Fatty February Wrap-Up & Then Some

Hey bloggie friends!! Well, I was watching Food Inc online. But I apparently maxed out my streaming time, so I thought I’d take a little break to blog :)

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback on my Oatmeal & Beauty for Dummies post! First, I should add my mom commented that the typical oat-to-liquid ratio is 1:2, which is true. I do 1:3 because I cook them slowly and like them suuuuper creamy.

Secondly, all you straight hair pros out there gave my Chi straightener a thumbs up! Yay!! :D Some of you asked what my hair is like naturally, here’s an au naturelle pic I tracked down – naturally styled and my natural colour.


Please excuse the mega awkward look in this photo. I’m an awkward person in real life, and it apparently translates onto film. I also cut my friend/bandmate/co-host out of this picture because I didn’t know if he is ready for his blog debut yet. Soon though, right Billy? :P

Okay, so if I had blogged yesterday, I would have said my whole-body weight workout was a little lacklustre. But the great thing about typing it up the next day is that I can tell you I’m sore! So I must have done somethin’ right!


Minutes Speed – MPH Incline
0-5 3.5 1.0
5-6 5.5 1.0
6-7 6.0 1.0
7-8 6.5 1.0
8-9 7.0 1.0
9-10 7.5 1.0
10-11 5.5 1.5
11-12 6.0 1.5
12-13 6.5 1.5
13-14 7.0 1.5
14-15 7.5 1.5
15-16 5.5 2.0
16-17 6.0 2.0
17-18 6.5 2.0
18-19 7.0 2.0
19-20 7.5 2.0


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Barbell deadlift  50 lbs 10 3


Exercise – Alternating Weight Reps Sets
Assisted pull-up  75 lbs 8 3
Chest fly 15 lbs each 10 3


Exercise – Alternating Weight Reps Sets
Good morning 40 lbs 12 3
Barbell upright row  20 lbs 12 3


Exercise – Alternating Weight Reps Sets
Single leg romanian deadlift  15 lbs each 10 3
Seated cable row  55 lbs 10 3


Exercise – Alternating Weight Reps Sets
Medicine ball squat  11 lbs 15 3
Russian twist  11 lbs 30 3
Lying medicine ball throw  11 lbs 15 3
Pullover to ball crunch  11 lbs 15 3


Minutes Level
0-1 6
1-2 7
2-3 8
3-4 9
4-5 10
5-6 6
6-7 7
7-8 8
8-9 9
9-10 10

Yeah. Looking back I can see why I’m hobbling today. I would also like to add that I could have sworn I saw some shoulder rippling during those upright rows. Yesss! That’s why I’m a strong advocate of wearing shorts and a tank-top to the gym. They allow you to see all your muscles, instead of hiding them up in sweats and baggy tees. Wearing nice workout clothes can be a huge confidence booster!

I had another decent cold breakfast at work after…


  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 2 tbsp Grape Nuts cereal
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tbsp blueberry jam
  • cinnamon

The tiny bit of Grape Nuts left to soak overnight made for a wonderful texture!

Also wonderful, this week’s Apple Cinnamon protein bar.

Just one of those batches where everything comes together perfectly.

Let’s see… I also stunk up my office again with boiled eggs.

Then tried to mask the smell with a fragrant citrus fruit.

I’m trying really hard to like grapefruit, but every time I eat one I just wish it was a sweet orange!

Let’s skip everything else and get to today, shall we?

Good thing I went to bed at a decent time last night, because my body clock still kicked in this morning. Left me lots of time to make a beautiful breakfast before step class. PB&J Oatmeal Sandwich.


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (whisked into pot)
  • cinnamon, stevia
  • blueberry jam
  • peanut butter

To “sandwich” it, I pour half the oatmeal in the bowl, top it with half of the PB and jam, then layer the rest on top. Makes for a little PB&J “pocket” in the centre ;)

Unfortunately, it was an “off: day for me at BodyStep. It started badly after the first song when I noticed I had a wobbly step. I had to swap it out for another one, but it left me a little off my game for the rest of class. We did a lot of new songs with moves I’ve never done, which means more time spent fumbling instead of pushing myself. Lastly, I’m sore!! Did I mention that already? :P My shoulders and hamstrings are beat.

