Workout Skeds

So how is everyone sleeping?? Happy to hear so many of you are up for a sleep challenge! So here’s how it’s going to work: make a concerted effort to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night (or, really, whatever works for you, this is a general number), keep track of your hours, then I’ll ask for the hours on Monday. I’ll then take all the comments from those who participated and draw a random winner and some them something fun! So you’re not reeeeally winning based on total hours of sleep, I just want to know you tried!

I also want to add how thoroughly impressed I am that so many of my readers already get close to 8 hours of sleep a night. I used to be one of those people who could sleep 10 hours a night no problem (actually, I did for a month the semester my professors went on strike…) Somewhere along the way it became a lot more difficult to sleep in, especially past that 7am mark. Ugh.

I unplugged by 9:30 last night and had my lights out by 9:50. I then woke up naturally at 5:25am – five minutes before my alarm! This morning I did some upper-body weight lifting and cardio intervals at the gym. Usually, my upper-body day is a heavy weight day, but today I went down in weights to focus on my form.

Started with elliptical sprint intervals for my warm-up. I’ve been playing around with recovery time, and have a routine now that’s a booty-kicker.


Minutes Level Effort
3 10 Easy
2 14 Easy
1 18 Sprint
2 14 Recovery
1 18 Sprint
1.5 14 Recovery
1 18 Sprint
1 14 Recovery
1 18 Sprint
0.5 14 Recovery
1 18 Sprint
1 14 Recovery
1 18 Sprint
1.5 14 Recovery
1 18 Sprint
2 14 Recovery


Exercise Reps Weight
Wide-grip lat pulldown  12 45 lbs
Seated cable row  12 40 lbs
Wide-grip lat pulldown  8 55 lbs
Seated cable row  8 50 lbs
Wide-grip lat pulldown  6 65 lbs
Seated cable row  6 60 lbs
Wide-grip lat pulldown  10 45 lbs
Seated cable row  10 40 lbs


Exercise Reps Weight
Dumbbell bench press  12 17.5 lb dumbbells
Standing cable fly 12 10 lbs each hand
Dumbbell bench press  8 20 lb dumbbells
Standing cable fly 8 12.5 lbs each hand
Dumbbell bench press  6 22.5 lb dumbbells
Standing cable fly 6 15 lbs each hand
Dumbbell bench press  10 17.5 lb dumbbells
Standing cable fly 10 10 lbs each hand


Exercise Reps Weight
Arnold press  12 12.5 lb dumbbells
Barbell upright row  12 20 lb barbell
Arnold press  8 15 lb dumbbells
Barbell upright row  8 20 lb barbell
Arnold press  6 17.5 lb dumbbells
Barbell upright row  6 30 lb barbell
Arnold press  10 12.5 lb dumbbells
Barbell upright row  10 20 lb barbell

Biceps – Alternating Sets

Exercise Reps Weight Sets
Barbell bicep curl 12 20 lbs 3
Incline curl  12 10 lb dumbbells 3

Triceps – Alternating Sets

Exercise Reps Weight Sets
Skull crusher  12 20 lbs 3
Forward tricep extension  12 20 lbs 3

Finished off with 10 minutes on the stepmill and a 90 second plank. My personal training coach is an anti-crunch person much like myself. I’ve always been of the belief that you stabilize yourself with your abs in all your weight lifting moves, so hurting your back by doing a gazillion crunches isn’t really helping the cause. But I do think it’s important to have a strong core, and a little plank work never hurts ;)

Also, I have to add that I was analyzing the form of those around me in the weight area (no one at my gym is safe now!). Surprisingly, the people in the free-weight area were near-perfect, but there were some serious offenders on the cable machines! Oh gosh. It’s actually scary to see how people move with the cable pulleys and have no control over the movement. One guy was definitely hurting his shoulder doing tricep pushdowns, which shouldn’t be the case at all.

Okay, okay, rambling over. Photos!

I remembered my iced coffee this morning. Bonus.


Cottage cheese, yogurt, protein powder, maple extract, cinnamon, frozen berries, cashew butter, Grape Nuts. Got that?

