Daily Archives: February 13, 2010

Allison on “Finding Balance”

Hello Great Balancing Act-ers! My name is Allison, and I write about healthy living, by making small changes, at my blog Eat Clean Live Green. I’m really excited to write a guest post for Susan while she’s in Nova Scotia; not only is The Great Balancing Act one of my favourite blogs to read, but Susan asked me to write about a terrific topic, my favourite way to find balance.

For me, as I’m sure it is for many of you, balancing healthy eating + exercise + school (or work) + family + friends + blogging sometimes feels like I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions. There just isn’t time for everything!

I should say, there just isn’t time for everything on it’s own. My favourite way to find balance is to combine different aspects of healthy living!


My favourite way to exercise is running. Conveniently, my parents both love to run too. Sometimes we meet up for a long Sunday run (and breakfast afterwards!) and I’m able to balance both exercise + family time.


My husband often teases me that in the time we spend grocery shopping each week, we could take a mini road trip. Each Saturday morning, we visit our local Farmer’s Market, and then a larger grocery store. The whole thing does take a few hours, but we also often stop for coffee, or lunch. Our Saturday morning road-trips to get groceries aren’t so much of a chore, but an activity we do together, balancing healthy eating + family time.

For me, healthy living is so much more fun when I’m able to find that balance!

Thanks again for the opportunity to guest post Susan! I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Halifax :)