An (dot) Announcement (dot)

Happy weekend!! Hope you are enjoying it, or at least tolerating it ;)

First, my mom and I had a blast reading through some of your comments from yesterday. Thanks for sharing all your favourite mommy memories!

So on to today. For the second weekend in a row, I slept for 9 hours last night. Astounding! I went for a “light” breakfast (for me anyways) because step class was only 90 minutes away.

Toasted english muffin (in the oven again!) with peanut butter, banana and chocolate protein powder that I turned into a goo by adding some water. Amazing combo!! Protein powder makes for a pretty stellar spread – don’t know why I never did this before!

Body Step class was a blast per usual. My mom came with and said it was the hardest one she’s been to ;) I’ll actually vouch for that, as my heart rate peaked unusually high for that class. Our instructor is downright crazy, which always gets me pumped up.

Came home staaaarving and gobbled up a homemade PB&J protein bar.


Right outta the freezer – you can see the ice crystals. Recipe page for these bad boys coming soon – I promise!

I’m still feeding on that never-ending hunk of ham. Made matching sandwiches for my mom and I for lunch.


Grilled ham, old cheddar, mustard, pickles, onions, sprouts.

Our day was spent cleaning my apartment and shopping! Shopping goodies to come, first, dinner.

We both had a hankering for Greek food so we hit up Dimitri’s Souvlaki. It’s a cute little place downtown. I love how it’s brightly decorated!

I got one of my favourite meals evah – Deluxe Greek Salad.

Feta, olives, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and green peppers. 


And a side of two chicken skewers for my protein.

And for my fat? Greek dressing with lotsa olive oil ;) Don’t worry, I also got my carbs in with the best pita bread ever. Seriously, if you live in Fredericton, go to Dimitris and get a basket of their freshly made, warm!, pita bread. And this is coming from a pita bread snob.

I forgot to snap a photo of my mom’s meal because I was so ravenous, but she got the moussaka. It was good!

Okay, moving on to all my fun purchases of the day. I still had a gift card to the Running Room and birthday money to spend, so most importantly I bought new running shoes.

I went in with my old shoes, got them looked at, had my gait examined, and tried on a number of different shoes. And I walked out buying the exact same pair as I had last time!! Saucony ProGrid Ride 2. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I had no issues with these shoes the first time around.

Of course, what’s new running shoes without running socks?

socks, kinda cheap at 10 bucks a piece. But that little bit of cushioning makes a world of difference for me.

I also finally splurged on a nice gym bag. I’ve been carting around all my work clothes, shoes, towels and beauty products in an old Lululemon bag.


Check out all the sweet features!


I’m a huge nerd, I squealed when I noticed there was a compartment for my shoes and wet clothes.

Also bought – new jammies!


My mom said I needed cute pyjamas for the next time I burn my kitchen down and hunky firefighters come to my door :P

Once in my peejays we watched The Hangover. I’d already seen it, but it was just as funny the second time around. Kinda dumb humour, but some of the storylines are so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh.

Snacked on some of April’s protein cookie dough during the movie, inspired by the spread I had earlier for breakfast.


I mixed 45g chocolate whey protein powder with 2-3 tbsp water and swirled in some marshmallow fluff and mini chocolate chips.

No worries, those clumps are chocolate chips. I was actually surprised by this, because it was awesome! I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys the taste of most protein powders. It got really thick and took a while to lick off my spoon. Even more – it was actually filling!


Last but not least… I’ve finally made a decision about what I’m going to do when my work contract is up at the end of April!

I’m moving to Toronto!

I’ve been playing with the idea for a while. I’ve known for a long time that I want to get the hell out of Fredericton when my contract is up. Luckily, I’ve got some friends there that are looking for a roommie come June 1st – just when I want to move! My plan is to get a job there as a personal trainer and just sort of see where that takes me. Even more, I’ve got cousins and an aunt there, and my bestie is moving there in September. Should be a fun new adventure in a new city :) I’m excited!!

Oh, and I may have already picked out the half marathon I want to do there – The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 26. More excitement!!


Question of the Day: How many cities have you lived in? And – any other Torontonians out there? I’ve lived in two cities, and I’ve definitely got the itch to try out some more!


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  1. Really exciting news! I can’t wait to follow your Toronto adventures :)

  2. I’m a lurker and a Torontonian!! Welcome! It’s a great city, especially in the summer :)

  3. Oh, and I’m also running the Scotabank half this Sept. I was all set to run it last Sept, but then tripped on the stairs on the way out of the expo after picking up my chip and twisted my ankle. I was soooo sad. I ran the Toronto (Goodlife) half instead… LOVED it as it’s a bit more downhill than Scotia.

