Back to School

Greetings from Saint John!! A little bit of background about the city – it’s a dank hole. Sorry to any Saint John-ers out there, but let’s be honest with ourselves ;) It’s a smelly port city with a giant oil refinery. It’s my province’s largest city, but also my least favourite.

Since my grandparents don’t have the internet, I am currently blogging from Starbucks.


They told me the first two hours of wifi was free – that better be right!!

So. My personal training class! For those of you with bad short term memories: I’m here for personal training specialist classes with Can-Fit-Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals). The course is available entirely though distance, but it’s strongly suggested that you take the classes. They’re being offered here in Saint John for the next two weekends – so here I am!

These pictures are all taken from the Nubodys website, as there are understandably no cameras allowed in the club.

Nubodys is a chain of Atlantic Canadian gyms that falls under the Goodlife Fitness umbrella (ie my gym!). I of course think my gym in Fredericton is the best, but this one’s pretty nice too ;)

Our class is in a small studio with tables and chairs, etc.

I broke down yesterday and splurged on a bunch of store-bought bars. I didn’t want to bring a cooler to my Grammie and Grampie’s, I’m trying to stress them out as little as possible. My Grammie was downright flabbergasted that I brought my own oatmeal for breakfast!


As per usual, I entered the day armed with snacks. I usually get strange looks for this, but what didn’t occur to me was that everyone in the class would be the same way! At 10am and 3pm we were all digging into our snack bags. One guy was even mixing up protein shakes and had a container of cottage cheese :P

We only had 30 minutes left for lunch, so I was also able to make use of my backup snacks instead of rushing out for Subway for something.

A couple small cans of tuna, a few pieces of rye crackers and an orange. I actually ate an apple with my morning snack, so the orange got pushed over till lunch :)

So! I bet you’re what you’re wondering what the hell we’re doing in that classroom! :P Well, there are about 15 of us, an even split of guys and girls ages 18-35. We have an instructor, or “PRO Trainer” who is essentially going into detail about all the course materials with us.

This weekend will be all about the textbook. So today we went through the training principles, respiratory system, bioenergetics, and muscular and skeletal concepts. Basically all the headache-inducing stuff and it cleared up so much of it for me! Our instructor is super knowledgeable and really keen for us to all have a good understanding of how and why the body works. For example, I learned that the lower back shouldn’t twist or bend backward (ahem! back extension machine!) and I learned sun salutations are pretty much the best way to stretch ever, by combining static and dynamic stretches and hitting all the muscles. Fun!

Next weekend we’ll move on to the practical stuff – including a fitness assessment and determining our VO2 max. Eep.

For the record, I did just have to pay for internet. Stupid Starbucks.

But at least they gave me a grande instead of a tall by accident ;)

A vanilla rooibos tea latte made with skim milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Despite all my snacks today (which included the half a Builder Bar, apple, Simply Bar and beef jerky), I’m starving!!! It is a rest day after all. I’ve been munching on some nuts & fruit. 


I have dinner plans with an old friend in about 30 minutes. She lived on my couch for a few months in university. I’m excited to see her again! After that, it’s back to my grandparent’s place so all of us can make our 9pm bedtime ;) It’s really nice seeing my grandparents, but I’m not entirely comfortable staying with them. I feel like I’m causing them TONS of extra work and stress. Contemplating just commuting the hour drive next weekend… we’ll see!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend and that the weather is gorgeous where you are too :) xoxo


Question of the Day: Have you done any sort of further education? I have an undergraduate degree in Journalism & Communications, and now I’m doing the PTS certification with plans on doing the Nutrition & Wellness certification asap. I lovelovelove learning and was my very happiest as a university student. I think if I won the lottery, I’d spend all my money on taking courses!!

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  1. High five for being snack-armed! That’s our girl!

    I’ve never taken anything beyond my undergraduate degree – partly for financial reasons but also because there’s nothing I really need to do that I could justify spending the moolah on!

  2. As someone who just finished 10 years of university, you might change your mind on that :)

    Hope the class goes well. I taught aerobics (YMCA certified) to help pay for my undergrad!

  3. It sounds like fun! And it kills me that you all went and busted out the mid-morning snacks! lol I totally mix protein shakes at work – then my co-workers stare at me strangely and go “WHAT ARE you drinking!??!” They pretty much think most of my healthful food is strange! :P

    As for further education – I was in University for 9 years so the answer is yes! lol If it weren’t for how expensive it is I’d probably do another degree right now! I have an undergrad and a law degree but I also have completed Intensive French Studies at Laval University in Quebec City, French Language and Civilizations studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, and an International and Comparative Law Summer program through Cornell University and Pantheon-Sorbonne in Paris. I LOVE me some learning! lol

    Oh and I’ve taken culinary classes too! Just because! :)

  4. Glad that things are going well! I’m definitely the same way – I love being in classes and learning. I could travel the world just taking different classes. Right now, I’m working on my Masters of Business Administration. I graduated from undergrad with a BA in English. :)

    Good luck with the rest of the weekend.

  5. glad you are enjoying your class!! I think I’m going to just study the textbook, take a couple of practice exams and take the ACE exam. I have a minor in exercise science from Penn State so I have a little bit of grasp on this stuff already!

  6. oh, and the hour commute is totally not bad! That’s what my commute to work is every single day :)

  7. Looks like so much fun! I love how prepared you are with snacks… I am the same way. I even have a stash of emergency snacks hidden at the bottom of my purse. To be eaten in case of avalanche or nucleur war. Or you know, my bus running late.

