TGIFF – Thank Goodness It’s Flashback Friday

TGIF!!!!! This is how I party on a Friday night…

I’ve been looking forward to this aaallll week. I actually woke up sick this morning. No doubt from my 6-hour nights and 10-hour work days this week. I feel like junk, I can’t believe I photographed this for you guys to see!! :P

Had I known my head was going to be invaded by mucus last night, I wouldn’t have set my alarm for a morning workout. Alas, when it went off at 6am, there was no falling back asleep for an extra glorious hour. How do you snoozers do it??

I thought today I could attempt to do all three levels of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred video. Umm, did you know those levels are technically 25 minutes each? Well I didn’t. At 50 minutes, I finished the second level and had taken up most of the hour I allotted for exercise. This is my excuse anyways. Truth be told, I was done at the squat thrusts. I tend to get cocky with exercise videos, but it kinda kicked my butt!

I had breakfast waiting in the fridge for me. The only way to have oats cold ;)

The childhood nostalgia breakfast cookie.

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • splash almond milk
  • 1 tbsp marshmallow fluff
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • mini chocolate chips
  • sprinkles!!!

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had one in a while, but this b-fast cookie was beyond awesome. Or maybe it was the sprinkles ;)

Work was busybusy. My mucus/headache/sore throat/cough/chills/aches only got worse as the day progressed. Oh, did I mention? We apparently got a snow storm last night that I unexpectedly had to shovel out of this morning. I spent the day in wet clothes. The only thing worse than getting snow in between the cuff of your jacket and mittens, is when it sneaks under your pants and on your ankles!! Brr!!

Thankfully, my boss sent me home a half hour early when he noticed I’d been clinging onto kleenex all day just in case I get another bloody nose.

One of those days where I was craving absolutely nothing for dinner, but a girl’s gotta eat!
Baked salmon filet topped with feta and Kirkland no-salt seasoning. On a garden salad. I drizzled watered down tzatziki for my dressing.


Looooooved everything about this salad. The saltiness of the feta went wonderfully with the richness of the salmon. And tzatziki makes for a really nice cool and refreshing dressing :)


A January Flashback

That’s right! ‘Tis that time of the week – Flashback Friday!! I’m feeling a little uninspired tonight (blame the mucus brain) so I thought I’d flashback to photos from past Januaries. I actually think it’s kinda fun to see what I was doing at this time last year, and years before. Unfortunately, my earliest January photo only goes back to 2006.


This is me getting a scooby-doo chia pet as a b-day gift in 2006. Little did I know, four years later, those seeds would be an addition to my favourite granola

(P.S. I killed Scooby just like every other plant that has ever entered my house. Including cactuses)

In 2007, I was mastering my mad pool hall skillz.

With my BFF Matty. He’s off gallivanting in England now, I miss him! By the way, let the record show we both suck at pool. I honestly don’t know why we thought this was a good idea. One game took a solid hour.

In 2008, I was apparently not doing a good job of dyeing my hair.


This was my first ever fondue experience. I learned that it takes forever to cook and just tastes greasy. I believe I’m seen here bobbing for a lost mushroom.

Aahhh. 2009. Whatta year. Here I am with my J-Class (that’s J-speak for “journalism”) trying to help a classmate dig out his car.

n115400581_30824848_6379Or, at least standing by watching as he spins his tires. This was an awesome night when I got to meet the editor-in-chief of Macleans, Canada’s weekly news magazine. It was a big deal. I’m a dork.

Also worth mentioning, I got my university grad photos done in January ‘09!!


I can’t believe I’m here now one year later, working at the same university! I’m all kind of mushy these days about being back there. I love that freakin’ school.


So back to current day – January ‘10. I’m in my fuzzy slippers as promised.


Watching MTV, as promised.


It’s 9:12 and I’m about to hit the hay. I worked hard this week, and in some serious need for down time. Two words for the weekend ahead: low key. Can’t wait!!


Question of the Day: What were you doing exactly one year ago? Exactly five years ago?? In January 2005, I’d just started going to university part-time and thought I wanted to be a high school English teacher. I also went to Cuba for the first time with an ex-boyfriend!! Ooohhh how things have changed :)

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  1. I got your package in the mail today!! I haven’t been home yet to open it but I’m SO excited :)

    You are totally hardcore for attempting all 3 jillian shreds in one morning. I’m beat after doing one of them.

    Exactly one year ago I was doing exactly what I’m doing now. Sitting at my boring job :( hopefully next January will be different.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Exactly one year ago I was booking our reception venue for the wedding and applying to take the bar exam.

    Exactly five years ago, I was madly in love with a really awful guy who treated me like crap. Yuck.

  3. Sorry you’re not feeling well! I tend to get cocky when it comes to exercise DVDs too…but Jillian kicks my butt

    Exactly one year ago I was…a student in college. Haha not much has changed. Five years ago, I was being super irresponsible in high school. Maybe a little bit has changed :)

  4. Your slippers look so comfy! I’m jealous. And your university pictures came out beautifully. You’re so pretty!!

    One year ago today? I was starting back at school I believe. I was right in the depths of my ED and just a complete mess. I’m still working on recovering mentally but physically I’ve improved immensely. And five years ago? I was miserably trying to get my exboyfriend back (We had broken up a week before) Gosh January sucks for me LOL

    Here’s to a great FEBRUARY! =)

    Feel better,
    Nicole G

  5. Those sprinkles take your oats to a whole new level!

  6. Salmon salad looks delishh!

  7. Last year I was beginning my journey of going “back to school” as a mother this time. In January 2005 I was a freshman in college for the first time

  8. One year ago right now I was in the throws of a shitty break up, starting to binge eat, with an insane job and a very unhealthy gut.