  4. That’s quite an announcement! Congratulations – I’m sure it will bring some great opportunities for you!

    I’ve lived in 3 cities – all within a 20 mile radius, so it’s not that impressive, but they were each quite different and I miss the other 2 dearly for their uniqueness.

    Love the shoes! Have you ever tried any other brands or are you a Saucony devotee?

    • I’ve done Asics and New Balance. The Asics were actually suuuper comfy, but I think not quite sturdy enough for running for me. I suppose it depends on what kind of shoe it is :)

  5. Congrats on the big news! Two of my sister-in-laws live in Toronto and we really enjoy visiting them. You should do the Midsummer Night`s Run (15k or 30k) on the Toronto waterfront… it was soooo much fun!! The 15k would be a great training run for the half in Sept and they have awesome medals and tech shirts :)

    I`ve lived in Ottawa, Seattle, Fredericton, Saint John… plus the small town where I grew up. So my total is 5. Now I`m content just to travel to other places but live close to my family :)

  6. What a smart person to go in with your old shoes and leave with the newest version. Smart! And I too squealed when I saw noticed shoe compartment in the picture.

    I’ve lived in Victoria, Canada; Galway, Dublin and Monaghan, Ireland; Armagh, Northern Ireland; Freiburg, Germany; Sigriswil and Thun, Switzerland; and Usa River, Tanzania. I’ve stopped moving overseas for a year at a time now that I’ve got two cats; they don’t like the moving.

  7. I have the same shoes! I love them but they are my first pair of real running shoes so I have nothing to compare them to.

  8. I’m a lurker and lived my whole life in Toronto – well minus University… and now I’ve moved across the country to Vancouver.
    Love Toronto – I bet you’ll love it there. I really miss it some days! So many great people and places. It will be an exciting move for sure.
    Congrats :)
    and love the gym bag- looks so handy, might need to stop by the running room soon.

  9. So many bloggers live inToronto…..Angela and Jess come to mind. I’ve never heard anyone say they did not like Toronto. Happy for you Susan.

  10. Congrats on making a decision! I’ve lived in 5 cities: St. Thomas, Miami, Brooklyn, and Buffalo.

  11. Toronto is a fun place esp if you live downtown near Chinatown,Little Italy ,etc.Hope your place is near the action and not off in the burbs?

    it’s a little HOT in TO in summer,but hey so is NB!!!

    I really enjoyed the year I lived downtown.Great cause you don’t need a car with the subway and street cars.

    Have a fabulous year there ir however long you experience it for.

    Bon Voyage!

  12. Great, Susan…You’re moving to Toronto…But why not LA?! :-(
    Haha, I’m being selfish. But yay exciting news!! Gosh, you’re going so many changes in your life!

  13. I’m from Victoria and love Toronto- Don’t know if you’ve spent much time there, but it’s awesome!

    Congrats on making a plan, I love it and think it’ll be such a great move for you! Make sure to check out that cereal bar they have in some office building- apparently it’s not open on weekends, so get there during the week- it was my dream and it was crushed when I missed the boat on it!

    I’m also a socks whore- I always buy new ones with shoes and they turn out to be about $40 when all said an done- ridiculous, but so worth it!

  14. I’m not too far from you, i’m in Kitchener. I’ve lived in Owen Sound and i’m originally from Bournemouth England, i’ve also lived in Bristol England.

  15. Torontonian checking in! You’ll be arriving just in time to take advantage of the trails along the beach and through the parks, they’re my favorite place to go biking (or running).

  16. How awesome!! I would consider moving to Toronto if I had to leave Vancouver too as I think its the most similar :)

  17. First, congrats on moving to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!

    The gym stuff is all awesome. In Minnesota where I am orig from, there’s a Running Room and they have great stuff there!

    Thx for the info on the Dove soap and what you use on your face. I knew that woulda been too good$ to be true re the dove.

  18. That’s so exciting. Oh man in the past five years: Portland, OR, Harrisburg, PA, Corvallis, OR and Fremantle, Australia, Palmyra, Australia, Fremantle, Australia and now…Crawley, Australia.

    I dream, lust, after the idea of having my own house.

    Some day.

  19. I love your pbj protein bar! Congrats on making the decision to move!!

  20. I just moved to Toronto in August, and I love it! It was a big transition for me, since I left work to go to University and then moved here for school, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I’m from Ottawa originally, and will be back in Ottawa from May- August, but then I’ll be looking for a place to live in downtown Toronto for September. I’m sure you’ll love it!!

    Check out this place: it’s my current #1 Fave


  21. That is MY favorite meal as well…different restaurant of course ;)

    I love your creation with marshmallow fluff…awesome!

    Good luck in Toronto, how exciting!

  22. Toronto! What a beautiful city. That’s actually not too far from us (relatively speaking….). Pretty close to Buffalo, too! Wouldn’t it be cool to do a blogger meetup in Niagara Falls??