    I feel the same way staying with my great aunt and uncle… I LOVE seeing them so much but they have their ways and routines and I feel in the way. An hours commute isn’t too bad- my college commute was more than double! Ack. Don’t recommend that :P

    I have done further education- I qualified as a life coach a few years ago via distance learning, and then took a night class at NYU in advertising copywriting (which I loved so much! That was the happiest few months of my life!)

    I am looking into a distance learning class at the moment. No idea what I want to do…something nutrition related.

  8. Bahaha on the guy who whipped out his protein shake and mixed it up. I’d have sent him to the loony bin if he had separate sachets of xg and gg though, ahem. ;-)

    Boo on Starbucks- there’s too much blood in their caffeine system, that’s the problem.

    Poor Grammie and the oatmeal. Maybe she wanted to spoil you with pancakes or waffles :-)

    After a BS (hahaha) in undergrad, I took a year off and worked in a shoe store for large feet heehee. My Dad later told me he was terrified I would never go back to grad school but I did- got a DDS. Worked many years and then stuart little the sky started falling. I’ll probably eventually go back unless something I end up doing something else??

    You’re such a thoughtful grand-daughter to be worried about causing them stress. I’m sure they love hosting you.

  9. look at you all getting your edumacation on :) i love it! hope you share all the good deets you learn!!

    hahaha i love all the health and fitness freaks who bring their protein shakes and cottage cheese. that would SO be me too for sure!

    enjoy girl!

    i’m back at school getting my masters in public admin (got my bs in finance) blah school. i should be writing my paper right now but somehow i find myself writing this comment instead haha

  10. That sounds cool! How exciting :D And a 1-hour commute is really worth sleeping in your own bed, you know?

    I have so much schooling it isn’t funny. I have a bachelor’s and master’s in music. I have 4 years towards a doctorate in music. I have an associates in animal science, and I did medical transcription training. I love learning, too.

  11. I’m a little addicted to learning too. I’m finishing up my Masters in Social Work. I’m determined to take a long break before pursuing any more schooling.

  12. how funn! i love how motivated you are to learn more! thats ENCOURAGING to someone who IS NOT AT ALL! haha!

  13. Sometimes I wish I could go to school forever, you know have my job be – STUDENT =)

    I’m graduating from undergrad this May and starting law school in the Fall. It should be mightyyy interesting and kind of overwhelming but exciting nonetheless.

    I also understand the scaring your grandparents. I was helping my grandma babysit on Friday and I brought my own breakfast and lunch and I think she thought I was crazy. Luckily (maybe) her memory isn’t so great so she forgot I’m a wierdo after a few minutes ;)

    Good luck the rest of the weekend! I know you’ll make a kick-ass personal trainer!

    Nicole G

  14. I haven’t finished my undergrad yet; I started into culinary school three years in because I realized it was my dream. I DO plan on finishing my nutrition degree in the future, someday. I would also like to get my personal training certification AND nutrition certification in Canada. I love learning!


  15. I’ve done a lot of evening and online classes to try and improve grades and get into grad school. So far, no luck. But one day it will all pay off. I don’t regret it. I do regret not doing so well in school the first time around though.

  16. The class sounds great, I wish there was something like that around here.
    I am going to take a certificiation class in Human Resources within the next year. I would also like to get some sort of Nutrition or Sports Nutrition certification. After receiving my Graduate degree two years ago, I needed a break!

  17. Your class sounds so interesting!

    I just graduated from college in May! I have a degree in Spanish and Secondary Education and a minor in French. I LOVE LOVE LOVE school and I can’t wait to go back from my Masters. However, there are so many choices and I don’t want to choose just yet!

  18. My brother refers to St. John as Stink City. Collectively we are haters. I ‘heart” Freddy and Moncton.

  19. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I haven’t taken anything beyond my undergraduate, mostly because I can’t narrow down a field of study for a masters! I miss school!

  20. I am the perpetual student, getting certifications in everything from lactation to real estate to yoga to master’s degree in psych…and you know i want to get my CPT or ACE or something along those lines too!

  21. If you get a starbucks card and register it online, you should be able to get the two hours for free each day.

    I haven’t done any studying after my bachelor degree but my company offers tuition reimbursement if it is finance related. I would love to go back but time wise, after work and my commute each day and life, I don’t have time.

  22. Im so excited for you about this personal training jazz! I really admire you for honoring and pursuing your passion love..
    Ummm..the idea of a fitness assessment scares the crap outta me!…Is it as scary as it sounds?..A very stupid part of me just assumed that personal trainers being fit was a given and not something anyone bothered to test…I guess it is pretty important though..d’oh!
    You were missed! Tis nice to have you back.. :)

  23. I have done a Nutrition course and am currently doing a personal trainer one too x

  24. awe your grandparents sound cute and i need to use the word flabbergasted more often.

    haha. sorry you had to pay. i liked that interjection.

    school sounds fun! you are learning cool shit that you can use in your own life.. that is the kind of school i like!

    thanks for the reminder that i NEED to get back into school….

  25. I have a bachelor’s in Accounting…plus extra hours in case I want to take the CPA. I’d love to go back to school for something 100% not business related.

  26. I LOVE being in school too! It gives me something to do.. and I know work will be like that too. But idk, I just love it. \ Actually trying to determine whether or not I want to the bachelor’s in management or go somewhere else to do something with culinary. :/ Eek!

    I’m so excited for you Susan! I’m excited to learn new stuff from you too. :) yayy.

    and loving those mini cans of tuna. nom.

  27. Interesting about the sun sal. I never feel as if it’s stretching me particularly well. Maybe it’s just that great of an exercise!

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