Flashback Friday: Beaches and Bikinis

Happeeee weeeeekend!!! I’m actually not all that excited. I have to be at work for 8:45am tomorrow :( Which means I have to be up at 6am to squeeze in some exercise before. Funny how when I was a student I never had days off, but now I’m so spoiled with whole weekends!

Despite only sleeping six hours last night, I was still up and ready for a 6am spin class today. I missed spin on Monday! It put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day. They must put drugs in the air exchange or something. I was glowing walking out of that studio :D

I’d prepped my favourite desk-breakfast for today…


  • 3/4 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 1/3 cup blueberries
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • cinnamon
  • 3 tbsp Grape Nuts cereal

The key is to let the Grape Nuts sit on top of the mix in the fridge overnight, then to stir them in in the morning. That way it’s a little mushy with a little crunch ;)

I’m a texture person. Sorry if this shot makes you gag Janetha (who only likes savoury cottage cheese). And I’m sorry if it also makes any other CC-haters out there gag. Meanwhile, I’m having a love affair with it :)

I was at work at 7:45am today!! That’s super early for my office. I looooove the quiet moments in the morning as I get to sit at my desk and putter through e-mails. Our blooming geranium in the sunlight also made me grin.

I can take no responsibility for this plant. Our cleaning lady is the only one keeping it alive.

I had my usual mid-morning snack of a homemade PB&J protein bar.

I eat one of these everyday. Much cheaper than eating the store-bought variety everyday.

Lunch was leftovers from last night plumped up with extra veggies.

Seeing as I didn’t buy groceries this week, the only green food I had was a bag of frozen brussels sprouts and broccoli. I polished them off with this lunch!

Also in there is quinoa and shrimp that I cooked in vegetable soup. It was good!

It was a gooorgeous day today, sunny and +9 C (48F). I spent a chunk of the afternoon skipping around campus hanging up posters. I even wore flats and a spring jacket! (the college kids were all in shorts of course – that’s still a little much for me).

I came back to another usual snack, eggs + cheese.

This cheese you’ve been seeing is Armstrong smoked cheddar. It’s probably my least favourite of their cheese sticks. It tastes too smoky.

I left work a little early so I could get back in time to show my apartment. I’d come home on my lunch break to tidy up, which is actually an awesome idea. I’m always too tired to clean at night, but coming home to a tidy place at the end of the day is so nice!

Anyways, the first couple who looked at it were so not interested. I think they were expecting a one bedroom. Or maybe a kitchen larger than a broom closet.

The second person however was a single guy in his 20s and he loved it!! He says he’s going to give me a deposit for it next week, so here’s hoping he comes through! My lease goes until September, but I’m moving to Toronto in June, so I need someone to sublet for the remainder of my lease. If he takes it, it will be a major item crossed off my to-do list :D

I was starving when I came home, but didn’t have time for dinner, so I snacked a lot. By the time I was done showing the apartment, I wasn’t hungry for a huge meal anymore. Or in the mood for cooking. Enter my current obsession:

PB + Protein sandwich. On the left is some crunchy peanut butter, on the right is a protein spread made from chocolate protein powder dissolved with water.


Joined together to make a delicious trifecta of carb, protein and fat. YUM. There was an applesauce after this too. Just so you don’t think I ate just a sandwich for dinner!

And I actually had something different for dessert for the first time in weeks! A protein cake.


  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp butternut squash baby food
  • 2 tbsp egg whites

Mixed up in a large mug and nuked for 90 seconds in the microwave. Topped with more PB. Besides protein pudding, this is probably my second-favourite night-time snack. 

Flashback Friday

Yesyes, I did a flashback on Tuesday. This one won’t be as heartfelt, but more like a fun look back :)

Exactly one year ago, I’d just returned from a week in Cuba. It was back in the early blogging days. I did a food recap here, a resort recap here and a Havana recap here. But I thought it would be fun to show some of the pictures that didn’t make it to the blog! 


We stayed in Veradero, that peninsula off in the distance. By far the prettiest beaches I’ve been to, especially in the city.


Cuba is of course known for still driving cars from before the revolution. Always makes for a good photo op wherever you are.

Another thing Cuba is known for….rum.


Ohman you guys. You know I’m a old-fashioned whiskey drinker, but there is nothing like fresh rum made with fresh sugar cane. Put that in some club soda with more fresh cane sugar, fresh lime, and some mint, and you’ve got Susan Heaven.


This photo was taken after trying for ten minutes to figure out how to flush the toilet. A lot of them had these nubby things on the top you had to pull!! Really though, I think it would take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

We also did all the tourist-y things. Like seeing buildings I’d never heard of.


And the dork that I am, I got really excited to see the building that houses Cuba’s Ministry of Communications.


That’s where the Propaganda People are!!

We also gallivanted through the streets of Havana and randomly posed in front of cars that matched what we were wearing.


One thing I will always remember about this Cuba trip (my second time there) is that it was the first time I ever wore a bikini.


Actually, it’s the only time I ever wore a bikini! Shortly after this, I bought a one-piece Roots suit for triathlon training. The bikini shown here is too big for me now! Perhaps I should buy a new one and find an excuse to wear it? Where do Canadians wear bikinis anyways? :P


That’s all for tonight kiddos! I’m off to prepare breakfast (an old favourite) and hit the hay super early so I’m on my a-game for work tomorrow. Have a great start to your weekend!!


Question of the Day: Bikini or one piece? I’m very comfortable in my sport swimsuit, doing my triathlon definitely beat that out of me. But bikinis still make me anxious. I feel like I’m wandering around in my bra and panties :P

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  1. CC haters – psh, they’re missing out! What pretty flowers! They would certainly add a little somethin’-somethin’ to anyone’s day (for the record I totally typed ass instead of add at first, whoops).

