Love that so many of you plan on doing races! I will say though, I do agree that training for one can add unneeded stress and pressure. That’s the main reason why I don’t plan on doing another triathlon this year. I’m happy I did one, but I spent way to much physical and mental energy stressing about it. The goal for this year is to participate in a few events and have fun doing it :D


Hit up the gym before work today Had an excellent weight lifting sesh, totally making up for the lacklustre one I had on my birthday. Can’t win ‘em all I guess! Here’s what I did:


Minutes Speed – MPH Incline
0-5 3.5 0.0
5-6 5.5 0.0
6-7 6.0 0.0
7-8 6.5 0.0
8-9 7.0 0.0
9-10 5.5 0.5
10-11 6.0 0.5
11-12 6.5 0.5
12-13 7.0 0.5
13-14 5.5 1.0
14-15 6.0 1.0
15-16 6.5 1.0
16-17 7.0 1.0
17-18 5.5 1.5
18-19 6.0 1.5
19-20 6.5 1.5
20-21 7.0 1.5
21-22 5.5 2.0
22-23 6.0 2.0
23-24 6.5 2.0
24-25 7.0 2.0

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Front squat push-press 30 lbs 12 3
Wide-grip lat pulldown 55 lbs 8 3

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Step-up 50 lbs 10 3
Seated cable row 55 lbs 8 3

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Lying medicine ball throw 13 lbs 15 3
Russian twist 13 lbs 30 3

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Medicine ball pullover with stability ball 13 lbs 15 3
Swiss ball crunch 13 lbs 15 3


Minutes Level Effort
0-1 8 2/10
1-3 10 5/10
3-4 19 9/10
4-6 10 5/10
6-7 19 9/10
7-9 10 5/10
9-10 19 9/10
10-12 10 5/10
12-13 19 9/10
13-15 10 2/10

Phew! My heart was pumping during this one! This was also my first time doing the lying medicine ball throw. Definitely felt it in my triceps, loved it. A fun departure from my usual dumbbells :)

Went straight to work after and dug into my packed breakfast.


Overnight oats!

  • 2/3 cup yogurt
  • 40g package of instant oats
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • raisins

Holy moly this was thick.

I’ve dabbled in overnight oats a few times, and I must say, I still don’t care for it. I’m not the biggest fan of cold breakfasts to begin with, and this is just always unsatisfying for me. If I’m eating oatmeal cold, I want it in cookie form please :)

I also had to dig into my snack a little early…


Granny smith and two squares of cheddah. Apples and cheese, almost as good as apples n’ PB ;)

Then for lunch, my co-workers took me out for a belated b-day meal!! We had planned on going to a local Greek spot, but it was closed due to “equipment failure.” So we instead went to a place called Yoo China Curry House, which I’ve been to once before. I got some chicken thing with a side of some cauliflower and potato thing. And some basmati rice. It was tasty treat, and a nice change from our regular lunch routine :)

I had to work again tonight, so I came home for a quick meal in-between.


Leftover turkey mini meatloaf! I always like to save a few servings of everything I make and put it in the freezer. Perfect for weeks like this one where I don’t have the time to do a lot of cooking.

My veggie side was butternut squash fries. I had this exact same combo the other day, it was so good I had to have it again. This was a particularly good batch of b-nut squash fries. My oven must have been in a good mood today :)

For my evening snack I decided to mix two things I love: protein powder + applesauce.

With the addition of cinnamon + peanut butter of course. Surprisingly, this was just alright! But I’m not crazy about the vanilla protein powder I have right now. I bought Whey Gourmet vanilla sweetened with stevia, and it tastes “off.” Stevia has the tendency to do that…

So, much of my job is writing content for the university’s website. This includes going to campus events and doing postings on them. Tonight I went to a lecture featuring a Holocaust survivor. My. God. It was inspirational, heart wrenching, moving, almost inexplicable.

This man was taken to a death camp with his family when he was 12 years old. The very same day he arrived, his parents and twin sister were killed. He somehow lucked out and was taken to a work camp instead.

For the four years that followed, he escaped death time and time again. Made friends with the right people, then lost friends at the same time. The man subsisted on almost nothing for food, including a few days where he drank nothing but water and sugar.

It got me thinking about how humans are built to survive more than we can even fathom. I constantly cross paths with people who go through seemingly impossible ordeals, and still come out alive. I’ve watched best friends and family members go through hardships, who to this day still can’t explain how they got through to the other side. They just “survived.”

This Holocaust survivor saw and lived things I will never understand. But at the same time, it gives me hope that no matter what life throws at me, I can get through it, and I will live to tell the tale. We may not think we can get through something, but we absolutely can. Because we are so much stronger than we think.

So no question of the day today my friends. Just a few thoughts for the day :) See ya tomorrow!

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  1. ooo girl your workouts are baller!! i had overnight oats today too!

  2. Wow. What an amazing person. It is truly amazing what the human spirit is capable of enduring.

  3. That sounds like a truly inspiring lecture. While the Holocaust is without a doubt terrible and horrendous, I am fascinated by listening to stories of people who survived, and even people who lived in Germany at the time, but not in camps. It really forces you to take a step back and consider what these people lived through versus whatever small, relatively insignificant stressor that you’re fretting over.

    Nicole G

  4. The human spirit is amazing. The little things that send us over the edge mean nothing in the face of real life or death challenges.

    I did the overnight oats myself. They are very thick. We have some weird vibe going on that we keep doing the same thing. :)

  5. Wow, for some reason, this makes me think of this movie called Vertical Limit. Have you seen it? The human will to survive is INCREDIBLE.

  6. Amazing story! I love meeting people like that who can inspire you and be able to bring a little perspective in your life.

