Flashback, er, Tuesday

Yesss! Tuesday is over my friends! It’s all uphill from here: Waffle Wednesday, Thursday night out, Friday night in :) Love that weekly outlook. I just found out I might have to work on Saturday but that means I can take a day off to go see a concert next week. Plus! I just volunteered to help out at an indoor triathlon on Sunday! I was tempted to register myself, but I haven’t swum since my last triathlon in July. Eeep.

I know I say it a lot but, I do not cheerily leap out of bed every morning excited to go to the gym. I was in a deep sleep when my alarm went off this morning and it was tough going. But I went! I hammered out 6 miles on the treadmill while watching The Hour. It’s a Canadian show, but I’m deluded into thinking George Strombolopolous really is my boyfriend. It made the time spent on the ole ‘mill much more enjoyable.

I’m still grocery-free this week, but I broke and bought some cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese sticks and applesauce on sale at the drugstore today. Breakfast was thrown together last night with what I could muster from the pantry…

My new favourite sandwich! A protein peanut butter sandwich to be exact. Chocolate protein powder mixed with a little water so it’s “spreadable” with peanut butter. Try it. You won’t regret it.

I also whipped up a new batch of homemade protein bars in 5 minutes flat last night.


  • 2 cups dry rolled oats
  • 4 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 6 tbsp peanut butter
  • 4 tbsp blueberry jam
  • 1/2 cup water

I definitely added too much water to these, as they need to be kept frozen. The jam always adds more moisture than I predict. Mega yummy though. Take that Luna bar.

Lunch was more mystery freezer food!

Once heated up, I was able to identify it as the Bean and Vegetable Chili I made back in January.


I obviously un-veg-ified it by adding turkey ;) I was impressed by how well the eggplant and zucchini held up in the freezer – it was delicious!

Afternoon snack involved a lot of boiled eggs and cheese and I was still starving come quittin’ time. Called for a speedy dinner…


What looks like a pita pizza is actually sardines in a tomato sauce spread on a pita with tomatoes, basil, oregano. The “cheese” is hummus mixed with nutritional yeast and a little bit of water.


Sardines are your friend. Good fats and calcium. Just think of it as a milder tasting tuna.

I also came home to some exciting mail!!

First, one of my fave bloggie friends, Lori, sent me some raw shea butter for my legs.

My shins and calves are seriously dry/itchy/rash-y and not getting much better. So Lori generously sent me some shea butter to help out! Perfect timing too, as I also bought baby oil, more cream and antihistamines today to help clear it up. I am now on a strict skincare regimen. Something I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing since I started showering at the gym everyday.

My other package almost brought me to tears. It was a card and letter from my Grammie (my dad’s mother, as opposed to my Nana who is my mom’s mom).

Enclosed was a photograph of her when she was 16!!


Look at those legs!! I guess that’s where I get mine from ;) In the letter, my Grammie went into detail about what life was like for her when she was 16. It was during the Second World War and she was learning how to help with the war effort in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

One thing that has always kept me in the Maritimes is how close I am with my grandparents. I’m lucky enough that my four grandparents were like extensions of my own parents. I grew up with my mother’s parents in the same city as us. I would often pretend to be sick so I could spend my days at Nana and Papa’s while my mom was at work. In the summer, we moved out to my cottage where my father’s parents were literally 14 steps away just next door. I would wake up every morning, run over to their cottage, and spend the day reading comics, eating ice cream and playing cribbage.

When my Papa passed away in January 2007, reality sunk in that my grandparents won’t be around forever. I was lucky that I lived close enough to home that I could be with my mom and Nana during that time, as it was pretty traumatic for them.

My number one fear moving away is that something is going to happen to one of my three remaining grandparents and I won’t be able to make it back. But in today’s letter, my Grammie wrote, “I know I could have never been as adventurous as my granddaughters are!”

It brought a smile to my face, learning they live vicariously through our adventures. Between me and my two sisters, there’s been a lot! I don’t feel so bad now, knowing my grandparents would never want to hold me back. And also knowing that we all cherish the time spent together when we were younger :)

Speaking of being younger, my Grammie also included this horribly embarrassing photo of my sisters and I…

I’m the one in the striped shirt being dramatic. Apparently I was quite the entertainer – now I prefer being the audience!


Question of the Day? Did you know your grandparents? What was special about them? If my dad is the smartest person I know, then my Papa was the funniest person I knew. Now he was an entertainer ;)

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  1. Loved this post. Made my heart ache a little for my Gram.

    There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of her.

  2. I hope that shea butter works for you. It’s always super moisturizing for me in the winter time when my skin is the worst.

    I am lucky enough to have 2 living grandparents, but they live pretty far away. I never really had a close relationship with any of my grandparents because we never lived nearby. I’m hoping my future children will have a wonderful and close knit relationship with my parents! I feel like I missed out.

  3. My grandparents are really young. In their 60’s. I know them quite well.

    My Opa is amazing. he was a Navy deep sea diver and now owns a scuba shop!

