A Day in the Life…

In order to keep things “fresh” around here, I’m going to take a page from these fabulous ladies, and do a breakdown of my day for ya. Cause you know, it was just that exciting :P

5:50am – Alarm goes off. What is happening? What day is it? Where do I have to be right now? Did I sleep last night? Sure doesn’t feel like it…

5:52am – *Strapping on heart rate monitor* I need coffee in my system right. now.

6:03am – Grab french press out of the fridge, mix it with some almond mix and stevia, and pound it back with half a banana sloppily slathered in PB.

6:12am – Work bag? Check. Gym bag? Check. Garbage bag? Check. Third arm? I need one of those on garbage days…

6:22am – Briefly smile at the girl working the desk at the gym. She wonders if I’m a crazy person for working out everyday at such an ungodly hour. I wonder if she’s a crazy person for taking a job that has her working at such an ungodly hour.

6:29am – Favourite center-driven elliptical is occupied by the grunting man. Opt for a rear-driven one instead. Start my warm-up.

6:34am – First sprint is always a shock to the system.

6:45am – Heart rate breaks the 170 barrier for the first time this workout. Yesssss!

6:50am – Wish my iPod had one of those beep-y things that portable phones do. Then it would be with me at the gym and not in my apartment… somewhere…

7:05am – Try to row away the DOMS in my back on the rowing machine. Only works when actually rowing.

7:15am – Only 10 minutes on the stepmill. Only 10 minutes.

7:20am – Only 5 minutes left on the stepmill. Just 5 minutes.

7:22am – I’m not gonna make it.

7:25am – I am so sorry legs.


7:49am – Having short hair cuts my shower time down SO much.

8:15am – I have microwave oats, but the door to the room with the microwave is locked. Sneak upstairs to use my bosses’, but I am spotted. Yes, I am cooking brown goop. So what??


8:25am – Chocolate-protein-banana-PB oats just don’t cut it anymore. Where’s my custard oats!?

8:35am – Get called to a meeting. Crap! I’m not done feeding the hunger beast!

9:00am – Start what is becoming a ritual of answering and sending e-mails that usually lasts the whole morning.

10:13am – Even though I’m not hungry, I must break up the monotony of e-mailing. Dig into my bag for a healthy-ish bar.

Caramel ReBar – 4 servings of fruit and veggies with 12g protein. Here’s an old picture of what the inside looks like, taken on my old, less fancy work desk

They kinda taste vegetable-y, but I like it. Plus, you can never go wrong with a chocolate coating ;)

11:04am – The usual lunch posse are all busy today. Anticipate finally cracking open my Google Reader for lunch.

12:10pm – Break down and dig into my lunch bag.


Tofurkey, hummus and tzatzkiki pita.


A very battered bartlett pear. I kinda like ‘em super ripe like this!

12:57pm – Run downstairs for the first of many university events today. A lecture and performance by a traditional folk singer.

1:22pm – I need more Irish folk music in my life.

2:52pm – Rush back up to my office to eat some grapes and cottage cheese while answering a co-worker’s fitness question (I’m getting so many of these now from friends and family – I love it!)

3:50pm – Rush off to lecture #2 called “What We Talk About When We Talk About Art.”

4:10pm – What I was expecting to be a boring lecture turns out to be hilarious, delivered by a witty and observant British man wearing a black turtleneck.

4:56pm – Rush off to my next event. Pause briefly at a cookie tray set up in the foyer. Keep walking.

5:28pm – Listen to novelist and Giller Prize winner David Adams Richards speak. Intense.

5:55pm – Breeze through apartment door, borderline hangry. Immediately reach for some corn cereal. Nosnackingwhat??

6:12pm – Sit down to supper.


Steamed green beans and red potatoes topped with leftover spicy yves ground round/black bean mix with tomato sauce added to it.

6:27pm – Defeat. Giant plate of food wins. I am. So. Full. How was I so hungry a mere 30 minutes ago??

7:35pm – Rush back to campus to meet coworkers for the Oedipus Rex play. Why am I always rushing? Leaving to go somewhere at a normal speed must be possible…

8:11pm – What on God’s green earth are they saying??

8:33pm – Dude. No. She’s your mom.

9:30pm – Well, that was a cheery way to end the evening.

9:43pm – Get a massive nose bleed for the first time in years. Freak out and Google “Am I dying of cancer?”

10:01pm – Bleeding starts to subside, the fullness of supper long gone. A protein cake sounds like the perfect bedtime snack.


10:16pm – Realize that I have to admit I wrote the majority of this post around 6:45 and am only updating it now.

10:20pm – Hit publish

10:22pm – Obsessively proof read post for spelling and grammatical errors

1024pm – Breakfast, snacks and lunch for tomorrow

10:45pm – Pass out on my pillow, dreaming of Friday morning’s Jillian Michaels workout and another Friday night spent in my peejays reading blogs and watching MTV…


Question of the Day: What are your Friday night plans? Gonna paint the town red or join me in your fuzzy slippers? :P

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  1. Haha, I’m the same way when I’m working out at the gym….my legs HATE me!

