Sweet and Savoury

Aaaaand I’m back! ;) Contrary to popular belief, healthy living bloggers are not super-human. That includes ditching my nightly rambles for SLEEP. And to pack a day’s worth of food and a gym bag (which, bytheway, takes close to 30 minutes each night).

You didn’t miss much yesterday, except for possibly the best turkey burger I’ve ever had at a place called Relish. However, I’m not upset this went un-photo-documented. Just gives me an excuse to go back!

I did take a picture of a pretty tasty bar yesterday…

I had a Nature’s Path Optimum peanut butter bar with a couple boiled eggs for breakfast.

Nutrition info is here. Paired with the eggs, it made for another filling and “balanced” breakfast. I haven’t been overly impressed with these Optimum bars in the past, but this flavour was really good. Would definitely buy it again :)

Okay, now on to present day! Fun fact: I went to the gym before work Monday to Friday this week. I usually take a day off, or do a DVD somewhere in there. But since I’m out of town doing personal training classes all weekend, I wanted to get my harder workouts out of the way. I usually like to take a rest day every three days, so my body is definitely feeling tired today! Getting close to 8 hours of sleep every night helps though ;)

Warm-up: 20 minutes on the treadmill. I don’t feel like typing it out. I started slow, then got fast, then got slower, then got faster. Intervals.


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Front squat push-press  30 lbs 10 3
Good morning 50 lbs 10 3
Barbell squat  50 lbs 10 3
Barbell bent-over row  40 lbs 10 3
Incline push-up bodyweight 10 3
Assisted pull-up  75 lbs 10 3
Dumbbell bench press  20 lb dumbbells 10 3
Dumbbell lunge 15 lbs each hand 10 each leg 3
Dumbbell shoulder press  15 lb dumbbells 10 3
Barbell preacher curl 20-30 lbs 10 3
Dumbbell tricep extension 15 lbs 10 3
Plank  bodyweight 1 min 2
Hamstring curl on ball bodyweight 10 2
Prone jackknife  bodyweight 10 2

As you can probably tell, it was a full-body weight lifting day. My “DOMS” is not so “delayed” today – I can already feel my hamstrings!

I had a full morning of meetings at work today, so I chowed down before taking off.

Nothing new here – cottage cheese, maple extract, cashew butter, frozen berries, Grape Nuts.  The cleaning lady nearly gagged when she saw me eating cottage cheese for breakfast. Don’t knock it till you try it!

I had the most delicious sandwich waiting for me after emerging from the conference room.

Maple smoked salmon, laughing cow cheese and blueberry jam. The maple flavour in the salmon is really strong, and it was awesome with the jam. I’m having fun with all these sweet/savoury pairings!

Polished off with probably my favourite apple of all time.

The aptly named red delicious.

Remember Fatty February? Well it’s still in full swing!

Having just two hardboiled eggs every day has helped with increasing my fat a lot, plus, they’re mega filling. The full-fat cheese doesn’t hurt either ;)

I recreated my nut-butter chicken for dinner tonight.


Except tonight, I stuffed it with bacon peanut butter.


Sosososo good. Kind of another sweet/savoury combo. I love how salty the bacon makes the peanut butter!

Dessert was a vitamin.

Well, technically a mineral. I can’t do horse pills, but I also wanted something a little better than the aspartame tablets I got last time.

I’m okay with it because they’re so small.

And not that bad tasting either! For those of you who’ve recommended online stores in my quest for my vitamins, thank you! However, I have a strict no buying food products online rule. This is mostly because shipping to Canada is bananas. I spend enough on food that I don’t want to get into the habit of spending even more online. Plus, I’m old-fashioned. I like to be able to touch something before I purchase it.

Also bought:


This has helped my eczema in the past, so I’m praying for a miracle. My skin has gotten much worse over the last few weeks, including new red spots on my legs, eczema on my arms, and what looks like hives. This on top of daily baby oil, shea butter, calamine lotion and anti-histamines. I know, I need to go to a doctor. I need like a magical fairy god-doctor or something. I love that I can go to the doctor for free. I don’t love that I can’t make an appointment with one because there are so few of them around here.

