Things I Learned in March

Proper posture is essential at all times of the day (are you sitting up straight!?)

You can get lost on roads you’ve driven a million times.

Waffles are the secret to happiness.


My diet is always going to be a work in progress. My life is always changing, thus so is the way I eat.

The human body is fascinating. Down to our myofibril, aortic valve and lumbar spine.

Eating treats at the office is an excellent idea when they’re homemade molasses cookies. Not a great idea when they’re stale sour suckers.

Too much of a good thing really does exist.

My life is a never-ending mess. I will never have my shit together, so I should at least be content to wade through it.

My social anxiety disorder asserts itself into every area of my life. Just when I think I have a handle on it, a new situation will arise and I hit a wall.

They say parents will love their children no matter what, but a child will always adore their parents right back.

IMG_5278 IMG_5277

March Break sucks donkey balls when you’re no longer a student. Especially when you’re university staff working in an empty building.

Combining sweet and savoury is the best way to take a boring meal and make it spectacular.

Sleep is always a challenge, but it’s one I need to tackle every day.

The best meals are often the result of throwing ingredients (like eggs and ham) in a hot pan together to create a scrambled feast.


Humans thrive on the relationships and interactions they have with others. Never take a person in your life for granted. Enjoy each and every moment spent with them.

Breathe. Don’t stress about things that can’t be fixed right now. Finish those things that can be.

It’s a lot more satisfying to live life on the inside, than thinking I belong on the outside.


Question of the Day: What did you learn in March?


Deb wrote a wonderful post on sleep that you sleep-challengers need to read!

Lori posted a video that perfectly demonstrates how lifting heavy won’t make you bulk up.

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  1. Aww, love that your Mom sent you a card. :)

    Awesome post! In March I realized that I was at a point in my life where I needed to take “one step back.” Was a great realization actually and I’m looking forward to see what April has to offer.

  2. Great lessons :) I learned that March is my least favorite month of the year…actually I kinda knew that already haha

  3. Lovely, lovely post.

    In March, I learned I can slow down a little bit and it is okay.

  4. Loved this post!

    Things I learned in March…

    My diet, too, is a work in progress. Eating all natural is much more important to me than specific ratios.

    The more I practice in the kitchen, the better I get.

    I need to focus less on other people, and more on myself (at times).

    SLEEP and WATER are important to overall health!!

    Exercise should be FUN and not a chore

    I really, really miss my family here… but I love Toronto more than ever! A visit home will be great, but I am not leaving here any time soon =D


  5. I learned I want a baby somehow as a single 42 year old woman in the next year or so!
    tICK TICK says my clock….is it too late?!!!

  6. I learned I’m in fantastic shape and that I just have to redesign the packaging.

  7. I learned that attitude can make or break you. I can sit and be unhappy and have a bad attitude or I can put a little more effort into it to trying to remain positive and remind myself how lucky I am for all the things that I have.

  8. i love your month end posts! love love love. i just made your apple cinnamon bars and cannot wait to eat them! i learned that sometimes you have to stop running to be able to start again =/


  9. I learned (after going home to England and then coming back home to the States) to be happy with where I am now and to stop looking forwards and backwards all the time. Yeah, I miss home and my friends there but I’ve made a life for myself here and I pretty much love it.

    So the short version of that is: be happy and content with what you have!

  10. In March I learned that I consume wayyyyyy too much sugar and that I should probably start running again to train for my half mary

  11. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I’ve learned that you have just got to keep breathing and roll with it. I went from not moving, to moving, to not moving, (to possibly moving, as of today) and lots of changes at work. When I felt like pulling my hair out I would just take a moment and breathe. Go for a run. Take a walk. Call Mom (moms make everything better, no matter how old you are). Things have a funny way of working out!

  12. I love this post! I also learned posture is good, especially when standing for four hours! Good posture wil not make your shoulders hurt.

