Protein Waffles & Protein Cakes

So happy so many of you are on board for Fatty February! Emily, my partner in crime on this one, wrote a post on the positive effects of dietary fats on hormones. Go read it!

I also got some great suggestions for extra sources of fat: coconut, hummus, flax oil, fish oil supplements and low or full fat dairy (like yogurt). Today mayonnaise magically occurred to me. Leah also suggested Mexican food, which made me laugh. She’d know though – her doctor put her on a 100g of fat a day diet!

I also got some helpful comments about my skin. Some people noted it could be related to food allergies (although, I have been tested for gluten and lactose allergies and I’m clear there) and sleep! Hmm… verrrrry interesting you guys. I will keep you updated on how all of this goes. And yes mom, I am putting the calamine cream on it every night :)

Okay! It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s time for some obligatory Waffle Wednesday waffle porn!

See that?? It’s buttah!!


Oooh, I love it when butter melts on waffles and creates little pools. I used just a tsp and for 35 extra calories I got a little fat and a lot of good taste!


I used my protein pancake recipe and added some frozen blueberries and ground flax. I maaaay have strategically planned today as my day off from the gym so I could make waffles ;)

Work eats:


Banana + Naturally More almond butter for my morning snack.


Ham, cheese and pickle sandwich with mustard & mayo. Baby carrots and sugar snap peas for some munching on the side.

Afternoon snack attack:


Yoplait Source muesli yogurt cup and roasted almonds. I’m not the biggest fan of flavoured yogurts, but I love these yogurt cups. They’re almost a vice for me.

Dinner was quick n’ easy – leftovers!


Spinach and Ham Ricotta Pie with some steamed brussels sprouts and broccoli on the side. Once again, my eyes were larger than my stomach and I served myself too much. I ended up not eating one of those pieces of pie. I always overload my plate, then feel like I have to finish it all off. Not a good combo to have!

Now, the real blogworthy event here. One of the best evening snacks I’ve had in a while.


Sweet potato spiced protein cake.

  • 1 scoop (30g) vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp splenda
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • dash pumpkin spice
  • 2 tbsp sweet potato puree baby food
  • 2 tbsp egg whites
  • 1 tbsp raisins

All stirred up in a mug and nuked for 90 seconds in the microwave. The “icing” is just 1 tbsp peanut butter whisked with a teeeeny bit of almond milk and vanilla extract to fluff it up a little.

Oh. Em. Gee. This was uh-mazing. First, the texture!! It was the best texture I’ve achieved with a protein cake yet. I think it’s because I doubled the protein powder,which made it more “cake-y” and less “sponge-y.” And how can anything doused in cinnamon and peanut butter not be delicious? Exactly :)

Today’s fat intake: 54g, or 31% of macronutrients. Don’t worry, I won’t be pointing this out everyday. I’ve just been counting my calories these past few days so it’s easy to grab the info!

Yes, I am counting calories. I am still incredibly unhappy with my weight gain, as I touched upon in this post. A weight gain that I blame on goodies such as those seen in this post. I’ve confirmed the extra belly pudge by taking my measurements, so my eyes aren’t just deceiving me when I look in the mirror. ‘Tis the tale of maintaining weight loss – it’s always going up and down and never staying the same. Thankfully, it’s at least no longer going up ;)

Oh, and for those of you that are interested, I tried out Spark People and didn’t care for it. So I went back to ole faithful The Daily Plate/Livestrong. They have a “New MyPlate” option for tracking which I lovelovelove. Much easier.

Okay bloggie friends, that wraps it up for tonight. See ya tomorrow for some more fat, a cardio sesh, and a more serious topic that I think many of you will be able to relate with. See ya then!

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  1. Yummy protein cake! I’ve been making them with baked sweet potatoes.. it’s so good! Adding more pumpkin makes it more cake-like too!

  2. Danielle (Coffee Run)

    Your protein cakes does NOT look like it was cooked in the microwave! I’ll have to try it. I’m loving the high fat month too- hummus, nut butter, coconut, chocolate…does it get any better?

  3. Wow, your cake looks soooo amazing. And the frosting looks PERFECT! I so wish that I had some almond milk and some pumpkin around.

    I love how you plan your workout schedule around Waffle wednesday ! ;-) too cute!

  4. Those waffles look SO good! Yours always turn out so pretty :)

  5. I can’t lie- I looked at the post of your sugar saturday- those cupcakes with reeses in the middle look like heaven- there is drool on my chin- this is belated, but- thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. GREAT idea with the protein cake-that looks awesome girl!

  7. Sweet potato spiced cake? Ooh la la. This just might fly around the blog world like hot cakes!

    hahhaa! Get it?

    I’m SO not amusing.

  8. I really think I need to start participating in waffle wednesday, lady.

    Would you believe I’ve never used protein powder? I want to make some of your recipes, but need to work up the nerve to buy some (it’s overwhelming, the variety AND the price!). But breakfast cookies seem like something I need to have in my life.

