…my Tuesdays are kitchen sink dinner days. Every day includes a sweet treat! I spent all afternoon yesterday in a bookstore reading a PT book and thought of you the whole time- I understand why appetite is higher on rest days and not going to lie, it’s one of the reasons rest days worry me. No idea why exercise kills my appetite though. So odd.

    I always swear that I am not addicted to caffeine, but I don’t think I could go without my morning coffee. Actually, I know that I can’t go. I have had to a few times in the past year when fasting for medical tests and my heart rate drops into the low 30’s…so yeah, think I would struggle without caffeine. Though am sure the no-breakfast on those days didn’t help.

    • Haha, the last time I had to fast I wasn’t allowed food OR water for 12 hours before. I almost died. The nurses were actually concerned because I was so pale and weak. The second the test was over I whipped out a banana and chugged a bottle of water ;)

      Oh, and rest days will totally help you build strength. Those muscles need time to build and repair the stress you put on them at the gym – also why hunger increases. Just sayin’! ;)

  27. Heh, I just answered this question on Janetha’s blog! If I skip my coffee, I’m definitely in a fog, too. The only time I really skip is if I drank the night before. I just don’t want to become too dehydrated, plus I’d already be in a fog anyway from drinking!

    That’s awesome that you look forward to going back to work! I anticipate the day (at least for my *main* job!)

  28. I just discovered your blog! I love it! And those turtle desserts look easy and very yummy. :)

  29. yes to coffee. and i could not be more glad you said you aren’t going to give it up either. its one of those simple, small pleasures i truly enjoy every morning. no shame in my caffeine game.

    love ya lady!

  30. I love coffee but nearly always drink decaff caffeine sometimes makes me loopy!

  31. After attempting to quite coffee for a month, I’ve come to the realization that I’m definitely a coffee person. I just didin’t feel complete without it. I know that smacks of having a severe addiction, but so be it. I need my brew. I ususally drink 2-3 cups in the morning and a lil’ something in the afternoon (either another cup of joe or a cup of tea).

    I love your simple dinner bowl! Looks very tasty, easy, and filling.

    I don’t even know where to begin on those turtle pretzels. Holy cow those look amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  32. Yes, I have 1-2 c in the AM. But after that I don’t want it. Sometimes I have tea. Esp if I’m in the UK :-) though they are learning how to make good coffee there too.

    BTW I notice you’re using benefibre a lot- por que?

    Love the stats on your bars. I’ll wait for the final version! :-D

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