Three Generations

Alas, the end of another weekend :( You know what though, weekends are always so glorious because we work hard for them! Imagine how boring they’d be if they were undeserved? :P

Remember that snack I was after last night? Here’s what I came up with…


Marshmallow protein pudding! I mixed up a scoop and a half of vanilla protein powder with a little water, then stirred in cinnamon, mini marshmallows and cheerios. It was delightful!

I had more dessert for breakfast today, the temptation was just too great!

A big hunk of my Nana’s banana bread toasted with cream cheese. As well as a couple boiled eggs on the side.

I’m on a boiled eggs kick. They are the perfect snack for a protein/fat boost.

My mom and I decided on a cardio day today, so I snacked on a Toasted Nuts n’ Cranberry Luna bar before going.


This is one of the “new recipe” bars, with only 170 calories now. I think it actually tastes better than the old kind, the fruit and nut chunks are larger.

At the gym I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the rowing machine and 10 minutes on the stairmaster. It was one of those days where I wasn’t feeling very motivated, but I knew doing a little bit on every machine would keep me entertained :)

I was a voracious beast by the time we got home, and my mom had the bright idea of cooking up some bison burgers.

No buns, but I just wanted the meat anyways ;) I’ve only tried bison once before and I wasn’t entirely sold. But my goodness it was goooood today. My mom said she just put bbq sauce, worchestire and curry in the mix? Regardless, it was heavenly. Perfect post-workout meal!

We also had a greek salad on the side.

And I apparently have a larger appetite than everyone, because I needed some extra baby carrots to fill me up.

I eat at least two servings of these bad boys a day, Seriously, how am I not orange??

Then we scooted over to my Nana’s to get a visit in before her curling started (curling does not make for very entertaining television…).

Here I am at my Nana’s. The bowl of grapes next to me significantly smaller…


And my mom. I think I can see that post-elliptical glow ;)

IMG_4614 And Nana!!

Three generations. I’ve got a lot to look forward to based on these two women!! My Nana will be 87 this spring and has been doing yoga for 5 years! I should also add that she’s never died her hair. My fingers are crossed I inherited her hair pigment ;)

Remember this picture I took of my mother’s yard yesterday?

Well I came home to my yard in Fredericton looking like this:


Crazy! We’re only a 90 minute drive apart, I can’t get over the difference. It was warmer in Freddy this weekend too. Running next weekend maybe??

I was totally bummed having to come back to the real world after my lovely weekend home. But a package hanging out of my mail box immediately lifted my spirits.

IMG_4627 IMG_4626

Olympic mittens!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou Jaime!! I was lusting after her mitties during our blogger meet-up in Halifax a few weeks ago, and she got her mom to pick some up out West to send this way!! I feel like such a proud Canadian now – as I should dammit! We kicked some mayjah booty this year :D

I’m all out of groceries and wanted something super simple for dinner, so I tried out a sweet omelette that I’ve seen on a few blogs now.

I mixed up 1 scoop vanilla protein powder with 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/4 tsp baking powder and cinnamon and fried it up in a pan. It turned out kinda fluffy like a pancake, mostly due to the baking powder I added. I sandwiched some blueberry jam and almond butter in there. It was actually quite good! In the back is a sliced granny smith with cinnamon and honey.


Well, I’m going to get a few chores done to get ready for my busy week ahead. I will not be watching the Oscars tonight as they start at 9:30pm on the Atlantic coast, which is precisely this girl’s bedtime!! I’ve got a date with a spin bike at 6am tomorrow ;) Have a great start to your week!!

Question of the Day: What’s the best thing you ate this weekend? I love asking this question, as there’s always so many different answers! Mine was probably the above bison burger :)

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  1. I can’t wait until my order of protein powder comes in this week so I can try out some of your delicious treats with protein powder! I’ve never had it before but if it tastes 1/2 as good as your food LOOKS, I’m sure I’ll be hooked =)

    Best thing I ate this weekend? Sweet potato cheetahs that got just a bit burnt so they were nice and crispy .. MMM I wish I had some sweet potatos at school now so I could have some more.

    Nicole G

  2. I like those new Lunas, particularly that flavor you had. They are quite good.

    You look so cute with your mittens :D

    Best thing I had all weekend was probably the wonderful banana nut bagel with honey walnut cream cheese this morning. The place we went to makes the best!

