Guns n’ Goals

Happy International Women’s Day!! I celebrated aaalll day. Easy to do when you’re a woman ;) Funny, I find the older I become, the more “pro woman” I am. I have my stellar role models to thank for that!

Speaking of strong women, did anyone check out Sandra Bullock’s guns during her speech last night?

Girl’s been lifting weights. Look, she’s all ready to curl that Oscar! I love seeing strong ladies, especially in Hollywood. It’s also slightly reassuring to know that even Sandra Bullock can make for a funny screen shot :P

I actually missed the Oscars because I was getting my beauty sleep for a workout this morning. I decided to switch things up and trade in my usual Monday morning spin class for a heavy upper-body day to keep from getting bored.

Warmed up with 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the elliptical. One-minute sprints at high resistance, followed by two minutes at an easier pace and resistance. Then on to the tough stuff:

Straight Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Assisted pull-up  55 lbs 5 4
Dumbbell bench press  22.5 lb dumbbells 5 4
Seated cable row  70 lbs 5 4
Dumbbell incline bench press 22.5 lb dumbbells 5 4
Cable underhand pulldown  70 lbs 5 4

Alternating Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Dumbbell shoulder press  17.5 lbs dumbbells 5 3
Incline curl 10 lb dumbbells 10 (ea) 3
Cable pushdown  30 lbs 5 3

Straight Sets:

Exercise Reps Sets
Plank  90 sec 1
Boat pose  45 sec 1
Side plank rotation  10 each side 1
Plank knee to elbow  20 1
Prone jackknife  10 1

This was actually not as heavy as I would have liked it!! I could have easily gone up to 25 lb dumbbells for the bench presses, but 1) I didn’t have a spotter, and 2) I couldn’t get them up to start with! I’m fine once the weight is up, it’s just getting it above my head that first time that is difficult. Anyone got any tricks? I suppose I should just switch to the barbell since it’s already above my head, but I like the challenge of the dumbbells.

Desk-breakfast was what’s slowly becoming the usual…

Yogurt, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, blueberries, almond butter, Grape Nuts. Basically a mushy mess.

Chased down with some iced coffee!

Morning snack was a mangled S’mores Luna bar.

These used to be my favourite bars, but I think I’m kinda done with them for the time being. I actually prefer my homemade ones now!

Lunch looks weak. That’s because it was.

Tuna pita + baby carrots. Sundays are my grocery day, which didn’t happen this week.

Another snack attack…

Boiled eggs + cheese. My boss walked into my office after I ate this. I wonder if he could smell it?? I’m paranoid.

I’m going to try to hold off on buying groceries this week so I eat up all the extra stuff I have in my freezer and cupboards. Today I dug out a couple turkey mini meatloaves that I made and froze a long ass time ago.

With cheetas (aka roasted sweet potatoes). I sprinkle everything with salt, paprika and chili powder.

And finally, a tomato salad made with the darker kumatos, topped with balsamic vinegar, pepper, basil and parmesan cheese.


All together now!


What you don’t see here is how I smothered everything with ketchup after ;) Nomnom.


Weekly Goal Check-In!

I’ve decided Monday is the day to do this for no particular reason. I think my goals are off to a slow start…

1. Work on getting my car sold and apartment subletted. Well, I got a price estimate for my car and I’m posting my apartment on Kijiji as soon as I’m done blogging :)

2. Apply for a bazilion jobs in Toronto. Didn’t apply for any more this week. Seeing as I’ll be in Alberta for a chunk of June, it could potentially be almost July by the time I’m ready to start work. That’s a long ways away!

3. Take more initiative at work so I can finish my contract knowing I made a mark. I’m busy as hell at work, and right now I’m just happy to keep my head above the flood of projects that are coming in. Phew!

4. Learn as much as I can about personal training. FINISHED MY TEXTBOOK!! Yay!! My in-class training is in a couple weeks, so I just have to get through the online component before then, which will likely be time consuming.

5. Run outdoors again. This may happen this weekend if mother nature stays on my side. I don’t workout after work, and it’s still way too early in the season to run at 5:30 am (in the dark!!).


Sooo, #4 is the only one I rocked at, but I’m getting there! Now, I’m off to keep my promise and go post my apartment for rent…


Question of the Day: How are your goals going? I hope you wrote them down!!

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  1. I love finding things in the freezer that I forgot I made. It makes cooking a lot easier!

    Sandra DOES have some guns on her. I love seeing stars with muscle!

    My goals? Hmmm…where did I put them… :/

  2. I love strong women too! I wish the media would take the hint and show strong women more often!!

    And great workout! I love heavy upper body days!

  3. Sandra Bullock rocks. I love her laid back, hilarious, happy go luck attitude.

    Oh, and I loooove grape nuts in yogurt! I used to eat it ALL the time when I was younger.

    I’d say getting one of your goals movin is pretty dang good! Certainly better than none.

  4. I didn’t watch the Oscar’s either. I looked up to see who won when I saw you had SB’s pic. Glad to see she won as I have heard everyone media and otherwise say how horrible she is. I like most films she’s done though I haven’t seen The Blind Side yet.

