Wednesday Waffling

I had a blast reading through the comments on my Outrageous Lies post! It was fun to see what y’all think I’ve done – and many of you guessed right! As a refresher, I listed 5 outrageous lies and one truth, and you had to guess the truth. Here’s what I listed:

1. I read 36 books one summer in elementary school.
2. I won the highland dancing provincials when I was 6 years old.
3. I’ve been to Sidney Crosby’s house in Halifax although he wasn’t home at the time.
4. The fastest mile I ever ran was done in 7 minutes and 14 seconds.
5. I once made a vanilla latte for Jack White of the White Stripes.
6. When I was a reporter, I did a live television hit for Canada’s national news network, CBC Newsworld.

So the answer?? Number 5!!! I did indeed make a vanilla latte for Jack White of the White Stripes once. Actually, it was a triple grande sugar-free vanilla nonfat latte. For any newer readers, I worked at Starbucks for about five years on and off. A couple years ago, I was helping out the Starbucks in Moncton for a weekend while I was in town for a White Stripes concert. Wouldn’t ya know Mr. White himself and his manager walked in wearing black and red suits! They stuck out like sore thumbs in our small-city Starbucks :P I’ve made coffee for a lot of well-known people over the years, but he was definitely the biggest! The concert that night was awesome too ;)

And in case you were wondering, the rest of the outrageous things aren’t that outrageous, because I purposely made them feasible.

1) My record for books read in one summer is 24
2) I did highland dancing as a kid but never won competitions
3) I’ve never been to the house, but I know the person who owned it previously 
4) My fastest mile is closer to 8 minutes
6) I’ve done live television hits but never for the CBC.

That was fun!

Okay, on to things that actually happened ;)

I had a tough treadmill session today. I think I actually pushed myself a touch too hard. But I guess I’m never going to get better unless I test my limits!

Minutes Speed – MPH
0-5 3.5
5-10 5.5 – 5.9
10-15 5.6 – 6.0
15-20 5.7 – 6.1
20-25 5.8 – 6.2
25-30 5.9 – 6.3
30-35 6.0 – 6.4
35-40 6.1 – 6.5
40-45 6.2 – 6.6
45-50 6.3 – 6.7
50-55 6.4 – 6.8
55-60 6.5 – 6.9
60-65 3.5

In case that’s hard to read, I essentially increased my speed by 0.1 mph every minute for five minutes, then I would go back down a little and start the increase again. I also did this on 1.5% incline, slightly higher than the 1% I’m used to. I don’t know if it was the speeds, incline or just me today, but it wore me out. Definitely feel like I over-exerted myself :(

I brought something different to work for breakfast today:


Cream of wheat! Mixed with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and raisins. The room with the microwave was locked again, so I had to sneak upstairs to my boss’ office to use his. And of course, it exploded!

Gah. There is nothing worse when you’re starving from a workout and breakfast turns into a disaster. I had to scrape the cream of wheat off the rotating plate into my mug :P No way I was losing that amount of food!! I think I need to try it stove-top before I come to a solid opinion on it, so far it tastes like oat bran. But I like that it’s high in iron. 

Work was busybusy! I almost fainted in a meeting because I was in a calorie deficit for too long. I hadn’t yet consumed the calories I burned running this morning. Not cool. My body does not like that. I attacked a fruit tray after and the sugar immediately made me feel better.

Now, you’re probably wondering where my morning waffle is. I mean, it is Waffle Wednesday after all. But who says waffles are just for the morning??

After such a long and tiring day, I was definitely looking forward to this for dinner…


My usual protein pancake recipe cut down to 1/3 measurements to make one giant waffle, topped with almond butter, yogurts, heated plum, maple syrup and homemade granola.

Definitely worth waiting for!!! Hands down one of my best waffles yet. I was feeling “off” all day from my run, and finally felt right again after eating this.


I also have some recipe attempts to share today!

Nancy tried out one of my faves, butternut squash fries in this post.