    • I STILL get intimidated buying protein powder. Especially when I go to GNC and they hover around me asking how much I can squat and if I take all these random supplements :P I just started buying the cheapest protein powder with at least 50% whey isolate, and moved up from there. Only way to figure out what you do and don’t like is try it :)

  9. hi pookie this: I have been tested for gluten and lactose allergies and I’m clear there..

    hate to break it to ya, but allergy testing via bloodwork or skin tests is more unreliable than an old junker car. Seriously, unless you have true celiac dieseae AND you have been eating pounds of bread and wheat for 3 mos leading up to the test, youll prob test negative. Same with dairy. Trial and error and complete removal for a month (you must be uber strict, no cheating, no trace dairy or gluten,, youd have to eat like me LOL whole fruits and vegs, nothing processed, period) then see how you feel. i bet you’d feel awesome. add one thing back in. see how you do….and go from there. good allergiets, md’s etc will concur that food challenges as they are termed is the true gold standard. write me if you need more info :)

    • Hey Averie, thanks for the input!! I did go strict vegan for a month once and to be honest, I felt like crap. I got really, really sick at the end of it, that’s why I only lasted a month. It battered my immune system. My other issue is that my digestive issues are related to fatty foods and produce. Pineapple for example will make me vomit. For a while I though it might be related to a latex allergy, but I still can’t put my finger on it. Now I’ve just got a list of random foods that make me sick and stay away from them!

  10. Woah! Thanks for the waffle porn girl! Those look fantastic!! I really want to participate in waffle wednesday.. next wednesday perhaps!

  11. Ha! Mexican food! Good one though! I am sure I will be getting my fats in today, but perhaps not the healthiest kind–let’s see, I requested doughnuts or fruit for my treat at work–it will be interesting to see which on e I get! But no matter what I am planning on one of my greatest indulgences tonight: burger and fries. Hell yeah! Yummy protein cake thing–esp the icing!! Have a great day babe! xoxo

  12. Hey Susan-
    I agree with Averie, above- I was not diagnosed with lactose intolerance, or a gluten intolerance… I did a short elimination, felt a LOT better, but I am still eating small amounts of both and feeling like crap. I know blood tests aren’t always accurate (my Dr even told me so!) so I am considering going on another elimination (full month this time!). It might be a good idea!

    And that protein cake looks goood!!!


  13. mmm yummy waffles! I participated in Waffle Wednesday for the first time last night! YUMMY dinner! haha…have a good day!

  14. I’m with the blood tests aren’t accurate camp. Mine was inconclusive and it was suggested I try going GF anyway. I got immediately better…still not 100% but tons better. Now when I eat gluten I get sick and break out in funky rashes so I guess I’m GF for life!

    How terrible about the pineapple. Maybe something to do with enzymes?

    • I thought it might be the enzymes too, but I don’t react as badly with similar fruit. I thought of the latex allergy because pineapple and avocado can fall under that, but I don’t think it’s connected. Oddly, raw broccoli and cauliflower have the same effects on me, and large quantities of raw spinach (why I don’t do green smoothies!). I dunno, I’m tired of trying to wrap my head around it!

  15. I posted on Emily’s blog after yours yesterday, and remembered PESTO! Such a good source of fat…and so good with chicken/turkey sandwiches (and laughing cow). Yum.

    That protein cake sounds really good- I need to pick up eggs this weekend so I can give it a go.

    Good job on the fat intake! :D

  16. I just wanted to tell you I checked out The Daily Plate from one of your references a while ago, and I love it! I’ve been using it, and find it very easy, I love keeping track of the stats. Thanks!

  17. Im loving all these awesome protein cakes I keep seeing! Awesome. Ive been flippin back and forth between sparkpeople and livestrong too. I like livestrong better…its easier although you have to be careful because memebers were allowed to input info on their own into the database. So check food calories for accuracy! (I think they’ve since locked this off) For like $9/month I really like That one is amazing too. But you have to pay.

    Anyways have an awesome day!

  18. I’ve been using an app on my iPod Touch to track calories for this past week, and I like it because as long as I remember my iPod, I always have it. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll do it for though because I swear I eat the same things if I count or not, and every time I’ve lost weight, calorie counting wasn’t involved. But it’s making me more aware, which isn’t a bad thing!

    I think I’m going to make some homemade protein bars this weekend…I’m worried I won’t like them though! PP is expensive. I think your recipe looks like the one I’d like the best though. Wish me luck!

    • Don’t worry, if you buy a giant canister of protein powder, you won’t be losing much of it to a batch of yucky protein bars :P Let me know how they turn out!

  19. damn. that protein cake is baller! totally making this when i get home. your waffles look scrumptious! off to read your other post. i am staying up all night!

  20. I really am anxious to try that new yoplait! Looks good!!

  21. Wow Susan, I just found your site last week, and today I made myself your Sweet potato spiced protein cake and since I used a tall mug, I was able to cut it in half and actually have 2 muffin sized cakes! Mmmm….I really appreciate your creativity with cooking with protein powder, delish :)

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