Numbers Game

Happy Waffle Wednesday friends!!

Today’s batch was two Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon waffles defrosted in the microwave and dredged in egg whites. Then cooked in a pan to make waffle french toast! 

Topped with some almond butter, frozen strawberries and sugar-free syrup. Yummzzz. Although, it kinda makes me miss fresh berries. Remember when strawberries were less than $5 a pint?? Those were the days…

Today was my rest day from the gym, which meant my hunger was out of control! Body needs the fuel to repair itself from all that stress I put it though ;) Morning snack came early with a homemade PB&J protein bar.

These may be a little mushy, but my gosh are they good!!

I didn’t quite make it to lunch though, I broke into my second snack at 10:30.

I ate the Kashi raspberry chocolate bar. These are growing on me. Kashi bars are like eating air though.

Lunch was something different for me – a yogurt mess!

I only ever have these for breakfast or a snack, but it made for a decent lunch! With the yogurt was also cottage cheese, peach mango flavoured protein powder, cashew butter and homemade granola. Surprisingly satisfying. Thumbs up yog mess :)

I then rushed home to furiously clean my apartment for my lunch break. Someone was supposed to come look at it at 6 o’clock, but shortly before I got off work, they cancelled! Boo-urns. I have someone else coming tomorrow though, so at least it wasn’t all for nothing I guess…

It did leave me more time to EAT when I came home :)

A steamy bowl of broccoli + brussel sprouts with Braggs.

Paired with a real hamburger on an english muffin. Topped with hummus, hot sauce and swiss cheese.

Holy crap the burger was awesome. The hummus was amazing on it!! Is there anything hummus doesn’t taste awesome on? Wait. Don’t answer that. Because the answer is NO!! :P


All about the numbers?

Bloggers. How many of you out there obsessively check your page views, website hits, and clicks?

I was reading the always insightful, smart and entertaining MizFit today and she mentioned something that really hit home for me:

I also yammer to my IRL friends about how I never check my blog stats.  For me it’s the same as the scale: why let a number dictate my self-worth!

Bingo. When I first started blogging at Trying for a Tri over a year ago, I would check that WordPress stats page everyday, and feel awful because I wasn’t getting any readers. I didn’t feel good enough, or entertaining enough, or informative enough. It made me question my self worth. I let it control my emotions. A popular day for page views could lift my spirits, and in turn a low day with no comments would bum me out.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped caring. I decided I would take that daily “stat check” out of my morning routine. I started writing what I wanted to write about, and not what I thought others wanted to hear.

When people ask me how many readers I have, I can give them a ballpark, but I don’t really know. What I do know, is that the people I have met through blogging are amazing. I feel SO lucky to have had the opportunity to communicate with people through my blog, e-mail, comments, Twitter, and even real life.

The numbers don’t really mean much in the end. That one e-mail I get from a girl saying I helped her with an eating disorder, or a girl who says my blog helped inspire her to do a race, that’s worth it.

So my bloggie friends, I just wanted to remind you to not let those numbers dictate your self-worth. I’m telling you straight up, readers or no readers, you are worth it!! Keep writing!

x’s and o’s <3

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  1. You couldn’t have written this at a better time – I was just checking my numbers, and they weren’t making me too happy. Thanks for the wake up call Susan! :)

  2. kashi bars do NOT feel me up either girl!! i dont even look at my numbers, i dont want to worry about it..and you are exactly right! it doesnt matter!! okay did you post those PB and J bar recipe or am i just dumb?

  3. thanks fer the love!
    It just has always felt ludicrous to me.
    so much so that when pr peeps contact me for giveaways and “need to know my numbers’ I pass.

    we dont need no stinkin numbers :)

  4. mmmm hamburger! I haven’t had a real one since last summer and yours looks really good!

    I check my stats probably 3 times a week. I don’t even know why I do it. I have no control over how many people check my blog or who comments. It’s one of those things that’s out of my hands, but still lures me in. You are right, I shouldn’t care!! I’m done checking stats for at least another 10 days :)

  5. That is really interesting to equate checking the stats with the scale and letting a number dictate self worth.

    I do check mine on I guess a regular basis. I don’t think it affects how I blog or how I feel…but it does make me wonder if I didn’t bother with it if things would change.

  6. Yummy, that burger looks fantastic!

  7. I must admit I check a lot. I’m not ruled by them but I just find it interesting to see how people find me and who they go to see after me. Maybe because I didn’t know how to do it 3 years ago on blogger.

    You’re right though if it read “0” from here on out I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Heck I started with “0”

  8. I hear you loud and clear! I succumbed to the daily numbers game for too long as well, and have had the same kind of feelings. Especially when I see some blogs that get thousands or tens of thousands of hits in a day and I might generate only a few hundred in a day. I try not to compare mine anymore, just keep doing what I do and hope people like some if what I have to share.

    And your Wednesday Waffles are only missing my fork!


  9. You are so right about the stats, when people are reading the blog, your happy, when they aren’t, you feel like you suck. It is so much better to just let it be.

