‘Til The End

It was another bee-yoo-tiful day here!! It felt like summer, I got to wear a tank-top and shorts! It was 7C this morning when I woke up, so I knew a run before lunch was in my cards ;)

Took a page from Caitlin’s book (hey, she really does have a book!) and made her peanut butter french toast. Except, I used almond butter to mix up in the egg whites with cinnamon.

IMG_5420 I swear that’s not a shot of whiskey in that Crown Royal glass, it’s syrup! Really, I swear. Although, I am not above whiskey for breakfast.

Oh yeah, and I inserted raisins into the bread too :) The almond butter created a nice outer crust. Nomnom.

Today would have been a perfect day to take my bike out – but I’m having a little bike anxiety. It’s been months and I’m getting flashbacks to all the times I fell off learning how to use clipless pedals last year. I don’t want to re-learn!

Anyways, I did the least anxiety-inducing activity I could think of – I RAN!

But not without a snack first. PB + banana, vanilla cottage cheese + raisins + cinnamon. Someone (I can’t remember who!) asked me if the cottage cheese is artificially sweetened/flavoured, the answer is no. Plain ole’ sugar and natural vanilla flavour.

So happy I chose to run because it was glooooorious. Last year, I ran with a Nike + all summer so I knew how fast/far I was going. But this year, I don’t really give a damn! I wore my heart rate monitor to make sure my heart was working hard enough, but besides that I just did what felt good. Think it was 5-ish miles in 50 minutes. Saw tons of friendly people on the trail, listened to a great playlist on my iPod, and honestly enjoyed every minute :D

The song “’Til The End” by The Living End came on during my last half mile and it was perfect. Go listen to it and add it to your list, it rocked my socks :)

Came home and iced to keep the pain away (something I always do after longer runs) while eating a ginormous ham and cheese salad.


Just because I’m not having Easter dinner this weekend, doesn’t mean I can’t still have ham! It’s just cold cubed ham with lots of veggies – including pickles. Topped with old cheddar cheese.


For the dressing I mixed up two laughing cow cheeses + 1 tsp honey mustard and thinned it out with a little water for drizzling. It was delicious!! Would have been better with a boiled egg, but my tummy did not want to wait the extra 10 minutes for that to happen.

I went to the clinic today to get my skin looked at, but I got turned away :( Too many people were there! I may try again tomorrow.

Instead, I went downtown to soak in the warm air, including retrieving my latest work of pottery art.


I used a stencil on this and it still looks like a child did it!! Aaahhahaha. Oh well. Will make for a fun yogurt dish at least :)

Then I hit up Second Cup for some personal training studying.


Cell phone picture. Left the baby at home. Sipped on a sugar-free raspberry Italian soda (ie club soda and aspartame) with a s’mores Luna.

I stayed there all afternoon until my tummy told me it was time to come back home for dinner. And by dinner, I mean leftovers eaten out of a tupperware container.

Turkey goulash, fourth and final round. Loved every bite!

The rest of my evening has been pretty laid back, and included a lot more studying. This time doing the online theory.

I’m just reviewing everything over a million times, hoping that it sticks. I think I’ll be going to the gym this coming week with a couple girls from work to show them the strength training equipment, so that should help me feel more comfortable with the practical aspect. It’s getting clooooose!!!

On tap for Sunday:
~2 hour group fitness medley: spin, body attack, body pump and body flow. Bring it on.
~Another attempt at the medical clinic
~Do taxes
~Clean apartment
~More personal trainer studying

I just typed that out to hold myself accountable for it all. The only thing I really want to do on that list is the group exercise bonanza. Honestly, I’m looking forward for this weekend to be over – I kinda miss work!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite genre of music to workout to? I realized the other day while running to Rancid, that I lovelovelove working out to punk music. It gets me the most pumped up!

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  1. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Your pictures are so pretty in this post! While I listen to mostly indie in my “regular” life I definitely blast the pop music while I’m working out!

