You like free junk?

Heeeyyyyy. We’re halfway through the week!! [insert giant smiley face here]

First things first. Thank you all for chiming in on my wondering rambles about the grey stuff around egg yolks.

Most of you said it’s caused by a) overcooking, and b) letting them cool too slowly. Culinary student Kristin laid it all out:


The reason for the “ring” around your egg yolk is sulfur, a compound that is created when eggs are overcooked. (It also causes that yucky boiled egg smell- it can be avoided!) Either you are overcooking them too long in the water (it needs to be timed!) or you do not cool them immediately in COLD water to stop the cooking, put them in the fridge and they continue cooking in the shell. They do NOT cool that fast in the fridge, it’s the opposite!! I wrote a post on it here:


Guilty and guilty! I am 100% aware that I overcook my eggs. I usually just bring the pot to a boil, turn it off, then walk away and forget about it. Eventually, I remember I have eggs on the stove and put them in the fridge. I can’t say I will time my eggs for exactly 10 minutes from now on, but I’ll at least refrain from walking away :P

In other news, I actually grabbed a shot of my pre-workout snack this morning.

I usually eat around 100-200 calories of carbs, sugar and nut butter before hitting the gym every morning. It can’t not eat the second I roll out of bed, but I only have 30 minutes to digest between eating this and hitting “start” button on the cardio machine.

Future roommie Megan (hi Megan!!) asked me if I eat a lot of protein on rest days as well. If anything I eat more because this carby pre-workout snack is taken out of the equation. Our diets are always a work in progress, no?


P.S. I roll it up. Scientific data shows that food tastes better when rolled.

I hit up the heavy weights again this week after a lighter upper-body day last week. No two workouts are ever the same around these parts! Too much fun fitness stuff to experiment with.

Warmed-up for 25 minutes on the treadmill first. 

Minutes Speed – MPH Incline
0-5 3.5 0.0
5-6 5.5 0.0
6-7 6.0 0.0
7-8 6.5 0.0
8-9 7.0 0.0
9-10 5.5 0.5
10-11 6.0 0.5
11-12 6.5 0.5
12-13 7.0 0.5
13-14 5.5 1.0
14-15 6.0 1.0
15-16 6.5 1.0
16-17 7.0 1.0
17-18 5.5 1.5
18-19 6.0 1.5
19-20 6.5 1.5
20-21 7.0 1.5
21-22 5.5 2.0
22-23 6.0 2.0
23-24 6.5 2.0
24-25 7.0 2.0

This treadmill routine is getting too easy for me!! I used to finish this breathless, and I hopped off feeling fine today. Will do harder next time.


Exercise Weight Reps Sets Target
Straight sets:        
Assisted pull-up  70 lbs 4-6 4 Back
Barbell bench press 50 lbs 4-6 4 Chest
Romanian deadlift to row  50 lb barbell 4-6 4 Back
Push-up  bodyweight 3 4 Chest
Dumbbell shoulder press  17.5 lb dumbbells 4-6 4 Shoulders
Alternating sets:        
YTWL  7.5 lb dumbbells 5 each letter 3 Shoulders
Tricep pulldown  30 lbs 8 3 Triceps
Cable bicep curl 20 lbs 8 3 Biceps

Finished off with a sweaty 10 minutes on the stepmill.

I’m really starting to wish I had a spotter for these high-weight days. I originally picked up 20 lb dumbbells for my shoulder presses and almost lost it. It was frightening! My arm wobbled backwards and I barely regained control. I could have really injured myself :(

I arrived at the office shortly after for a wonderful breakfast I had packed away.

SO filling! Two mini bagels with egg whites, mustard and ham. Meat in the morning fills me up like none other.

Morning snack came late.

New batch of apple cinnamon protein bars. I still think these are my fave flavour for the homemade bars. Cinnamon and oatmeal is just such a killer combo…


The return of the pita! It’s been a while! This was was ohsogood with baba ganouj and turkey as the base. Then stuffed silly with all the veggies I had in my fridge.

For my afternoon snack I mixed vanilla cottage cheese with plain yogurt and strawberries.

My last container of strawberries were quite sweet and flavourful, these are borderline bitter with no flavour. Boo.

