Flashback Friday – The Early Years

Happeee Weeeekend!!!! Loved reading your responses on my last post. Man, a lot of us used to hate some tasty foods!! Some popular ones included brussel sprouts, beets, mushrooms, oatmeal, mustard, bananas and olives. I honestly can’t believe some of you hated bananas!! That was probably my fave food as a kid :)

Okay. Moving on!

As promised, I was up at 5:30am and ready to work out! After a hazy few moments, I strapped on my heart rate monitor, lululemon, and slammed back an iced coffee with PB+wasa. Decided to go for a long-ish treadmill run today. It was a good time!!

Treadmill – 1% incline

Minutes MPH
0-5 3.5
5-10 5.6
10-15 5.8
15-20 6.0
20-25 5.8
25-30 6.0
30-35 6.2
35-40 6.0
40-45 6.2
45-50 6.4
50-55 6.2
55-60 6.4
60-65 6.6
65-70 3.5

This workout is pretty easy for the first half, and then gets really hard towards the end. It’s nice to just take it easy on the treadmill sometimes though, and not push my max like I’m always doing in speed sessions. Plus, I put some stellar new tunes on the iPod to run to :)

I went straight to work from the gym, so I packed myself a little brekkie:

The last of this week’s homemade protein bars. Can’t wait to whip up another batch of these!

Morning snack:


Yogurt mixed with peach-mango protein powder and some homemade granola. 

Then at 12:30 I got to leave work!! Yayyyy!!! Ran some errands and came home to a fabulous lunch.


Same salad as last night. It was that good.

  • romaine
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • green pepper
  • onion
  • olives
  • pickles
  • tofu
  • feta

I’ve been eating a lot of big salads lately! It’s solely because I’ve started buying giant bags of greens, and I’m more inclined to eat mass quantities because I don’t want it to go bad. In other words, not a bad way of forcing myself to eat more salads ;)

Then I hit the road to Moncton. Snacked on a peanut butter chocolate Simply Bar in the car.

Recycled photo – the Canon Rebel is hard to manoeuvre on the highway :P

My mommy already had a wonderful dinner on the go when I arrived home.

Roast chicken – one of my favourites :) On the side are some maple spiced roast sweet potato and turnip, corn and a few french fries. I put some green relish on the chicken and it was delicious!!!



A giant bag of dark chocolate squares. I just had one, but clearly this bag is dangerous.

My evening snack was a fun food find in my mom’s pantry!

The Kashi Fruit & Grain granola bars just made their way to Canada, and I haven’t tried the pumpkin pie flavour yet. Suh-weet! 


It was pretty good!! I love pumpkin spice, but I think the dark chocolate coconut may still be my favourite. I looked at the ingredients and it looks like the topping is based with dates??

Okay, now on to even more fun things… Flashback Friday!!!


Flashback Friday is a fun lil’ thing Janetha cooked up to show us bloggers pre-blog days. They make for some fun posts and a way to get to know us “beyond the blog.”

Since I’m home this particular Flashback Friday, and seeing as tomorrow is my bee-day, I thought it would be fun to flashback on my life!

To truly start at the beginning, here is my mom very preggers with me on Christmas 1985.

Then, on January 23, 1986, at approximately 1:19 pm, I popped out. 

Those other adorable faces are my apprehensive sisters Sara and Jane.

Actually, my mom looks kinda apprehensive here too!

My mother tells me I was a happy baby. I suspect this may have been because she kept me fat :P


Seriously guys. I had ankle rolls.

As the baby of the family, I may have been a little spoiled. To this day I still insist I am blissfully unaware of that fact ;)


IMG_3141I have also always loved food.


Some things never change.

My mom tells me I was a very active child. I would run and run and then just crash.


Um, again, some things never change :P

Oh yeah, did you hear? I was a blonde.


My hairdresser tells me I’m still a dark blonde. Pfft. Brunettes have more fun.

And while my mom may have done most of the work 24 years ago, I guess I should give some props to my dad too.

No contest here folks, my dad’s smarter than your dad ;)

And one more photo I stumbled upon that I had to throw in for the FBF creator herself.


Basil the Basset Hound. He passed away many moons ago, but he was one helluva dog.


Now it’s time to go gossip about Hollywood stars on the Haiti fundraiser with my mom. Tomorrow’s plans are gym, brunch with dad, shopping, cake baking, sushi feast, then cake eating!! Can’t wait!!! See ya tomorrow!

