Daily Archives: March 21, 2010

Trainer Training

Hiiii!!! How is everyone doing? Good weekends I hope! I haven’t opened my Google Reader since Wednesday I think, so I legitimately do not know :( I’ll be catching up soon!

My brain is officially full.


I learned so much this weekend!! Well, mostly just built upon the small knowledge base that I had, on top of elaborating on and putting things into practice. Fun and fascinating stuff you guys.

I slept 8.5 hours last night. My Grammie and Grampie go to bed at 8:30pm, which is very good for my sleep schedule!

Perhaps their sleep schedule is why they can also get away with drinking half-caf coffee. Um, not for me. I had a cup, then snuck off to get 16 more ounces of the full-caf variety.


Much bettah. I got the regular coffee with a little milk. For the record, McDonalds has the best drive-thru coffee. Especially in Canada, where everyone is Tim Horton’s obsessed. Don’t ever go to Robin’s. Just don’t do it.

I walked into the gym today with a bag full of snacks and goodies. I ate it all over the course of the day!

Morning snack was half that Clif Builder’s Bar (fudge flavour I think? Best kind I’ve had yet anyway). Lunch was that orange, three rye crackers, tuna and peanut butter. Tuna and peanut butter were eaten separately, even though I really wanted to combine them. Afternoon snack was in two parts – Peanut Butter Chocolate Simply Bar with applesauce then a red delicious apple with beef jerky.

Today we went through all the body’s muscles, and learned more about proper body mechanics and alignment. We then spent a good chunk of the day out on the gym floor learning how to spot and ensure proper form for most exercises. The take home points for me were that your shoulders should always be down and back and your core should always be braced (like someone is about to punch you.) It will keep you from hurting your back and will ensure you’re actually working the muscles you’re targeting. It’s crazy how changing your form by just an inch can work a whole new set of muscles.

Also made me realize that in my own workouts, I need to be more conscious of what muscles I’m working, and perhaps even go down in weight so I’m not using force in my other muscles to complete the rep. I can see the benefit of having a personal trainer, because we may never know we’re doing something wrong until we have an extra set of eyes on us. On the flipside, I definitely need to practice working out with people so I can look at them and analyze their movements.

See, I told you, interesting stuff!! :P

We were out of there early, so I was back at my apartment by 5 o’clock! I’m definitely commuting next weekend. A lot of people who live around here drive the hour on the highway twice a day for work. I don’t know how they do it. Especially in the winter when the roads are bad…

My fridge is absolutely bare, but I still managed a really good, unphotogenic dinner.


I thawed out two hamburgers from the freezer, and crumbled them up in a frying pan with onion and garlic. Then added some frozen spinach, tomato sauce and a can of Heinz chili style beans:

I love these beans!!! It’s dark and red kidney beans with a white bean (navy?) with hot peppers and spices. I haven’t actually used it in a chili, but it’s fabulous in random dishes such as this one…

I put half the mix on top of a baked sweet potato and put salsa on after the picture was taken. Yum!


Well that’s all from me tonight. I have a lot to do to prepare for the busy week ahead. I’ll be back Monday with a look at my monthly goals – I have a good feeling about them this week! :)


Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend? Just in case I have to do “mark as all read” in my Reader. My highlight was doing mock training today, or going out to dinner with an old friend last night :)