Anyways, this weekend is my second and last weekend of personal trainer classes. I’m commuting about an hour to another city on Saturday and Sunday for them. I believe this weekend will include fitness testing and more mock training including creating our own training plans. Not gonna lie, I’m frightened! I need to find some training confidence stat. It would be so much easier if I could practice on non-experts instead of my fellow trainers!!


Well, that should be enough to make up for two days of random rambles. I will be back tomorrow, maybe with my fitness test results. Wish me luck!!


Question of the day: What’s your favourite sweet/savoury combo? I think turkey and cranberry sauce are made to be together. Apples and cheese are another good one!

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  1. Look at all the workouts you do. That should be a confidence booster right there. You know your stuff lady. You got this!!! :)

  2. As far as your skin goes, you’ve ruled out allergies, right? I have horribly sensitive skin, and everything from new soaps to shampoos to detergent have set off hives. I also have keloid scarring, which means that whenever I get bug bites, etc., I’m left with big ol’ marks on my skin. Pah.

    • No, I haven’t ruled out allergies! I’ve had a general allergy testing, and the only thing that popped up was grass. I’ve always had sensitive skin and eczema, but could handle it until now. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even have time to experiment anymore, because I can see it getting worse by the day :(

      • Oof, poor skin! Though, if you haven’t recently switched to any new soaps, lotions, etc., it’s probably nothing along those lines. Blergh, I hope the hydrocortisone cream works for you! If it doesn’t though, you may want to ask a doctor (should you see one) for Triamcinolone Actonide creme; this is what was prescribed to me for my allergic skin.

      • eczema is an allergy! you should be using unscented everything: detergent, soap, lotion, etc.

  3. You’re gunna do great this weekend! I have not a doubt in my mind =)

    On first look I totally thought that the sandwich from lunch was going to be a PB & J and when I saw maple salmon as the first ingredient, I thought it was a PB, J, & maple salmon sandwich. I don’t really think that peanut butter and salmon sounds very appetizing though lol

    Good luck this weekend!
    Nicole G

  4. You know I’ve tried cottage cheese and didn’t like it BUT I still won’t knock you or anyone else who loves it.

    It looks like you do most if not all your weight lifting with dumbells or barbells. As a trainer is it your philosophy that machines aren’t as beneficial for weight lifting? I don’t believe in machines myself, just curious as a trainer what you would be recommending.

    • I think weight machines are a good place to start, but much prefer free weights. They require your stabilizing muscles to kick into gear, and mimic real-life movements a little more. Also, I think you can sometimes be worse off on a weight machine that’s adjusted improperly than doing free weights with bad form. But hey, lifting on a machine is better than not lifting at all!

  5. I don’t know a lot about health care in Canada except for the fact that you don’t pay for it. So it’s really tough to get an appointment if you are sick? ugh, that must be really frustrating. What is your overall view of the Canadian health system?

    Have fun taking your class this weekend! I just got my CPR/AED certification and really loved the class.

    • It’s not so bad if you already have a file with a doctor. But there’s a long wait list in my city to get one, so my only option is after hours clinics. It’s worse for things like check-ups and pap-smears, because they don’t happen if you don’t have a doctor. I know a lot of women my age who can’t get in for pap tests :(

      I saw the CPR post! It must have been so fun to be with other trainers. I feel like I need a refresher course already…

  6. That bacon PB sounds genius! My fave sweet/savoury is brie + apple. so good!

  7. Ah, sorry to hear you’re having skin troubles. As a fellow sufferer of eczema, I feel your (itchy and dry) pain. Cortisone has always been the number one solution to any break-out or allergic reaction I’ve had in the past. Good luck!

    Peanut butter, bacon, and chicken? Holy. Freakin’. Smokes. That sounds alluring, innovative, and insanely delicious.

    Thank you for posting the specific strength training exercises you do, I’m having trouble coming up with new routines. I’ll be drawing inspiration from your workout chart for my visit to the gym tomorrow!

  8. wait.. shit.. we aren’t super human?! i better take that off my resume! ;) “I don’t feel like typing it out. I started slow, then got fast, then got slower, then got faster. Intervals.” i LOLed. and youve cranked savory/sweet up like 10 notches with that sandwich!! i love my daily calcium tootsie rolllll.. oh, i mean chew. fave sweet and savory oh man.. i like so many.. have you ever had chocolate covered potato chips? those are good. wait, no, chocolate covered pretzels! and i love sweet/savory eggs thanks to ellie.. oh geez. i cant pick. GOOD LUCK!