  2. I do believe I’m fuzzy slippers bound this Friday! While the usual way to ring in a new college semester as a 21 y/o is the party the weekend away – I’d prefer some relaxing and maybe a movie with my little bro (I have been wanted to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – little rascal saw it without me!).

    I love your detailed day post. I hope you enjoyed Oedipus Rex. I read it in high school and enjoyed it immensely (but I’m into reading just about anything lol)

    Nicole G

  3. I will be in fuzzy slippers painting my house red– hopefully not literally, but a bottle of wine will be consumed with friends (I hope- if not I will take it on anyways)

    I too made a protein cake- not sure I loved it, but it was ok- what do you think of them? any tips?

    • It took me a few times to get into them. I add only 2 tbsp of egg whites which helps with the spongey-ness. They are pretty dry though, so nut butter or topping is needed ;)

  4. Loved reading about your day!

    I will be joining you in my fuzzy slippers tomorrow night!

  5. Busy girl!!

    Friday night will be take out and movie and fuzzy slippers at a friend’s place while boys play stupid Rock Band at my house.

  6. i do love a good timeline post! i think you may be able to snag a third arm on ebay. um. i ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS talk about how it is CRAZY that i can go from being SO hungry to SOOOOOOOOOO full so quick. like.. i don’t get it. it is a phenomenon to me. anyway..

    not sure what this weekend holds! i kinda just wanna chilllll.


    I had my class sweatin’ like freaks last nite in a 82 F room and 70 mins into the class I had them go into pigeon and they all collapsed like wilted little birds LOL and i may have liked it :)

    That bar. Looks good!
    And ripe pears are the ONLY way to eat them or they are like crunchy hard icky apples…which arent really that good LOL


  8. I would normally be joining you in the PJs but tonight I have to go out for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner. PJs are always good though :)

    That was a fun post!

  9. SUSANNN!! Hey girl! Guess what? I will actually be DOING something this Friday night instead of staying home. Shocking, I know! We’re headed to a Jazz (basketball) game, which should be fun. I haven’t been to one in years. But, there will be a part of me that not-so-secretly wishes I had opted for the slippers and tea :) xoxo

  10. I apologize to my legs all the time LOL. Sometimes I have to look around to see if I actually spoke my thoughts out loud :D

    Friday night is finishing packing for our trip. Or should I say starting to pack for our trip =:0

  11. Dang. I need to be more disciplined about getting up early. Working out in the morning is fabulous (I just wish I weren’t so sleepy!).
    Pigeon pose = LOVE.
    I’ll go and see Sherlock Holmes tonight. Hooray!

  12. I did 45 minutes of power yoga, went for a huge walk w/ my friend for 1 1/2 hours, did a yoga handstand, hung out with friend over coffee, went to another friends house. Had dinner, played with five year old, pretended I was playing w/ an imaginary dog, found a stray dog on the street, tried to find owner, came home, watched tennis, did more handstands, in bed typing this to you. :)

  13. I love “day in the life” posts! I had to laugh at you googling your nose bleed… I had an earache the other day and googled the same thing. Blood/pain freak me out, lol.

    Totally joining you in a Friday night curled up in slippers at home…in fact, my weekend has started, it’s Friday afternoon and I am sitting at home in slippers.

  14. We are expecting a pretty big snowstorm so I am going to try to get groceries after work (not looking forward to that crowd) and then home to snuggle in my pj’s and blankie on the couch!

  15. This is a fun idea :)
    I know from personal experience that 10 minutes on the stepmill can feel like an HOUR!
    I saw your tweet about your nosebleed…yikes! My husband gets them, too.
    I love pears extra-ripe like that! I like them so when I bite into them, they fall apart ;)
    Off to visit my parents today…very rarely paint the town read! I’m a slippers kinda girl!

  16. HAHAHAHAHA i LOVE THIS! my fave part is the fact that you obsessively checked your post for grammatical/spelling errors because i do THE EXACT SAME THING. after every post. without fail.

    you jam a lot into a day mama, and i love it! going to all those events sounds so interesting – and you get paid for it. double score.

    this weekend – heading home for some much needed R&R. love ya – chat sunday :)

  17. I hate nosebleeds! I never get them and when I do I freak out like major!

    And yay for the protein cake! They do have a weird texture but I kind of like it! haha

  18. I think its slippers for me tonight!

  19. LOVED LOVED LOVED this post- you have a wicked sense of humor=good!~

    Dude.no.she’s your mom- my fave line of the post- LOLOLOL@

    Lots of british men wear black turtlenecks- why? My hubs is the exception.

    At least you didn’t have Janetha’s farting treadmill man next to you-although grunting is bad too. Very bad.

    Fun that you got to have some folk music in your day- culture- sooo good! :-) I need more of it!

    Fun post- do this more! :-)

  20. must. make. protein. cake. asap.

    must. get. protein. powder. asap.

    12:42 pm! love ya susan. xoxoxoxoxo

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