Pigs n’ Bunnies

Happy Easter.

Do bunny suits scare the crap out of anyone else?? When I was a kid, Easter used to scare me because I thought a man in a bunny suit was breaking into our house to hide things. Not a friendly man either. But the kind that stinks of bourbon and cigarettes, with furry eyebrows and deep growl for a voice. This was my innocent mind as a child. Thankfully, my parents were bad at pretending it was someone other than themselves hiding the chocolate behind the couch :P I will however say, they expertly put money under my pillow whenever I lost a tooth. That Tooth Fairy thing was a real shocker.

I loved hearing the diverse genres of music that everyone listens to while working out in my last post. Some fun ones:

Madeline admitted to listening to blasting the pop music, although she listens to indie the rest of the time.

chillel said classical music makes her feel powerful while working out.

Ellie is hooked on Glee because showtunes pump her up.

…and John ran 10 miles to NO music today. Whoa. I am thoroughly impressed.


Anyways! I was up at 6:50am today. Babysteps. Maybe I’ll crack 7am tomorrow. I know it’s Pancake Sunday and all, but I am not one to argue with the Waffle Monster.


Two Nature’s Path Flax Plus waffles topped with a mix of cottage cheese, cashew butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and raisins. 

That’s how you make freezer waffles filling :)

Actually, a little too filling! I had my two hour group exercise medley at 9:30, and I didn’t want to go without something extra in my tummy. I reached for a homemade apple cinnamon protein bar for that long-lasting energy.


Thankfully, we didn’t start with Body Attack, or I would have thrown up :P

The breakdown went a little something like this:

30 minutes Body Pump – For a girl who loves weight lifting, I just can’t get into this class. Doing squats and chest presses for 5 minutes each is not fun, and my joints don’t like it.

30 minutes Body Step – I was not expecting there to be a step block! I got all excited when I saw the crazy step instructor there today. Favourite part of the day. She even referred to me as one of the “seasoned steppers” for all the newbies to follow :)

30 minutes Body Attack – Ever do “high knees?” Well it’s all that, all the time. Except, we did one song from the Hairspray soundtrack where we jumped side to side and waved our hands in the the air like we just didn’t care.

30 minutes Body Flow – I was SO sweaty and tired by this point I was ready to collapse into the pool of sweat that gathered on my mat. I don’t think the instructor for this one adequately planned, as she had us doing a lot of challenging warriors, when we really just needed to chill and streeeetch.

Overall, a fun day of exercising!! I wish they offered these medleys more often, they typically only do it on holidays when they don’t do the regular class schedule. Two hours may sound like a lot, but it’s all about pacing yourself and knowing when not to push too hard so you don’t crash.

After this I went straight to the after hours medical clinic. I don’t have a doctor in town, so I can’t just schedule an appointment with one (there’s a waiting list). So I have to go to the drop-in clinic. I finally broke down and went, because my arms are essentially covered in rashes, and I can’t put up with it anymore!!

After a three-hour wait, I walked out with some cream and pills.


The cream is a type of cortisone cream for my arms, which the doctor said looked like eczema. The pills however are for my legs. I’ve had skin problems there for well over a year now. The doc said it looked like it might be a bacterial infection in the hair follicles, so he prescribed a form of antibiotic. I’ve got to go back in a month to see if it helps. I really hope my arms clear up – the itching is driving me batty.

Oh. I ate a ham sandwich during the wait. And studied. Then I came home and had more ham. It’s freakin’ Easter!!

For the veggies, I tossed broccoli and butternut squash in bacon peanut butter and maple syrup and roasted them.


Since I did maple syrup for the veggies, I skipped it for the ham. Instead I pan-fried it and topped it with sauteed onions and a sauce made from laughing cow cheese, almond milk, dill and garlic powder.

Excellent, excellent meal. Not a bad Easter dinner for one if I do say so myself :) After dinner I called my Nana who is also home alone today. Kicking myself I didn’t just go stay with her instead!


I’ve read a billion blogs today, here’s a couple you should check out:

Lisa wrote a great post about control issues with food and body image.