    Fingers crossed that guy comes through on his offer! Cuba sounds like an interesting place to go! I’m a bikini girl – Old Navy has good deals on them (aka NOT $40 for just the bottom).

  2. Wow, look at that AWESOME pink car! Love it.

    I used to always be a bikini girl, but as I’m getting older (still not OLD yet haha) I’m starting to move towards tankinis a little more, just to show slightly less skin. It’s a good compromise between the two.

  3. I can’t remember ever really eating cottage cheese, I should try it! I used to wear one pieces on swim team but I wear a bikini if I am swimming for fun. If I am doing laps, I wear a bikini with a one piece over it as I find they dont have much suport up top. I still feel self conscious in a bikini – dont think I have ever felt completely comfortable as I am not too fond of my tummy.

  4. I typically avoid bathing suits at all costs. I don’t like the beach (never did – even as a child!) because sand grosses me out. I end up feeling so self-concious and uncomfortable in any bathing suit that I just don’t wear one.

    Maybe I’ll tackle that this summer. That can be a June/July goal!

    Nicole G

  5. I’m not particularly self conscious about my body, but something about wearing a bikini is so strange to me. Why do we swim in so few clothes? How did the bikini become socially acceptable?

    I never feel comfortable when wearing one.

  6. BIKINI !! WHOOOO! bahaha maybe cause im in college! i love bikinis!! i LOVE SUMMER!! i realized i just sounded like a skank saying how much i love bikinis

  7. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I’m more of a 1 piece gal mostly because I am crazy pale (thanks Irish family) and that’s one less part of me I have to worry about getting sunburned! I do have a couple of bikinis I rock every now and then

  8. I like the bikinis that are little shorts or skirts on the bottom.

  9. Tankini! The last time I wore a bikini was when I was 12!

  10. mmm your homemade protein bars DO sound like the perf snackie :) i’m pretty sure i’m gonna have to check those babies out

    hahaha i love the usual morning gym go-ers and i always wonder what people think about me..

    “the tall psycho girl who’s there rain or shine and looks like satan’s butthole”

    have a great weekend girl :)

  11. Canadians go to Mexico to wear their bikinis- I just saw a bunch there! And Palm Springs.

    bikini for me. My trouble spots are my thighs and there ain’t nothin’ a one-piece can do for that! So bikinis just look better on me.

    Fingers crossed the 20 yr old guy will make a bachelor pad out of your place!

  12. Bikini for fun and nike one piece for mommy and me swim lessons. :)

  13. Your cottage cheese combo sounds really good- I love putting parfaits together the night before with bran flakes so there is a mix of soggy and crunchy. So delish! YAY for finding someone to take over your lease!!!!!

    Pics are gorgeous…looks like an amazing trip.

    I am a one piece gal!

  14. “there is nothing like fresh rum made with fresh sugar cane.”–hellla yeah girl.

    I would love to go to cuba, american’s can’t.

    i am a teeny tiny bikini girl all the way. I feel too hot and covered up in a 1 piece. I mean hello look at all the lame yoga in sports bra pics i post daily. i have a 200 pic stash of pics,and regret im not more coverd in them, but dont regret it enough to actually re-take all those pics :)

    and youre a hottie, get yourself a cute bikini!

  15. It’s always so funny to see pictures of people vacationing in Cuba, because we can’t do that in America (or it’s really hard to get there legally, at any rate).

    I have never owned a 2 piece except when I was about 5. I tried some on before the cruise, but I wasn’t sold on my comfort level. We swim very rarely, anyway. My fear with suits is always them becoming detached from my body!

  16. I am all about the sweet cottage combos – that breakfast looks amazeeee. I love those Cuba pics girl! My fave = you looking gorgeous next to that car!

  17. I love cottage cheese. And grapenuts. I have a feeling I would love your breakfast!!

    And I am ok with bikinis… now. It took me a long time to be comfortable in one, now I think they are more flattering than one-pieces, if it is the right one for your body!


  18. SUSAN!!! I have missed you so much! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve caught up on your blog. Miss you miss you miss you! I have to say, I second the love affair with cottage cheese! But especially the sweet for-breakfast kind! I really don’t even eat it in a savory manner anymore. For some reason that crunchy pb sinking into that soft slice of bread looks amazing, too. Yum yum.

    I used to totally be a bikini girl, but now I am more of a shy, modest short and tank top girl. I need to quit that and bust out the suit! xoxo

  19. Canadians wear bikinis in hot tubs in winter. At least I do!

    I actually usually wear “tankinis” though. I think they are the most flattering. But I’m trying to feel more comfortable in a bikini because I think they are fun and pretty.

  20. I’m not a cottage cheese eater either, but I promise your photos didn’t make me gag :)

    I am a bikini gal. Although when pregnant, totally do the tankini!!!

  21. Amazing pics, Susan!
    I´m sure you´ve had a BLAST in Cuba!
    Delicious eats, too… Loved your PB+Protein sammie!
    Holy YUM!
    Enjoy your weekend, girl!

  22. grape nuts! havent had those in years and years. although the sight of them with cottage cheese had me gagging ;) i just dont get how you all love sweet cottage cheese~ it is so salty!! haha. i know what you mean about some smoked cheese being TOO smokey. hate that. great FBF! i am a bikini gal. love you!

    • Ooooh, that explains part of it!!! I buy low-sodium cottage cheese (about 180mg per serving) so it doesn’t have that salty flavour. It’s a Canadian brand though.

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