We Have a Winner!!

Well you guys. It is finally here. April, the long weekend, oh yeah, and the giveaway winner!!! That’s at the end of the post. Always got to save the best part for last ;)

Started this fine Thursday off with 6 miles on the treadmill. I always do some form of intervals on the treadmill, otherwise I’d fall off out of sheer boredom. Usually speed intervals, because the incline button intimidates me, and the “whirrrr” the machine makes as it rises scares me.

Anyways! Not today. I swallowed my fear and lived to tell the tale!

Minutes Speed – MPH Incline
0-5 3.6 0.5
5-10 5.8 0.5
10-15 5.8 1.5
15-20 5.8 2.5
20-25 6.0 0.5
25-30 6.0 1.5
30-35 6.0 2.5
35-40 6.2 0.5
40-45 6.2 1.5
45-50 6.2 2.5
50-55 6.4 0.5
55-60 6.4 1.5
60-65 6.4 2.5
65-70 3.5 0.5

In all honestly, it was almost too easy! Again, I use the term “easy” lightly here. I just felt like I could have pushed myself a little more and still have felt fine. I still tend to think of myself as a slow newbie runner, so I tend to underestimate what I can do. Perhaps inclines aren’t as scary as I thought :)

Breakfast was inspired by Holly’s banana split overnight oats. I went into this with full intentions of making it as such – but it turned into spiced banana raisin oats.


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/3 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • cinnamon, and lots of it
  • 2 tbsp raisins
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tsp banana extract

You may also notice by the above picture that when I opened it at my desk today – it was still soupy!! This is like fail #56 on overnight oats for me. I must be missing the overnight oats gene or something.

Thankfully, the microwave room was unlocked this morning, so I was able to zap it.


Muuuuuch better. It actually turned really creamy with the almond milk and yogurt (plus that yogurt tang was an excellent addition!)

The bites with little hunks of almond butter were my favourite :)

Oh. And I think I have discovered how to avoid exploding oats in the microwave. Put them in a bigger bowl. Duh. Hey, I never said I was a clever person here :P

I kept up the same flavour theme with a homemade apple cinnamon protein bar midday.

Lunch was a ham, egg white, pickle, mustard and laughing cow sandwich.


And deceptive orange. Looks big, was half the size after I peeled it. I got gypped.

Then this afternoon I snacked on a bag of strawberries dipped in unpictured vanilla cottage cheese and a cheese string.


That vanilla cottage cheese by the way, is President’s Choice brand, which is available in Superstores/Loblaws across Canada. I also highly recommend their Mediterranean flavour. It’s great in salads and pitas!

Hey, speaking of salads!! ;) It’s what I had for dinner.


It contained a million ingredients, including a whole head of romaine, whole tomato, pickled beets, sauteed tofu, baba ganouj and feta cheese. 

I don’t even want to remember life before pickled beets.

I’ve also been experimenting with this stuff over the past few days:

I’ve noticed that my fibre has decreased ever since upping my fat and protein (obviously). I like to get this sort of thing as naturally as possible, but my body also needs max amounts of fibre. I suck at digesting, and suck even more at it without fibre.

One packet is about 1 tsp of tasteless powder for 5 calories, 3g carbs, 3g fibre. So far, I haven’t been able to detect it in anything I put it in. Even my nightly protein dessert. 

1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder and a benefibre packet dissolved with a dash of water, topped with marshmallow fluff and pretty sprinkles. Protein + Fibre = Win.


Well, it’s a new month which means a new set of monthly goals. Holymoly. I can’t believe it’s April. Wasn’t it just Christmas??


Goals for April 2010

Continue the spirit of the sleep challenge, aiming to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I think 7.5 hours may actually be my magic number, which means I need to be snoring by 10pm. Totally do-able.

Get rid of as many of my belongings as possible. This includes donating clothes, books, and other random shiz. The less I have to cart halfway across the country the better.

Get my bike on the road. Ahhhh, cycling. It feels like nothing but a distant memory…

Pass my personal training exam. Ie, study like hell until April 16, and practice instructing people as much as I can before my practical.

Chill the eff out. There was a time when I made decisions so I could enjoy life more, not stress myself out more. Must remember to find excitement in the chaos again.


Five goals, not too shabby! I’ll be checking in every week as per usual. How about every Thursday this month? Why not.


Okayokay….you’ve made it this far. Now time to reward your efforts. Here’s what was up for grabs:





66. clip_image002

Ftiness4Looks, on March 30, 2010 at 4:21 pm Said:

Mangos are awesome! I usually try to get about 7-8 hours of sleep! It’s tough finding energy in the morning to work out, but good for you for going to spin class!

Wooo!!! Congrats!! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly :) And thank you to all of you who participated. I had tons of fun seeing new names pop up, and have a plethora of new blogs to check out!!


Question of the Day: What are your goals for the coming month?

Bonus question: Did you do anything for April Fool’s? I didn’t, and thank goodness no one did anything to me!!

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  1. My goal for this month is to start stretching more and to incorporate some yoga type exercise. How exciting that this month will be PT certification month! Yay!

    And nope – no April Fools stuff for me. Thank goodness.

