A Day in the Life: Part II

5:30 am – Alarm goes off. I once again frantically leap out of bed, wondering where I am, what day it is, and why on earth such noise is blaring before the sun is up.

5:43 am – Guzzle back an iced coffee, wishing I hadn’t run out of both stevia and almond milk. Black iced coffee is not that great. No-grocery week is rough.

6:00 am – Smile at all the regulars. The chick who runs on the treadmill with an army backpack, the grunting man on the elliptical, and even the creepy bald guy who only speaks to women under the age of 25.

6:10 am – Decide to change my usual warm-up interval routine by not only pyramid-ing the resistance level, but the recovery time between the usual 1-minute sprints. It’s awesome. And sweaty.

6:30 am – I think step-ups are harder on my hands than on my legs. Holding 25 lbs dumbbells is not easy.

6:34 am – Why is this called an arnold press? Did Arnold himself invent it? I wonder what the Susan Press would be? A badly written press release?

6:44 am – Plié squats are awkward to do in front of the mirror when you’re surrounded by men. Just sayin’


7:38 am – My new skincare regimen makes me feel like a weirdo when I slather baby oil on in the gym change room. I swear I’m not a stripper.

8:11 am: Cottage cheese is thisclose to overtaking yogurt as my favourite dairy.

IMG_4711 IMG_4712

8:14 am – See 5:45 am


8:17 am – Goofy grin as I eat breakfast at my desk and read through all the blog comments from last night :D

830 am-1030 am – work, twitter, work, twitter, work, gmail, facebook, google reader, work, twitter

10:31 am – SNACK


12:03pm – Lunch with the girls. I eat my protein powder + peanut butter sandwich with applesauce and cheese. We talk about boy drama. Boys are dumb.

1:02 pm – Lady calls to set up apartment viewing for tomorrow. Score!

1:07 pm – Someone else calls about the apartment. Feeling hopeful I may actually find a subletter for the rest of my lease so I can move to Toronto. Double score!

2:12 pm – I think I’m hungry, and I know ‘I’m bored. Snack!


2:22 pm – Feel the need to create a Deb phone comparison shot. That’s 130 calories of pure chocolate covered air. Actually, that’s not even chocolate. It’s a dates with cocoa powder!


3:14 pm – Send off a whack of completed assignments. Feels good :)

3:51 pm – Stomach growling. Shit.

4:27 pm – Boot it outta there to rush home and make food ASAP. Hungrybitchface is setting in.

4:47 pm – Person scheduled to view my apartment wants to come early. Fabulous. I can gnaw my arm off while showing her my messy closet.

5:14 pm – Um, selling a person on the fact that the bedroom is in the living room is hard. It’s called a “swinging bachelorette pad!” Helloooo!

5:31 – Finally, supper is simmering on the stove thanks to this guy:

5:44 pm – Sit down to a bowl of Wolfgang Puck’s Hearty Vegetable soup with quinoa, shrimp and broccoli cooked in.


5:58 pm – Munch on a piece of dark chocolate that always sneaks the camera’s eye.  A must-have after dinner! (and sometimes lunch. And breakfast)

6:42 pm – Get sucked into watching old indie rock videos from the 1990s on You Tube. Reminisce about how great music used to be and wonder what ever happed to The Wedge on Much Music.

7:14 pm – Rock out to this gem of a video. Written about my hometown :)

7:22 pm – Shit. I’m late. Again.

7:46 pm – Meet up with the gals from work to see an original play put on by the university I work for.

8:22 pm – They’re cooking. On stage. Not just anything, but ham & eggs! I want a breakfast sandwich like nobody’s business.

9:02 pm – Almost moved to tears. Who knew my school had such theatre talent??

9:48 pm – Tuck in to the same thing I eat every. single. night. now. Chocolate protein pudding with chocolate chips and sprinkles. There is no secret to this pudding. Just tasty whey powder with water added until it’s thick and sticky.


10:10 pm – Blog this exact sentence. Whoa. Mind blowing.

10:20 pm – Get my clothes and lunch ready for tomorrow, set out my cycling shorts for spin class.

10:32 pm – Put on my new shea butter, take my antihistamines, and hit the hay. Ready for a deep sleep so I can start the whole process over again!


Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your Thursday? Mine was the play! Doing toe push ups comes in at a close second though ;)

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  1. Hey, I’m the first one to leave a comment! Just checking in before I head to bed. The highlight of my thursday was chocolate ginger cookies and my swim. It felt great! Nite.

  2. Trying on my wedding dress and LOVING IT! I’m still smiling. :)

  3. I went out last night with friends. I didn’t want to go, I was exhausted. However, I made myself go. I was SO glad that I did.

  4. You know I’ve been in a crappy mood for the second half of this day. It wasn’t until I read this post and started to consider the highlight of my day that I realized that it wasn’t ALL bad of a day.
    I think the highlight of my day was during my Terrorism-Counter Terrorism class when I actually had answers that the teacher was looking for =)

    Thanks for improving my day like usual. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!

