Springing to Life

Happeeee weeeekend :D I’m going to be straight up right off the bat here. I had a boring day! But, it was at least the first time I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm in 19 days, so that was a bonus. Slept in till 6:30. Woo! :P (there’s a note of sarcasm there, only crazy people use the term “sleep-in” and “6am” in the same sentence).

I woke up this morning knowing I wanted one thing and one thing only: custard oats. Then I opened my fridge to discover a near empty jar of almond butter. Sweet!

Looook into my nearemptyjarofalmondbutterrrrr…

To eat oats out of a jar, one requires a long spoon. 


And an upside down reflection.

Don’t forget to lick the lid!


I never used to eat the crusty nut butter at the bottom of the jar until HEAB taught me that pouring hot oatmeal in there makes it dreamy.


Caution: oats in a jar is very hot! I actually finished my coffee before I finished the oatmeal.

Gym didn’t open till 9am this morning, which seemed like an eternity. It was busy when I got there too! (9:15, didn’t want to be one of those annoying people who wait for them to unlock the door). Today was a full-body weightlifting day. I made it up as I went along, hopefully I can remember it all…

Started with 21 minutes sprint intervals on the elliptical.

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Target
Wide-grip deadlift 60 lbs 8-12 3 Legs, back
Good morning  55 lbs 8-12 3 Hamstrings, back
Dumbbell fly 15 lb dumbbells 8-12 3 Chest
Dumbbell shoulder press  15 lb dumbbells 8-12 3 Shoulders
Plie squat 15 lbs 12 3 Quads, glutes
Single-leg deadlift 15 lb dumbbells 8 each leg 3 Hamstrings, glutes
Seated cable row  55 lbs 8-12 3 Back
Incline dumbbell shoulder press  20 lb dumbbells 8-12 3 Shoulders
Straight set:        
Walking lunges bodyweight 24 1 Legs
Forward tricep extension  15 lbs 15 2 Triceps
Barbell 21s 20 lbs 21 2 Biceps
Alternating set:        
Medicine ball squat 11 lbs 12 2 Whole body
Russian twist 11 lbs 32 2 Abs
Lying medicine ball throw       Arms, chest
Alternating set:        
Prone jackknife  bodyweight 12 2 Abs
Hamstring curl on ball  bodyweight 12 2 Hamstrings, calves
Plank  bodyweight 60 sec 2 Abs

Phew! I think that covers it! It looks like a lot, but I was sort of all over the place. I know I probably should plan these things out. But then I get all stressed about remembering it all and getting the machines I need to get to. It’s a lot more fun to just go with it :)

I was a starvin’ marvin by the time I got home. I made something I never get to have during the workweek – a smoothie!


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 big scoop plain yogurt
  • 1 scoop IsoLean peach-mango protein powder
  • 1/2 tbsp almond butter
  • 1/2 banana
  • ice
  • 1/4 tsp each guar and xanthan gums

It’s important to get every last drop!!!


What would you call a smoothie stache on the forehead??

Smoothies go right through me, so lunch was shortly after.

Turkey and baba ganouj pita.

These pitas have been in the freezer for too long, every one seems to fall apart when I defrost it :(

The weather was absolutely gorgeous here today. There was no way I couldn’t take advantage of it! So I went for a walk along my favourite running trail late this afternoon. I was greeted with the usual view when I stepped out into my driveway.


Never gets old. Top three things I will miss about Fredericton when I move in June: 1) the river, 2) my gym, 3) my university.

I carried my camera around my neck a la Peter Parker and played around as I breathed in the fresh spring air.

IMG_5353 IMG_5361



IMG_5384 IMG_5389



IMG_5404 IMG_5413


IMG_5378 IMG_5391


Spring is my favourite season. I love how everything just starts to come alive again after a long and harsh winter (albeit, this year wasn’t too bad). There’s a vibrancy in the air that you can feel, and everyone is more alive and friendly. And I love how inviting the warm sun is, even though the air still has that bite to it. Perfection.

When I got home, I reheated some turkey goulash from earlier in the week


Skipped the egg noodles and just had spaghetti squash, for no reason other than the fact that I have a mound of it in my fridge that needs to be eaten. Makes for wonderful leftovers :)


Flashback Friday 

I wanted to flashback to past Easters this week, but, well, I have no photo evidence that the month of April exists. For the past 5 years, I have spent Easter weekend holed up writing end of term papers and studying for exams. Clearly, nothing worth taking photos of happened during that time. It’s actually quite weird not to be doing it this year!

Anyways, so I am instead flashing back to February 21, 2010 when I made mini egg cookies.

I almost wanted to call this flashback lame, but there is nothing lame about these cookies my friends. So far, my favourite of the Treat Monday treats. I urge you to make them for your Easter celebrations, or at least to use up that giant bag of Mini Eggs you got. Recipe is found here!


