Making Dates

I love you guys. Commenters, lurkers, friends and family. The support I get from everyone is unreal. In the end, my struggles are trivial, in that I am so lucky to have so many people behind me. THANK YOU.

Okay, lets not ramble tonight. Let’s get down to business.

I stayed up too late watching Teen Mom last night. I love that show. Thankfully, today was my rest day, so I had lots of time this morning to stumble around in my pre-coffee daze. This also included a breakfast of epic proportions.


I blame Holly for this. She got the idea of french toast in my head!

I tried something a little different today and toasted the bread first, then dredged it in egg whites and pumpkin pie spice. I personally did not care for it. It made it crunchy, and I prefer a dense and egg-y french toast.


I’ve been on a grape kick lately. They’re super sugary and my sweet tooth loves it!

Work was pretty slow today. One of those days spent waiting for people to return my e-mails and phone calls. After work though, I went to a lecture featuring Nik Nanos. Canadian political junkies may know him as the leading pollster in the country. Some excellent  political discussion followed :)

Came home to my supa-spicy leftovers from yesterday. I put the meatless ground round/black bean combo on top of some cooked veggies today.

This time with steamed green beans, red potatoes and brussel sprouts. Topped with salsa, of course ;)


This was so. much. food. I couldn’t finish it all. Cooked veggies are way more filling than raw ones. I also feel like I’m about 8 months along with a black bean fibre baby.


Making Dates

No, not those kinds of dates… Not yet – sheesh! :P

I found out today that my personal training course has officially been moved to March, followed by my exam April 16. Eeee!! Excitement!! I was originally supposed to do a three-day course in Moncton (on top of my online and textbook course-work). But the instructor fell ill and had to cancel. So now I’ll be travelling to Saint John for two weekends in March instead. Seeing as my current contract at the university is up April 30, this timeline works perfectly for me! Hopefully I’ll be certified and good to go by the time I finish my contract. It also gives me extra time to study. Cause lets face it, my current schedule is a lot more strenuous than my Starbucks one was ;)

I’m also looking into RPM spin class training. I still have to hear back on this one, I’m not entirely sure when and where they’re offering it yet. I like the idea of teaching spin class, I know I could challenge people and have a good time. But I’m also a very shy person who tends to clam up in front of big crowds. So I think I’ll just do the training and take it from there. If anything, it will be fun and look fab on my resume :)

And fiiiiinally – I’m starting to make decisions about this coming race season! You may recall that I set three race goals in my Goals For the New Year. In 2010 I want to  compete in a half marathon, compete in a duathlon and bike a metric century.

It’s kinda hard to plan out all my races, because I don’t know where I’ll be living after this spring yet. But here’s the tentative schedule:

Sunday, April 11thFredericton Lincoln 5k

Sunday May 9th – Fredericton Marathon – 10k

Sunday June 6th – Moncton Subaru Duathlon – 5k run, 20k bike, 2k run

You may also recall that I originally planned on doing my half marathon in May as part of the Fredericton Marathon. But I’ve decided to do the 10k portion of the race instead, and put my half marathon off until late summer/early fall. This is mostly because I don’t want to spend the winter months training on a treadmill or in the cold when I could be spending these months weight training. It will also be a lot more fun to train for a half marathon in nice weather :)

Of course, who knows when or where this half marathon will be – I haven’t a clue where I’ll end up yet! As for the metric century, I’m having a tough time finding road bike races in this area. But this isn’t something I necessarily want to do as a race, I really just want to get the mileage under my wheels :)


So there ya go, consider yourself updated! ;)


Question of the Day: Do you plan on doing any races in the upcoming season? I got a lot of people say they want to do marathons and triathlons in my last post. Even if you’re not ready for a big one, a few smaller races are still a good start!

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  1. I haven’t yet…well I have a secret little one in the back of my brain. This week I am going to focus on making fort-nightly (two week) fitness plan.

    I am ready :)

  2. I’m only a beginner runner, and at the moment I have the opposite problem to you. It’s too warm to train outside unless I want to get up at 5am on my days off – currently 34 degrees celcius. :( So for the moment it’s sticking to the treadmill and weights, ready to get into the outdoor stuff when the cooler months come. I have a goal to run a 5k in August. :)

    That french toast looks fantastic!

  3. Yaa I prefer French toast to be eggy and soggy-I know what ya mean!

  4. Jodus and I race to bed. Does that count?

  5. oo i love grapes too! i love them frozen!

  6. I love french toast! I plan on doing some 5ks this spring, nothing major.

  7. I may or may not have some super duper secret race plans up my sleeve. ;)

  8. erintakescontrol

    I haven’t registered for anything yet this year. Prior to my injury, I was planning on the Omaha Marathon in September, but now I’m debating 1/2 or full…we shall see how my foot heals up!

  9. I’ve been looking for a 10k in the springtime not to far from me. No luck yet. Travel and time off for races is hard cause I have to make sure it doesn’t conflict with my trial schedule or falls too close to my November wedding.