  2. I’m reading from my phone so this will be short! Great goals. Great protein bars. Great intervals. I wonder if I could do cottage cheese in chicken salad with grapes and diced apples….

  3. I’ve been playing around a lot with speed intervals and Im sure Ill get bored witht hat soon—intervals with the incline sound PERFECT. and im so like you, i cant get steady state on the treadmill. snorefest. I get all ansty.

    my goal for this month is to study and finish the semester out good.

  4. Those are some great goals. I can especially relate to getting rid of all my shiz and chilling out :)

    For overnight oats, I always put equal amounts of oats, milk, and yogurt in the fridge. If it comes out too thick in the morning, you can always thin it out! Not necessarily the other way around

  5. Awesome treadmill workout! Your salad looks delish too, I have to buy beets more often.

  6. I love your goals this month! In fact, I’m going to copy your “Chill the eff out.” I really need to stop creating stressful situations where they just don’t need to exist.

    Yay for tomorrow being Friday =)
    Nicole G

  7. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I might just have to hop on the bike train with you this month! I’ve been running a lot and really neglecting my 2 wheeled friend!

  8. Nice run on the treadmill! I hate treadmills! hah mmm I love string cheese

  9. Anytime I add liquid to overnight oats, they come out soupy. I just add oats straight up to yogurt and they are perfect. Love your April goals- especially, “chill the eff out”!. I need that one too. And carrying on with the sleep challenge- my body is loving it!

    No April Fool’s here! Phew.

  10. Totally totally totally crazy nights sleep last night Susan!
    I dreamt about you..AND slept 10 hours!!
    Totally legit and relatively ‘normal’ i promise..But the dream mainly consisted of me trying to explain to you that you make me feel like a dwarf who’s capable of carrying someone who’s 7ft 3 on their back..
    Does that make sense?..
    You and your blog make me feel like i have the potential to do ANYTHING…like seriously..i do’t know how you do it..but im thankful..
    p.s. awesome run!

  11. wow i cannot believe a month has passed! love the goals and i need to work on sleep. it’s an epic issue for me.

    love your fiber mention. i love high raw veggies so i am set but fiber rocks.

    the give away, congrats to the winner

    and the Great Bala..vs. just Balancing Act and it being taken, I LMAO when i read that this morning :)

  12. I didn’t do anything for April Fool’s, this year!

    My April goals…

    Run more! Get back to running 4-5x/week
    Keep up blogging almost every day- it is fun!
    Sleep more!
    Up my water intake, I really don’t drink enough.


  13. So I am usually optomistic so when you said the winner was at the bottom I thought…Ohhh I’ll just read everything she posted then see who the lucky winner is today – I took a double take, can’t believe it was me!! Awesome!

    Anyway, I am not a huge fan of April fools and I’m with you on not having anything done to me. Goals for April, finish school on a high note, run a 1/2 marathon, buy new sneakers! Have a great day!

  14. I’m a Debbie Downer today. I can’t even think of goals. :(

  15. Lovely goals, me lovely! I would like to get back on the yoga train this month: I think I managed to go twice in March what with being out of the country and all…it’s easy to let things slide.
    I also need to get back on my bike and finally focus on some fun local adventures to be had because I have NO vacation time to take and a mad love for getting away…

    Happy Friday!!

  16. I like your goals. I need to chill out, too.

    I have not concreted up any goals for April. Maybe that should be a goal? LOL

    I use oat fiber and add it to my dishes to up fiber on those days when I don’t get enough from my regular food. I shoot for 25-30 grams a day.

  17. It’s actually more difficult for me to switch it up on the treadmill. It breaks my concentration. Although I have to do it on interval days, but I just get in the zone. Running is just so therapeutic for me.
    You will do AWESOME on the exam, girl, but still good luck:D
    Congrats to Fitness4Looks!

  18. That’s a good set of goals this month. I’ve just started the bike thing this week so that’ll be the only addition to my goals.

  19. i LOVE that you add chill the eff out. i think we can all use that!

    i think my goal this month is to reduce my sugar intake, eat out less and stick to my 1/2 mary training. happy weekend lady!

  20. If you are having problems on the digestion front….to get things moving, if you know what I mean ;)…..at night before bed, in a glass, put 1 TBL of whole flax seeds with enough warm water to cover the flax seeds. Let sit for 5- 10 mins and then swallow/chug in one gulp (otherwise you might gag like I do sometimes). The next morning, things should be moving like they are supposed to. You can repeat every night. This is a natural way to clean out the pipes!

  21. I cannottt believe how the past couple months have flew by. Seriously, it WAS just Christmas! I mean.. seriously. I remember doing November and December goals solely because you encourage your readers to do goals! Ah. My blogging one year is coming up in June.. now that I cannot believe either.

    You make me want overnight oats! I have all those ingredients too.. I just might. :)

    Ah six miles on the treadmill. I’m not gonna lie.. I’ve been slacking as of late, but I finally have a good routine and a good amount of time to myself with this new class, so I hope to be up and at em on the daily. With a well deserved day off or two. You inspire me to do great things Susan!

  22. Uh, disregard previous question about benefiber. I used it before and found no difference, so I gave it up. I get a ridic. high amount anyway with the veggies I eat.

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