    My Oma is kind of a nut case but I love her.

    My Grams is awesome! She’s super crafty and fun!

    I don’t know my Gramps but my Grams new hubster is a great, sarcastic guy who likes to get my fiance drunk at 10am!

  4. i love your sandwich creation girl!!!! yummmmm!!
    my gparents are like 60 too! im pretty close to em!

  5. I’m totally lucky and was actually adopted by my paternal grandparents. So, I understand the feeling of knowing they won’t be around forever. Very scary!

  6. I was close with my mom’s parents, but they’re both gone now. My grandpa was an award-winning gardener!

    I am not at all close to my dad’s parents. They don’t like me much.

  7. That is so sweet about your grandparents!

    I was close with my mom’s parents. They were entrepreneurs (guess that is where I get it from) and owned a photo developing business. My grandmother worked in that business into her 80s right up until she passed away a few years ago. She had the most amazing memory. If you gave her a date, she would close her eyes and kind of scrunch up her face and could tell you pretty much everything about that day from the food to who was doing what.

    I don’t have any more living grandparents now.

    Enjoy the shea! You can try warming it a little to make it easier to use. It’s a straight fat with nothing else added, so it will melt easily. If you have an old push up tube, you can melt it and put it in there to make a moisturizing stick.

  8. Ooh, your protein bars look so yummy! And how nice of Lori to send you something for your legs :)

    I still have 4 living grandparents, though my Dad’s dad is in a nursing home. My mom’s parents are very big on family and we have a large extended fam on my mom’s side. We get together quite a few times a year for lil get-togethers. My grandmother on my dad’s side is an artist and free-spirit. She’s too adorable–I love her! :)

  9. erintakescontrol

    I lost my Gramma (Mom’s Mom) in 2006 after a brief illness, and our entire family was in complete shock. I was utterly traumatized and disastrous emotional eating ensued for almost 2 years…23 months to be exact. I dread the day that my Grampa dies (Mom’s Dad), or my Grandparents on my Dad’s side of the family.

    Love that picture of your Gramma – I love old photos! :-)

  10. That’s such a great letter/package to receive. It made my heart grow three times its size (like the Grinch!). :) I was very close with my gramma (my mom’s mom). My brother and I would spend the summer’s at her and my grandfather’s house and she was the absolute best. She would always let me and my brother win checkers and would give us dollars for it! :)

  11. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Love the picture of your Grandmother (and I kind of covet her pants)! I am lucky enough to have known all of my grandparents, but I have always been close to my Dad’s dad, who I call Poppa. Poppa is a true cowboy and one of my favorite memories is when he took me to get a pair of custom made cowboy boots when I was 16!

  12. Your grandma was quite the looker =)

    My mom and her siblings put together a dvd of pictures from all throughout my grandparent’s 50 years of marriage. There is this ADORABLE picture of them on a dock with him kissing her as she’s bent slightly backwards. Very similar to famous pictures of Marines and Navy members leaving for the war (though luckily there was no war involved). I had it as my desktop background on my old laptop but when it committed suicide, I lost the picture – I really need to upload it back, always brings a smile to my face!

    You truly are blessed for having such a great relationship with your grandparents. I’m close to my mom’s parents but my dad’s are in Greece and I’ve only met them once.

    Well like you said, the week only gets better from here on out! Enjoy Waffle Wednesday!!

    Nicole G

  13. Mmmm Georgie. I miss the days when he was on Much Music!

    MUST try protein powder as sandwich spread.
    SCARED to try sardines… just a little. I’ve been thinking about it though.

    What a sweet relationship you have with your grandma, that’s so special. I love that she writes you letters! My grandparents don’t live near me so I don’t get to see them nearly often enough but they do come to visit a couple times a year, which is always lovely. Speaking of which, I miss them, I think they are overdue for a visit! Maybe I should be writing THEM a letter to tell them to get their bums here to see me :)

  14. Susan, have you gone to the dermatologist about your legs? You may have eczema.

    A few weeks ago I went to the doc bc of a strange, itchy rash. My doc diagnosed me with ringworm. After 3 weeks of using her cream and even taking a pill to help the rash to no avail, she referred me to the dermatologist.

    He took one look at my crazy rash and told me I have atopic dermatitis. (a form of eczema.) Basically, I have to use unscented detergent, lotion, and soap for the rest of my life. It is super common. He gave me some steroid pills and a cream. After 2 days, the itch went away! A week later, the rash is almost gone!

    Ok, you really didnt need to hear that much about my rash. All I meant to say was, look up atopic dermatitis and if you think you have it, go to the dermatologist. It’s really easily treated.

    • Hey Lily! I’ll be going to the doctor if this new skincare regime doesn’t clear it up. I’ve had eczema in the past and it doesn’t have the same look or feel to it. I’m thinking if it’s not dry-skin related then I may actually have an infection of the hair follicles :\

  15. You’re very lucky. My grandparents live 3000 miles away in California. For what little we see or talk to them we have a good relationship but I often wonder what it would have been like had we not moved to Canada when I was 5.