    Yay for jammies! You look so comfie :D

  23. Yaaaayyy! Blog meet up when you come, please!


  24. Oh, I didn’t even answer the question I was so excited another blogger was moving to the t-dot =D

    I have lived in 5 different cities! Three in my home state, one in Italy and Toronto- my favourite, by far!

    And I am in Toronto now, of course! Hopefully for good =)

  25. 1. We have the same running shoes. I think. Saucony Ride’s 2. Or did you say yours were guides?

    2. I AM NOT THAT FAR FROM TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I’ve lived in 7 cities:
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Bergen, Norway
    Trondheim, Norway
    Stavanger, Norway (currently)
    Kingston, Ontario
    London, UK

    How exciting about your move, I think Toronto’s such a great city! And I am amazed at the special shoe compartment for the gym bad – what an awesome idea!

  27. That’s sooooooo exciting! Yay!!!!!! Glad you are having fun with your mom… I spent the morning with mine. Can’t beat it. LOVE your gym bag!!!!!

    I have lived in 3 cities in different countries long-term (ie, years) but spent several months at a time in various others…the main ones being Edinburgh, London and NYC (and the little town I was born in in Massachusettes!)

  28. Congratulations on the job change! It sounds like you had a nice weekend. :-)

  29. I love the protein powder spread idea! I just picked up some chocolate protein powder so I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration. What a fun day with mom!! Greek food and shopping – can’t beat that!

    LOVE Toronto!! How exciting you’re going to move there! I’ve only lived in the town (and house) I was born in.

  30. exciting! I love checking out new cities, I’m sure you will have a blast.

    I’ve lived in tons of places: Minneapolis, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, State College… not sure what’s next!

  31. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    So so exciting! I have lived in 9 cities (yikes!) and I’m getting ready to move again… Clearly, I am a vagabond!

  32. Wow! Good for you its so good to have a plan to work towards, how exciting looking forward to reading all your plans and so on x x

  33. Why oh why did I think that you did NOT like the taste of protein powder- ok good, now I’m clear, you do like it! :-)

    WOw exciting about Toronto with family and friend and lots of bloggie friends to boot! Yay!

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles, and San Francisco officially. A few other places I’ve spent lots of time: Palm Springs, CA, Sarasota FL, come to mind.

    Cute jammies- love flannel & fleece.

  34. Toronto?? LOVE that city! I live in Buffalo NY so it’s not a bad drive away. We used to go all the time….until that law was made that we can’t enter Canada without a passport!

    I know I should just shell out the 90$, I mean, I drive under the peace bridge EVERY day. Anyways, I really missed going to Nuit Blanche last year!

    It is going to be so amazing for you, I can’t wait to read all about it! Congrats!

    (oh, otherwise I’ve only lived in one city…I have a deep deep love for my hometown! Who knows, maybe one day!)

  35. I’m pretty loyal to my Saucony running shoes. I’m due for a new pair and I’m going to do exactly what you did, take my old pair in and then have my gait re-evaluated. I’m sort of hoping they still carry the exact same shoe because I totally agree with you about “if it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

  36. Ooooo the T-dot!!!! You’ll love it!!!

    I was born in San Salvador but gave lived in Toronto, Quebec City, Paris, Victoria and now the Rockies. They’ve all been awesome but Toronto is my hometown for sure and holds a special place in my heart.

    BTW – any developments with the Banff trip?

  37. How exciting about the move! So many things going on already for you this year! :)

    Congrats on all the new goodies! I kind of had a weekend of new goodies, too :) That gym bag is awesome…love the special place for your sneakers. We have twinsie sneakers, by the way. I love my Saucony’s but I’m unsure if I like them better than my old Brooke’s. What do you think?

    I haven’t lived in many cities. We never moved growing up. Just my hometown, my college town (Irvine), the UK (Bristol), and now The Bay Area! Woo hoo!

    • I’ve never tried Brooks before, so I can’t compare there. But I’ve had New Balance, which I felt didn’t have enough cushioning. And Asics, which I thought weren’t sturdy enough. It seems the Saucony’s are the right in between for me. However, I’m noticing they can be a little stiff at first. Me feet are MUCH happier though! :D

  38. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUUUUUUUU (and for the cheaper flight to banff!) :)

  39. Mega exciting!!!

    I’ve lived in probably a dozen different cities. I’m a military brat!

    PS – love the gym bag!

  40. I live in Toronto and I ran the Scotiabank half last year. I just found your blog through Jaime’s and really like it.

  41. i was searching on yahoo about travel and found your site, you have great information and very nice site.

  42. Ahhh I miss dimitri’s and the super vegetarian pita (before i was vegan)

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