I know a lot of you are sweet potato fry lovers, but I think butternut squash fries trump all varieties for me!

And Jennifer tried out a batch of my Apple Cinnamon Protein Bars.

Except she gussied hers up with almonds on the top. An idea I will have to steal for my next batch ;)

If you have a recipe you’ve tried that you want featured, send it my way! If you’re a blogger, send me the link to your post. For you non-bloggers, It will give you  an excuse to finally take pictures of your food. My e-mail is:  Let me know if you’ve got any tips or tricks to include as well, different methods work for different people!


Well, I wanted to include a lot more in my post tonight, but today is just one of those days where time is not on my side. I just got back from a friend’s place where I spent my evening making faces at a 10-week old baby. I got to hear his first laughs!!

How bout some questions?

1. One outrageous truth about yourself? I’m pretty boring, but people usually get a kick out of the fact that I used to sing/play guitar in an all-girl punk band.

2. Favourite way to eat breakfast for dinner? Omelettes!

3. Your one go-to recipe. I’ve made this Southwestern Quinoa and Chickpea salad a million times and it’s always delicious.

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  1. Outrageous truth? That’s tough. When meeting new people I think they’d be surprised to know that I can keep up and sing along with most rap songs (I can rap Forgot About Dre by Dr. Dre and Eminem word for word completely drunk LOL) Probably not my most admirable quality but suprising =)

    Breakfast for dinner? Lately I’ve been loving having yoats (greek yogurt and oatmeal ala Janetha) for dinner. I’ve never actually had it for breakfast, but it IS made of breakfasty foods ;)

    Nicole G

  2. Most people don’t believe this outrageous truth: I’ve met a lot of rock stars. Key word…met. That means hung out with…it doesn’t mean I was a nasty groupie, if ya know what I mean ;-)

    I like eggs for dinner! I eat them a lot. Especially when I’m not feeling creative enough to whip up a new creation.

    My go to recipe isn’t really a recipe. It’s just a sweet potato with chickpeas and Tone’s Southwest Seasoning.

  3. 1. My uncle won $500,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire when it was really popular with Regis in primetime in 2001.

    2. For dinner, I have to go pancakes and bacon. But I LOVE any kind of eggs mid-day at lunch!

    3. Go-to recipe? A simple roasted chicken. Not all that hard, AND I can get 3 dinners for 2 out of it!

  4. Outrageous truth? I swear like a sailor in real life! Just ask my hubby LOL. That seems to surprise people.

    Breakfast for dinner – I love breakfast all day! Omelets are one of my favorites for dinner. Or crepes. You just can’t go wrong with eggs.

    I have a few go to recipes. Bread pudding for dessert for company, oatmeal for breakfast, Alton Brown’s mac and cheese for company, too (yum!!)

  5. What interesting facts!!
    Hmm, I’m not sure of an outrageous fact!! But I love having eggs or pancakes for dinner!!

  6. 1. Oh lordy, I don’t think there is anything outrageous about me at all. Umm let’s see: I’ve ridden a camel (in the desert, of course). I always think that’s somewhat different
    2. Lately, scrambled eggs with lots of veggies and a side of toast. Love it!
    3. . A big stir fry with lots of veggies and tofu and/or chicken and Asian seasoning (soy sauce, sriracha, sesame oil, etc)

  7. fav breakfast for dinner- PANCAKES AND BACON :)
    BALLER workout girl!
    wow that is the worst when your bfast spills and you are hangryyy! is cream of wheat like oatbran?