I also snacked on some nuts and dried cranberries at 4pm because I am always SO hungry by the time 4pm rolls around. I am ready to gnaw my arm off by the time I bust through the door after work. More tweaking may be needed to fix this issue. A diet is always in a state of progress, never is it perfect!

I am glad I had the extra snack because dinner was worth waiting for!!

Janetha’s Turkey Goulash

recipe adapted from the eating for life cookbook.

serves 6


  • 20 ounces lean ground turkey breast I used a lb. Is that 20 oz?
  • 1 (14.5 oz) can roasted garlic & onion diced tomatoes
  • 2-3 cloves minced garlic. I used an extra for good luck.
  • 1 yellow squash Used spaghetti squash as extra filler
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 zucchini Again, I added another for good luck
  • 1 red onion Used half a gigantic one
  • 1 (10 oz) can tomato sauce Used garlic & herb flavour
  • 2 TB fresh basil 2 tsp dried basil. Boo.
  • egg white noodles
  • added mushrooms, lots of them

I usually don’t like noodles because I find they’re too squishy, heavy and tasteless. But I love these Catelli Healthy Harvest whole wheat yolk free noodles!

I had only half a serving tonight, which was one heaping cup of cooked pasta, and still got 4g of fibre for 155 calories.

Thumbs up JB!!! My tummy is thanking you right now :)


In case you missed it, I’m giving away free shizz because the people who read this blog rock my socks, and everyone needs a little blueberry syrup in their life. 

As a small disclaimer, don’t expect to see a lot of giveaways on this blog. I’ve sort of made an unofficial decision to turn down company offers unless they really line up with my area of interest, or I think they could be of real benefit. I really don’t want to give junk away just because I can. And I don’t want to feature junk on here just because I get it for free. I’m aware that I may not get as many readers because of this, but I hope that I can instead draw people in through quality content :) Blame my old journalism professors, they instilled some sort of lame set of beliefs in me :P


Question of the Day: Giveaways, yay or nay? Some turn me off by how obvious of a plug they are, but some are a fun way to share interesting products with people :)

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  1. Draw people in with quality, not junk. I like that. I read you because I like what you have to say, not because I’m looking for junk.

  2. I’m all about giveaways if they’re actually good products that the blogger themselves actually uses. If it’s just something a random company sent, then nah.

  3. I’ve never had a problem with the grey part (if there is some) on a hard boiled egg. I typically only eat the whites. Goulash – haven’t had it in forever!

  4. I like giveaways and reviews, as long as they don’t take over the blog and are useful/related to the subject matter of the blog. I will, and have, turned down products I don’t like on principle or I know I won’t be able to say anything positive about. As long as there’s quality control, I like them.

  5. Is the grey part bad for you? Just wondering. All of my hard boiled eggs look like that, and I don’t notice a funky taste…so if there’s nothing wrong with a little sulfur…I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

  6. I like reviews from people that I think know more about a certain subject than me (like people that have a blog dedicated to a certain subject…like exercising and eating well). I feel if you are giving away a product that it is something you would (or do) use yourself and it would be beneficial to a reader, so I like giveaways if they are like that.

  7. I’m always down for free stuff!

  8. hey girl! what a BALLER dinner !! that looks awesome!
    and 4-6 reps? interesting!! is that effective? im so curious!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i read this while i was driving (bad idea) and i shit you not i almost got into a crash when i read “Meat in the morning fills me up like none other.” ahahahah i laughed so hard i cried.

    anyway.. what else did i want to say? oh! i love the workout info of telling what it targets. very professional. you must have had some official training or something!! ;)

    glad you liked the goulash! and DAMN i wanted to add mushrooms. GOOD THINKIN. stupid marshall.. foiling my fungus fantasies.

    SO when it comes to giveaways.. i think they are fun. i have hosted both giveaways that were sponsored by companies and giveaways that i put together myself. i like the ones i put together myself better. they are more fun. and i have a 1 year blog bday coming up where i plan to put together my own giveaway. giveaway from companies are cool because i like to be able to offer them to my readers without having to fork over money for the product or the postage and someone gets something for free, that is fun! but i only hold giveaways for things i would use myself. i also only accept company product offers for stuff i am into.. not something i would never try on my own. so that is my 2 cents!

    sometimes i wish i had a spotter at the gym, too! especially for the squat rack. i don’t dare use it alone because i can squat a lot heavier than i can lift off the rack :P

    i think ill make your protein bars tonight.

    oh and i read that study about it being better if you roll it! totally right!


    p.s. check my blog for some cottage cheese+sweet ramblings tonight. hurl. haha. i know you love to hear me whine and bitch and moan about it!!

    p.s.s. i am not going to read your blog anymore because you never do product reviews or giveaways. nice knowin ya.

