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‘F’ is for Balance

Hi! Susan here! Just had to pop in and tell you that today’s guest poster, Michelle is doing a “Self Love” month over on her blog, Eating Journey. Be sure to check it out to hear some of our favourite blogger’s thoughts on loving themselves :)

Okay…aaaand guest post commence.


Thank you so much to Susan for letting me post on her blog. I remember finding her from Lara @ Thinspired and falling head over heels :)

How does a re-forming dieter/farm girl/American in Oz find balance?

One: Family


My family is my rock. They keep the sky from falling when it feels like it’s going to. They keep perspective on where I am going in life, where I am headed and who I am becoming.

I call my sister, mom, dad at least once a week. That’s sprinkled with Facebook and random text messages.

I know that some people may struggle to have their family in their lives in that way..but I look at family loosely and whatever makes that for you is what is most important.

Two: Fitness

I have recently wrote about ‘Getting Fit, Not Thin!’ and I know that fitness has been an evolving journey for me. I have ran a race.


I have completed a triathlon.


What fitness for many people is, is a punishment for over-eating. I am learning how to balance that out. I am focusing on fitness in my life as an added bonus to the healthy lifestyle choices that I make. Especially looking at fitness not as something I do because I am riddled with guilt, rather because it makes me feel amazing.

Three: Faith


I recognize that talking about ‘Faith’ is a scary thing in the blog world…well for the world in general. I am not going to go into a lecture of what you should and shouldn’t believe.

I am a Christian, however when I say Faith, it may encapsulate a particular religion per say, but even then you have to recognize that you are worthy of the love from what you believe in.

Faith is something that underpins many things in my quest to be balanced. It is my rock, it gives me the insight into knowing that I don’t have to be perfect.

More importantly is that Faith (in whatever form) has enabled me to grow and prosper in the Faith I have in MYSELF!

Four: FUN


Many times I can remember locking myself away at home because I had over-eaten, blew all my points for that day, or needed to workout.

If you’re not having FUN in life..then you’re not ‘sucking the marrow out of life’.

Let your hair down, smile at complete strangers, pretend that you’re the back-up girl to Jillian Michaels in the 30 Day Shred (ever smiled will working out..it works), sing with your I-Pod in.



I am not an expert..dear God…I am not. However, it’s all how you approach life. What you talk about, How you treat yourself and who you surround yourself with that enable you to find balance.

Do you have an ‘F’ word that keeps you balanced?

Any other letters?