Goals and a Giveaway!!!

Woooonderful suggestions on my Strength Training at Home post. A lot of extra pieces of equipment like bosu balls, jump ropes and medicine balls were suggested. Be sure to read the comments if it’s something that interests you :)

So I started my day after a solid 7.5 hours sleep and took off for a spin class. I thought I’d kill it today after a whole weekend off exercise (goofing around in personal training class doesn’t count). Usually after two whole days off, my body is mega energized. But today notsomuch. Albeit, I’m very worn out after two weekends in a row of “work,” but I think it was actually a nutrition thing. I just could not push that high intensity like I normally can, and I felt a little dizzy once I hopped off the bike.

Looking back, I was very protein heavy in my eating over the weekend, and I think I was lacking in sufficient carbs to draw from this morning. Ever since I increased my fat intake, my protein has naturally increased while my carbs have gone down, often being my smallest percentage of macronutrients. Not good for someone who is as active as me! What a delicate balancing act it all is ;)

Anyways, I raced to the office this morning to gobble down my breakfast and refuel.


Two boiled eggs and a marshmallow protein bar.

I have a vague memory of my old roommie (hi Meghan!) telling me the cause of grey yolks in boiled eggs…

I think it happens when you put them in the fridge right after boiling and they cool too quickly. Is this true? Am I making it up?

In other news, the geranium in my office is thriving.

I can’t take credit this, it’s all because the cleaning lady waters it regularly. But hey, at least it didn’t wilt in my presence like most plants. It’s very pretty, makes for a more lovely work environment :)

Mini bagles > regular bagels.

Why would you want to eat one bagel when you can have TWO?? Topped with laughing cow cheese and veggie ham slices. Paired with a melt-in-your-mouth mango.


It’s been forever since I had mango!! It was amazing.

This afternoon I broke down and had a molasses cookie that someone brought to work. I am so glad I caved and ate it!! Molasses cookies are one of my favourites, and it was hands down one of the best I ever had. Totally worth the unplanned splurge. Sometimes giving in to the office treats is worth it ;)

I was met with a bare fridge when I came home, so I ended up with another three ingredient dinner. 


  1. roasted butternut squash
  2. baked chicken breast
  3. bacon peanut butter

Not gonna lie. It was awesome. And crazy filling.

I’d like to say that’s why I had a small evening snack, but let’s face it, there was a lot of snacking in between!

A new-to-me product: President’s Choice vanilla cottage cheese. Of course, I had to spice it up with some cinnamon and raisins.

Yum!! This little container has 110 calories ,12g protein and 3g fibre (with added inulin). Not too shabby!


It’s Monday! Time for…

Final Monthly Goal Check-In for March

1. Work on getting my car sold and apartment subletted. Um, so yeah. The guy who was supposed to sublet my apartment backed out last week! The day after he signed the agreement and gave me a deposit. I’m keeping the deposit, but it means I have to find someone else. Giant BOO.

2. Apply for a bazilion jobs in Toronto. I started sending out unsolicited resumes today to fitness companies saying they need me as a content writer/editor for their website. Why not, right? ;)

3. Take more initiative at work so I can finish my contract knowing I made a mark. I knocked off a bunch of recruiting publications at the university I work at. SO nice to see my work put into hard print. I was also sorta offered a job to work as a recruiter in admissions. But that’s not my bag. I’m not perky enough.

4. Learn as much as I can about personal training. Finished personal training classes!!!


I also skipped lunches last week to study. Working hard on cramming that poor brain of mine.

5. Run outdoors again. Fail. Rightfully so. The weather last week sucked. Woke up to snow every morning, cold, windy, rainy, wet. Miserable.


On top of my monthly goals, I set a weekly goal to get more sleep. I did alright on this. I failed on one day, but got a solid 7.5 hours all the other nights. I actually had my lights out by 9:45 every night before my 5:30 alarm. Much better that the 10:30-11 I was doing before. This is 100% something I’m going to keep up. It’s all about resetting my thinking to seeing 9:45 as my lights-out time instead.

I also challenged all of you to do the same thing. In order to motivate y’all to tuck in early, I promised a gift for those of you that participated. Well I’m following through on that promise! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

IMG_5229 IMG_5233

  • Mountain Maples blueberry syrup
  • 100% pure honey
  • The Simply Bar in Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cocoa Coffee, and Lemon Coconut flavour.
  • Taste of Nature bar in Quebec Cranberry Carnival flavour
  • Greens + “Hip to be Healthy” square

All Canadian goods, the syrup and honey being from right here in New Brunswick. The syrup is actually from my hometown of Riverview, NB!

So, I told those of you participating to keep track of your hours slept so I could see you at least tried. Well, I’m also an awful liar, because this giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!!