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  1. My favorite is the dark chocolate and coconut, too… I often find myself breaking into the stash my boss keeps at his desk!

  2. OMG Baby Susan. Precious.

    I like the Chocolate Coconut too. But you know my feelings on pumpkin in general, so…

    I don’t know. I always WANT to love Kashi bars a lot more than I actually do. I prefer the Clif Kidz bars these days!

  3. I love baby pictures! you were adorable!!

    I haven’t tried the Kashi dark chocolate coconut but I’ll have to do so! I didn’t know they existed!
    I really didn’t like the Pumpkin Pie bars. Something about the texture of the bar threw me off. yuck.

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! I hope you enjoy it!

  4. dang. baller workout.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FBF!!!!!!!!!!!!! it may be the best one ever of all FBF in the history of the world. you were the cutest baby ever!!

    <3BASIL<3 i have to show marshall!!!!!

    you make me so happy!

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND! i love you so much!

  5. Aaahhhhhhh – your baby pics are so cute!

    Have a happy, happy birthday!

  6. too cute.

    Happy Birthday..cause it’s your day in OZ!


  7. erintakescontrol

    That bag of dark chocolate would be dead meat in my house! Good thing I never buy my poisons in bulk! Love your flashback photos – always nice to re-live the 80s!!! I especially love the picture of you with the big bowl and the Cookie Monster jar in the background!

    Happy (early) Birthday!

  8. what an adorable baby/girl!!! And soooo blond! but you look great with dark locks too.

    Happy birthday in advance! Have a wonderful day!

  9. priceless, gorg photos of you as a lil peanut! love em!!

    the peanut butter chocolate Simply Bar AND the kashi bar…ok they look fine. But your homemade bar looks (and is no doubt!) way better.

    I made and blogged about another batch of mine today too :)

    Have a great weekend, Susan!
    dark choc squares look divine, too :)

  10. 70 min on the dreadmill is beastly!
    have a great weekend girl!

  11. yay! have a great weekend…I love that you bake your own birthday cake. I might steal that from you this year. Oh and I love that Kashi bar! One of my favorites.

  12. Since i read your blog daily its as if you were someone i know….. just wanted to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY or ZORIONAK!!! in my language.
    have a great weekend, a birthday on weekend only happens now and then!

  13. Baby Susan is adorable!! I love chubby babies!! Happy Birthday lady!!

  14. OOOOOOH! Such cute baby pics!!!!!!! Love FF… :)

    Have an amazing birthday weekend!

  15. Pumpkin kashi bat looks good!!

  16. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a truly wonderful day! Love the flashback pictures!

  17. SUSAN!!!! I had no idea it was your birthday today! Birthdays are the best darn days of the year, so live it up my friend! I hope all my babies come out roly poly. They will be adorable and I will get an awesome arm workout ;) Love you sweet girl! xoxo

  18. Love the flashback pics! I graduated high school in 1986! :D


  19. OMG You were (are) adorable! Such a cute little kid.

    Since this comment is actually being posted on the 23rd;


    It’s fantastic that you are able to be home with your fam for your birthday. Have a WONDERFUL weekend and again Happy Birthday!

    Nicole G

  20. Cute pics!! Love you as a blonde, but honestly- I think your colour now suits you perfectly =D

    Have a wonderful bday!!


  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! have a wonderful day at home, and lots of love to youuuuuuu!

  22. Christina Guthrie

    Happy Birthday Sus – you were born almost exactly 24 years ago!!!!

  23. Those flashback fridays are such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing :)

    And yowza is that a workout! I don’t think I could manage an hour on the treadmill like that. Very motivating!

  24. Happy Birthday! I love it – you share a birthday with my sister and roomie!

  25. A Muy Feliz Cumpleanos to you!!!! 

  26. You were so darling!! And still are :D Happy Birthday!!

  27. LOVE THIS! What an adorable baby you were. Look at those blond locks! Again, Happy Birthday. It was fun to see your family photos and little ankle rolls ;)

  28. Aaawww I loved learning about your childhood! So cute. Love that you are the baby (so am I!) and that you have always loved food. (me too!) hehe.

    And I’m so sad I never made your protein bars before I left for school. :( booo, those sound good right about now. Wait, wasn’t I just craving waffles?

    These comment slams I do, makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with myself. But thats ok. Ok, i’m making myself laugh now. off to the next post! geeze i am so behind on your blog. fail.

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