It’s my favourite breakfast these days :)

Cherry dark chocolate protein bars are on the outs.

I have a fun new batch setting in the fridge as I type. Think marshmallow squares ;)

Gigantor salad for lunch.

Same mix as last night! Except with my fave new dressing – watered down hummus.

And I maaay have picked up a little treat so I can have lunch desserts at the office.

I ate two, gotta get the most out of that bag!

They’re no Mini Eggs, but still okay. What is it about Mini Eggs that makes them so magical??

Afternoon snack was something different:

Mini bagels! Two of them are only 160 calories, and I stuffed a little Yves veggie ham in there for a protein boost.

For some reason I was super excited to make this for dinner tonight:

Smoked salmon omelette. Maple smoked salmon to be exact. Ohman, I can’t make any of the local sugar bush events this year :( I lovelovelove anything maple!

Speaking of my insatiable sweet tooth, more chocolate followed dinner.

President’s Choice European Dark. It’s okay. I’m a Lindt girl.

Oh! And before I forget, Janetha asked me if I have a workout schedule. The answer to that is no, but I do tend to do the same things. This is what it generally looks like:

Monday: 60 minute spin class
Tuesday: Heavy upper-body weight lifting with HIIT
Wednesday: 50-60 minutes running
Thursday: Rest day or cardio machines (not treadmill)
Friday: Full-body lifting, medium weights
Saturday: Cardio class (like step) or cardio machines (if I miss a class)
Sunday: rest day

Really, the only things that typically stay the same are Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and sometimes I’ll swap out a DVD on Fridays if I’m out late the night before. I try to balance it out so my arms and legs get to rest a little in-between workouts. While I only have two lifting workouts, my cardio machine and cardio class days always involve a little resistance training. However, it seems what with travel and life, I can’t seem to stick to just one schedule! I’m notorious for changing up proper training schedules. Actually, I don’t think I even followed one for my triathlon :\ Meh, I like to fly by the seat of my pants ;)


Question of the Day: Do you follow a workout schedule or take it day by day? My schedule gets a little more complicated in the summer when I try to coincide my outdoor runs and biking with the unreliable weather. Maybe I’ll try running in the rain this summer. Maybe. :P

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  1. oh! i hope i’m not the person over on the cables that is doing everything wrong hahaha

    i doo have a workout routine only because it fits into my schedule and the classes (aka spin haha) that i take at the gym :)

  2. It’s great that you pre make your meals! Such a great idea. I don’t use a workout schedule, except for I have planned milage for the day.

  3. Unless I have a play date (like with Girl Hero Jenn doing Kettlebells) I totally wing it. Usually it’s based on what is NOT sore from DOMS. And what sort of cardio I feel like. I go thru phases where I’m a class whore. Then I go through phases where I work out on our garage-sale-bought home equipment. Or the stairs. or jump roping. So random.

    Thanks for the sleep push. I’m really trying!

  4. Can you do a little PT explanation on the cable machine? I use this a lot and hope I am doing it right!

    I am fairly set in my workout routines. MFW are lifting days. TTHS are cardio days. Sunday is rest day. The cardio I do on those days will vary depending on the time of year. Lifting for now is total body 3 times a week, but I might do splits later this year.

    That was an interesting lifting session. Sort of a combined pyramid superset thing.

    • Yeah, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do pyramids or supersets, so I did both! :P It wasn’t as tough as it sounds though because I decreased my usual weights for the most part.

      A how-to cable post would be awesome! Hmm…I’ll start working on it :)

  5. Another great strength training workout. I don’t really have a set schedule either, though I do something everyday and typically take Sunday’s off. Running in the rain is great, when it’s decently warm outside!!

  6. OHH a sleeping challenge. I hope I can start keeping track! I follow a workout schedule. The cross country coach here at SEMO tells me what workouts to do and mileage and so every 2 weeks I have planned out at a time. I hope to walk on the cross country team next year!