That’s right, sleep or no sleep, blog or no-blog. All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and e-mail address. That’s it!! I’ll pick a random winner on Thursday, April 1, 9pm Atlantic Time. Consider it an April Fool’s gift of sorts – or a present from the Easter Bunny!

Aaaaand go!

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  1. I’ve been on a mission to get more sleep and I think I have an hour and that is definately better than nothing!

    Sorry about the guy backing out of the apartment deal :( I’m sure you’ll find someone soon! (Score about keeping the deposit though ;) )

  2. first one to comment~ hmm usulally first one doesn’t win though. but hopefully i can because I’ve been wanting to try SIMPLY BARS!
    I can never find them anywhere… I’ve emailed you couple months back to see if it was okay to switch some bars.. but i found out i am BROKE…. this is what happens when you’re poor college student with no job and no financial support whatsoever.. sigh..

    anyways, awesome giveaway and goals! yay!

  3. What brand are those mini bagels? I can only seem to find white ones! I can personally vouch for the amazingness of those Simply bars. You’ve reminded me to pick them up next time I’m at London Drugs!

  4. Sounds like a good fool’s gift to me!

  5. Sweet giveaway!! I’ve been doing pretty well sleep-wise lately. If I don’t get in enough hours at night I take a nap during the day :-).

  6. That maple syrup is callllling my name!
    And I love mini bagels!

  7. I’m pretty sure I failed to get more sleep last week because I was SUPER busy. But I’m FINALLY on spring break now , so sleep is number one on the agenda =)

    Nicole G

  8. Vanilla cottage cheese? I have seen pineapple,which I know you would *love* :P

    Bummer about the apartment. Having to find tenants myself, I understand about finding someone to sublet and how nobody follows through.

    I did okay with sleep this week. At least 6 hours a night and one night at 7.5 – which is pretty good for me.

  9. Ahhh, I’m on spring break this week, and I can’t wait to sleeeeeep all week long. I just wish I could sleep this much every week.

    Sorry about the apt subletter. :-(

  10. That’s quite the prize package! I’ve never seen blueberry syrup before. I failed one night on this sleep challenge as well. Last Tuesday I stayed up to watch the late showing of The Biggest Loser. Just got hooked and couldn’t turn it off early.

    Even though it’s open to everyone here were my hours for the last week : Mon 8,Tues 5.5,Wed 8, Thurs 5.5(poker), Fri 7, Sat 9 and Sun 8.5 Not too shabby and felt better during most days.

  11. I had mangos today and thought the same thing! It was dang good!!

  12. I love those simple bars. The owner sent me some a while back when I first had to get on a gluten free diet. Bummer now because I can’t have soy. Hope I win the give away. YEA!

  13. Oh but my hubby can have soy, so he would love the bars, I’ll take the the rest. haha!

  14. I’d love to enter! Thanks!

  15. I love sleeping!

  16. Good luck getting a job in T.O! I live outside the city and last spring was unbelievably hard to find work. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it though. Those bars look great!

  17. VANILLA COTTAGE CHEEESE?!! am i dreaming?!?! that sounds awesome!

  18. Would love to win that prize package and I’m off to Superstore first thing in the morning to see about finding that cottage cheese. YUM!!

  19. Ugh. I need to set a goal of getting more sleep. I feel like I get enough sleep though….maybe I’m oversleeping….

  20. Dena Semkowski

    Oh Canada! I live in Winnipeg and have yet to discover interesting foodie things! How does NB get such fun stuff?? Send it to the prairies! :D

  21. The three ingredient dinner looks really yummy. About the grey/green egg yolks. It’s usually caused by overcooking them.

  22. Re: the eggs – actually I’m pretty sure they turn grey when they aren’t cooled FAST enough! The trick is to throw them into ice cold water as SOON as you finish boiling them. I usually throw ’em in while I’m prepping other stuff – for about 10 mins. Then they are good to go, no gross greys!

    oooh! and i would looooove some NB delights in my life :)

  23. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I have a feeling that bacon peanut butter makes everything crazy delicious

  24. I just finished my PhD on Friday officially! I plan to get more sleep now! Glad the course went well.

  25. nope! the grey lining forms from OVERCOOKING the egg(or overboiling it in this case)! I learned it in my home-ec. class in highschool. :D

    gah! i’ve been dying to try those Simply Bars!

  26. The blueberry syrup sounds amazinggg!!

  27. Question! Do you prefer cottage cheese to plain natural yogurt?..
    Im debating on branching out to cottage cheese despite all of the horror stories i’ve heard about it being a gloopy unpalatable mess..

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you about apartment progress..That guys backing out SUCKS!..