  5. I love the monthly goals idea. I started doing it back in Nov. and have been pleased with the things I’m getting accomplished. Such small things make me happy. This weekend I washed all my bedding, had them out on the line to dry,my curtains and floor in my bedroom were washed…all part of my monthly goal of cleaning out my bedroom. Do you know how happy getting that stuff done has made me? Very. Got myself in the pool this month too, I’m doing pretty good with the goals.

  6. great check in! i think checking in with your goals is half the battle. at least you know they are there. i kind of forgot about goals. now my goal is to plan a wedding and find a house.. but i wish i could focus on other stuff.

    LOVING all the protein in this post. and your workouts lately. im excited to make a batch of your apple cinnamon bars this week :)

    love you susan! dang i sure missed you!!

  7. Wow the old stuff I could find in my freezer scares me. Sometimes I look and say “what IS that?” UGh. Your mini meatloafs look great though. And congrats on finishing the PT training booK!

  8. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Applying for jobs is so bananas, but hey, they say it’s easier to find a job when you already have one, so here’s hoping!

  9. She does have great looking arms!! I am so impressed. You are doing great.

    My goals for March are clicking along. One day at a time.

  10. ahhh i haven’t had tuna in SO long! should i dare to bring it to school tomorrow in a wrap hahaha people would kill me in class. maybe i’ll save it for a day when i’m alone in my house haha.

    i LOVE your mini turkey loaves! i’ve been meaning to make them for a while now :) and you just reminded me that i need to get to bed so i can wake up and pump some iron.

  11. sandra does look super hot!! GAH i hope i look that good when im her age. she looks ballerrr!
    LOVE those mini turkey loaves! i must make them ASAP!

  12. I have your bench press issue when it comes to squats in Body Pump! My legs can take more weight, but I’m terrified I’m going to kill myself in my attempt to get the bar over my head!

  13. Yeah, Sandra was smokin last night. Homegirl has it goin’ on.

    I think you’re doing pretty well on your goals. It’s only Monday after all!

  14. YAY SANDRA BULLOCK! Loved “The Blind Side” and she’s so talented, beautiful, and HYSTERICAL!

  15. Love Sandra Bullock! Hehe…that picture should be sent to the person who said woman can only lift 3lb weights :P

    I used to like the Smores Luna- don’t know if they changed it or I just burned out, but it’s not as good as I remembered it :(

    I need to revisit my goals soon… Congrats on finishing your textbook! What’s in Alberta that you are going for?

    • Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian) and I are going to BANFF!! Basically a big park in the middle of the mountains. We’ll be gallivanting and eating our way through the Canadian Rockies :)

  16. She does look beautiful in that dress. Not too skinny, which is good to see.

    Regarding the dumbbell chest press. Try sitting on the bench and have the dumbbells perpendicular on your thighs (so the plate is sitting on your thigh). Then lay back with the dumbbells that way, pulling them close to your chest. From there, push the weights up and then turn them to position and start your reps. It is much easier to push the weights up from a close grip position and you won’t strain yourself.

  17. I am obsessed with women’s arms. It’s always the first thing I notice. Did you see Cameron’s Diaz’s. I covet. :)

    Ha ha – I always take pre-ketchup drowning shots as well. My ketchup habit is not pretty.

    Congrats on finishing your textbook as I know it’s a lot of material. You’re going to make an amazing personal trainer!

  18. My goals have kind of sucked so far. I’ve not eaten more veggies. I drank more tequila instead. I’ve done nothing blogworthy, saved no money for vacation, and haven’t exercised since Thursday! FAIL!

  19. hey girl hey!

    i had three lovely posts to catch up on and i loved each one of them. those outdoor winter pics of canada were GORGEOUS. seriously. the color of the sky, the snow, the everything. lovely, lovely.

    also LOVE the olympic mittens and the pics of you in them. too dang cute.

    also…your three generations of women are too cute too! i am definitely growing up to be more pro-woman too. we are definitely often underrated i think – we are tougher than most people give us credit for!

    LOVE sandra. and toned arms. its currently my new goal.

    love the eats as usual – i am on a total egg kick too! i had a two egg puff last night with garlic salt and nut yeast, and twas delish.

    chat soon dear :)

  20. Amazing post, Susan!
    Loved all the eats and pics, as usual ;)
    Those turkey mini meatloaves caught my eye, though…
    Have a terrific day, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  21. I got half my goals perfected just need to work on the other half! x x

  22. Sounds like a great start to your week. Love that you posted your goals. I’m not quite as brave a woman as you as far as posting goals ;-)

  23. So glad you tried Grape Nuts! What is the verdict?!

    • I like them MUCH better in my yogurt overnight than oats. I also added them to my most recent batch of homemade granola and they add a wonderful crunch :)

  24. Um, of course you smothered everything in ketchup!!! Gosh, why wouldn’t you? That meal looks/sounds delish–even better with the KP (ketchup). You;ll have to check my crazy ketchup post later. Love you babe! XOOX

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