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Flashback Friday – The Early Years

Happeee Weeeekend!!!! Loved reading your responses on my last post. Man, a lot of us used to hate some tasty foods!! Some popular ones included brussel sprouts, beets, mushrooms, oatmeal, mustard, bananas and olives. I honestly can’t believe some of you hated bananas!! That was probably my fave food as a kid :)

Okay. Moving on!

As promised, I was up at 5:30am and ready to work out! After a hazy few moments, I strapped on my heart rate monitor, lululemon, and slammed back an iced coffee with PB+wasa. Decided to go for a long-ish treadmill run today. It was a good time!!

Treadmill – 1% incline

Minutes MPH
0-5 3.5
5-10 5.6
10-15 5.8
15-20 6.0
20-25 5.8
25-30 6.0
30-35 6.2
35-40 6.0
40-45 6.2
45-50 6.4
50-55 6.2
55-60 6.4
60-65 6.6
65-70 3.5

This workout is pretty easy for the first half, and then gets really hard towards the end. It’s nice to just take it easy on the treadmill sometimes though, and not push my max like I’m always doing in speed sessions. Plus, I put some stellar new tunes on the iPod to run to :)

I went straight to work from the gym, so I packed myself a little brekkie:

The last of this week’s homemade protein bars. Can’t wait to whip up another batch of these!

Morning snack:


Yogurt mixed with peach-mango protein powder and some homemade granola. 

Then at 12:30 I got to leave work!! Yayyyy!!! Ran some errands and came home to a fabulous lunch.


Same salad as last night. It was that good.

  • romaine
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • green pepper
  • onion
  • olives
  • pickles
  • tofu
  • feta

I’ve been eating a lot of big salads lately! It’s solely because I’ve started buying giant bags of greens, and I’m more inclined to eat mass quantities because I don’t want it to go bad. In other words, not a bad way of forcing myself to eat more salads ;)

Then I hit the road to Moncton. Snacked on a peanut butter chocolate Simply Bar in the car.

Recycled photo – the Canon Rebel is hard to manoeuvre on the highway :P

My mommy already had a wonderful dinner on the go when I arrived home.

Roast chicken – one of my favourites :) On the side are some maple spiced roast sweet potato and turnip, corn and a few french fries. I put some green relish on the chicken and it was delicious!!!



A giant bag of dark chocolate squares. I just had one, but clearly this bag is dangerous.

My evening snack was a fun food find in my mom’s pantry!

The Kashi Fruit & Grain granola bars just made their way to Canada, and I haven’t tried the pumpkin pie flavour yet. Suh-weet! 


It was pretty good!! I love pumpkin spice, but I think the dark chocolate coconut may still be my favourite. I looked at the ingredients and it looks like the topping is based with dates??

Okay, now on to even more fun things… Flashback Friday!!!


Flashback Friday is a fun lil’ thing Janetha cooked up to show us bloggers pre-blog days. They make for some fun posts and a way to get to know us “beyond the blog.”

Since I’m home this particular Flashback Friday, and seeing as tomorrow is my bee-day, I thought it would be fun to flashback on my life!

To truly start at the beginning, here is my mom very preggers with me on Christmas 1985.

Then, on January 23, 1986, at approximately 1:19 pm, I popped out. 

Those other adorable faces are my apprehensive sisters Sara and Jane.

Actually, my mom looks kinda apprehensive here too!

My mother tells me I was a happy baby. I suspect this may have been because she kept me fat :P


Seriously guys. I had ankle rolls.

As the baby of the family, I may have been a little spoiled. To this day I still insist I am blissfully unaware of that fact ;)


IMG_3141I have also always loved food.


Some things never change.

My mom tells me I was a very active child. I would run and run and then just crash.


Um, again, some things never change :P

Oh yeah, did you hear? I was a blonde.


My hairdresser tells me I’m still a dark blonde. Pfft. Brunettes have more fun.

And while my mom may have done most of the work 24 years ago, I guess I should give some props to my dad too.

No contest here folks, my dad’s smarter than your dad ;)

And one more photo I stumbled upon that I had to throw in for the FBF creator herself.


Basil the Basset Hound. He passed away many moons ago, but he was one helluva dog.


Now it’s time to go gossip about Hollywood stars on the Haiti fundraiser with my mom. Tomorrow’s plans are gym, brunch with dad, shopping, cake baking, sushi feast, then cake eating!! Can’t wait!!! See ya tomorrow!


Waffle Wednesday – An Ode to Waffles

Happy Waffle Wednesday!! As I was sitting at my desk today, trying not to doze off as I do everyday at 3pm, a thought struck me. Waffles are the best thing about Wednesday! No longer a “hump day,” but one I look forward to every week. On top of that, I’ve eaten and taken pictures of a lot waffles. So I present you with a special Waffle Wednesday post – An Ode to Waffles.

My obsession with waffles began on February 17, 2009. My roommate and I were were having one of our frequent discussions about food. She let it slip that she actually had a small waffle maker in the apartment. The next morning, I dug it out, made a ginormous batch, and fell in love.

I used my usual protein pancake recipe for the waffles, and always have since:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • sweetener of choice (optional)
  • tbsp ground flax (optional)

Making six small waffles in my roommie’s press was time consuming though. So I started to venture out and buy frozen waffles. Namely – Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles.

I found that while freezer waffles are flimsy on their own, they could be quite filling when paired with fat and protein. So nut butter, syrup and egg whites often accompanied them.

Of course, they made for a pretty good snack too ;)

With the summer months, came an abundance of fresh berries. For a time my favourite toppings were almond butter + yogurt + strawberries.