    Five years ago I was in my last year of university starting my student teaching placement.


  9. Exactly one year ago- when I was 23, I thought it would be fun for me to sneak around out of my parents house.. I had just moved back the previous month and didn’t want them in my business, so I would say I was going to bed and then get up and run off and out with the boy I was dating.

    They would have not cared one bit had they known, but I felt like being in “control”. hahaha I’m such a loser- hope you feel better tomorrow!

  10. thanks so very much for the vega bars and sweet note!! I took pics for the blog

  11. childhood nostalgia breakfast cookie with sprinkles and Fluff…NICE I think i just need to put sprinkles on my protein oats b/c it would look so cool against the choc brown color.

    And the salmon. I ate salmon while pregnant and yours looks awesome.

    Get better! We are in a toddler germ warfare over here too.

  12. sorry you arent feeling good, love bug! bloody noses do not sound fun at all. your bfast cookie is so pretty! and i totally used the word “gallivanting” in my post tonight too. hah. weird. a year ago today i was probably doing the same sort of thing. blogging about food just on a different blog. and five years ago i was a hellion! my flashback tonight had to do with 3 years ago though.. getting booted from YOUR country! haha. feel better, mama. i hear you on the LOW KEY WEEKEND! mwah!

  13. Hope you feel better!

    Beautiful breakfast cookie!!

  14. Feel better! I wonder if your cold and nose bleed are related- I used to get them both together (and was advised to take a hayfever nose spray because it shrinks the blood vessels- might be worth a shot?)

    I love this FF- it’s so much fun to look back to exactly a year ago and see what you were doing! A year ago today I wrote a random blog post just saying that I was happy. I actually remember writing it- I was living with my mom and sleeping in her boxroom :D

  15. Sprinkles!!!!! Yay! You say you’re sick and tired and worn out, but you still look beautiful! Way to give yourself a break sweet pea. Um, i seriously could not tell you what I was doing exactly one year ago today. Probably the exact same thing as now. lol. Actually, now that I think about it, this time last year was when I decided to enter recovery. February 3 is the anniversary of my first visit to therapy. Ha! That’s a good one :) Five years? I have no idea. But I remember who I was dating. Bizarre how boyfriends are the timeline of my life.

  16. I hope your feeling better today!

    I get cocky with workout dvds too! LOL. Most of them aren’t that hard.. but once in a while I’ll find a good one and be surprised! haha.

    Lets see.. one year ago I was still in Nursing School and high school! Wow.. that’s crazy! I believe I was doing clinicals in pediatrics.. aww I miss it!!

  17. Aw boo to feeling sick/gross. But yayyy for that awesome sprinkle filled breakfast cookie. And the linkage to Deb. *Saw that coming from a mile away*. :) I actually feel less removed from the blogging world because I still get your tweets- so I remember reading about this fantastic sprinkle breakfast. :)

    One year ago? I was in San Diego on the last weekend of January with a few students from my Advanced Biology class whale watching on a boat. Gah. i just remembered that and that is actually reaaally depressing because I’m now in 5 degree weather in NY. FML. (Except not really, because I cannot complain about being here!)

    5 years ago? I was in 8th grade about to turn 14 obsessing about a boy that every single girl was in love with. Silly. But not gonna lie.. that boy was HOT. hot hot hot.

  18. That’s how I party on Friday nights, too! Saturdays sometimes, too! : )

    5 years ago? I was a sophomore in college and having the time of my life! This time last year I was finishing my thesis, moving 800 miles away, buying a house, and studying for the RD exam! Crazy : )

  19. Hmmm this is interesting. A year ago I was waiting for my daughter to finally sleep through the night. And then when she did, I was awake thinking how she was going to wake up at any minute.

    5 years ago? I was driving back and forth from school and long term subbing and going crazy!

  20. There are so many pretty photos of you- the pool-playing, the grad AND the sick/come-hither look from yesterday :-).

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I can’t sleep in either- if my eyes pop open, that’s it, as long as it’s at least 5am. :-/

    Last year January- :-( My Mom and oldest cat had just passed away and I was “celebrating” my own birthdya- not something you do when you’ve just lost people you love. So no celebrating, no desire.

    2005- I believe we might have been in Hawaii for my birthday, but honestly can’t remember!

  21. I can’t sleep in either, especially once the alarm goes off! January 2005 I had just gotten back from studying abroad in Australia, and I met my now-fiance that month, good month overall :)

  22. Hope you’ve gotten some rest by now!

  23. Oh I hope you feel better very soon! You still look great though.

    A year ago? No clue! I guess what I’m doing these days – kids, kids, kids!

    By the way – I’m with you on the snow. Yuck.

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