Things I Learned This Month – February 2010

  • It’s hard to blog after Canada kicks butt winning a record 14 gold medals aaaand beating out the US in the gold medal hockey game :D
  • Topping custard oats with a soft-fried egg, salsa and cheese is absolutely amazing.


  • Sometimes I like resting my body on Sundays, mostly so I can torture it better throughout the week ;)
  • Showering at the gym almost every morning means I don’t have to scrub my bathtub as often.
  • Elvis might have been on to something. Bacon Peanut Butter is delicious on top of banana.


  • As Danielle eloquently put it, “Consider fatty feb to be fatty forever.”
  • Protein powder is amazing when mixed with just a little water, whether eaten straight up as protein cookie dough or used as a spread on a peanut butter protein sandwich.


  • Sometimes small steps forward turn into giant leaps. Moving from my cozy province to a giant city 14 hours away doesn’t scare me in the slightest. Finally, I’m EXCITED!!
  • Being who I truly am attracts the right kind of people into my life.
  • Even though Western Creamery is owned by my favourite yogurt brand, it just doesn’t live up to Liberte.


  • Homemade granola is better than store-bought. Seriously.
  • Peanut butter puffins do not live up to the hype, but I will still munch the box away.

 IMG_4387 IMG_4389

  • There is nothing more healing than a wild weekend with my best girl friend.
  • I am perfectly content being on my own, but I miss living with other people.
  • I need to take more supplemental vitamins.

IMG_4398 IMG_4399

  • But I also need to check the ingredient list of said vitamins before deciding to ingest them everyday.


  • The expectations I place on myself are ridiculously high and unwarranted. Often the pressure I feel to succeed comes from within, and not from outside sources like I trick myself into thinking.
  • There is something wrong with me when, at the age of 24, I refer to university students as “kids.”
  • Treat Monday is possibly the greatest invention ever.


  • But there is a reason why I’ve never tried blondies before. It’s hard to stop at just one!! (or, erm, two)
  • President’s Choice The Decadent semi-sweet chocolate chunks are superior to all forms of chocolate chip.

IMG_4391 IMG_4393

  • Being well groomed is expensive. Hair straighteners, nail polish, fancy eye liner and hair goos, it all comes at a high cost.
  • I needn’t be scared to cook with high-fat foods like olive oil, butter, nuts, full-fat cheese and even egg yolks. My body craves them!
  • Sweet potatoes need to by slow-roasted. Go. Do it now.


  • Actually, everything tastes better slow-roasted.


  • And sometimes the only spices you need are salt and pepper. Why mask the flavour when you can enhance it?
  • Weight lifting makes me feel amazing. Cardio may burn the calories, but weight training has me waking up every morning feeling good about myself (and mega sore)
  • I need to be an active participant in my own life. It’s pointless to just let things happen when I can make every day in the meantime one worth remembering.

Question of the Day: What did you learn this month?

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  1. LOVE what you learned girl! the last thing was so important. gota live in the moment and live life to the FULLEST!
    i def learned thati LOVE weight training-makes me feel beastly!

  2. Hahahaha, loved this post!
    I guess I learned a lot this month, too…
    For example: apple slices+PB are the GREATEST combo ever. Haha ;)
    Have a great March 1st, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  3. I learned:
    *My injured foot did not like high impact workouts.
    *The best workout for me at this time is hatha yoga and walking.
    *I can go into my pantry and create wonderful dishes with foods I forgot I had.
    *I am focused on my 2010 intentions.
    *I bounce back quickly when things don’t go my way. Ex: Blizzard hit the East coast on the day we were to fly to the Bahamas. Turns out it is chilly and windy there.
    *I have alot of the same interests as girls in their 20’s. (I am 61)
    Thank you Susan for a great post and wonderful recipes this month. Love the Protein Bars <33

  4. ummm you just reminded me that i want protein brownie batter for dessert right now :) thank ya very much!

    i learned that skiing is just not my thang haha

  5. “Weight lifting makes me feel amazing. Cardio may burn the calories, but weight training has me waking up every morning feeling good about myself (and mega sore)”

    Amen sister!!!

  6. I learned I’m a lot stronger mentally and physically than I thought. Ran 10k today for first time in 3 years.

    Also learned a number of PB and PP recipes that I have yet to try. Some I will but some I just don’t know…PB and Bacon…never would have thought it.

  7. I really liked this post and how you looked back on the month (which I cannot believe is over already—seriously??)

    I liked •Being who I truly am attracts the right kind of people into my life—I am a big believer in this

    and about living on your own but missing living with others, I am the same way. Let’s make it a great March!

  8. Looooved this post. Um, I’m 24 and I don’t just called college students kids, but ‘young kids!’

  9. love what you learned!!

    I learned that…

    I need to be more patient. Good things come to those who wait! (and work hard)

  10. I’ve learned that blogging can make you take photos of EVERYTHING, and moments of “oh, just wait, hold on. let me get my camera”, are going to drive my family nuts.

    I’ve learned a little bit more about WordPress, because of one of those Dummies books. It was a pretty good read.

    I’ve learned that February has been the fastest month to pass so far this year!

    Enjoyed your post.