Tam made the prettiest waffles I’ve ever seen.


Happy Easter!! Don’t let the man in the bunny suit get you!!

Question of the Day: Did you believe in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause as a kid? As for Santa, I found out he didn’t exist by matching “his” handwriting on the presents to my mother’s. It was much too girly ;)

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  1. haha I was never afraid of the Easter bunny but Santa was a different story…

    I’m impressed with the exercise medley- It sounds tough! Happy Easter :D

  2. I most definitely believed in all of the above – it was almost sad how long I believed, really. My parents were getting ready to just tell me for fear that it would keep me from making friends. :)

    Have a great evening!

  3. I hope the cream and antibiotics work for you!

    I believed in all of the above, and the worst thing was – I found out all were fake at the same time. Told to me by my sister. I was totally devastated.

  4. I definitely believed in all of them, but I figured out they did not exist one Easter- once I realized the Easter bunny did not exist, I figured the others out pretty quick. I think I was in 1st grade. I get SO mad when my kids in kindergarten MENTION the possibility that any of them do not exist. There is a cohort of parents now who tell their kids because they don’t want to “lie to them”- I THINK “lying” in this instance is okay!

    PS. That Medley sounds REALLY cool- I get bored extremely easily so I need stuff like that.

  5. I was in like 3rd grade when I found out they didn’t exist. We actually don’t plan on doing the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy with Makenzie…and Santa we will do gifts from Santa but still have the focus on Jesus. Something like Santa is a spirit trying to show love like Jesus wants us to or something. I HATE the commercialism of such sacred holidays.

  6. What a funny picture and a great workout girl!! You’re a beast!

  7. I don’t think I was ever afraid of bunny suits until I saw Donnie Darko…now I’m scarred for life! :S

    Ugh…I’ve had a lot of skin issues (and still do) so I can totally sympathize. Our roller-coaster Canadian winters (and seasons in general) totally don’t help any. I hope your new meds work for you – keep us posted on how it goes!

    OH and CONGRATS on being named a “seasoned stepper”! I’ve always envied those girls in class as I flail my limbs…sooo uncoordinated….haha!

  8. I don’t remember when I found out about the three of them but it didn’t scar me for life. Hope the clinics suggestions work for you!

  9. Ah, I love the hairspray track!!! That’s one of the best agility tracks ever!

    I believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy…ALL of it. Wholeheartedly. My dumb friend told me when I was in kindergarten, and I was crushed for days. Finding it out was so shattering! Definitely a low point in my 6 year old life.

  10. girl thats one AWEESOME dinner! i believe in ALL of them-and i was soo sad when i found out they werent real!

  11. Bunny suits are crazy scary! I think Donnie Darko, *shudder*

  12. I totally believed in all those things until 2nd grade when I read a poem about dads on the wall of my dr’s office. It said something about dad’s playing the role of the tooth fairy. I went home and sat my parent’s down in the den to interrogate them about Santa and his comrades. I remember being really disappointed but the next day I went to my second grade teacher to let her know I was “in the know”. I felt like the sh*$ compared to the other “less informed 2nd graders.” We just let our kids in on the secret this year. I think it was harder on me than them. ;-)

    Yeah bunny suits are pretty creepy. Especially the one in that pic. Eeek!

  13. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I found out about Santa in the same way! I remember that moment so clearly…

  14. “Except, we did one song from the Hairspray soundtrack where we jumped side to side and waved our hands in the the air like we just didn’t care.” That made me LOL! Funny enough, my neice was totally worried that the easter bunny was going to steal her Wii this AM, luckily, it was intact! Your roasted broc and bnut squash look awesome, I have to try adding PB next time I roast veg.

  15. Thanks for the comment you left me today! Glad to hear it takes you an hour, my posts are twice as long and it takes me 2. I didnt know if it was b/c I was just slow, or what. But i think any thoughtful blogger (you and i included) it takes time to organize thoughts, get it all written uploaded, etc. And we both leave bible comments :)

    Bunny suits. Not ever an issue for me, but I do get kinda skeeved by some of the men that play santa in the mall. I mean really, it’s scary and i dont even wanna bring skylar! creeper alert!