    Happy that you had what sounds and looks (other then the cold breakfast) like a wonderful day!

  7. I like to throw the overnight oats in the micorwave for a few seconds to take the chill off. That may be an option if you are interested

  8. My husband Scott’s relatives are holocaust survivors. They are tattooed w/ #’s and left the camp weighing 67 lbs and 74 lbs, wife and husband. They were only spared their lives b/c the hubs was an electrician and they needed to keep him alive in order to run the gas chambers. What a sick twist, but that’s why Scott is alive; his ancestors lived and bred and here he is. Powerful sh*t girl, powerful. Thank you for mentioning this on your blog tonite.
    Om shanti. Peace. Love. Light.

  9. How amazingl that you got to experience that man’s story first hand. There is something awe inspiring about hearing people’s stories who are beyond heroic.

    I looked at those oats and read the ingredients and thought you would not like them- they do taste of protein powder when you add it in like that- I do that sometimes in hotel rooms for a quick brekkie and I cannot say I feel the love! Also, you did mention you’re not crazy about your powder. Maybe you need to find another one you like more.

    • Yeah, I picked up the Whey Gourmet because it didn’t have sucralose, which can sometimes be mean to my tummy. Now I just have to get through the giant canniester – wish you could sample it a few times before dropping $50 on the whole thing!!

  10. I’m sorry you’re not into overnight oats! They were interesting to me when I first tried ’em, but I’ve gotten to love them over the past couple of months.

    They do get super duper thick!

  11. I think what it proves is that your body, soul and mental state will keep us in whatever state we put ourselves in.

    Thank you for that reminder.

    Good workout..god your poor clients :)

  12. I visited Belsen a few years ago and was moved beyond words. Such a powerful experience- I am fascinated by the things that people come up against and how they manage. I guess, on a basic level, the body and mind will do *anything* to survive. I take a lot of strength from that. Sometimes it feels like things can’t possibly hit you any harder, yet somehow, you pull through. Don’t know how…you just DO. I could ramble on about this forever so I will leave it short :P

    Oh- the overnight oats- you make them the same way I do (I like them crazy thick) but I think most people add milk too. My current obsession (okay, obsession that has lasted about 8 years) is cooking the oats then adding yogurt. Though not recommended if you like hot breakfasts!

  13. Stories like that put my issues into perspective! I complain about so much insignificant stuff when other people have dealt with stuff I can’t even imagine!

    I used to like overnight oats because they were kind of doughy. Of course gluten free oats cost a fortune so I just pass on them!

  14. Did you just mix your oats with yogurt, or was there a liquid you didn’t mention? If so, that could be the problem. All last year I’d read about overnight oats on blogs, get inspired, mix yogurt, oats, and dried fruit, and then gag at lunch the next day thinking bloggers were all crazy liers to say that stuff was good!

    Now, I love them though. I do 1/3cup liquid with 1/3cup oats at night. Then 1/3cup yogurt in the morning (+toppings). Sooooo much better! This method gives me really creamy oats, not thick sticky gross ones.

  15. I’ve never tried overnight oats. I have had to learn to enjoy them hot so I don’t think I could do them cold.

    Great workout!

  16. HAH our treadmill workouts were really similar yesterday! but i had to cut mine short due to the gas man. =/

    love your workout, i looove medicine ball throws! i do them while sitting up on a decline bench and then therow the ball at the wall, it bounces back and you lean waaaay back as you catch it and then sit back up when you throw it again. so good for your abs! i wish my gym had medicine balls. my mom does so it is nice to use her gym.

    i LOVE apples with cheddar! specifically that apple. the tartness works best!

    ah i wish i’d put some of my turkey meatloaf into the freezer. i am craving some. i love freezing stuff~ super simple and nice when cooking for one.

    loved your story about the guy’s story. it is true, we humans are capable of SO much if put into the situation. i think i often take my easy peasy situation for granted!

    xoxo love ya!

  17. Kick-butt workout! Love it:D
    Sounds like a pretty cool work event – so much respect for that man! You’re right, though, we as humans can take so much more than we think, though I hope we never have to.

  18. Overnight oats never keep me as full as hot oats for some reason.. even if they have the same ingredients! haha. But my overnight cottage cheese oats are super filling!

    • I’ll have to try cottage cheese next time!! I know, my oats had the same calories and macronutrient ratio as my usual breakfasts, and I was hungry 90 minutes later. Plus, it gave me the shivers :P

  19. i LOVE stories like this. being reminded of the human condition is such a humble, refreshing thing. i need to remember to hit up all the cool events at the UW, because colleges really offer some great speakers.

    have a fab day love :)

  20. erintakescontrol

    What a workout! I’m exhausted just reading it!

  21. Mini meatloaf looks great!!

  22. What an amazing experience to hear him speak. The human spirit is phenomenal.
    Apples and cheese…how could I forget that wonderful combination?! And cheddar is always a must for that one…swiss or mozzarella just won’t do!

  23. Humans CAN survive a lot. And some people may never have to go through something another person did. It is mind boggling to me, that concept. But I also think to every person, our stress levels,work loads, and what we can mentally/physically/emotionally go through is about the same.. I just think some people are stronger than others and interpret things differently.

    Aghk- Mini loafs with fake fries. My favorite meal. Lol. I also am excited to eat my fair share of overnight oats and breakfast cookies in my dorm.. because at home I wanted to eat as many protein pancake, toast type egg breakfasts as possible before heading here because I knew I wouldn’t be fixing it here.. so in that sense I am SUPER excited for my oat creations. :)))

    Thanks for all you sweet words Susan- I’m playing catch up right now. I do know I do have more time during the week right now before I start getting into the kitchens to actually read blogs. Yay for that.

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