Okay, so I went a little nuts with the berries…

Sometimes the combo changed a little. Mixing the berries with the yogurt…

Drizzling the nut butter on top with syrup…

Or even putting the egg whites on top with syrup.

I did sometimes expand outside the realm of berries to other summer produce. Peach season made for some tasty breakfasts!

The end of summer came with a new apartment – and new kitchen appliances. The roommie’s dinky waffle maker was replaced by a beastly belgian waffle iron.


This bad boy brought my waffles to a whole new level. Of course, my first venture with it included my coveted berries.

And yogurt (in the shape of Mickey Mouse).

Sometime the blueberries went in the waffles.

And sometimes I had them plain, dipped in a nut butter syrup.

But sometimes a girl still lusts after a good freezer waffle. As the price of berries went up, and the taste quality went down, I had to find new ways to fancy up my waffles. There was an obsession with all things PB&J for a while…

The discovery that blending cashew butter + ricotta + maple syrup + cinnamon made a delicious topping that got in both my fat and protein.

Same goes with almond butter + blended cottage cheese.

Sometimes I ventured away from the sweet combinations and tried things like turkey, eggs and cheese.

But my best creation yet has been french toast waffles.

Made by dredging thawed freezer waffles in egg whites.

And lets not forget, plenty of flat waffles were had ;)

So what was today’s waffle? Protein belgian waffle with almond butter and jam!


I didn’t need a big breakfast today, and it had to be quick. So I cut the usual protein waffle recipe down to 1/3 cup for everything. I had to eat it on the run but it was SO good!!!


I also had another awesome living room workout this morning thanks to my bike trainer and Levels 1 & 3 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I’d love to stick around and chat – but I’ve got a bowling date with the gals from work!! Hope you had a great Waffle Wednesday too!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite way to eat waffles?

Beat the New Year’s Crowd

Mooooaaaan. That’s the noise I’ve been making all “Moanday” :P For the third week in a row, I had high hopes of making it to a Monday morning spin class. And for the third week in a row, I failed to go! I’m not very good about going to bed early Sunday nights, so the idea lost all appeal by the time I set my alarm last night. Oh well, the sleep and nice breakfast was well worth it!

I went through a period where I was buying a lot of stuff at the Bulk Barn. I thought it was awesome because I could scoop out just as much as I wanted and the price was right. But the more I did it, the more I realized the product quality sucked. Everything was stale, and the oats were a “bad cut” (you oatmeal snobs know what I’m talking about). I finally finished up my bag of bad bulk oat bran last week and went back to my Golden Box.


It’s like reuniting with an old lover. I made 1/2 cup custard style with a whole egg whisked in.


Topped with Bekah’s Coconut Chia Granola, cashew butter and molasses. Heaven.

Also bought yesterday was a $3 lunchbag! I’m quite proud of it. The top separates from the bottom, so I don’t have to lug the whole thing to lunch with me if I don’t need to.


Hiding in that bag  was…

Morning snack:


Yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder and granola.


IMG_3022Pita with mustard hummus, pickles, turkey, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. The mustard hummus with pickles was awesome.

Afternoon snackage…


Homemade protein bar. I used just chocolate protein powder on this batch and it actually made it taste more bland! Next week I will spice it up a bit ;)

Had a good day at work today, despite being in a daze for most of it. Have to work tonight too, filming a lecture for the website. So dinner was quick! Good thing I had leftovers ;)


Bean and vegetable chili. Chili leftovers rock my socks. So does turkey. I don’t know how I was a vegetarian for so long when I’m clearly a heartless carnivore :P


Crowded Gyms

I figured it’s pretty much safe to assume that everyone’s gym is crowded these days. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some helpful tips to beat (or tolerate) the crowds.

1. Stay away during peak times. This is the most obvious one. Everyone goes to the gym at 5pm. If there’s a way you can sneak it in elsewhere – do it! Friday nights and weekend afternoons are some of my favourite times to workout because it’s always abandoned there.

2. Try new machines. Good luck getting a treadmill or elliptical this time of year. Instead of throwing a hissy fit, try something new! Churn out some sprints on the stationary bike, work your arms on the rowing machine, or even (yes) climb onto the dreaded stairmaster. It’s your chance to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Hit up the weight room. New years resolution-ers tend to stick to the cardio equipment. Gym newbies are a little more apprehensive of free weights, so you’ll likely be in there with all the usual suspects. Perfect excuse to incorporate more strength training into your routine ;)

4. Take turns. Forget what I just said – sometimes the weight area is packed! I’ve gotten into the habit of asking people who are obviously doing alternating sets if they mind I use their machine or weights while they’re on their other set. Just because weight lifters are big and scary looking, doesn’t mean they’re not polite and sensible too :)

5. Be a hog. Okay, forget that polite thing I just mentioned too :P If I see a window to grab popular machines or weights, I grab them and hog them for all their worth. I was once the most hated person in the gym by hogging the 10, 20, and 25 lb dumbbells for 30 minutes.

6. Get there early. Exercise classes fill up fast in the New Year! I know getting there is sometimes hard enough, but make the extra effort to get there 10-15 minutes earlier. You can take the extra time to do a slower warm-up, which will boost your performance while you’re at it.

7. Be flexible. Don’t ditch your workout just because you can’t get your favourite treadmill, second last from the water fountain. And do not kick someone off your favourite spin bike! (yes, I’ve heard of both of these things happening before) Now is a perfect time to practice going with the flow.

8. Keep your cool. Don’t let the newbie incorrectly hogging the squat rack ruin your workout. There are worse things in life than having to sub out a set, or opt for a different machine. Remember, we go to the gym to relieve stress, not instigate it!


Question of the Day: How do you deal with busy gyms?