Single Ladies

I’m watching hockey again. Who am I?? :P It’s actually really exciting. Canada is dominating Russia. Pent up anger over the loss to the US I suppose…

Chugging right along.. I ran 10k today! According to my blog archives, I haven’t done this since December 27. I have a sneaking suspicion I snuck one in January somewhere, but regardless, it’s been a while! Longest distance I’ve done on the treadmill all winter, so it’s nice to know I could maintain it :) Here’s the speed breakdown:

Minutes Speed – MPH
0-5 3.5
5-10 5.6
10-15 5.8
15-20 6.0
20-25 5.8
25-30 6.0
30-35 6.2
35-40 6.0
40-45 6.2
45-50 6.4
55-60 6.2
60-65 6.4
65-70 6.6

I love this speed pattern because 1) it takes me almost exactly 60 minutes to do a 10k, and 2) the first half is “easy” and the second half is really challenging! A nice mix of both efforts. I increased the incline a tad from 1% to 1.5% and I could totally feel it. I need to challenge myself more with inclines. I don’t want to turn into a treadmill wuss :P

Now, I know it’s Waffle Wednesday and all, but I do not have a waffle iron at my office like some people. Actually, all we have is a dinky microwave and mini-fridge in the photocopy room. Both of which I put to use today. I had a hot breakfast!


That does not look appetizing. Microwave oats never do. But it was quite tasty! It was one package of President’s Choice cinnamon multigrain oats, with 1 cup water, 1/2 cup egg whites, topped with a mix of 1 tbsp cashew butter and 1 tbsp molasses. The egg whites in the microwave were… interesting. Not creamy like on the stove. More like a cross between oats and a quiche. Not bad, just not custard oats. The topping was delish!

I had more oats for my mid-morning snack. Why mess with a good thing? ;)

Homemade Apple Cinnamon Protein Bar. It’s love.

Lunch was another ginormous salad.

Spinach and various veggies mixed with leftover salmon and quinoa stew. Mmm…this stew is just as good cold, and even better as a salad! I showed my giant tupperware who’s boss.



I spent my lunch break spending more money on beauty products. Gosh, looking good is expensive. I finally broke and bought a professional hair straightener. I’ll post about it tomorrow when I test it out. The girl who sold it to me laughed out loud when I told her my current straightener is a Conair from Walmart. Thanks lady.

Rushed home again for supper. This time with good reason – I had a movie date with the girls from work!

Was feeling something simple…


Burgers and fries… kind of ;)

Sol veggie burgers. They’re made with beans and soy. Kinda mushy, but I dig it! Topped with heaps of salsa.

Sweet potatoes and carrot fries. Miraculously, I’m not orange yet.

I have to admit, dessert after the movie is the same thing I’ve had every night for a week!


Protein cookie batter. I mix up 1 1/2 scoops chocolate whey powder with almond milk until it is a wonderfully thick goo, then top with PB, chocolate chips and sprinkles. It’s amazing. Kinda like a gooey fudge. Thanks to April for introducing me to it!


So the movie we went to tonight was Valentine’s Day. The type of cheesy chick flick I pretend to be too cool to like but secretly love. Anyways, it got me thinking about how happy I am to be single right now. I know, totally not what those types of movies are supposed to do :P But I see so many girls who whine about wanting to be in a relationship, while I am ecstatic to finally be on my own. I’m really excited to spend this next period of my life being selfish, getting to know myself, and making decisions that satisfy my own self-interests. I still dream of a boy, house and dog someday, but I know I won’t be happy with it until I spend more time with me. I’ve been feeling this odd contentment with my life lately, and I think that’s why :) I spent Valentine’s Day alone this year (well, with friends!) and I didn’t have one pang of loneliness, if anything my heart feels more full!

I also want to thank you for all the wonderful comments on my weight lifting post. I had a lot of fun reading them in between work assignments today :)


Question of the Day: Single? In a relationship? If so, how long? I’ve been in serious relationships since I was 17!! No wonder I’m happy to be single :P

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  1. I love leftovers on top of salad greens/spinach. It’s the only way I can make a salad into a whole meal.

    I’ve been married since May 31 of last year and have been with him since July of 2004. He’s my best friend… I definitely sewed some wild oats back in the day so I’m happy to be off the market.

  2. Oh I meant sowed not sewed….whoops :)

  3. Single til I ws 24 and 10 months. In a relationship for seven months..then single of the past year. But I kind feel like I am going to be heading back into a relationship. We’ll see. I agree being single is awesome. I just need a man about 1 time a month ;) and sometimes it’s nice to have someone to play footsie with.