  16. That’s an amazing letter to receive! Such great memories to treasure :) I never met my mom’s mom, but she is talked about constantly…she fought really hard back in the 60’s to bridge the gap in education in NYC at a time when there was a lot of segregation between back and white people. She sent my mom to school in the middle of Harlem which caused her to get death threats (!) and she was always getting arrested for protests, etc. She now has a school named after her :D

    I need to pick up some sardines to try. Have to admit, I am a wee bit scared, lol.

    RE yesterday’s comment- I knew you were going to Banff, but didn’t realise it as in Alberta. Shos how much I know about canadian geography :P

  17. Wow 6 miles on the treadmill before work? Rock out, girl!
    What a lovely picture of your grammie. Too sweet :)
    I did know my grandparents, but unfortunately, they all passed away when I was younger. I’ve been grandparentless for quite some time now…

  18. I’m so glad you don’t leap out of bed ready and smiling to be hitting the gym! I’m the same way.

    I never got to meet my grandparents on my fathers side. They both died long before I was born.

    however, I did have a very close relationship with the Great Grandpa on my moms side and he was in my life till I was 17 years old which I know not many people get the chance to have a relationship that long with their great grandparents. And he was in great health until about 6 months before he died. I loved hearing his stories about growing up, the struggles that generation faced that we can’t even begin to understand.

    Now, my grandmother is a hoot. She’s been a yoga instructor for 25 years (before it was the “in” thing to do) and has been a vegetarian and only eaten organic for about 20 years as well. She does Astrology, reads palms, and dates men from her meditation class. She’s pretty awesome and a lot of fun to be around.

  19. I knew all my grandparents. My papa died when I was two but I still have a fuzzy memory of him. My other grandparents died after I was grown. They were all really great people my mom’s mother was really funny, my mom’s dad was funny and known for his TERRIBLE driving (think it’s heriditary). My dad’s mom was the nicest person! Everyone loved her.

    I too am scared of sardines.

  20. I was close to all of my grandparents. Only my beloved GPa is still alive these days. It will definitely be hard when his time comes. It is great to think about those relationships and cherish them too though. I think many people take the relationship with their grandparents for granted.

  21. The Hour is on CBC here as well but I haven’t watched it. Is it good? Well, I take it that it must be since you watch it :)

    I need to get on the humnut train because it looks fantastic! I’m also going to have to replicate your protein PB sandwich. Yum! What a lovely tribute to your grandparents! I’m not particularly close to my grandparents which is kind of unfortunate. One of them just passed away last May so I kind of regretted not being closer to them.

    • Funny, when I was watching it the other day he mentioned it aired in Michigan!! It’s hands down my favourite “talk show.” He has a good mix of famous people, and really interesting people you’ve never heard of but probably should know. Oh yeah, and I have a may-jah crush on him too ;)

  22. Hi Susan!!
    Wow look at the blueberry jam action in your bars…genius!

    the Shea butter for legs, that’s gonna be so nice for you! I love that stuff.

    Chili that was unearthed from the freezer, perfect. And oh yea re your american meat being uber sketchy,i would so agree! Another side bennie of being a vegan…lol!

    Grandparents. Totally cherished them. And am going thru weirdness re grandparents w/ skylar b/c scott’s parents are deceased and mine are 2500 miles away.

    Have a great day!

  23. To tell you the truth.. I do leap out of bed ready to go to the gym! I’m such a morning person. In the evening however, you can try to drag me out of my house but it doesn’t work too well!

  24. I love my grandparents, I don’t know my dad’s parents too well anymore, but I saw them frequently when I was growing up, before they moved to Alabama. My mom’s parents, however, have lived in the same town as I for my whole life. My grandma is awesome at sewing and made my halloween costumes my whole life, and she makes incredible cake! My grandfather is a pharmacy law professor and SO smart! I learn so much from them =D


  25. this flashback was incredible. you should print it out in case the internet ever fails entirely. hard copies of such posts are necessary :) i could never move away from my mom. i never met my mom’s mom, she died when my oldest sister was just 6 months. it makes me sad because i hear about how much fun she was, and i know she was probably just like my mom. my mom’s dad died when i was 8, and he lived in washington state so we rarely saw him. sad. and my dad’s parents have been around forever, his dad recently died but his mom is still alive. unfortunately they were never your “typical” grandparents and i rarely saw or talked to them. i guess i really am sad i misse out on that whole excited feeling of going to the grandparents’ house! it is nice to hear your family stories and see photos :)

    still need to try that sandwich! what concert?

  26. What a gift your grandmother gave you! Not only in her story but also in her encouragement!

    I have some grandparents around but frankly they have either been too unwell or have not wanted to share things like that from their past. I really wish they would. Sometimes I think it must be cultural – we’re Hispanic and I think we tend to keep some of these things more to ourselves.

  27. I’ve been bookmarking this for another day and today was the day. How lovely your Grammie was and sweet that she lives vicariously through you.

    LOVE the stripey shirt drama photo- very cute!

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