  7. I’m totally with you on the abs! I never used to believe people who told me that.. but I’m seriously getting a six pack now without a ton of ab work.. deadlifts and squats kill them! LOL

  8. Oh man, I’m sort of anal about my planning and my workout schedule. I plan it out every weekend in Google calendar. Since I’m doing NROL4W, I “need” to lift 3x per week on nonconsecutive days. I also have a weekly 3-mile running date with my friend, and 3-4x per week I walk/run with my dog (varying the intensity based on how I feel). I also like to have one complete rest day. I do better when I have something “telling me what to do” when it comes to working out. I’m starting my half-mary training soon, so it’ll all change…phew!!

    • When is your half-marathon again? Mine’s in September and I need to start thinking about training too… But the weather is still too shitty! :P

  9. I follow a schedule in terms of days to do whatever but for the workout I only keep to the actual plan on the long days. The short days I change it up as it comes.
    Do I really have to go to bed in an hour? Why did I agree to this challenge :-)

  10. hey suga!!
    thank you so much for your awesome comment! it so made me SMILE!! i typically follow a schedule-i thrive on schedules! Okay im so going to get some GOOD sleep tonight for YOU!! (and me of course :) )

  11. I like to follow a schedule! At least in so much as I know what kind of workout I’m going to do everyday. It keeps me accountable! :)

  12. fattiefatterton

    I have tried so hard to make a schedule and stick to it, but I just can’t. I have to go with how I feel that day.

  13. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Salmon omlette?! Swoooooooon. I usually only have a workout schedule when I’m training for something specific. Right now I am in between events and I’m just putzing around at the gym. I try to have a couple of run days and a couple of cross train days with some strength training mixed in there

  14. thanks for answering my Q! geez, finally.. hahah.. i kid! but really i am glad you answered it and i like the way you work out. you know i do 3 HIIT and 3 weight days a week!

    that workout up there is KILLER.

    crap, it is 10 PM.. i gotta get to bed!

  15. Definitely up for a sleep challenge! Though I have two assignments due within the next couple of days so I better get moving on them if I actually want to get some sleep. ;) I downloaded the Sleep Cycle app for my new iPhone so I will easily be able to track my sleep that way.

    I have tried and tried to do workout schedules, but it just never works for me. Sometimes I want to take an extra rest day, sometimes I am in the mood for hardcore cardio instead of weights, that sorta thing. Day by day works best for me – less pressure to feel like I should be doing more. Because half an hour of intense cardio is better than nothing.

  16. i hate crunches! i can’t do them properly so figure it wont work anyway! haha! omelette sounds good, i’ve been craving eggs lately! xx

  17. sleep challenge. i need to be in bed right now! I love that you’re doing this!
    and marshmallow squares…oh girl, rice krispy treats are my FAVE but havent had em in years….

  18. Those mini bagles are more cute than most new born babies!! :)

    My gym routine is so ridiculously BORING..
    I run 3.5 miles each day during the week
    and then do yoga at weekends…
    Im trying really hard to just ENJOY exercise though
    rather than just over-doing it for pure vanity etc..
    ..and i’ve actually found that now my goal is to ‘strengthen my core’ (both mentally and physically)
    though my workouts are short i get SO MUCH MORE out of them..
    I feel like a tank of a woman! :) …and actually have a crazy smile on my face when im on the treadmill..


  19. I used to be SUCH a schedule girl! Now I take it day-by-day, according to weather and how I’m feeling. Lately it has been something like Strength Yoga/Run/Easy Yoga/Run/Power yoga/Run/Rest =D

  20. I don’t have a real schedule. I usually kickbox Tues. or Thurs. or both. Some weeks I spin either on Mon. or Wed. I fit in some lifting in between class days. If the weather is nice I like to walk or jog outside.

  21. I follow a schedule but will switch things up if needed. Like this week. I can’t hit up my favorite Saturday spin class because of our church service project that is all day. So I am doing different workouts on Thur and Fri to still fit in my favorite workouts. It helps me to have a basic schedule to keep my workouts balanced but understand I have to be flexible with it. And I am ALWAYS checking out other peoples’ form!

  22. Mini Eggs!!! I bought chocolate easter eggs home from england for the boy and me and one was a mini eggs one. Love. Does Canada also have proper easter eggs (large hollow chocolate shells with accompanying candy)? I feel like Canada would….