Treated myself to a hot lunch, one of the great things about weekends.

Butternut squash fries with two Sol veggie burgers topped with salsa and old cheddar. Hit the spot!

I had a banana I wanted to use up, so instead of making protein bars for this coming week, I made Low Carb Banana Bread. 


It’s essentially April’s Low Carb Sweet Bread, with the pumpkin swapped out for banana.


  • 1 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1 cup wheat-bran
  • 1/4-1/2 cup pure pumpkin (depending how moist you like your bread- I like mine really moist so I used 1/2 cup) 1 mushed banana
  • 1 cup liquid egg substitute
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1 tbsp each baking powder and cinnamon
  • 2 tsp pure stevia extract 4 packets of stevia


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a loaf pan with nonstick baking spray.
  2. Combine all ingredients.
  3. Pour into baking pan, bake for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

I had a piece right away topped with PB of course! Turned out really well! One piece (1/8 of the loaf) is 123 calories, 6g fat, 13g carbs, 7g fibre and 5g protein. Not bad!

Of course, my hot lunch then had me craving a cold supper.

Egg salad sandwich with pickles, onions, mayo and mustard. Then carrots + salsa on the side. Check out how thick that filling is. Two eggs a sandwich is how it’s done ;)


Fatty February Wrap-Up & Then Some

Seeing as tomorrow is the last day of the month, I wanted to combine all my thoughts about my Fatty February challenge. For about four weeks, I’ve been consciously increasing the amount of healthy fats in my diet, with hopes improving my hair, skin and hormonal levels.

It occurred to me today that my results with Fatty February may be a little skewed. You see, I also went off the birth control pill at the end of January, and I’m realizing that what could have been a side-effect of increasing my dietary fat, could also be a side-effect of going off the pill.

For example, one thing I noticed is that my belly pouf shrank. Apparently water-bloat can disappear when you go off the pill, so who knows if it’s related.

As for satiety, I think increasing my fats may have improved it. I did a lot less munching this past month, especially at night. Perhaps it’s because I felt more satisfied with the food I was eating?

I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin. My face is still the same, my arms are still pretty dry, and the rash on my legs is only slightly better. Again, it’s hard to judge my skin now that I’m not taking a daily dose of hormones!

Finally, my nails grew at lightning speed. This was probably the thing I noticed most. I could barely keep up with them!

I can say for certainty, that I will be continuing a diet high in fat. Shooting for a 30-30-30 carb-protein-fat ratio worked really well for me this month, and I would like to keep doing it. Every body is different in terms of macronutrients, so perhaps this is just the one that works for me :) I’ll be sure to do more check-ins as I notice things.

As a side note, Caitlin wrote a wonderful post today on the “Big Birth Control Question” that I encourage you women and men to check out. Some interesting conversation in the comments of that post. I can tell you I was on the pill for four years and felt myself starting to drag towards the end. I hope going off it will get my hormones back to where they’re supposed to be, and I’m looking forward to being back to my body’s natural cycle. To be perfectly honest though, I’m a little weary about what will (or won’t) happen!


Okay, that’s enough getting personal for one evening. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! I’m off to finish Food Inc now…

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  1. Aren’t April’s recipes amazing?? I made her no carb soy muffins today & have already eaten three of them! Whoops.

    I love being sore after a workout, makes me feel so accomplished.

  2. I’m another one on the April Train! I made and blogged bout her protein cookie dough and made it w/ vegan Prot Powd and it totally worked! I love that you mushed a banana, that’s what I would have done too as Im not the hugest pumpkin fan sometimes plus i always have nanas around.

    Going off BCPs. Best decision I ever made. After being on them from ages about 15 to 27 or so, I was sooo worried it was going to take forever to get my cycle back. It only took 1 extra month and i got pregnant easily when I wanted to. But I have mommy friends who spent yrs on the pill trying to prevent preg only to find themselves having a super hard time getting things normalized and then actually getting preg. Dont want to hate on the pill though b/c there were times when it was totally the right decision for me and for lots of ladies.

