Fatty February Update!

I had a blast reading through everyone’s favourite alcoholic drinks! Glad to hear I’m not the only rye/whiskey girl. Many of you probably know that I’m not a huge drinker anymore. In fact, I consume alcohol maybe only once a month now? If even! I wrote about it in this post. I lost my taste and desire for it, but at the same time, I still need a big night out on the rare occasion :)

Monday was a pretty typical day for me. I was quite proud of myself for dragging my butt to the Monday morning spin class despite my whacky weekend. I pulled myself to the gym again today for some treadmill work and a full-body workout. Nothing suuuuper intense, but a solid sweat sesh nonetheless.


Minutes Speed – MPH Incline
0-5 3.5 0.0
5-6 5.5 0.0
6-7 6.0 0.0
7-8 6.5 0.0
8-9 7.0 0.0
9-10 5.5 0.5
10-11 6.0 0.5
11-12 6.5 0.5
12-13 7.0 0.5
13-14 5.5 1.0
14-15 6.0 1.0
15-16 6.5 1.0
16-17 7.0 1.0
17-18 5.5 1.5
18-19 6.0 1.5
19-20 6.5 1.5
20-21 7.0 1.5
21-22 5.5 2.0
22-23 6.0 2.0
23-24 6.5 2.0
24-25 7.0 2.0


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Barbell squat  45 lbs 12 1
Barbell squat  55 lbs 10 1
Barbell squat  65 lbs 8 1


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Wide-grip lat pulldown  55 lbs 8-12 3
Pistol squat  bw 8-12 3


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Incline dumbbell shoulder press 20 lbs ea 8-12 3
Static lunge  10 lbs ea 12 3


Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Cable horizontal woodchop  35 lbs 12 3
Hanging leg raises  bw 12 3


I feel like I should add that I’m still in the beginner stages of the pistol squat! Someday my leg will stick out perfectly in front of me and I’ll get my bum to the floor. But right now my foot just sort of dangles as I try to get my thigh parallel to the ground. It’s tough! I’ve got old-lady hips too, so my threshold for lower-body weightlifting is pretty darn low. My hips were popping and hurting by the time I got to the leg raises.

Today’s desk-breakfast was more cold goo.

Grape nuts and yogurt
Not overnight oats but Grape Nuts! I randomly picked up a box of Grape Nuts cereal because I’d never tried it before. I mixed it with yogurt, almond butter and blueberries. It made my breakfast almost cake-like in texture. I hear the cereal is good heated up, I’ll try that next :)

Morning snack was one of my new favourites, inspired by my mom!

Armstrong cheese
While my mom was visiting, she kept eating deli meat wrapped around cheese. Turns out it’s an awesome high-protein, high-fat snack. Today’s was smoked tofurkey slices around Armstrong herb & cheddar cheese.

Lunch was leftovers!

This is what I also had for supper on Monday. It was crazy good for being so crazy simple and made-up on the spot.

  • ground turkey
  • 1 can Heinz chili-spiced kidney beans
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • sweet peppers
  • minced jalepeno
  • minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp garlic tomato paste
  • fresh green beans

I was so excited about my leftovers today, I forgot to pack an afternoon snack. I had to venture down to the university’s cafeteria where there were unusually slim pickings.

So God chocolate soy milk

They didn’t even have granola bars!! The chocolate soy milk was pretty good though, I haven’t had it in a while.

I’m also doing well on “operation-become-an-office-tea-drinker.”

Lipton chamomile tea

Today’s chamomile was also brought to me by the cafeteria. Not sure how I feel about these Lipton teas they offer. They never actually taste like what’s on the label.

I needed to clean the kitchen when I got home, which means a roasted dinner. Throw everything in the oven then clean while it cooks!

white turnip
I had tons of root veggies in my fridge to use up – white turnip and parsnip. I used to hate turnip growing up, but I loved it tonight!

And some pepper squash.

pepper squash

Spread with some real buttah ;)

And a giant chicken breast stuffed with Olive & Feta Hummus.

stuffed chicken

To stuff my chicken, I just slit it down the side and sandwich the good stuff in there :) Hummus and laughing cow are probably my favourite stuffings.