  10. Janetha and her comments rock!

    Your pre workout meal does taste much better rolled up–I eat it rolled up too :)!

    What’ll be cool is when you get strong enough to lift those 20’s! I rememebr the first time I got 25’s up and I felt like hot shit. 17.5 is pretty dang good…you are killin it. I love girls who aren’t afraid to lift like yourself!

    as far as giveaways–I like em! Free stuff ya know. But, like Janetha said, I don’t care whether you do them or not. I read your blog every night :)

  11. Interesting tips about the hb eggs! I’ll have to try being more careful making mine too :)

    I like giveaways/reviews when they are relevant to the blog/blogger. Something they would or do use themselves. I enjoy doing these types of reviews on my blog.

    I do not like when reviews/giveaways are completely random and the blogger clearly just wanted something for free. It’s their choice obviously, but I have lost a lot of respect for some bloggers for doing this.

  12. I’m into giveaways- I’m also into free anything. Call me a sucker if you’d like, but I most certainly am when it comes to anything free.

    Where on earth do they sell vanilla cottage cheese in canada? it sounds so exotic

  13. Interesting item about the eggs. I have enjoyed reading your blog without the giveaways so I’m good with your policy on giveaways as it’s very sound.

  14. fattiefatterton

    I respect you more for saying no to such things. I don’t want to “buy” my readers.

  15. I adore your blog because of it’s awesome and consistent QUALITY…giveaways really don’t mean jack to me..
    You’re def one of my fave bloggers and i wouldn’t have you or your blog any other way..
    Thanks for the cottage cheese info!

  16. great post and i feel like sometimes maybe readers dont like it that i do give aways…i do one a week lately! but they are nice things like $40 cookbooks, or french presses, or nice raw chocolate, or reuseable lunch boxes, things that are not just granola bars. I hope it doesnt offend people (or you!) that i do. I like all the things i give away and would feel happy to receive anything I am peddling.

    I also receive tons of crackers and snacks and i just give it a 2 second pass over, i dont write some super detailed review about it, i mention it, that’s it. I have 3 people on 1 income here, and i am not too proud to pass up free snacks. I admit it.


  17. That recipe looks delish!

    I do giveaways, when available! I have had far less here in Canada. I do love when boggers giveaway items they actually have something to say about. And I only enter giveaways I want to win! So in short, I love giveaways- but I have no problem saying no if it is a product I will never use!!


  18. Glad you avoided any weight mishaps! That near shoulder injury sounded scary.

    I 100% agree with your rolled-up food philosophy. Perhaps it’s compressing the flavors together that makes it taste better? Who knows the real reason, I just appreciate the result.

    As for giveaways, I think they’re pretty neat when it’s a product worth giving a try. I know most blog readers appreciate greek yogurt, teas, amazing grass, etc. so I definitely incorporate those on my blog. However, when it comes to mediocre crap like t-shirts with company names (whaddup, shameless plug?)…I won’t agree to host a giveaway. You’re right, it’s about quality!

  19. I don’t mind giveaways or reviews as long as the blogger is genuine with their thoughts on the product. If you don’t like it, don’t say you do just because someone gave it to you for free.

  20. I like free junk! I like giveaways but I hate it when I can tell they are totally plugging a product.

  21. I have terrible luck and rarely win anything anyhow so I read blogs regardless of whether they host giveaways! I also only enter when it’s something I want or can use. I don’t think it’s wrong ethics-wise to accept stuff from a company just as long as you tell the reader you received it to review and then give an honest review.

    So basically free junk or no free junk I love to read your blog regardless.

  22. I personally like giveaways, although they don’t determine whether or not I will read a blog. I just like the fun and having the chance to learn about new products that I otherwise might not hear of or be able to try.

    That recipe looks really really good!

  23. I like giveaways and reviews. For me, it’s another way to practice my writing (doing a review) and well, I do love me some free stuff. I’m a girl on a budget ;-) That said, when it gets to be gratuitous (giving away toothbrushes or hand soap or something) I get annoyed.