    Ok I’m done :)

  3. I looove the naturally wavy hair and colour-gorgeous ;)

    I have know found a way to get rid of my dry cracked hands and feet…try it for a week-boy does it work!
    Right before bed(otherwise too messy) spread a few drops of OLIVE OIL on your hands and feet.

    I started this about 2 weeks ago and am noticing a HUGE diff,and when I wake up it is not greasy anymore but absorbed in!

    PS Love a good egg sandwich! Yum yum yum
    Gonna have to whip one up tomorr-find bolied eggs make my apt stink for a day though!

  4. Oh what a good idea to make a “sandwich” of the oats!! I love that one and will do it next time :-)

  5. I love your natural hair and that curl! It’s so free and easy.

    Susan – send me your address and I will pop some raw shea butter in the mail to you for your skin. This stuff is amazing, and we get quite a good price on it.

  6. Stopping the pill is most likely behind the reduced bloat. I went off BCP a year ago and within the first month my belly and waist shrunk a lot with no other changes in my diet, exercise, etc. My skin did break out a lot more the first 4 months off the pill but then kind of evened it. Might be too personal but have you had a period yet? I didn’t have one for 4 months after stopping and it still is not normal a year later.

    • Yeah, they originally put me on Tricyclen to help my mild acne at the time and for the first three months on the pill, my skin was AWFUL. So I’m curious, to see if the acne comes back without it. And nope, no period yet! I was kind of expecting to not get the first one, but it would be nice to get it back! I’m much more active than I was when I went on it, and still in the process of losing body fat/putting on muscle, so I’m wondering if amenorrhea may be the case…

      • It is normal to take a while for it to normalize for many people. Amenorrhea is actually much more closely linked to calorie intake than amount of exercise/body fat levels and looks like you eat a very adequate amount of calories for your size/activity levels.

        Studies on athletes have really shown this to be true. Competitive atheletes with low body fat but adequate calorie intake often don’t lose their periods yet the ones with the same low body fat levels/same exercise who do not eat enough often do lose theirs. This is why many women, even those very overweight will lose periods when they go on diets. Of course there are always exceptions on both sides but more often it is related to calorie intake and why many women with Anorexia who might have regained to a healthy weight but still eat very restrictively to stay there do not regain their periods.

        • Thank you for all that info Lara!! Happy to know it’s more related to calorie intake than body fat. In that case I should be okay ;)

          • sure, it is an issue near and dear to me–I struggled with amenorrhea for 7 yrs after overcoming anorexia. I was at a decent weight but ate pretty restrictively (1000 cals/day on average) to maintain that. Doctor’s couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t having periods because I was in the normal weight range for my height. Then I got interested in weight lifting and read a lot about proper workout nutrition etc and upped my calories and protein so I could build some muscle that I know I lost during my ED days and went from being a vegetarian to a pescetarian) and within a few months my period came back on its own.

  7. I’m so happy that your Fatty February challenge worked out so well. You really do inspire me! I hope to have as healthy and balanced of a lifestyle as you soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your birthday,
    Nicole G

  8. I love your idea for pb&j oats with the pocket in the middle. Yum! I also made banana bread today – my first loaf of it ever! :)

    Enjoy Food Inc – its definitely interesting!

  9. thank you for sharing girl!! i recently upped my fat too-my nails are SO much healthier!!
    your oats and egg salad look GREAT!
    I LOVE STOVE POT OATS- thanks to you!
    your hair=beautiful!

  10. After 10 years of BCP, I had an IUD put in after giving birth to my daughter. I feel so much better sans added hormones!

  11. I get wary when it comes to low-carb goods…but I do have a bag of wheat bran I bought by mistake and need to use up! I might swap the flax thing for regular flours, though.

    Haha, my nails grow in lightning speed, too! Must be the tons of nuts I consume!

