Mind Your Qs and As

Hi friends! Hope everyone’s week has gone by swimmingly. Mine’s been pretty relaxed – definitely needed and appreciated :)

My alarm went off at 5:45 am and I had second thoughts about going to the gym. Actually, I do not hop out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning. I’m quite grumpy until I get some food and caffeine in me. I think the key is to just know that the haziness doesn’t last long.

Sooo, I hobbled into my gym clothes, walked into a few walls, ate half a banana and PB, chugged back a glass of iced coffee and stumbled out the door. Today was a treadmill day. Yup – straight up treadmill, because I FOUND MY IPOD!! Wooo! Here’s how my hour of running and entertaining tunes went down…

*on a 1% incline

Minutes Speed – MPH
0-5 3.5
5-10 5.6
10-20 1-minute intervals of 6.0 and 6.4
20-30 1-minute intervals of 6.2 and 6.6
30-40 1-minute intervals of 6.4 and 6.8
40-50 1-minute intervals of 6.6 and 7.0
50-55 6.0
55-60 3.5

Loved being back at it! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve ran anything over 3 miles, but I did 5.3 pretty “easily” today. Next week I’ll get up earlier and do 10k ;)

Showered and went straight to work, where I risked my life to eat yogurt.

Liberte Greek yogurt

I mixed up the remainder of my Liberte Greek yogurt with cashew butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, shredded coconut and dates last night, then I left it out on the counter!! It was in my insulated lunch bag, so that probably kept it temperate for an extra couple hours. It smelled/tasted fine this morning so I just went for it. That’s $3 worth of yogurt right there!!!

Liberte Greek yogurt
I sprinkled on some fauxnola granola at the office. Dare I say, it was delicious! Nut butter in Greek yogurt is much better than in regular yogurt.

Chased down with some more iced coffee.


I actually prefer my coffee hot, but the iced stuff is quicker to drink in the morning. It’s also more thirst quenching after the gym ;)

Work was uneventful, I came home to a deep dish salad. 


  • spinach
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • yellow & orange pepper
  • pickles
  • capers
  • smoked mackerel

For the dressing, I mixed up a laughing cow cheese wedge, yellow mustard, 1 tsp olive oil and pickle juice. It was reallyreally good!! Probably one of the better homemade dressings I’ve ever made!

Dessert was a few of these bad boys:


I often get comments from people noting how I can eat only five M&Ms or one Hershey’s Kiss at a time. First off, I don’t view these as a “snack,” but a teeny sweet treat after a meal. I usually have at least a couple sweet treats like this throughout the day. I rather spread it out than eat it all in one sitting. Plus, I suck on these eggs until they melt in my mouth – it takes almost five minutes!

Shortly after dinner I found the energy to go to yoga class. I’ve been putting it off all week, but was motivated by knowing tonight’s instructor does mostly gentle hatha. Plus, I got to wear my new Lululemon pants!

And apparently do jazz hands. Props to my Canon self-timer for taking this photo ;)

Yoga was actually challenging tonight! She had us doing a bunch of “bladder friendly” poses. Picture lots of frog poses and equally embarrassing legs-spread bum-in-the-air type things :P

I was pretty hungry by the time I came home again, so I immediately made another carrot peanut butter protein cake.


  • 1 scoop (30g) vanilla whey protein powder
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp egg whited
  • 2 tbsp carrot baby food
  • 1/2 tbsp peanut butter

All stirred up in a mug and popped in the microwave for 90 seconds. I topped it with marshmallow fluff watered down with almond milk. And sprinkled of course! Yumyum :)


I’m getting some great questions for my next round of Q&A’s! I’m going to dedicate whole posts to a few of them, and then just sprinkle them throughout other posts. Today’s questions come from the ever-talented Sophia:

1) What was your dream job when you were little? Was it journalism?
2) ‘fess up! Ever crave fast food? ;-)

1) When I was little, I thought I was going to be a veterinarian. That idea was soon lost after getting an electric guitar for my 14th birthday, after which I was convinced I was destined for punk-rock stardom. There were brief periods where I though I wanted to be an English teacher, flight attendant, career barista, and MTV host. I think the most recent dream jobs have all involved communication to some degree, and that’s probably why I ended up doing journalism in university. It’s still my dream to communicate what I’m passionate about with people. That’s why I’m pursuing personal training, and hopefully will find a job writing about it!