  11. I always love reading your wrap-up posts because they often mirror the things that I have learned for myself – I suppose constantly reading your blog throughout the month gives me good ideas/opinions :)
    I am definitely with you about the expectations we apply to ourselves and how they are often too high. I sometimes feel that the only way to achieve anything is to hold myself to high standards. Do you agree?
    Thanks for the awesome post, Susan, and the really great “PB protein sandwich.”

    • Definitely. Hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish a lot because I hold such high expectations of myself. That lesson was learned during a conversation with my mother, where I started telling her to stop putting pressure on me. She was just like, “um, Susan, I’m telling you to do whatever makes you happy, you’re putting the pressure on yourself.” It was definitely a lightbulb moment!!

  12. SUSANNNNN…i just had like five posts to catch up on. don’t even ask me how i got so far behind. i am ashamed. although, it was fun to catch up all at once. and i LOVED that picture of you in the hat in the i’m alive post. just for the record.

    i don’t even know where to start. loved the discussion on tracy anderson (i happen to like her and think that people don’t need to lift huge weights, but its totally a personal thing. like i always say, different things work for different people).

    i also totally enjoyed the oatmeal tutorial. i make mine VERY similar as well :)

    i also want to chat more about birth control. that we can save for a private convo however…maybe not one that is plastered all over the internet :)

    love all your eats as normal. and i loved your fatty february wrap-up. fat is NOT something to be feared. AMEN!

    and your things learned is always enjoyable too – i always end up flavoring my food with just salt and pepper. it works everytime! and congrats on the big hockey win today!

    love ya girl – chat soon :)

  13. I’m afraid to click on the blondie recipe. I want to so bad. But I’m afraid. ;)
    The slow sweet potatoes, however, I will try. Thanks for the recommendation ;)
    OH gosh, I don’t know what I learned this month. I’m really going to have to think about it. Sigh. I really hope March is more productive for me!
    Glad you had a good month, Susan!

  14. the blondies look amazing, off to check those out next.

    ok so the calcium. not sure if you know but the calc in most supplements isnt metabolized/incororated well into the body and you’re probably going to get a better absorption from either plant based calcium like bok choy and kale and sesame seeds OR from another kind of calcium which is the kind in Natural Calm Magnesium + Calcium. I talked about it here.

    I researched this all years ago and this is what ive learned in the holistic community but hey girl, whatev work for YOU!!!

    what did i learn. That i am grateful for friends like you that ive met in the sphere :)

    • Thank you for the link Averie!! I’ll look into the multi and probiotic you suggest. I’m SO lost when it comes to supplements. I feel like I’m always being told that I have to take them, but I perhaps naively believe that I can get most of what I need through my somewhat-healthy diet… Plus, I hate spending the money on them! (hence the cheap-o calcium tablets featured in this post, ugh.)

  15. LOVE this post! Especially this one: “I need to be an active participant in my own life. It’s pointless to just let things happen when I can make every day in the meantime one worth remembering.”

    Amen, sistah.

    I have done my weekly learnings…the biggest thing I learned is that only I have the power to change my life.

  16. I liked reading through all of those.

    What did I learn in February? HA oh boy, I guess i learned that I dont need to work out everyday, as long as I am eating right I will still lose the weight. (IBS and being active doesn’t always mix well)

  17. In February I learned that fortune cookies are hard to make at home and look much uglier, that I’m addicted to grapefruits and clementines and Baby Ruths (the shame!), and that you are never too old to make new friends!

  18. That oatmeal combo and the protein spread for a sandwich are two ideas I’m totally going to have to steal! How delish!! I love hearing what you learned. I need to be an active participant in my own life as well! I learned that if I set my mind to do something, I can do it ten fold.

  19. I learned:
    – Despite what I *think* my body can do, it NEEDS a rest day at least one day a week, if not more.
    – yoga is good for my flexibility but it is becoming essential for my sanity and for my soul
    – Fat is indeed necessary, delicious and important! I feel so so much better when I’m consuming a healthy amount of it!
    – I love smitten kitchen!! must.make.blondies.soon.

  20. Aren’t those potatoes THE best! I can’t wait for my carb day tomorrow…i’m making them again!

    Love to lift weights!

  21. Awesome post:) And thanks to posting what YOU learned in February, I learned something in March :) To try to make peanut butter protein sandwiches and that you’re even more amazing than I thought! ;)

  22. haha thanks for quoting my “wisdom” :D
    I should try slow-roasting my potatoes but I get so impatient! But from what I hear, it’s worth it.

    I also need to try out this protein cookie dough. I’m just worried it will be too small! But I think you mentioned that it’s really filling

    • I promise you the cookie dough is filling!! It is really small, but also takes a really long time to eat if you lick it off the spoon ;) It keeps me satisfied for 2+ hours, which is more than I can say for most snacks (I’m looking at you Kashi bars…)

  23. B/c of you, Im so trying sweet potatos slow-roasted.

    And I loved what your last point said. Each day is what we make it, and we may as well make it wonderful!

  24. Great lessons Susan! This is my favorite: I needn’t be scared to cook with high-fat foods like olive oil, butter, nuts, full-fat cheese and even egg yolks. My body craves them! :)

    Bacon peanut butter – I must make bacon almond butter for CD. I know he would love it, and while I’m at it, I think he needs to join a gym and start getting ready there in the morning. Hehe – sorry CD, but it would make bathroom clean-up so much easier.

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