  4. Stephen and I have been dating for 3 years. This is by far my longest relationship. Before him, I didn’t date anyone longer than a year. I was definitely not a serial dater!

  5. While the lack of Waffle Wednesday is disappointing, your other (constantly) delish looking eats totally make up for it LOL

    I am single as well. I actually just broke up with my boyfriend of six months on Saturday. It was a tough decision, but I realized that I need to figure some things out for myself (namely learning to actually like/appreciate myself) before I can really be in a relationship. I care about him but it wasn’t fair to him because I just wasn’t present.

    YAY Single ladies (btw I’m singing the Beyonce song in my head and imagining the football team in Glee performing it) =)

    Nicole G

  6. Not single, but I’ve done my fair share of the single lady lifestyle back in the day!

    I keep wanting to buy a nice straightener, but I’m planning on chopping all my hair off immediately after the wedding, so it would be kind of a waste. Maybe someday!

  7. Yay for being happy about being single! :D I was for many many many years. I didn’t start dating until I was 30 and you cannot be happy WITH someone unless you are happy with YOU.

  8. ahh can’t wait till I run my 10k! it’ll be so exciting.

    Let’s see, I’ve had a boyfriend for 3.5 years! Gettin up there–no marriage in the near future though.

    I’ve had one other serious relationship that lasted two years so I was single through much of highschool and a year and 6-7 months in college.

    I loved being single and I think it’s so important that women have that time alone. To only concentrate on yourself and what you want and not have to think of anyone else.

    Have fun with it girl!

  9. aww you have such a BEAUTIFUL attitude about it!! Gods gona send you the PERFECT man right when the PERFECT time comes, its gona be aweeesome! i didnt date at all until the boyfriend i have now (over 2 yrs) bc i have always been SUPER picky and none of us girls should settle for less than we deserve!

  10. I’ve been in a relationship since I was 16, we just celebrated our 5th anniversary the other day!

    I have to say (and I’m not trying to be judge-y or rude with this comment) that it really annoys me when people say you have to be “single” to find out who you really are. I guess it depends on what kind of relationship you’re in, but if you’re not in one that allows you to be 100% yourself and make your own decisions then it’s probably not the right one.

    Sure, I have had to make sacrifices and some hard decisions that would have been easier if I had been single BUT I don’t think that being in the relationship has prevented me from finding out who I am. In fact, I think it’s helped me. I like to think I have the best of both worlds sometimes, since I’m in a long-distance relationship I have lots of alone and friend time but I also have a very supportive partner who’s my very best friend!

    OK, end super long comment now :)

    • Totally agree, some girls don’t need that alone time if they’re with someone they can grow with, and more importantly, make decisions they can feel good about. SO important to be with someone who’s on the same page and heading in the same direction as you. Makes the whole “finding me” thing much, much easier.

  11. I totally love girly romantic comedies. I’m not afraid to admit it. As far as relationships go, just got engaged last Friday!

    Fiance humors me and watches romantic comedies, provided that they are FUNNY!

  12. me and my bf have been together over 2 years now! thats pretty good. I couldn’t be happier with him, I had my single time and im over it.
    But if you are enjoying it, the power to you! your lucky! Boys can be SUCH a hassle hahaha


  13. Now I’m going to have beyonce in my head all night :-)

    Mitch and I will be celebrating 4 years in July. I have found that I’m not a “dater” so I’m either in a relationship or I’m single and not thinking about guys at all. And I admit that I’m happier overall when I’m in a relationship, but I know that if I were to find myself single, I’d be ok and I’d enjoy all the great things about single life, of which there are lots! (plus I’d spend a lot less on ground turkey but that’s another story)

  14. Props on the 10k, by the way! I haven’t run that far since late November…good thing my half mary isn’t until August :-)

  15. Oh, can’t wait to hear about your hair straighteners! I was wondering about the egg whites in microwave method…looks like I’ll be busting out a saucepan to make breakfast tomorrow.

    I am single and happy to be so right now!

    I left you an award on my blog :D

  16. moved out when i was 16. married at 19. Divorced at 21. Married again at 24. Now 33 and married. Seems like I wouldnt have had much time to live it up, but oh, girl. I did. And it was freaking great. Enjoy being single!!!! :)

  17. Oh, I loved reading this post. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 years but I remember how much I enjoyed being single. It was a blast and I did all those things you write about wanting to do. You can do WHATEVER you want to do and that sense of freedom is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband but being single was also a lot of fun! :-) Enjoy yourself!