    Anyway! Janetha is going to love all the mini stuff in this post…

    I definitely try and keep to a schedule of sorts if I’m training for as running race. It keeps me on track – otherwise I am more flexible but I need some sort of structure otherwise I’ll do nothing!

  23. I, to this day, cannot fathom how some people just simply wake up early! It’s like a foreign concept to me, even though I would really like to be one of those people. Every day of my life, even when I was really little, has been a struggle to wake up. I can go to bed at 8:00 PM and will still have to use an alarm to get me up by 9:30.

    I actually think my body needs MORE than 8 hours sleep on average, so I’ve been aiming for 9 (and usually get it, because I’ll do anything I need to do to get to my favorite part of the day!)

    And, AMEN to the crunches thing! ….though I still do them occasionally anyways, for good measure.

    • I used to be JUST like that! I wasn’t joking when I said I slept 10 hours a night for a month straight. AND I would take naps on top of that just because I had the free time and could! I swear it just changed overnight too. After Christmas break last year, my natural waking time got earlier and earlier and now it’s stuck at 7am. Strange.

  24. I am pretty sure that my form is terrible in the gym! I see the pictures on machines of what muscles are supposed to be used, and am like, “huh? then why am I feeling it in my calves instead of quads?” Gah. Wish you were here, lol. Have you used the quad machine that you lean over and lift your leg back with the weight on top of it? I like it because it’s like a ballet move, but it hurts my calfs so I know I am doing it wrong.

    Workout schedule… I have two plans. Both start with 25 mins cardio (1 day is bike + rowing, 1 day is wave machine + elliptical) then 1 day lower body, 1 day upper body. I just rotate the days…yet to take a rest day. Crunches both days (LOVE them!)- one day on the floor and one day on a balance ball :) I think I need to ramp up my cardio. I am still lifting pretty light weights and read about everyone doing like 60 mins of cardio…(haha, was just writing this and got an email from Janetha that my elliptical routine is the same as HIIT so now I feel okay with a shorter time!)

    • Make sure you’re not pushing with your toes/balls of your feet, you should be pushing just as much force out through your heel/back of foot. Let me know if that helps! It may be an adjustment thing on the machine too…

      Now go take a rest day! :P

  25. I am definitely a schedule-type person. Hello, Type A! haha
    But I often have trouble sticking to my workout schedules because of “life” so I just re-work my schedule every weekend, to acknowledge “life” activities in the upcoming week.

    It normally works really well, however, I’ve been getting my booty handed to me by multiple ear infections and now a cold, this winter.


    I’m ready for spring and less sickness! LOL

  26. I have a schedule for everything…it will be the death of me for sure.

  27. I would have slept great if Niko didn’t always wake me up. I don’t have the heart to make her sleep outside the bedroom though! Between the cat at my shoulders, the dog and my knees, and the husband on my other side, it’s seriously a sauna in there. Me no likey…
    Awesome workout (as always!)
    I follow a schedule for my running, but for other cardio and lifting, it’s just a loose schedule. I try to either do full body 2-3 x’s a week, or upper twice and lower twice.

  28. I have a general schedule like you – but Im more flexible on some days than others! I love mini eggs!

  29. I usually take it day by day but I try to fit in at least 3 weight routines and 3 cardio x x

  30. I don’t have an exact work out schedule either but I tend to do the same thing most weeks too.

    Mini eggs ARE the best huh?

    Is there a reason that you do upper body only one day a week instead of spreading it out more? How long does it take to do that whole work out?

    • Hey Kelly! Technically, I do 2-3 upper-body workouts a week, since it’s also included in full-body days. But I have bad hips and they can’t handle lower-body stuff three days a week on top of all the cardio I do, so upper-body it is! I want to bulk up anyways ;) My weight workouts are long because I usually tack on HIIT, close to 80 minutes. The lifting itself is only 40-45 minutes.

  31. Just wanted to say thanks, Susan!
    I needed an upper body workout and was pressed for time in creating one, so I used the one above.
    I’ve never done pyramids. Holy crap.

    It was an awesome workout! I have a feeling my hands/arms will be shaking when I’m holding my pen at work tomorrow. LOL

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