    Nicole G

  5. Such a busy day for you!

  6. whoohoo to the pushups!!

    As far as the step ups, do farmers walk around the gym to strengthen your grip. it Really helped me!!

    And plie squats, omg. A big guy was doing these yesterday and he lifted his shorts up to do them and I swear I was THIS close to seeing everything I’d never want to see.

    • Bahahaha. Men should just not wear short shorts to the gym. Ever. I’ll have to try out the farmer’s walk – my grip strength sucks. I also neeeed to get on the lifting glove bandwagon. Thanks Lisa!

  7. LOL at “blog this exact sentence”. Very mindblowing ;-)

    Congrats on those push ups lady!!! Great accomplishment.

  8. BooooYaaah to the Nth degree on the man-ly man pushups! Gooooo Susan! Love this recap of your day! And thanks for the phone shout- man oh man that bar was HUUGGEE! Hate when my hunger is out of control for no apparent reason! :-(

    I’m a bit peckish- guess what I’m gonna make right now and garnish with sprinkles and chocckie chips?!?! Thanks!

  9. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Baby oil is a winter staple for me, but it definitely has that “stripper” effect…

  10. Everything looked good…until you added that picture of Wolfgang Puck. seriously, does his smile not creep you out? lol!

  11. YAHHHH goood job girl!!
    I LOVE YOUR CUTE DESSERTS!!! soo yumm!!

  12. I love time-line posts! Your protein dough looks so good… I am doing something wrong with mine. What was the play?

    Highlight of my Thursday- becoming a top health blogger for Wellsphere :D

    • Sprinkles can make anything look good ;) It may be your protein powder. It’s hard to find a powder that is tasty straight up and not in a smoothie. I used Kaizer natural chocolate.

  13. I have to admit that I didn’t read the whole post. IT’s 2:18 am and I skimmed it. Looked really busy.

    Way to go on the toe pushups. I’m sure I’d be lucky to do 2 normal pushups right now!

    Best thing tonight was a buddy and I split almost $700 playing poker tonight. Have a good day today I’m hitting the hay now !

  14. “pure chocolate covered air. Actually, that’s not even chocolate. It’s a dates with cocoa powder! “—LOL

    and the sprinkles, oh i love that photo :)

  15. Loved this post, so entertaining!

    My best friend is in town and we went to an INCREDIBLE concert. That was definitely the hilight of my day, more like WEEK… hell, more like MONTH! lol


  16. The highlight of my Thursday was definitely hanging out with some friends and having a delicious donut. :D

  17. Great dinner and dessert!!

  18. I guess the highlight of my Thursday was kickboxing class. Funny because I came soooo close to turning around and leaving when I saw how crowded it was.

  19. Mine would be NOT having to go into work – wonderful!! Sorry you had to show the place while you were a Starvin’ Marvin! I would not be happy at that point!

  20. The Wedge is still on!!! For awhile it was on at 12 on Friday or Saturday nights. Not it’s on Thursdays at 3am…. I have no idea WHO actually watches it then but if I had a PVR I would tape that sucker every week.

  21. I am 99% sure the Arnold press (I love those BTW) was named after the Governator. I think he will always be a god in the body building community.

    The highlight of my Thursday was going out to dinner with my bestie…I made pretty good choices food and drink-wise and I got some much-needed girlie time.

  22. “and even the creepy bald guy who only speaks to women under the age of 25.” bwahaha. i love time line posts! and i love that when i do them, i get comments that say “wow, how do you remember the exact time you did all of that?!” like um, no, people.. it is just a posting concept. anyway! i loved this post so much, i hope you find someone to snag your apartment. highlight of my thursday was the confidence boost that comes when you see your ex and his new GF fighting in public and you are so glad that you are engaged to the best guy ever.

    HAPPY WEEKEND! sorry you have to work!

  23. Cute post! Love the gym thoughts and saying hi to all the “regulars.” Totally know whatcha mean :)
    Oh, and “10:10 pm – Blog this exact sentence. Whoa. Mind blowing.” bahaha

    My Thursday was a loong one, but filled with good workouts, good food, and good friends!

  24. i commend you on that 5:30am wake-up. i’m still working on it :)

    my highlight of thursday – making more progress on a writing project? perhaps. thursday was kinda boring – here’s hoping that changes this weekend :)

    and YES – sunday we are ON to chat!

    have a great weekend lady!

  25. I agree with you on the step ups! I’ve found it feels better if you kind of let the dumbbell fall so that the big part is just resting on your hands. LOl!

  26. That soup looks amazing! Yum!

    I have trouble with the steps, too. I did 35# dumbbells once and it killed my hands!

    • Back in my NROL days I was doing them with 30lb dumbbells. One day I tried to go up to 35 and couldn’t even lift them off the rack! It was actually embarrassing as people were watching :P

  27. Great post, Susan!
    Loved to know more about your day. Sounds like fun :)
    I´d love to wake up at 5:30am… I wake up by 5am! Then, I take a shower, eat breakfast and go to school. Monday to Friday. Insane!
    Have an amazing weekend, girl :)

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