    Have a great week, Susan!

  16. The tooth fair isn’t real?!..
    Well that’s just gone and ruined my week..
    Thanks Susan.. haha.. :oD

    Nah..i never believed in any of those things when i was
    little..I was far too curious and inquisitive..i questioned EVERYTHING so it was impossible for my parents to keep up the mystique..
    Hehe..such a miserable child..

    I really hope the skin probs get better for you soon..
    My skin gives me soooo much trouble and at times actually gets me DEPRESSED..not cool..
    So i hope you’re back to happy healthy non-itchy skin soon love!

  17. Hi Susan, I am positively salivating over the picture of the waffles and cottage cheese…I mean it. I just wanted to drop a note and wish best of luck with the eczema – I’ve been there, for years, as well :-)

  18. I was terrified of the bunny as a kid! And the movie Darkness Falls (rent it if you dare LOL) scared the monkey out of me even though the tooth fairy isn’t real.

    I stopped believing in the bunny, santa and the tooth fairy in 2nd grade when I found all the *santa* gift boxes in the garage. It makes me sad because my oldest is in 2nd grade and questioning everything :(


  19. YES Easter bunny suits are creepy! The only funny one is the one in The Christmas Story.

    I hope the cream and meds helps with your skin and such. I think with things like that you’ve just got to keep trying different things. Eventually something WILL work.

  20. SUSAN – just caught up on your last three posts! so much going on in your life – i love all the huge changes on the horizon for you. mostly banff :)

    yay for that two-hour medley! i wish my gym offered something like that. sometimes, a gal just needs to sweat everything out..

    i am sorry on the overnight oats fail – i usually mix together 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup milk + 1/3 cup Greek yog (which i think is what you did). i see that you added protein powder, which should bulk it up too so its not too soupy. hmmm…i may have to investigate this further!

    i hope you had a happy easter, and that sauce you made for the ham looks divine! i will definitely have to keep that in mind. happy healing love!

  21. I’m yet another person scared off bunny suits by Donnie Darko. :P

    I am 32 and still get gifts from Santa! :)

  22. I remember that I pretended I believed in santa for about 2 years because I didnt want to tell my parents I knew they were lying haha!

    and im so with you on body pump…I couldnt get into it either! I just hard, heavy and to the point in regards to lifting.

    and thanks for the linkage on my post–I loved your rant in your comment on my blog :)

  23. any grown men dressed in animal suits is creepy. end of story. and that workout marathon looks so fun! hope those meds work for you. i ate SO much ham this weekend. i love that you did too. DUDE that dill sauce? epic. i believed in all of it until i was about 6 or 7…

    have a great week! xo

  24. peanutbutterfingers

    i believed in all three – for probably a little too long! ;) i love the magic of the holidays and wanted to believe there was something magical out there!

  25. Yeah I believed! Thanks for the shout out x x

  26. LOL Susan you crack me up. Poor girl – thinking the Easter bunny smelled like burboun:)
    That compound class sounds tough!! It’s really nice to take classes every now and then.
    I believed in all three, but I think I found out about the tooth fairy first.

  27. Haha I STILL believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa. Because my mom told me when I was younger that if you stop believing, they stop leaving you presents. And it’s true! ;) (well, the tooth fairy stopped her visits because I stopped losing teeth over a decade ago).
    So, this being the case, I will believe in all of them until I’m 100 years old.

  28. Happy belated Easter! I have never seen anyone dressed as a rabbit- though have seen plenty people the past couple of days wearing santa hats and kilts. Only in Scotland. LOL.

    I believed in santa and the tooth fairy. Odd story- one morning I woke up and my tooth was still under my pillow. I went to my parents bedroom to say that the tooth fairy hadn’t come. My dad was like, “show me” so we went to my bedroom and the tooth had been replaced with a little apology note and some money. I never got an explanation for that…maybe the tooth fairy exists afterall! AAAAAAAH.

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