    So I agree “content is king” but a giveaway or review thrown in here and there is fun too. I don’t like the pressure of “having” to do a review, so I’m more selective now about products I accept (not that I get tons of offers though, haha).

  24. Cool info on the eggs!
    I would love to be able to participate in giveaways, but I’m from europe, and so I’m not able to get any stuff, give any stuff, or participate in giveaways :(

  25. I love giveaways but mine aren’t because a company has given me the stuff I buy the things I’m going to give away!

  26. How long did it take you to work your way up to the weights you lift? I checked today what the things I do are called (lol) and the only one that I do that is the same as you is the bicep curl- I use free weights because I can only do 3kg (6.6lbs) in each hand and the machine doesn’t go that low. Haha. Other muscles are stronger- triceps and leg stuff I use machines, but still pretty light. I know…I am being so impatient with this but I don’t feel like it’s getting any easier. Cardio is though :D

    Your dinner looks great- yes to extra mushrooms. Always!

    I have mixed feelings about hosting giveaways by companies- I did one, and it was fun, but it’s not what my blog is about. And also, as much as I love lurkers coming out of the woodwork to enter and things, I would want a loyal reader/commenter to win (does that sound mean/bitchy? :/ ) The purpose of a giveaway on my blog would be to say thank you to my readers (who I consider friends). I want to do one picking some British products that I love that I know people can’t get…though I am so disorganised these days!

    • holy long reply, batman

      • Ha! It made for some good reading material :)

        Weights. I started very low too. Since I was never athletic or active growing up, it seems I missed out on that muscle base most kids build and take into adulthood. It took about two months of consistent lifting until I noticed a significant increases, then it leveled out, but a year later I’m starting to see improvement again.It’s difficult when you don’t see improvement or results right away, especially in the very beginning when you need motivation the most. But celebrate those small accomplishments!!! My first lifting goal was to be able to do squats with an olympic bar on my back. Peanuts to most people, but I still beam with pride every time I use it :)

  27. Are you drinking lots of water in the morning? I swear, I could never get full from lunch on, but then I realized that I’d always forget to drink my water until lunch time. Now that I’ve been conciously drinking water right when I get to work, I notice I’m not a snackie-monster throughout the afternoon.
    I think that’s great that you won’t do many giveaways. And I know exactly what set of rules/beliefs your talking about, because I was a journalism major as well. “Do not take any sort of gift, food, or free anything – no matter what!!” ring a bell? :-p
    I’ll do giveaways if I think my readers will really like them. I also usually don’t make them jump through all the silly hoops to get entries anymore. I did for my first few, but after becoming frustrated about it on other blogs, I’ve stopped.
    Either way, you and your blog rock, Susan! Muah!

    • Good point about the water! I do drink TONS of water throughout the morning. If I’m working out, probably close to 100 oz by the time I’m done lunch. But I suppose I could always try to drink more, especially in that long period between finishing my workout and eating breakfast at my desk (usually close to an hour!).

      And yes, that totally rings a bell! A company asked me to use “key words” in a post and my brain exploded :P

  28. oh journalism…those damn ethics courses :)

    i am cool with free stuff as long as it is something i would buy/eat/use in my life. luckily, almost all the contacts that email me about that fit in those standards.

    and goo…the same thing that happened with your strawberries happened with my pineapple. NOT happy about that.

    but i am happy about banff…i have some fun ideas too. will email you lata…

  29. I love to do giveaways, because I like to return to my readers. I love my readers! I will do either my own purchased thing to giveaway, or a sponsored one.However, I do only like to do giveaways of things I either:
    a – really want
    b – really love
    c – know that other people really want, even if I don’t necessarily care for it.

    I actually don’t mind doing reviews, because I like reading other people’s reviews of things. If I like something, I ask that the company do a giveaway for me as a return for all that free advertising. It’s not too much to ask of them, really considering how things get passed along in the blog world.

    I get all kinds of wacky offers to do giveaways, particularly diet pills!! Ugh! I don’t do reviews of products like that.

  30. I really agree with your moral stance on giveaways. Yep. Yep and yep. And I am excited to win (!) some blueberry syrup! Haha.

    Your dinner looks crazy good and it’s crazy good for you! I’ll be trying this out soon!

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