  3. I can finally answer with something good! Brach’s chocolate covered peanuts YUM!

  4. Last night I had “date night” with the boy, and the highlights of which were Spanish chorizo as an appetizer, and a dessert stop in which I had a small fro yo…and the chocolate frosting off a slice of cake. Aaaand that’s why I don’t belong in the “healthy living blogger” world but it’s how I roll :-)

  5. Awww – wonderful pics!
    Nana´s adorable!
    Delicious eats, as usual. Haha.. :)
    Have an amazing week, Susan!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  6. Those mittens really are so adorable!

    I’d say the best thing I’ve eaten was some french toast, I love weekend breakfast treats! :)

  7. Tonight for supper I made coconut rice, chicken satay and roasted brussel sprouts. So good. A glass of wine on the side and some more of my chai cake for dessert. When I saw your question of the day, I just had to answer!
    I loved that you posted the 3 generation photos. Love that stuff.

  8. That’s some killer cardio! And what a fun snack.. I’m continually amazed at what greatest can come out of protein powder +.. whatever!

  9. Bison burgers are so legit. And healthy. And delicious :)

  10. Mini marshmallows!!! Anything is better with mini marshmallows. You should definitely try the chocolate cheerios next time :)
    The omelet looks awesome. I have a new protein powder that doesn’t go in my oatmeal as well as the last, so I’ll have to see if it works in your recipe. Thanks for the idea!

  11. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I love buffalo! I think the best thing I’ve eaten this weekend is the peanut butter chocolate banana pancakes I made on Saturday. Seriously good.

  12. THOSE MITTENS! I found one while running on campus at YorkU in Toronto two weeks ago and I was so sad that the other hadn’t been dropped somewhere nearby – they’re so cute!

    Also – your mama and nana are gorgeous! Family’s got great genes. :)

    Best thing I ate this weekend: An amazing spinach and redskin potato fritatta with a side of rye toast. I am a huge sucker for breakfast.

  13. best thing i ate all weekend…hmmm broccoli? no popcorn with nooch and maca and choc chips. simple but reallly good.

    bison. growing up in Minnesota i knew so many fathers who would bring home the deer and bison meat was part of life. not my thing then and not now! but i have heard it’s got great stats :)

  14. I invested in a natural orange flavoring which has transformed my smoothies! Lovin the gloves! x x

  15. That protein powder pudding sounds awesome! I really want to try bison burgers- I very nearly picked up some venison burgers this weekend but Indian food won out (thanks to your photo yesterday!)

    Love the 3 generation photos- you have such a photogenic family :D

    Best thing I ate was my coconut cornbread muffins. Yum.

  16. I love bison! So delicious, and healthy too!

    Best thing I ate? Tie: Indian food after my yogathon and Avocado Sandwich at Fressen during my bloggie meetup!


  17. Love the 3 generations photo. It’s so special to be able to spend time with the amazing women in your family.

    I love bison burgers, but they are definitely not something that is readily available around here!

    I’d say that best thing I ate this weekend was easy–pizza!

  18. Cute mittens! Your family really does photograph well!

    I had some serious margaritas on Friday that pretty much ruined my chances of enjoying any food this weekend! lol!

  19. Your nana is adorable! How awesome that she does yoga. You definitely have good genes!
    Love the new mittens :) And marshmellow protein pudding?! You need to patent that idea!
    Best thing I ate this weekend was probably my stack of pancakes on Saturday morning :)

  20. Aww.. your mom and grandma are the cutest women ever! :D
    Those mittens are ADORable!! Love them!

  21. LOVE that your Nana watches curling. My grammy used to too!

    Best thing I had all weekend had to be Saturday’s din: brussel sprouts/sweet potato/apple hash with blackbean/corn/red pepper pancakes! Who sez you can’t have breakfast for dinner?

    Have a good Monday!

  22. Loved the picture of 3 generations of the incredible…eh, I don’t know your last name…but haha. Anyway, you three ladies are gorgeous!
    MArshmallow protein pudding? Sweetness!

  23. Aww your nana sounds like an amazing woman! I think that being active later in life is just as important as now. That protein pudding is genius! Those sweet omelettes intrigued me – they sound wonderful!

    Hope you had a good Monday :)

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