  12. Love the PB&J oat combo! The low carb sweet bread sounds great too, I want to try it out!

  13. Yes, I agree on the two eggs per egg salad sandwich rule! Definitely the way to go.

    Interesting results from Fatty February. I have wanted to go off the pill for so long now but I really think it’s the best BC option for right now. Although it has to be said, a flat stomach is pretty good motivation to do some research!

  14. I believe nice work out clothes are a must too! Gotta see them ripped arms ;)

    Ok, that sweet bread is on my list for tonight! I MUST make it!!!

    I’m glad you had such great results adding extra fat in your diet. I feel SO much more satiated when I eat more healthy fats, and my nails/skin are better! Gotta have my EVOO & AB!


  15. That’s awesome you had good results with Fatty February.

    I hope things normalize for your cycle soon. I am a huge advocate of not using BCP and women knowing their cycles. It is an amazing way to be in tune with our bodies and their needs.

  16. Amazing post, Susan!
    Hahaha :)
    Loved all yous pics, and your egg salad sandwich with mustard gave me an amazing idea.. :D
    And that banana loaf+PB looked simply di-vi-ne!
    Have a great Sunday, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  17. I thought all Netflix plans had unlimited online viewing? I know my plan does.

    I LOVE how when I lift weights my muscles pop out everywhere. It makes me feel so strong and toned. Then I come home and my arms and legs look straight and undefined again. :-(

    Your lackluster day in Body Step is making me think you need a change! ;-) Try Body Attack again!! Seriously, it will bring your fitness to new heights.

    • We don’t have Netflix in Canada! I was streaming it off Megavideo for free, but they only let you watch 70 minutes until you have to sign up. We have something similar to Netflix though, but I can usually find the movies somewhere for free ;)

      Ya know, I was thinking about giving Body Attack another shot! I’ll have to check out the weekend classes. My friend has also been doing this class called “Fit Mix” which is a similar sports conditioning and agility class. She said it’s killer, so I obviously want to go do it ;)

  18. yay I’m so glad the bread came out! i think I have a mushy banana that needs to get used up!

    And I’m with you on the fats! My ratios are now 50/25/25 and I feel so much better.. I’m more full, less bloated, and of course my hair and nails look purty ;)

  19. Hi, just found your blog. I’ll have to do some navigating of your past posts as you mentioned several old posts that I would be interested in reading.

    I love the idea of the pj&j oatmeal. What a great idea. PB and oatmeal are two of my fav’s.

    Glad I found your blog.

  20. “I’m an awkward person in real life, and it apparently translates onto film” – haha I’m awkward in real life too and it only sometimes shows in my pictures (all the ones I don’t pose for)

    February must have flownnn by cuz I can’t believe fatty Feb is over! I’ve been (trying) to increase my fat intake and I love the results. Consider fatty feb to be fatty forever*

  21. I laugh every time you talk about eating boiled eggs at work, because I used to do the same thing and felt bad every time about the smell. I would sing out at my cubicle, “I’m peeling my eggs now, you’ve all been warned!!” hehehe.

    • Hahaha. Every time someone walks into my office after I’ve had a boiled egg I feel like blurting out “I just ate eggs!!!” before they get any thoughts otherwise :P

  22. That bread sounds awesome- any idea how many egg whites make 1 cup of substitute? I need to try the PBJ oatmeal sandwich!

  23. Yayyy for butternut squash fries!

    And yeah, grapefruit on it’s own never does it for me. My trick is to cut it in half, drizzle with a little maple syrup, and let it sit overnight in the fridge. So good!

  24. I quit the pill at the end of January too! I’d been on it for almost 15 years and my estrogen was dangerously out of balance. I feel a lot better without it.

    I’m a terribly awkward person in real life too. :)

  25. Susan! Gosh, I have missed you SO much! I am just catching up on your posts, so please forgive my behind-ness! I love that Fatty Feb was so great for you, and I’ll be keeping the focus on fats in March, too. You know all about my hormone struggles, so I will be interested to see what happens with your body. I do know it can take a while to re-acclimate though, so don’t worry. Love you love you! xoxo
    P.S. I have thought about making the low carb bread with banana, too, so I’m glad it turned out! I have a (rare) old banana that needs to be used :)

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