Evening snack was another one of my new favourites – protein cookie dough.

Mixed up 30g chocolate whey protein powder and vanilla almond milk until it was a nice thick goo. Then I stirred in 2 tsp peanut butter, mini chocolate chips and sprinkles. Love this. It seems teeny tiny, but I assure you it’s filling – and that means a lot coming from me!

While licking on my protein batter, I finally cracked open this beast:



Oof. It’s been a while! I kinda stopped studying after my course was delayed by three months. Alas, the course date is fast approaching again (mid-March!) and I still have a lot to get through. Tonight, I learned all about muscular concepts. Lots of info.


Fatty February Update!

Seeing as its past the mid-month mark now, I want to do a quick Fatty February update! I was doing reallyreally well before my Halifax trip. Adding olive oil to things, eating fatty fish and having lots of nut butter. But it obviously all went out the window for a few days there :P Right now, I’m just trying to get back on track with it! These past couple days I’ve been relying on nut butter waaay too much – about 3-4 tbsp a day as my main fat sources. I haven’t tracked my food intake, but I know it’s not enough, and not a balanced way to get it. Making sure I get a wide variety of healthy fats is definitely going to be a continued effort on my part. I’m workin’ on it!

As for any noticeable difference – my belly pudge shrank. Seriously. I half-credit it to my cutting out carb-heavy snacks at night (been doing mostly protein snacks before bed). But I think upping my fat has balanced my macronutrients out to a ratio that is much kinder to my belly bloat.

I weighed myself this morning, and even after the mass consumption of high-calorie sugar foods this weekend, I’m back at my pre-Christmas “happy weight.” Again, I can’t fully credit this to upping my fats, but I think consciously choosing fattier foods has just led to a more balanced diet on my part. One that has helped me maintain my weight better.

So far so good! No noticeable difference with my skin and hair, but I swear my nails are growing faster.


Question of the Day: Fatty February-ers – how are you doing? Any noticeable changes? Any fatty foods you’re loving?

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  1. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    I’m pretty sure the blogosphere needs to be a part of some kind of high fat diet study. We are living proof that fat is your friend!

  2. That acorn squash looks so pretty! I love roasted veggies but am often too impatient to wait for them to cook. Lately I am loving the rich flavour of olive oil and adding nut butters to my food, as well extra hummus for a salad dressing.

  3. I hadn’t heard of the Fatty February! I really need to work on more healthy fats!

  4. Happy to hear you’re doing well with Fatty February! Celebrate it tonight with FAT Tuesday! LOL

    I’m curious, as you’ve increased your fat intake has your satiety suffered? I’m a volume eater and I’m worried that by upping my fats and eating more calorie-dense food with leave me feeling hungry.

    Nicole G

    • Hey Nicole! I must say, a lot of high-fat foods ARE more filing because they are more calorie dense. Full-fat cheese, whole eggs and plain nuts are some things that immediately come to mind. But I am still having trouble with cooking oils and butter. I’m trying to use them more when I’m cooking, or adding after the fact, and the extra 50+ calories they add doesn’t make a difference in fullness. Does make things taste better though! :P

  5. Hey! I just found your blog! I love how you lay out your workouts, so organized and easy to follow!
    I’ve been trying to cut out carbs late at night right before bed, I find that I feel awful the next morning when I don’t, and get a much worse sleep. What kind of protein snacks have you been having instead?

  6. I’ve gotta get on board with this- I think my skin could use it- as well as my hunger.. Love that you’re sticking with it!

  7. I noticed yesterday that I crave carbs when I don’t have fat at my meals. So I am glad that you’re still talking about this, because it reminds me that I still need to be adding it to my diet, esp. since I am vegan right now.

  8. The first and last time I tried a pistol squat, I pulled a muscle in my thigh! They are damn hard LOL

    Grapenuts are awesome cooked in the microwave with a bit of milk until hot and then topped with some chocolate chips……..

  9. I just realized that rye is whiskey- never mind my previous Q. Plus kudos to you girls for exercising even after heavy nights out!

    The grapenuts cake looks nummy.