  8. I guessed right! Though that was a fluke- they did all seem like they could be true.

    1. One outrageous truth about yourself? Hmmm. I have a tattoo of a rose on my stomach. That’s not outrageous, except that I got it when I was 15 which makes it a wee bit more badass :P

    2. Favourite way to eat breakfast for dinner? I plan on eating muesli, fruit and Quark tonight!

    3. Your one go-to recipe. Seems to be stir-fry! Only because my all-time favourite recipe that I can make with my eyes shut is too time consuming…

  9. one outrageous truth..I have many body piecings that are not visible to others :)

    love the waffle action and of course these factoids and truths about you. all girl punk band? can i join??!!! :)

  10. Every morning when I read your blog I want to do your workouts! I’ve yet to make it through one full one but I will eventually :)


  11. 1. When I was 15, I trespassed on the Canadian army. (By accident.)
    2. Omelets/egg scrambles or french toast! Love my eggies!
    3. I always make my garlic parmesan chicken (recipe on my blog soon!) and it is SO quick, and SO delicious! It’s my boyfriend’s fave.


  12. highland dancing? Is that the one with the wigs and the whole 9 yards? ;)

    I hate to say it….I’ve made a few of your recipes and have failed miserably every time! It’s definitely me, because obviously you get them to work (maybe cooking with protein powder is my arch-nemesis?). Protein waffles stuck viciously to my waffle iron, and breakfast cookies and bars that never harden…even in the freezer! I’m not giving up though…I NEED homemade granola bars! Maybe I’ll try homemade granola this weekend….how hard can that be? hahahaha.

    • Hahahaha, wigs!? We did wear kilts and leather shoes, but no wigs :P

      All protein powders are different, so while 2 tbsp of water may work for my brand, half that may be required for yours. It took me LOTS of experimenting to get my protein bars and breakfast cookies down to an exact science.

  13. 1. I once lost 150 pounds. I tell no lies. I kept it off for 2 years and then gained half back. :-O I’ve now lost HALF of that again and are working on the last 25 pounds or so. Such is life right. :)

    2. Pancakes. Hands down. I love them morning noon and night.

    3. Healthy meatless Taco Salad. YUM!

  14. Oh no to the disaster breakfast!! That waffle though certainly makes up for it! DELISH! Breakfast for dinner would have to involve eggs for me as well. I can’t do a sweet dinner!

    Your truth/lies are so fun! Making faces at babies is a great way to spend your evening. Too cute!

  15. 1. I’m mega boring and doubt I have anything outrageous about me. Guess I’ll steal Lori’s about the horrible foul mouth. Also some people seem surprised I have 12 tattoos. I’m really quiet and nerdy so they don’t expect it.

    2. Breakfast for dinner is either omelets or pancakes.

    3. Go to meal…chili. Fast, easy, and I can throw random stuff in there.

  16. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Outrageous truth… I am weirded out by collarbones. I could eat pancakes for every meal of every day and be perfectly happy. My go to meal is a pile of roasted veggies!

  17. I so wanted it to be #5!!!

    Sorry about the micro explosion. However, looks like your waffle at dinner made up for it. :)

  18. I once passed Jack White and part of his entourage at a restaurant in Vancouver. The Elbow Room. They were going in as we were coming out…and I just thought it was some dude with a crazy suit on. :) My friends had to tell me who it was. ooooops.

  19. I love your lies/truth. I also love breakfast for dinner. I do it maybe more often than necessary :) My favorite breakfast for dinner is definitely pancakes of any kind, but I also love oatmeal for dinner :) Your waffle looks amazing, I haven’t had waffles in a very long time.

  20. nancyrunswild

    Thanks for the link/shout-out!
    More than anything, thank you for all the food inspiration!

  21. yay for making faces at babies – that makes me ridiculously happy too!

    and BFD – probably pancakes or French toast. you just cannot go wrong!

    and i can’t say i like cream of wheat – i’ve tried it, but definitely do NOT like it.

    one weird truth…i am a descendant of princess diana’s family!

    love ya :)

  22. Jack White, are you kidding me? I would have passed out like a silly 13yo.

  23. I’ve had two glasses of wine so I’m just going to answer your questions. Hope you don’t mind ;)

    1. I met my husband when I was 16. He was 22. Don’t call the cops.

    2. Fritatta!

    3. Chlii :)

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