    • Lately I’ve been much more into cottage cheese than yogurt! You can’t go wrong with the protein content and it’s cheaper than greek yogurt.If the texture grosses you out, blend it first. Then it turns into a creamy dreamy bowl of goodness ;)

  28. Yummy boiled eggs are the best! I’ve actually done really well on the sleeping well until last night when raging toothache woke me up at 4.30am : ( those goodies look yummy blueberry syrup!? Wow! x x

  29. Hey, I only like soft boiled hard eggs, precisely due to that grey line that creeps me out.
    Well done on the sleeping, I did that for a week, and then got distracted.

  30. That blueberry maple syrup looks heavenly!
    Not sure about the grey yolks but I wondered that too.. I always thought that I did something wrong (but ate them anyway, muahahaha).

  31. Great giveaway! I’d love to try the blueberry maple syrup :)

  32. I have not been getting enough sleep this week mostly due to the people that live upstairs making such an incredible racket in the morning.
    I have yet to see vanilla cottage cheese in Seattle but would be all over it if I could. I only live 2 1/2 hours from Canada, it would totally be worth it! =)

  33. I have been trying to get extra sleep in but the clocks have just gone forward here in the UK and its messed up by body clock! Loving the sound of vanilla flavour cottage cheese!

  34. Awesome give-a-way! I’ve never tried blueberry syrup (which is probably blasphemous of a Bluenoser like me!) but yaaay for Maritimes stuff! :) Vanilla cottage cheese looks interesting. I’ll have to see if our Superstore has any the next time i’m in~

  35. Vanilla cottage cheese? Hmmm. I usually just make my own. As for the gray ring around hardboiled eggs, that’s from overcooking not from chilling. Cook and then immediately submerge in cold water to stop the cooking process.

  36. I am so checking out that cottage cheese. No artificial flavours involved, is there?

    I think if I won I would have to have a blind taste test with NB honey vs my usual NS honey. ;)

  37. I just found your blog about a week ago and love it! The workouts you post are fantastic and I like that you post your goals for everyone to see…now if I could start doing that…

  38. I’ve really been trying with the sleep thing…my problem isn’t falling asleep, it’s staying asleep but lately i’ve really been making an effort to get back in bed and trying to fall back asleep instead of getting up and starting my day wayyy too early

  39. My problem is staying asleep too – I always have to go to the bathroom several times each night!


  40. Eggs go grey when they’ve been overcooked, so you probably didn’t cool them down quickly enough. You should run them under cold water for about 5 mins after they’ve boiled to cool them right down quickly! (My boyfriend used to be a chef and this is his trick)

  41. That is really interesting that your carbs are more limited now and you can feel it in your training. It definitely makes sense though.

    And I have been sleeping like a BABY this month! It has been heavenly. I don’t know what I’m doing differently, but I feel so refreshed. :D


  42. I see you were running on my sleep pattern. I finally have come to the crash point. Could not get out of bed this morning. Could only do half my run yesterday. Been misserably bitchy, then I stepped back and thought, hey, I’ve only been getting 5.5 hrs. of sleep for weeks! Time to make a change!

  43. Blueberry syrup sounds amazing! I love anything blueberry!

    I don’t know if I could do vanilla cottage cheese. I’ve never been able to do sweet cottage cheese. I can’t even mix it with fruit!

  44. I would love to win these items!!

  45. such a cute giveaway Susan! I’ve been actually trying to get more sleep lately!

  46. I heard the same thing about eggs- no idea if it’s true or the science behind it though. I am focusing on carbs more after reading Gina’s post about macros and realising that my diet is about 65% protein…ah, balancing act indeed.

    I have LOVED this sleep challenge- I feel so much better when I DO get enough sleep. I have been keeping track and the total is 50.5 hours! Wooo! (3 x 7 hours, 2 x 7.5 hours, 1 x 6 hours, 1 x 8.5 hours!)

    • hit submit too soon… Vanilla cottage cheese sounds amazing. I might need to try adding extract to mine. Also need to try the chicken/PB combo! I love min bagels too…yes to eating two. Plus eating into the hole is the most fun part. The only mini bagels here are white and kind of tasteless… I keep meaning to try making my own. ONE DAY!

  47. Yay, I would love to win some Canadian stuff. I love learning more about Canada through my Canandian blog friends!

  48. I love cottage cheese but I have never seen those ones! I will have to check that out. I am sure it would taste awesome with a few sliced strawberries! mmmmm…..tasty!


  49. I really do try and get enough sleep but don’t always succeed. I love boiled eggs – I heard that the gray inside comes from overcooking them, but what do I know!!?

  50. Vanilla cottage cheese??? WHAT?? I’m jealous!!

  51. Im definetely an 8 hour or more kinda girl and the difference i feel when i get less than 7 is crazy!
    yay for giveaways :) id love to win some canadian goodies!