  10. I completely agree :D Seriously, I don’t know what to add…you said it perfectly lol

    I’m the EXACT same way about rest days. My hunger is out of control!

  11. Today’s society sadly revolves around numbers: weight, facebook friends, twitter followers, blog stats etc. You are right in that we should just write and do what makes us happy.

    Those kashi bars are pretty light- I think they are only 130 cals and they are TEEENNY!

  12. Peach Mango PP? Is that sweetened with sucralose? I want those fun flavors, but they are always sweetened artificially.

    I blog mostly for myself, and I am thrilled that I get readers and sometimes I can’t believe that people actually come back every day and read about my daily doings LOL! But, then I read others as well :D

  13. Wow, this hit home. Ive been a number whore lately and I check it quite a bit. I think I find it interesting. What people click on, where people find my blog, what people search that leads them to my blog—all so interesting. Although, I can completely understand how it can just one more thing that leads to making you feel not adequate. It’s such a fine line ya know?

  14. I’ve seen lots of strawbs on sale recently for $1.50-2 a pint! Awesome! Although I haven’t bought any. Still waiting for Costco’s to get down to $5 for 4 lbs….love that!!

  15. You’re right, there isn’t anything that hummus isn’t good on ;)

  16. Hummus = awesome. I loved your idea about a Hummus Tuesday…I need to come up with a catchier name :D

    LOVE your thoughts on blog stats- so true. I go through phases where I think about it a lot and check obsessively…doesn’t help me or anyone else. I am thankful for every single one of my readers and have come to realise that it’s quality not quanity that counts when it comes to comments.

  17. the beauty of blogger, the only good thing about it! is that you dont accidentally find this out…you have to install all kinds of widgets and such and even then, they dont really work. so only you WP kids know. I know b/c i did install a widget so i could crosss refernce what foodbuzz tells me and know if it’s in the ballpark, and it is.

    but i agree, not caring is the best. easier said than done in all aspects of life!

    These may be a little mushy, but my gosh are they good!!= for sure
    and why would you even eat air (kashi) when u can have a homemade? :)

  18. I totally agree with you on your blog stat discussion. I sometimes find myself getting wrapped up in it, and wondering why I haven’t progressed a lot in the last few months. But ultimately, my numbers are often closely related to how many blogs I read and commented on that day, and some days I’m just busy. I try not to get wrapped up in it anymore because I blog for fun right :)

  19. Those strawberries look so good!

    I never check my stats. It’s all about the emails I get telling me that I inspire them.

  20. I don’t get stats but judging by comments I have approximately one reader! I must say I feel kind of silly writing to myself…like I should probably just buy a journal! lol!

  21. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I used to obsessively check my stats, but then I remembered that I write because it’s fun not because I NEED people to read about my day!

  22. that burger looks soooo good … and on a Enlish muffin!! never thougth of that.

    I didn’t start my blog thinking people were going to read it (maybe my friends and family) , it was more as a way to commit to running for myself.
    I’m still surprised that someone actually reads what I have to ramble about.
    I look forward to comments and encouragement and suggestions and feed back (good or bad) from my readers, but I’m not hung up on numbers since it was never about that.

  23. This was great. I used to get really down since my stats are pretty pitiful, but then I realized that it was up to me to make my blog better…or not. Meaning, I could kill myself every night getting some post up, commenting on tons of blogs, etc, to drive traffic…or I could live my life and take my blog for what it is, my hobby and a way to connect with people who are into the food/fitness thing that I’m into as well. Once I realized my priorities, I stopped caring about my blog numbers. In fact, sometimes I think I like being a blog reader more than a blogger anyway, but I like the people I’ve met through it (ahem) to much to shut it down!

  24. Hey there! I started blogging for myself as just a venue to vent and share my ideas but I started becoming addicted to it! haha I’m not going to lie– I love seeing how many people read/write on my blog but I don’t let it get me down and I don’t let it dictate my life



  25. YUM! waffle french toast is the best of both worlds! I never thought to do that!
    cashew butter sounds awesome! I havent had that before!

  26. Amazing post, Susan!
    You´re so right – it doesn´t matter how many people actually read yout blog, as long as you feel good blogging ;)
    Lovely eats and pics, as usual!
    Have a great day :)
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  27. love the frenched waffles! still havent tried it, doh. hahahahahaha “boo-urns” love that. holy crap, your burger looks awesome. for sure holy crap status.

    great talk on #s. i stopped looking daily also. i just blog for the fun of it! i do like looking at weird number pattens though so i check in sometimes :)

    love you!

  28. AMEN SISTER. you always find wonderful ways to keep us in check and remind us that numbers ain’t no thang – but life IS!

    and all hail the yog mess. i need one of those in my life :)

  29. You are so right!! I love your blog for inspiring me to be a better person and ….err.. blogger! :)

  30. Thanks for the post ! Just what I needed to hear. I put way too much stock into my stats ……

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