  18. Hey, I’ve been with the same guy since I was 19, I’m now 21 and it sounds really sad but I hope to stay with him till I’m old and saggy.
    I truly hated the times I was single, I feel more free when in a relationship.
    Well done on the 10k, it seems fun. One day I hope to be able to run that far, right now I can’t even run a mile yet, but I’m improving.
    And your food looks very yummy,

  19. As I think you know, I’m married. We’ve been married 2.5 years and together 3.5 and I love it. Being single is great too. Some of my best memories are from single times. I think it’s so important that no matter where we are in life, we take joy in it. Better to focus on what we do have :)

  20. The protein batter looks divine! Your 10k run plan looks great, too. Just enough variety to keep it interesting, but not so much that you feel like you’re punching buttons on the treadmill the whole time.

    I’ve been married for 2 years and we’ve been together for 6.5 years.

  21. Watch out, my hair turned orange ;)

    That run looks great, it’s on my agenda when I watch Oprah later!

    Love the sprinkles!

  22. Oh and i’ve been married for 10 years, I too like your had been in a relationship since I was 16. I got engaged to that guy but then we broke it off. I wasn’t look for anyone and along came my hubs :)

  23. I LOVE that we can even say “well, when i checked my blog archives…” to see what we were doing on a specific day. It is just so cool to me.

    And oh my goodness Susan, these carrot and sweet potato fries look more awesome than any fry you’ve ever done before! And that says a lot.

    You know I am verrryyy happy on my own, never been in a relationship really, definitely not a serious one.. but I’m starting to want one. I’m a very independent girl, but there are definitely times when I just want to be a part of like a twosome? haha if that makes sense. Anyhow, I am still so happy that you are happy right now my dear. You deserve it. :)

  24. I need to try those veggie burgers, and that protein cookie batter!!

    I am taken, right now, and happily so. However, it is not the way I have always been! I have never been one for serious relationships, not because I am anti-social or selfish, but I am SUPER independent and I never really found someone who I felt was right to commit to. I have never had a problem with being single on Valentines day! Now I found this guy, who is OK with my independence, gives me my space, but also is a great boyfriend, and doesn’t make a big deal out of Valentines day or things like that… and I have been with him for almost two years. Life is surprising, right?


  25. enjoy your single life!!!!!! It’s fun to worry about no one but yourself. Not that I can relate! I’m getting married in 11 weeks! We’ve been engaged for 16 months and I can’t believe the big day is almost here.

  26. In a happy relationship for just under two years now! Getting married 5/30! :D I’m a chronic monogamist and have neve really been single.

  27. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    Your love of sprinkles never fails to delight me! I have been with my boyfriend for about 10 months now. I’m getting ready to move in the next month so we are in the process of deciding what is going to happen… eek!

  28. I think I’m like Leah. I’ve never been single for more than a couple of weeks. In a way I wish I knew what it was like to be a truly independant woman but I’m very happy with my husband. He’s not one of “those” husbands either. I can go out with my friends anytime no hassle from him. We keep our money in separate accounts and split the bills because no one is going to tell me what I can and can’t do with money I earn! :P A lot of people think this is terrible but it works great for us! We’ve been together almost 8 years and we will be married 4 years in May!

  29. I’m going to make a “motherly” comment here, I hope you didn’t microwave your oatmeal in that container? Those are a one time use, type of plastic. Only glass in the microwave. Just looking out for you.
    I’m too old to comment on the question of the day, been married for almost 12 years now. Couldn’t imagine life without him.

  30. how have I missed the carrot fry bandwagon? I have to get right on that!

    I have been with my bf for 5 years. Actually, almost 6. …well, I’m not sure, I don’t know our anniversary (pfft). He was my first real bf though, so I had lots of single lady time before that. We have a relationship that is just perfect for the two of us, and my best friend (who used to live with us) thought it was bizzare. We aren’t going to get married (for a plethora of reasons), and we don’t want kids (one of the reasons I love him so much!). The years have flown by.

    When the right person comes along everything is so easy. I’m sure you’ll find one of your own when you’re ready! :)

  31. Wow, Hi Susan!! I just found your blog and Wow!! I love the stuff you post. I am JUST starting on my 8 week half-marathon training plan and can’t run 3 miles yet…hahahah Your 6 is inspiring!! One of my goals is to do 6 miles in an hour.

    Your always have such delicious looking eats. Those breakfasts are especially killer!!! :P

  32. i’m single right now too! i’m glad to hear you are happy that way…means the breakup was definitely the right thing to do. i often like being single too…but i need some more excitement to mix it up! i havent been on a fun date in ages and if i’m not gonna go the serious route, i wouldn’t mind at least a little entertainment, you know??

    glad you liked the movie :) i loved all the sappy-ness!!