  2. I used to be the biggest Rancid fan ever – I honestly only work out to top 40, I should bust out some of my old punk mp3s! Coffee shops + studying = so much more fun than the library!

  3. “I swear that’s not a shot of whiskey in that Crown Royal glass, it’s syrup!”

    Oh darn. I wish it was Jack for brekkie. I bet jack AND syrup combo would actually be great. I make no bake vegan rum cake balls and it’s the same combo in the recipe except with rum and maple to sweeten. I digress.

    Love the info you gave me too re your certification and for $500 your’re in biz. And that you’ve really learned and enjoyed the program so much..i can tell from your posts.

    And the pottery, love it! Picasso called and said he wants his bowl back. Seriiously, I love painting pott and would love to paint w/ you anyday!

    Have a great nite Susan!

  4. I like annoying music…like Miley Cryus, Abba, broadway musicals…haha, music that is catchy and that sticks to your head for the rest of the day!

    That lovely dish you made would be perfect for nuts, too!

  5. That french toast looks fab! I love to work out to faithless and hot chip stuff like that then again a bit of eighties rock never goes a miss either!

  6. I honestly wouldn’t put whisky for breakfast past you Susan! Haha..

    I love working out to classical music…Odd choice i know..I love how powerful it makes me feel though..
    especially with all of its crescendos..


  7. I love your yogurt bowl! So cute :D And yes to whiskey for breakfast- gotta keep in touch with those Scottish roots. Just deep-fry that almond butter toast and you are all set. Haggis entirely optional.

    Question about icing: is the pain a sign that something is wrong/you have pushed too far/your body doesn’t want to run? Or is it just a general muscley ache like DOMS?

    Music- I am hooked on Glee right now. Showtunes always pump me up :D

    Happy Easter!

    • I actually ice to prevent pain and bring down the inflammation that happens when I run. If I don’t ice, my knees and ankles will start to hurt later in the day. Icing makes it feel like I never even ran! :) Sometimes I pop an ibuprofen too. Definitely wouldn’t compare it to DOMS though…

  8. I love the bowl!!!

    You know, mixing some whiskey *with* the maple syrup might make for an awesome breakfast. Just sayin’

    I have a very eclectic taste in music. Currently I am in love with Hot Club of Detroit when I run. Just love it. And Sweeney Todd. Serial killers always put a little extra something in my step :D

  9. Whiskey…the breakfast of champions! :-)

    I think your little bowl is cute. I’ve done those types of things and yes, mine also look like a kid did them :-)

    The PB/AB french toast looks delish but I would be terrified that the flavor would evaporate into the vastness of the toast and (heaven forbid) waste a whole 1.5 T of precious nut butter!!!

    Glad you’re loving your program- you’ll rock as a trainer.

  10. Um I just ate breakfast but that goulash looks really good! Haha. I need to run to upbeat, usually pop and hip hop music. Anything a little slow and I slow down! But I work out at the gym to a more eclectic mix…still mostly pop but some rock, R&B, country, etc….all over the place :-)

  11. im such a whiskey girl! no problem for breakfast ;).

    Ive never even heard of rancid…what is it?!

  12. thanks for the song suggestion! hey, i had ham and cheese twice yesterday! once in eggs and once in salad. and i am eating more today. ham ham ham. i love that goulash over and over! hope you have a great sunday. i like listening to anything upbeat when i work out. i am not picky!

  13. I like to listen to pop/rap, pump up music! Almond butter pancakes?? YUM!

  14. I ran 10 miles with NO music today. Just me and the road :-) I need a cheap mp3 that can get abused because I don’t feel like running with my Iphone!

  15. That french toast looks amazing! I’m going to have to try it. Yummy :)

  16. Techno/Electronica/Dance/D&B are pretty much all I listen to when I work out!

  17. I pretty much only listen to different varieties of rock music when I exercise. It’s the only thing that motivates me!

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