  9. Wishing you the best of luck this weekend dear..
    Im really looking forward to hearing about how the fitness assessment goes..
    I’m sure you’ll be awesome..
    Sweet and savoury..Hmmm..I like sweet/salt popcorn..?
    Im more of a savoury person though so don’t like to
    contaminate the good savoury stuff with sweetness.. :)

  10. Nut butter chicken sounds yum! i might try that next week! im a big fan of sweet and savoury things together! Lovely eats! Have a great weekend! :)

  11. I love savoury & sweet combos! My faves have to be chocolate or peanut butter pretzels, but caramel corn and any cheese/jam combo is amazing!


  12. Ok we might be twins.. you listed my two fav sweet/savory combos! I also love fruit salsas (Like mango) with blackened shirmp or chicken!

    I also have eczema (and live in Canada so have access to similar products) and had trouble finding anything that helped. Until this stuff: http://www.spectroskincare.com/eczema_skin_care_product.aspx

    Changed everything! Helped so much with the redness/inflammation and pain especially.

    I also like this stuff for the dry/itchy aspects:

    Good luck at your course

    • Thank you for the suggestions Jen! I use herbacin on my hands and love it… and I actually was thisclose to buying the spectro body wash for eczema but was scared to waste $20 on it. Spectro gel is the only stuff I use on my face though, so I’m sot surprised their other products are fantastic too ;)

  13. Could you do a post on this pretty please?….

    if one was going to buy a few workout items for home (cheap hopefully!)

    what kind of free weights do you recommend and at what weights/how many?

    what else-a balance ball?

    Would be awesome to know if one could use above items to cover strength training(and abs) at HOME,cause I can’t afford a gym…

    Would be SUPER GRATEFUL for a post with advice/tips/what to do!

    Thanks if possible.I would be happy if I knew I could get enough strength training in for all body parts at home somehow with free weights….


  14. I’m so afraid to try cottage cheese, but the way you made it looks so good that I think I will try it! :)

  15. Susan, I am beginning to think you might have a food allergy or intolerance. Have you looked into specific food testing? There is a test called ALCAT that I had looked into a few years ago: http://www.alcat.com/

    Might be worth it, unless you just want to try challenge testing yourself over the next few months.

    I laughed when I saw the jackknives in your work out – I will never do those again. My most detested NROLW exercise LOL!

    Sweet and savory combos? Pretzels and dark chocolate, caramel and cheese popcorn (addiction), turkey/cheese/cranberry sauce sammies (with stuffing, please). Yum.

    • Hey Lori! I went to an allergy clinic last year and got poked a gazillion times with every food extract they had on hand. Oddly enough, they only thing that popped up was part of the “control” substances, I broke out into hives with the grass needle.It’s possible it could be food related, but I don’t want to post pictures of it to gross anyone out. If anything, it looks more like a dry skin infection. I’ve been experimenting with soaps, detergent and even clothing/bedding materials. I’m almost scared I may be allergic to my sweat from working out so much!

  16. Good to know about the bar.. I’ve been disappointed with other flavors by them too!

    And thanks for the info on that cream.. my eczema has gotten so bad lately.. it’s taking over my whole leg!

  17. You’ll do great at your training- you’ll get all psyched and rock it sister, I just know it.

    Sweet/savory (savoury!): KETTLECORN!! :-)

  18. Good luck on your fitness test!

    I’m really into sweet/savory right now- I love tempeh sandwiches with laughing cow, spinach and raspberry jam. So good. :)

  19. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Apple and cheese never lets me down, but fall definitely means turkey and cranberry sandwich time!

  20. Oh, Susan….salmon, jam, and laughing cow cheese?

  21. Sweet + savoury is my favourite way to eat (<- 2 British spellings in one sentence!). I think that cheddar cheese and jam make a great combo, salty nut butter with fruit, turkey and cranberry, roast chicken and applesauce, curried chicken salad with dried apricots, goats cheese and strawberries…should I stop now?!

    Feel free to come train me a.n.y.t.i.m.e. My trainer is going to Canada this weekend! Ha, trade places!

  22. Maple extract?!?! How was that? That sounds AMAZING!!!

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