2) Yes! More specifically – Burger King veggie burgers. I used to eat them all the time when I was a vegetarian and I love them. Even the sketchy mayo that comes on top. But I was a vegetarian between the ages of 14-22, what I would consider to be the fast-food “formative years.” So I never had a chance to develop a taste for greasy burgers and chicken nuggets. Also, I never liked fast-food french fries. I’m a Maritimer, I need a good potato!!


Now it’s your turn! What was your dream job growing up? And what’s you favourite fast food??

Remember, if you have a question, anything from food, fitness, or personal fun stuff, leave me a comment or e-mail thegreatbalanacingact@gmail.com

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Nice jazz hands. Hehe.

    My dream job changed every year when I was younger. It went through all of these: model, actress, author, tv producer, violinist, fashion designer, and a million other things. I could never decide what my dream job was… which is probably why I still can’t find out what my job should be. ;)

    Fast food? Ahh… I like anything from Chick Fil A.

  2. There’s the workout i’ve missed seeing :) Doing this tomorrow morning…can’t wait!

    That carrot muffin looks awesome!

  3. Look at you stylin’ lady! You are rocking that outfit :D I am so jealous of that long and lean look.

    I wanted to be a veterinarian or a paleontologist when I was little. I was big into dinosaurs.

    Fast food. Are chicken wings fast food? If so, that would be it.

  4. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I’m pretty sure I wanted to be a mermaid until I figured out this wasn’t something one could “become.”

  5. I wanted to be a journalists when I was younger! Your new Lululemon pants look great!

  6. great run girl!!
    i always wanted to be a “beauty parlor lady” haha.. i would always say that!
    LOVE those pants!!!

  7. I think the first thing I can remember wanting to do was long distance truck driver. Now I’m a short distance small truck driver :-)

    There’s almost no fast food I don’t enjoy that’s why I haven’t stepped foot in their premises this year. If I had to answer though it would be a large “georgia mud fudge blizzard”

  8. This is totally on point:
    I often get comments from people noting how I can eat only five M&Ms or one Hershey’s Kiss at a time. First off, I don’t view these as a “snack,” but a teeny sweet treat after a meal. ”

    I get asked the same bout all my desserts. I eat 95% veggies. I blog about 75% content is desserts. I only eat about 5% of my diet is dessert but dessert is fun/interesting on the blog, broccoli is not. So it’s not like im gorging all day long on desserts. And when i do, i have no problem taking 2 bites and being done. there is always more.

    Fast food. Detest it.
    Fave job. Oh god, I have no idea. Independently wealthy :)

  9. My favorite fast food….does Mexican food count? If not then it’s In N Out. I hardly ever like burgers and fries (well I love them but I hate how gross I feel after) but when the craving hits hard, that’s where I’ll go.

    Let’s see…I wanted to be an artist when I was little. Then my mom told me artists don’t make any money so I should be an architect since that’s similar. Then I wanted to be an architect until I realized I have NO artistic (or math for that matter) ability.

  10. My favorite fast food is Chick Fil A and Subway. Those are the only two I enjoy. Except for some reason when was pregnant I craved McDonalds. I have no clue how I craved it since I hadn’t eaten it in 5+ years! LOL

    My favorite job is being home with my baby girl. And then it will hopefully be personal training. That’s what I’ll be doing when I go back to work so I better love it!

  11. I think I wanted to be a samurai growing up. Ah, feudal Japan; why did you leave us?

    Anyway, I have a question! What kind of protein powder do you use? I bought some chocolate Designer Whey to use for protein cookie dough, and it was hell of nasty.

  12. Ahhhh fast food. I have a weakness for McD fries and a Big & Tasty. I love burgers. And mayo. Lots of mayo.

  13. As a child first I wanted to be a school bus driver, then a model (until I realized I wasn’t going to hit 5 foot! lol), then a nurse, and finally a psychologist. I somehow ended up an accountant at a mental health clinic.

    As for fast food my favorite is a McDonald’s double cheeseburger but I can’t have that due to gluten so I’d say Chipolte…the carnitas bowl thingy. Unfortunately the nearest Chipolte is 3 or 4 hours away….so locally I guess Chick-fil-a waffle fries and a bunless grilled sandwich.