    And i’ve learnt my binge eating will not go away over night, i have to work hard on it! Like you said, our diets are always a work in progress :)


  13. What an amazing post! Right at this very moment I’m having a nightmare at work, and reading this has made me smile and remember whats important. Thank you xxx

  14. i learned that b/c your blog starts with a T that you are towards the bottom of my reader and get short changed as youre usually one of the last comments i leave b4 i sleep :)

  15. kool aid in the shower = epic

  16. SO true about the “life is always a mess”. Things are always going to be crazy, but it’s just about how we deal with the craziness. That was probably my biggest lesson in the past year.

    For March, I learned that eating apples every day does NOT, in fact, keep the doctor away.

  17. I learned in March that dealing with a teenager may result in my being sent to a locked psychiatric facility. :P

    • Haha, ohman. I don’t have kids but I definitely now know what my parents meant when they said “you’ll understand when you have teenagers some day.” On the bright side – kids are pretty nice in their 20s because they feel bad for everything they did in their teens :)

  18. Hehe. I love these posts! All your lessons are great- my favourite is, “Breathe. Don’t stress about things that can’t be fixed right now. Finish those things that can be.”. YES.

    I don’t think your life is destined to always be messy… I think mess comes when we try to change things- like when you clean out a closet and have stuff all over the place when you sort through it. But in the end, the job is done and things are exactly as you want them because you took the time and made the effort to sort it out, instead of just living with a cluttered closet.

    I feel so much better now that I am making the effort to get more sleep!

  19. Loved this quote: “Humans thrive on the relationships and interactions they have with others. Never take a person in your life for granted. Enjoy each and every moment spent with them.”

    But totally ADORED this one: “donkey balls!”
    WAHAHAHA!! Can’t believe you said that, but you rock for it!

  20. I love these posts:)
    And I totally get the messy life part. I’m never going to be a neat, organized package. More like a package with a bunch of messy packing peanuts, but a kickbutt package inside – ;) haha
    Habe a great day, Susan. You’re doing great with everything you’re juggling right now!

  21. I’ve learned to love yourself and everything is easier when you put your mind to it! Half the battle is overcoming the mental aspect of it.
    p.s. As soon as I read “are you sitting straight up” I noticed I was slouching…ahhaha now I’m sitting straight up! Thanks!

  22. I have learned to try and relax and stop worrying about everything and anything. Forget about the past because its done and can’t be changed, don’t worry about the future because it hasn’t happened yet and live for the moment because thats whats happening right now! I’m going to try my best to live this way………

  23. Love this post! Especially:

    “My life is a never-ending mess. I will never have my shit together, so I should at least be content to wade through it.”

    Couldn’t be truer for me too.

  24. Cute joke….but I reeeally want a BABY.I was actually being serious and I encourage other women not too wait too long to pursue this goal-time has just flown by I have suddenly found.Luckily I do know women who have had their first child in their early forties-so a glimmer of hope for me yet!

  25. When I saw your tweet the other day about posture, I stood right up! Hehe. It definitely got my attention.

    Love this list, especially the one about your diet being a work in progress. Mine too. But honestly Susan, you eat so nice and clean! I never see any junk in your posts. Is there really anything to be improved upon?! :)

  26. “My social anxiety disorder asserts itself into every area of my life. Just when I think I have a handle on it, a new situation will arise and I hit a wall.”

    Me too. The biggest hurdle I’ve overcome is realizing it isn’t something to “cure” and it isn’t something I’ll eventually overcome entirely. It’s something I have to work at

    The biggest thing I learned in March are there are other bloggers (like you!!) that struggle with those anxiety issues as well. It’s comforting to read about others who struggle, as I don’t know anyone in person who has these issues.

  27. Such a great list of learned things. You are so very right about the diet. and everything else.

    Thanks for the mention on sleep- you were totes the inspiration so thank you!

    March: Sleep sleep sleep. I’m still being bad a quarter of the way thru april. I need a sleep nazi to stand over me and tell me to turn off the computer! :-D

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