Trainer Training

Hiiii!!! How is everyone doing? Good weekends I hope! I haven’t opened my Google Reader since Wednesday I think, so I legitimately do not know :( I’ll be catching up soon!

My brain is officially full.


I learned so much this weekend!! Well, mostly just built upon the small knowledge base that I had, on top of elaborating on and putting things into practice. Fun and fascinating stuff you guys.

I slept 8.5 hours last night. My Grammie and Grampie go to bed at 8:30pm, which is very good for my sleep schedule!

Perhaps their sleep schedule is why they can also get away with drinking half-caf coffee. Um, not for me. I had a cup, then snuck off to get 16 more ounces of the full-caf variety.


Much bettah. I got the regular coffee with a little milk. For the record, McDonalds has the best drive-thru coffee. Especially in Canada, where everyone is Tim Horton’s obsessed. Don’t ever go to Robin’s. Just don’t do it.

I walked into the gym today with a bag full of snacks and goodies. I ate it all over the course of the day!

Morning snack was half that Clif Builder’s Bar (fudge flavour I think? Best kind I’ve had yet anyway). Lunch was that orange, three rye crackers, tuna and peanut butter. Tuna and peanut butter were eaten separately, even though I really wanted to combine them. Afternoon snack was in two parts – Peanut Butter Chocolate Simply Bar with applesauce then a red delicious apple with beef jerky.

Today we went through all the body’s muscles, and learned more about proper body mechanics and alignment. We then spent a good chunk of the day out on the gym floor learning how to spot and ensure proper form for most exercises. The take home points for me were that your shoulders should always be down and back and your core should always be braced (like someone is about to punch you.) It will keep you from hurting your back and will ensure you’re actually working the muscles you’re targeting. It’s crazy how changing your form by just an inch can work a whole new set of muscles.

Also made me realize that in my own workouts, I need to be more conscious of what muscles I’m working, and perhaps even go down in weight so I’m not using force in my other muscles to complete the rep. I can see the benefit of having a personal trainer, because we may never know we’re doing something wrong until we have an extra set of eyes on us. On the flipside, I definitely need to practice working out with people so I can look at them and analyze their movements.

See, I told you, interesting stuff!! :P

We were out of there early, so I was back at my apartment by 5 o’clock! I’m definitely commuting next weekend. A lot of people who live around here drive the hour on the highway twice a day for work. I don’t know how they do it. Especially in the winter when the roads are bad…

My fridge is absolutely bare, but I still managed a really good, unphotogenic dinner.


I thawed out two hamburgers from the freezer, and crumbled them up in a frying pan with onion and garlic. Then added some frozen spinach, tomato sauce and a can of Heinz chili style beans:

I love these beans!!! It’s dark and red kidney beans with a white bean (navy?) with hot peppers and spices. I haven’t actually used it in a chili, but it’s fabulous in random dishes such as this one…

I put half the mix on top of a baked sweet potato and put salsa on after the picture was taken. Yum!


Well that’s all from me tonight. I have a lot to do to prepare for the busy week ahead. I’ll be back Monday with a look at my monthly goals – I have a good feeling about them this week! :)


Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend? Just in case I have to do “mark as all read” in my Reader. My highlight was doing mock training today, or going out to dinner with an old friend last night :)


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  1. I bought a professional flatiron for my hair. My life is now complete. I don’t need anything else. You were right, it’s life-changing!

  2. That sounds like an awesome time. Thanks for sharing the “key points”. I’m gonna pass that on to my mama since she’s all about the weight training at ze gym.

  3. Wish you lived closer so you could spot my form for me! I would be your guinea pig for sure :D
    Thanks for those tips.

    Highlight of my weekend was the 31 mile bike ride – yahoo!

  4. Sounds like you learned a lot! I got a new cookbook and read it ALL in a day, love it =D


  5. Amazing eats and pics, girl!
    Good luck with your studies :)
    Have a great week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  6. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog, I’m from Moncton although I’m now living in Houston, TX! Sounds like the training course would be fun, good luck with it all!

    Highlight of my weekend was going to see the Beach Boys in concert – a dream come true!

  7. I love love love the combination of sweet potato and salsa, I don’t know what it is- it just works haha.

    I love the 8:30 bedtime of your grandparents, I could seriously work with that haha.

    Glad the PT classes were good and you learned a lot. Your snack/lunch bag looks like mine going to work every day.

  8. I got a new mattress! Hopefully I will start sleeping better tonight :)
    Sounds like your weekend and training was successful. Cherish those times with the grandparents :) I only have one grandma left.