  14. I used to want to get into graphic design. Somehow my life led me in a different direction though. I can’t complain… too much! ;)

    Sometimes I crave a greasy, juicy burger from Swenson. It’s a burger joint I used to frequent all the time. Not sure if they have them where you are. SO GOOD! (must stay away!!!)

  15. ahhh lululemon…how one day i hope to be able to afford a whole wardrobe of thee!

    yay for finding your iPod, working it out at yoga and a morning workout and those cute protein cakes. i love that you add sprinkles on top :)

    dream job? TRAVEL CHANNEL HOST! i need to keep pimping myself out if that is ever going to happen.

    let’s chat soon :)

  16. Love your yoga pants! I want some nicer ones…
    I didn’t really have any job aspirations growing up but I do have a favourite fast food: chipotle lovin’!

  17. YAY for finding the pod!! That yogurt combo looks D-vine! I’ve never had BK’s veggie burgers but I was a BIG fan of dunking fries in Wendy’s frosties. YUM!! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, honestly. I used to play school when I was younger!

  18. LOVE the yoga pants!!!!!!! I once opened Greek yogurt and found mould on the lid…still ate it. $3 is $3! And yes to nut butters in Greek. So much better than regular.

    What was your dream job growing up? doctor

    And what’s you favourite fast food? Lamb shwarma on Iraqi bread. I love meditteranean fast food. Where I lived in London was predominantly a Jewish area so there were no typical fast food places- just Kosher and the lamb shwarma was incredible. I loved french fries dipped in strawberry shakes from McDonalds back in the day!

  19. great treadmill workout! and i love the term “deep dish salad”. your pants rule! but what i like even more is that super cute top! ohhh good questions, good answers. i love sophia. ummm i wanted to be a vet when i was a young lass and i hate fast food, i am not just saying that. i havent had it in over a year and a half and cant believe i ever ate it regularly. if i was going to eat fast food it would probably be an ice cream cone from mcdonalds!

    LOVE YOU! sorry it took so long to catch up. yours is the first of MANY. sigh~ such is the life when catching up.


    • I got that top with my registration for the triathlon last summer!! It’s a really nice Asics technical shirt with a zip pocket in the front. I wear it ALL the time. *Almost* worth doing the triathlon for it… almost… :P

  20. My dream job was veterinarian too! I used to pretend to run a kennel with imaginary dogs in it. I was very inventive…

    I think my favorite “fast food” would be burritos. I could pretty much always go for one. So good. :)

    Happy Friday!

  21. You seriously impress me with your runs! I wish I could get into running but sadly I can’t!

    When I was little I wanted to be a vet. But what kid didn’t?? LOL.

    P.S. And yep you were right about figure competition :D

  22. I LOVE those mini eggs! And the pants look great on you, I love lulu!

    I wanted to be a pediatrician as a kid… now I am going to be a chef!

    I crave fast food, but ONLY Chicken nuggets & frostys from Wendy’s!


  23. I usually always have a small treat everyday..most of the time after lunch…and something like a hersheys kiss is PERFECT!

  24. Heh, thanks for answering my questions!
    My dream job growing up was a teacher to the handicapped, and then a writer, and then an artist, and then a lawyer, and then president of USA, and then a writer, and then an artist, and then a pastry chef, and then a hospitality manager, and then a writer, and now (and hopefully sticking to) a journalist. Mostly, I knew I wanted to do something with writing, and journalism seemed to encompass all the above!

    I have different stages with fast food. Sometimes I crave BK burgers. Now, I’m on a McNugget fix.

  25. I have no idea how you can tough it out for an entire HOUR on the treadmill! What are your tricks for beating boredom?!

    I would have totally eaten the yogurt too. I’ve eaten worse to save foods that are less valuable!

    Lovin’ the new Lulu pants. And the jazz hands ;)

    When I was little, I wanted to be a singer. Thank goodness that didn’t pan out ;)

  26. I am with you and Lara- nothing (almost) would stop me eating that expen$ive and yummy yogurt. I eat things that are out of date all the time.

    The pants and jazz hands suit you well.

    I really, need to get on this protein cake band wagon, especially when there are sprinkles involved.

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