    Are you cutting back significantly on carbs while you’re increasing the fat? I have all this dietary fat envy of other bloggers but I don’t know where I’d pull the calories from honestly. :-( Love my protein and I don’t do a lot of carbs anyway.

    Your goo is intriguing b/c a) I love the sprinkles b) you say it’s filling c) you can make it just a small amount if it’s just an evening snack. I’ll be trying that one night this week for sure!

    • I guess I am technically pulling calories away from carbs, but I’m realizing that maybe this is a good thing for me! My macros are now around 33-33-33 and my body likes it much better than the 50-25-25 c-f-p I was doing before :)

  10. I’m slipping on the fatty Feb! No worries, I’ll fat it up tomorrow. I’ve also noticed that it takes away bloat! I’m not sure if I can credit this to fat or something else, but I like it :)

  11. Ok here is my thing about FF. I was trying it, and I think it was helping my dry skin, but then my doctor told me I have elevated cholesterol so I should eat a low-cholesterol diet, So now I wonder, should I forgo that slice of bacon I was using to cook my greens, or small amount of butter for my (whole) eggs? I’m not really sure what to do now. I really think my cholesterol is more genetic then diet-based, but still.

    I don’t think I’ve lost any of my holiday weight, but those damn Oreo balls I got from the Haiti blogger bake sale might be the reason why….

    • Hmm, yes, that does complicate things. You should read up on fats – Omega 3 is GOOD for your cholesterol, and even a little saturated fat can be okay (although, I think the sat. fat from bacon may be questionable in this one :P ) I guess you’ll just have to be more aware of what kind of fats you’re taking in…

      Oreo balls, oohhh, but they sound SO worth it!! ;)

  12. protein cookie dough and “i assure you it’s filling”..thanks for saying that! I have been loving april’s creation from afar just b/c it looks like such a tiny morsel. Lots of stirring and incorporating stubborn protein powder (well at least mine is!) and it looks tiny but this encourages me to try it. and not knock it til i try it. and choc chips, pb, and sprinkles…nice.

    fatty foods and losing weight and belly schmaltz? nice. whodda thunk it. but that’s awesome susan!! everyone’s needs are so diff, glad you’re on the right track w/ yours!

  13. It’s amazing what getting those healthy fats in can do to your body! It seems so counterintuitive, but totally works. Keep up the good work with your Fatty February!

  14. Woo on all the positive changes! That’s awesome. And even if it’s not solely based on the fats, I bet it doesn’t hurt ;) Good job!

  15. yayyyy for fatty february! i am going to need to partake because my lent resolution is to give up biting my nails, so these suckers need to grow fast!

    let’s catch up soon dear – love ya!

  16. I always mix my cereal with yogurt a few hours before so it gets really soft and thick- shredded wheat and bran flakes work well too :)

    Good to know that Fatty Feb has paid off- maybe a more balanced diet has led to being more satiated so snacking less? I am pretty much failing on the challenge.

  17. Congrats on getting back to pre-holiday weight! That has to feel good – and the belly bulge thing too. I have been trying to implement more healthy fat into my diet but I already eat real buttah, olive oil out the wazoo and a ton of nut butter so occasionally I struggle to branch out. Really glad to hear you’re doing so well though!

  18. I think I eat way to much fat I actually need to cut down but I’m loving the roasted tahini I just made x x

  19. I love grapenuts!

    I want to embark on an increase in fat in my diet now, sounds like you had great results!


  20. I have been following your blog for a while and I am always happy to see your posts :)

    The protein cookie dough looks deeelish!

  21. Isn’t it amazing what protein and fat does for you? I used to be a carb-a-holic and now I don’t like them that much! And that cookie dough.. you know I love it! :D

  22. First of all, your cold goo looks fantastic! I’m loving the smoked tofurkey/cheese combo – I’ll have to replicate that!

    I really liked reading about the fatty effects. I always wonder what goes on behind a blog when people begin to switch up their eats and it sounds like you’re getting a lot of positive results! Further proof that I need to make fats an important part of my diet. Can you just hound me about it?! I always forget that I need to focus on this and naturally grab my favorite foods to eat (i.e. veggies and bread).

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