And with that, I’m off to bed. I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend, as both my parents are off travelling. I’m stuck in Fredericton bored out of my wits instead. I can’t wait to get out of this city!!!!!

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite thing about spring?

P.S. Check out my guest post over on Kristin’ blog!

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  1. omg, you have some seriously amazing photography skills, so beautiful.

    I’m going to make this smoothie soon, it looks yummy!

  2. Mmm well we don’t really get “spring” (or fall or winter) where I live so I guess my favorite things about spring are my birthday in May and that it’s almost summer!!

  3. I dunno what the real difference is in the mini egg chocolate, but it seriously is the best chocolate! Maybe it’s the super thin, crispy outer shell. Amazingness!!
    I always look forward to the beauty of budding trees and pulling out my spring/summer clothes.

  4. Other than my birthday (I’m another year older in three days–eek!), my favourite part of Spring is the flowers. My parents are both amazing gardeners and Sping always meant a beautiful window box outside my bedroom and fighting for room on the patio with the flower pots. Such fabulous colours and heavenly scents. Eventually, Summer comes and the flowers give way to fresh veggies from the garden, but it all starts with the flowers.

  5. Favourite thing about spring is the fact my business starts picking up and I make more money :-)

    Have you thought of adding oatmeal or something else with fibre to your smoothies? I eat at least 2 smoothies a day and they usually fill me for 3 to 4 hours depending on what I put in them.

  6. Haha! Oh Susan..I’ll have you know that i am one of those very same ANNOYING people who gets to the gym and waits with the other losers for the doors to unlock…which might i add is NEVER on time!
    :op I have no shame..

    You’re so naturally prettyful!


  7. fave thing about spring is the warmth to the air, i just love it. means i can run and be outside in a sports bra or swimsuit and work on my tan :)

    the wraps…I am glad my vegan ones inspired you to make some beefcake wraps LOL

    those cookies. nice.


  8. The sun! :)
    Those cookies look delicious, yum.

  9. Love all your pictures! Spring is definitely here. Although it has felt more like summer here with almost 90 temps! I love it though. I would miss that view every morning too.

  10. It’s Saturday morning and I slept until 6:10! Woohoo! LOL

  11. Happy Weekend! And Happy Spring!

    I think my favorite thing about spring is the longer days. It makes me feel so much better to have some sun still out when I’m finished at work. :)

  12. Yay for Spring! I think I love the beginnings of all seasons…leaves and colours changing look so pretty. I am LOVING the longer days :D

    I am one of those annoying people waiting for the gym to open…hehe, no shame.

    Those cookies look great- having marked muffins off my list, cookies are next on my baking agenda!

  13. SUSAN! i love spring too. the thawing of snow, warm temps and general sense of newness is just so lovely. and no worries, i caught the sarcasm in the 6:30am wake-up time :)

    and i think i still like eating the crusty PB better than OIAJ :)

  14. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Spring here in Arizona means I can start putting in some pool time since all of the pools here are outside!

    hahaha such a good idea to drink it out of the blender!!

  16. I do the SAME thing with the blender!! =D

    I love the warm air- because I can run outside!!!


  17. Those cookies look SO delicious, yum! My favorite thing about spring is being outside again- and all the flowers!

  18. That moss picture is so cool! And nice workout – it looks exhausting LOL!

    I love how everything just comes to life in spring. Being outside without my eyes watering from cold is a bonus, too.

  19. SUSAN! My long lost blog friend ;) Sorry I haven’t visited for a while…I hear through Twitter there is congrats in order for something, but I’m not exactly sure what yet…guess I’ll have to catch up on your posts!

    Beautiful photos from your walk. And yes I agree–spaghetti squash makes the best leftovers! I’ve been having mine this week with black beans and marinara sauce. I know that sounds bizarre but it’s really good!

  20. just wanted to tell you that i love your guest post. VERY inspiring and I can relate quite a bit!

  21. tomorrow is pancake sunday and i can’t wait to make your protein pancakes again haha :)

    turkey goulash sounds so warm and delicious right now!

    haha whenever i make smoothies i always slurp the bottom of the blade to get up every inch. i know sad and dangerous hahah

  22. bawhaaha i do that with the blender too but dont get it on my forehead. hilarious photo! OIAJ is too hot for me! that workout is just incredible. glad youre having sunny weather! those cookies look SO good, i remember you going on about them. must make them soon! happy easter :) xoxoxo

  23. Such a pretty post! I am definitely starting to notice my surroundings lately. Especially the colors! Like being from AZ, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a colorful season transition! Amazing.

    Also amazing.. your picture of you and the blender. I have SO done that. Also trying to spoon the last bits out with a spatula, yeah smoothie allllll over the face. True story. Even took a picture of it, but it never made it to the blog. :)

  24. I believe the smoothie-stache-on-the-forehead is a Donald-Trump-CombOver-smoothie-stache. I’ve rocked many of those.

    The photos are gorgeous! This is a strikingly gorgeous spring so far!

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