  33. Hey there! Happy Thursday! Awesome run. :)

    I’ve been in a relationship for about three years and like you, have been in fairly serious relationships since high school. I completely can see what you mean about liking the you time. I think its really important to know who you are and be completely comfortable with yourself.

  34. That protein bar looks delicious! I would love the recipe, is it posted somewhere on your blog?

    • Hey Jenna! I hyperlinked the text, so clicking on the bar’s name should take you to the post with the recipe in it. I have yet to create a proper recipe page for it though, soon!

  35. I’m single, and have been for about 2 years (with a 3 month relationship thrown in last year – it didn’t count) so I’m very much ready for a relationship. I’m ready to hunker down with the man of my dreams and share my life :)

    When I first became single however, I was just like you!

  36. I totally agree with Julie above me. My first boyfriend was when I was 19 to 25, then I was single with a really bad on and off relationship until just a few months ago. At first I loved being single and parts of me still do. I”ve become very accustomed to doing what I want, eating when and what I want, making a daily plan and sticking to it because noone else interferres. But that also leads to lonelyness and sometimes boredom. I’m so ready for a relationship but only with the right guy or else its not worth it.

    I also spend Valentines day with a friend getting dinner and seeign the movie “valentines day” and didn’t feel lonely inthe least….I do want my man, house and dog though very soon hopefully!

    ps that choc. dessert looks amazing!

  37. Your fries look amazing! I can’t wait to try something similar.
    I have a question for you. I’ve noticed you like to eat brussel sprouts. I’ve never been a fan because they always seems so bitter. What would you recommend for someone that’s trying to convert?

    • Roasted brussels sprouts are by far the best way to have them! Maybe toss them in a little maple syrup and oil along with sweet potatoes or other veggies you like, then bake for around 30 minutes at 450 F. They’ll still taste a little bitter, but it’s a good way to “ease” yourself into it. Oh! And cut them in half so they don’t roll around the pan ;) Hope it works!

  38. i am glad you are embracing your singlehood. it is so good for you! i was in a long relationship on and off (mainly on) from 18 to 23 and when i was single i felt so liberated! it was great! i think you really grow a lot when you dont have a boyfriend to hang out with every. single. night. you meet new people and try new things.

    dude, i should put my waffle iron to use. ive been being lazy ith the toaster waffle method lately.

    i think i need to try that 10k method. the longest ive gone on a treadmill in my life is 5.2 miles.. eep. i will try to do 6.2 today!


    p.s. you know my relationship status! enfreakingaged. woah.

  39. Yay for a 10k!! Awesome sauce.
    And yay to your new found happiness and single-ness! I’ve been hitched for 2.5 years and with the boy for just over 5. Aye aye aye!

  40. Awesome job on your 10k!!

    And does the cookie dough taste different with almond milk than water? I’ve been wondering if there’s a difference!

    • I think it makes it a little creamier and sweeter. Almond milk is so low in calories/carbs that the little bit barely changes the nutritional makeup on the dough too :)

  41. Love your version of burgers and fries!!
    I’m in my first relationship now, and we’ve been together for about 3 months:)

  42. I went to see that film last night, so good! I’m single and have been for 8yrs! x x

  43. I saw the movie Valentine’s Day, and thought it was pretty cute. I’m single, and for me, it’s been hard for me, b/c I’ve reached a point in my life that I want to be married with a family. I’m 30, have gotten my share of “independence” and “singleness”, and want to take care of someone besides myself! But, I know that the grass is greener on the other side, so I guess I just have to be patient. Though sometimes, it’s really hard! lol

  44. Do you have curly hair normally? Or just wavy?

    I have been married for 13 years. I was single for quite a while before I met John. Funny how I met him after I decided that I just liked being alone and wasn’t looking for anyone :D

    I think you can also grow as an individual if you are in the right relationship. If you are with someone that encourages you to flourish on your own – you have hit a home run.

    • I would call it wavy, but I can scrunch it up and make it pretty curly. Although, I think “unruly” might be most appropriate ;)

      Love this line!! “I think you can also grow as an individual if you are in the right relationship. If you are with someone that encourages you to flourish on your own – you have hit a home run.”

  45. I am happily married to a guy I never thought even existed ! But ……… I honestly believe that I would’ve never met him, let alone appriciate the amazing man he is, if I hadn’t had the time I had as a single woman. I had time to get to know myself, and really get my life on track. That selfish time of my life, I feel, was so important to molding the person I am today, and the life I have right now!

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