    I’ll find one though! 

  10. Congrats on your PT course :D
    I’m signed up for a marathon at the end of the semester- I just hope it stops snowing and starts warming up!

  11. I’m doing a marathon in May, and inviting you out to run the half- there’s two to choose from- I’m in Victoria, but am sure you’d like it- it was 13 and sunny today!

    exciting news about the PT- which certification are you doing?!

    • Oooh, I have family in Victoria! I’ve never been, just looked longingly at the photos they send ;) I’m doing the Can-Fit-Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) Personal Training Specialist. Hoping to do the Nutrition & Wellness Specialist right after. I chose it because it’s recognized nationally, so it should make moving around easier :)

  12. cooked veggies are the way to go for me. i am much more of a macribiotic eater than a raw one!

  13. This isnt even “my kind of food” which is actually raw choc balls and coffee, but this: meatless ground round/black bean combo on top of some cooked veggies today.
    looks great!

    And your photography just got like way clearer. Camera upgrade? Cant remember who got a new one recently and who didnt.

    Thx for the commetns you left today, totally appreciated :)
    The body weight and lifting of it. Yes why do I need to “pump iron” when I can just “pump averie”. LOL
    But true for me…it’s all about finding what works for you, ya know.

    COngrats on the CPT action really happening and in fullllll force!!!!!!!

  14. hahahaha it is 11:34 and i am WATCHING TEEN MOM! put me to bed! i am so addicted to this shit. never thought to toast the FT first but i like soggy FT so yeah, i would prob agree w/ you. those are some good dates youve set! i am going to do a 5k with a friend in april, but nothing more than that. when i did my 10k my knee hated life so i figured races arent for me. oh well! oh and random fact: they are called brussels sprouts! not brussel. they are named for the country! i learned that awhile back and thought you would get a kick out of it.


    • Yes!! I have always wondered if it was brussel or brussels. Spell check always gets it because I hate capitalizing it. The sad part is that I’ve actually been to Brussels in Belgium. Good waffles ;)

  15. I have an exam on April 16th, too! Haha, yeah. That’s all it takes for me to get excited. Good luck! I fly to Paris 2 hours after it’s over, so that’s keeping me motivated!
    Just wanted to say that I think your blog is amazing – I love reading and I find that all the pictures of your healthy meals are very inspiring. Take care :)

  16. Since you asked… I have several races. I’m doing a mini-marathon this Spring. There is also a 5K, 10K, and 10 miler leading up to it. So, I’m in training right along with ya.

  17. No races here. It took me 45 minutes to do the mile in the 5th grade! Sadly I’m serious.

  18. That is all so exciting!!! Lots of opportunities coming your way :)

    No races for me. I’m not big on them because I hate adding pressure to my workouts. Plus, I can’t commit to anything like that this year.

  19. Hi, I cant understand how to add your website in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please? I really want to read your future posts.

    • Hi Jacob! You should be able to click on the orange button on the left-hand sidebar that says “subscribe to feed in reader” and go from there :)

  20. What a yummy breakfast! I really wanted to do my towns half marathon but with my poor back I’ve not been able to train so maybe next year : (
    Gosh I bet your really excited about your course, I so can’t wait fore mine! x

  21. Mmm been too long since I’ve had some french toast!

    I’m running a 5k on March 7th, and then a half mary May1st. I’m sure I’ll do a couple other 5 or 10 k’s in between :)

  22. Yay duathlon! Woo Hoo! I convinced my hubby to train for the same one and do it with me this year. I need to sit down and look at some races. Some of it depends on when we sell this durn rental house because races can get to be pretty spendy to enter.

    I want to do a 100 mile bike ride and possibly a 1/2 mary, but I am not sure I have convinced myself of that last one….

    French toast looks very yummy!

  23. yay for french toast….that looks SO GOOD! i am hoping when i go home this weekend, i can get my mommy to make some for me :)

    yay for all your plans – so exciting! and i can’t wait for your test, and i think you would make a fabulous spin instructor. so many fab things!

    we need to plan another gchat date – perhaps this weekend? let me know lady. love ya!

  24. Yay races! I’m registered for my first half-marathon in April and my first half-Ironman in August. It’s a year of 1/2s for me!

  25. How fun to teach spin!

    Wow- very interesting about the french toast- sorry you didn’t like it but I loooove crunchy things so I might try this- did the egg at least soak into the toast? I’m fascinated!

    I went through a phase of doing long distance cycling events and gah- I’m done! It was fun to push to see if it could be done. Yup, it could. And again and again. Now done. Fun to get into it at first though- I think i was into that for about 4 yrs. Enjoy the ride (sorry for the pun!)!

  26. I understand your feelings about teaching RPM. I really want to be a Body Attack instructor, but I’m worried that my shy personality might get in the way. Not so sure that people would be excited to attend any of my classes…

  27. Oh mannn dude- you’re making me crave cooked veggies now. Gah Susan! Why must I comment/read like TEN of your posts at NIGHT?! You’re making me hunnngry. hehe.

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