  9. I went to a fun wedding last night on a vineyard, and this morning we went out to breakfast and I had an amazing egg white scramble with asparagus, tomatoes, turkey sausage, and delicious crispy potatoes. Semi healthy, semi indulgent, and SO good.

  10. Picking up my wedding band was a pretty big highlight of my weekend!

  11. highlight of weekend-just hangin w. the fam!
    what a fun weekend you had! SO agreed about Mcds!! BEST coffee!

  12. Glad you’re learning a lot! I love anatomy and biochem and all that nerdy stuff :D

    Highlight of my weekend was setting a PR for running!

  13. Highlight was breakfast this morning and then sleeping the day away after poker all night :-)

  14. REALLY great to hear about what you have been learning! thanks for sharing :) you havent missed much in my neck of the woods. i think my weekend highlight was the almond joy cookie bars i baked.. oh! and i BBQed for the first time of the year! love you susan, hope you have a GREAT week!

  15. Your ‘unphotogenic’ dinner looked scrumptious. At first I thought it was some chocolate concoction …I WISH!

    Highlight of weekend would have been Kettlebells on the beach with awesome bloggie friend GirlHero Jenn. And catching up on reader. I’m down to 2!!!! yay me! Now I just need to write some posts of my own!

  16. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    If you would like to fly down to Phoenix I would be more than happy to let you “mock train” me! The highlight of my weekend was hiking with my fella today!

  17. That dinner might be unphotogenic but it sounds so good! xxx

  18. mark all as read is a very good thing and i am going to start doing it more and commenting less…I just have to. I have blogger besties,and blogger mediums and blogger why am i even leaving this comment….and you’re so right, mark all as read and be done! and you’re a blogger bestie, of course :)

  19. I’m not sure what the highlight of my weekend was. I was ridiculously lazy.

  20. What a jam packed and awesome day! I’m pretty sure I have terrible form when I do exercises so this is interesting stuff to me!

    And for the record, bowls of hodge podge food like that always look unbelievably delicious to me!

    Highlight of my weekend? RELAXING after my crazy two weeks in England. Running in the sunshine and going out for a slap-up birthday dinner with my boy.

  21. I am loving these posts so much… i want to learn all these things! I started strength training officially today- yesterday my trainer showed my how to use the machines and wrote up a program, but today I was solo and VERY aware that I wasn’t using the right muscles/doing things the right way. I need to hunt him down and book another session soon, though I LOVED today’s workout despite my doubts that I would hate strengt training :D

  22. So glad that you had a good weekend! Its really nice to have something to think about other than work, isn’t it!?

    I think the highlight of my weekend was cheering on my boyfriend and some friends in a half marathon yesterday. It was beautiful out and so fun.

  23. Don’t you love taking classes/workshops that you’re genuinely interested in? I don’t mind doing homework when it’s something that I actually enjoy doing. Sounds like you had a great and informative weekend :)

  24. Hey- I thought of you a lot these last couple weeks- you and Emily- I’m getting on board and upping my fats- I went to mex and ate all whole eggs and avocado (all the time) and couldn’t believe the difference (even with the margarita drinking)– so excited for you to be getting that course done- it’s going to be a kick ass new adventure for you training people- you get so, so many funny stories from people!

    • Yay for upping fats! I’m still noticing the difference! Not to mention, the yolk is the tastiest part ;) I have to admit, one of the things I’m most excited about with training is meeting all the different kinds of clients. I bet I’ll get some good characters :P

  25. highlight of the weekend? a trivia tournament on saturday night! so. much. fun.

    i love meals that you throw together super fast but are super delicious – i love the idea of throwing some beans, spinach and tomaters together!

    yay for personal training – if i could afford it, i would definitely have one. if not for helping me get motivated, but for the exact reason you said: to catch all those little things we don’t necessarily see ourselves!

  26. So true about proper alignment. I am actually dealing with some neck/upper back issues right now and in physiotherapy for it and a big part of it was not firing the right muscles when lifting. I have been lifting pretty heavy for several years (New Rules and similar workouts) but this injury is showing me I was not using the right mid back muscles so even though I was lifting heavy, my upper traps were doing all the work and not the lower traps/rhomboids/lats. I have had to take the weight waaay down and almost start from scratch. Kills my ego but it is for the best in the long run.

    I have also taken up yoga and they are always saying put your shoulders down and back and tighten the core, no wonder yoga is so good for alignment!

  27. Um.. no, that totally IS photogenic. I don’t care what you say. I SAY.. as long as you have a good camera and good lighting, anything can be photogenic! :) And full caf totally.
    decaf, half caf… for loooosers. :) totally taking away the whole point. :)

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