  52. Ooooh, a giveaway! I always try and get lots of sleep. Unfortunately with two little ones in the house, it’s usually interupted sleep. :(

  53. I think it’s pretty awesome you told those fitness companies what’s up. And they really should listen to you!! :D
    Great job on the sleep thang. I haven’t been doing so great on it, but I ‘d love those goodies to console me ;) haha I’m definitely an 8 hour a night girl, but recently have only been getting about 6. Not enough for me.
    Have a great day, hun!

  54. Susan,

    The reason for the “ring” around your egg yolk is sulfur, a compound that is created when eggs are overcooked. (It also causes that yucky boiled egg smell- it can be avoided!) Either you are overcooking them too long in the water (it needs to be timed!) or you do not cool them immediately in COLD water to stop the cooking, put them in the fridge and they continue cooking in the shell. They do NOT cool that fast in the fridge, it’s the opposite!! I wrote a post on it here: http://kristinsnibbles.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/the-perfect-food

    SO about the contest!! I got 8-8.5 hours of sleep all but two nights, one which I got 7.5 and one which I got 7. I tried!! I would love to win!


  55. I’ve been reading your blog or a couple months now but I think this is my first time commenting! With all of those yummy treats up for grabs how could I not?! I’m glad you stuck with your new sleeping habits, it’s amazing the difference an hour or so more a night can make!

    I also love seeing all your delicious eats/products on the blog. I live in NB too and it’s nice to see products that I can actually find at the Superstore! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  56. Woohoo! I love giveaways :)

  57. Love your blog! And I would love to try some Canadian products! I always try to get at least 7 hours of sleep but sometimes it doesn’t happen. I always wake up more easily on the days after I workout.

  58. are you f-ing kidding me? cottage cheese that COMES sweet? i think i just hurled.

    no idea on the egg yolk thing but i hate it when mine come out gray. i need to put mangos AND mini bagels on my list. both are loves of mine.

    sorry about the apartment thing. i know it will work out! at least you got his deposit ;)

    psh, you mean i got all that extra sleep last week for nothing?!

    i kid. fun giveaway!! here is my entry! love you!

  59. Mangos are awesome! I usually try to get about 7-8 hours of sleep! It’s tough finding energy in the morning to work out, but good for you for going to spin class!

  60. More sleep would definitely do everyone a lot more good! And this is an awesomely delicious and healthy giveaway! I love foodie giveaways. :)

  61. I’m going to have to head to Superstore to check out that PC cottage cheese!!
    I love that you are a local(ish) blogger to me!!!!!

  62. I love blueberry maple syrup! YAY for give aways :)

  63. I have narcolepsy so my problem is that i sleep too much! Nice give away!

  64. How could I not get involved with that blueberry syrup staring me in the face?!

  65. I have to try to find that cottage cheese! Yum!

    Oh yeah, and my entry into the giveaway!

  66. I LOVE how you are having a local themed giveaway. You rock!

  67. And you have good maple syrup on the east coast. It’s so hard to find actual maple syrup on the west coast.

  68. Yay for three ingredient meals!!

  69. i’d love to win your giveaway! :)

  70. can i please enter this fabooooosh giveaway?!

    and molasses cookies, if done well, are some of the best things on earth. Far exceeds choc chip.

  71. Mmm… maple syrup – I go through it like crazy – would love some as I’m almost out of our current bottle. And we Canadians do it best afterall :P

  72. Awesome giveaway girl! Love me some syrup!

  73. Blueberry syrup ? -Yes, please !

    Sounds very very yummy.

  74. oh what fun. Love those simply bars and my stash is quickly running out (did they change the packaging on some of them??). My goal in life when I settle down a bit is to recreate those in my kitch. Esp the PB ones. LOVE.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and for the challenge- you inspired me to write my own post about sleep so THANK YOU!.

  75. I’m definitely still working on this sleep thing – but you’ve really encouraged me to make it more of a priority! And I’ve heard great things about simply bars, but I’ve never tried them myself. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. I am a honey freak, I pick up a jar wherever I travel too. Would love to try some Canadian honey!

  77. yum! blueberry maple syrup? sign me up!

  78. Sweet! I’d love a taste of the Canadian life!

  79. A giveaway win would put such a nice ending on my awful week. Your blog always makes me smile & I am seriously in love with your protein bars – I make them every week!!

  80. What an awesome giveaway – thanks! Love your blog too!

    While I didn’t always get as much sleep as I wanted, this challenge definitely brought attention to how much better I feel when I do!

  81. Fabulous giveaway! I wish I could get more sleep – the joys of children!!!

  82. I just discovered your blog so I’m glad this is open to everyone! I have been making it a point to get to bed early this year though, because I can work in longer runs in the morning if I just get off my butt earlier!

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